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Dead Or Alive Slot - 5679x HUGE WIN!

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Try This Slot at Lapalingo Casino: https://goo.gl/GPBZtk Get 10€ No Deposit Bonus + 200% up to 100€ First Deposit Bonus with Code "SPECIAL200" Hundreds of more videos: https://bigwinpictures.com/ MEGA HUGE 5679x total bet win on NetEnt's Dead or alive slot!
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Text Comments (14)
El Vito (1 year ago)
Всем понятно что Netent практически на 80 % на отжоре вечно
Mike Byers (2 years ago)
its only these twitch streamers that win. the casino targets them and makes sure they win big so all you suckers believe it can happen to you. RIGGED BS. Funny how all these wins by same ppl and I never even done 1 out 1000 wins they get and prob sunk twice as much as them into this bs. I guess its just a coincidence that only twitch streamers seem to win big all the time...learn to question ppl
Sepilus1 (1 year ago)
I got over 4000x with the same bet in this game and im not a streamer tho
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
+Jordan Abbott Very well said!!
Jordan Abbott (1 year ago)
What a load of bollocks. Firstly, the casino has absolutely nothing to do with how much a slot pays out, it's the slot provider. You could be playing on the same slot on any site at that particular time, and it would pay out the same, regardless of what casino site you are playing with. And secondly, i have had a Dead Or Alive wild line, fair enough it was only on a £0.09 stake, and i won a few hundred, but i have never streamed in my life, and have never been approached by a casino in any way. It is an high variance slot, meaning it doesn't pay out big wins often, but when it does, you sure as hell know about it. It's just very rare.
2 0 1 7 (1 year ago)
you don't have a CLUE how slots work you fucking retard
jirka merunka (1 year ago)
lol you have no clue how slots work, if you did, you would know the casinos cannot temper with them, if they did they would lose business and end up in a prison... The reason streamers have such huge wins is because they play regularly, they lose more money than they win just like everyone else. You can watch their whole streams and you will see that big wins are pretty rare...
I wonder what multiplier would be with all the WILDs opened...
Ioannis Originale (2 years ago)
on .045 bet! Thats amazing!!!!
CasinoNews (2 years ago)
Amazing hit!

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