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Made with Unity 2018 - Pixel Art Game - Demo

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Pixel art Game, this game is under development, here is a demo of this amazing pixel art game made by: pixeye @pixeye play Cryoshock: https://gamejolt.com/games/SHOTL/301735 You got awaked because of system malfunction in a cryo-tube on the deck of the spaceship “Hermes” traveling from Ceres with cargo. Find out what happened and find a way to leave the ship. learn how to make pixel art: https://youtu.be/5cL3oP6RdTs lean how to make games: https://youtu.be/_zDb4mEvHFw
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Luke Doge (7 days ago)
i already used Teamclick for like 1 years, and i got a new computer, so i re installed the program on the new pc, but the problem is, is there a config who i cant remember what it is, that its similar to the Interpolate colors between pixels of Gamemaker, it fix the sprite being distorced when resizing, but i cant find it anymore, and i can't find someone who can help me with it. I cant make a game if i cant resize the sprite without them being distorced.
MashySob (7 days ago)
Nice! I like how the bodies dont disappear
Ahmed Khalf (7 days ago)
More unity vids!!
Aaron Wiggan (7 days ago)
Nah you didn’t make this did you?
BBDNuh (8 days ago)
WTF is this lmao
Nucleisoft (7 days ago)
yeah its lame someone called pixeye made it lol
LivingLikeLarry (8 days ago)

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