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Text Comments (48891)
-BeyondAir- (51 minutes ago)
when you running out of ideas
Iuan Catabona (1 hour ago)
India.. they're taking over co'z they had 10000000000000000000000 population
aidil razak (3 hours ago)
You need to start gaming to improved your subcriber lol Like if you agree
AHRY vines # comedy (3 hours ago)
Tujhe do jute maaru
Samrant Gusain (3 hours ago)
Teri gaand kyu fat ri t-series se bhn k lode... Motherfucker
Sumit Ingle (4 hours ago)
who will win T series like PewDiePie comment
shin2thechingoodnite (5 hours ago)
Distinct tingly? I didn't even know phones had that. I low key my actually buy this phone lmao.
shin2thechingoodnite (5 hours ago)
Prasoon Tiwari (5 hours ago)
Tu harega lawdu
shin2thechingoodnite (5 hours ago)
I hate when he says "Smash like" and I'm a sheep so I've already smashed like and I get sad that I can't smash like for my man Pewdiepippalongstockings.
bijapur facts (7 hours ago)
How the hell can you say destroy India?????
Sujal Tripathi (7 hours ago)
I m going to subscribe but then i saw this vdo .bad luck bro I m indian
Оиоо Тотоо (9 hours ago)
У нас этак любой денек
Vayn'OK SHOW (11 hours ago)
Shreyhaan (12 hours ago)
I watch T-series!!!
FUNctional Channel (13 hours ago)
i wonder, would they, i mean pewd and t cherries have a boxing fight like logan and KSI did?
Alejandro Morales (15 hours ago)
Human Being (15 hours ago)
Did we lose meme review due to article thirteen though?
no name (17 hours ago)
4:25 it's Ukraine
Game Builder (18 hours ago)
Like if Pew Die Pie is Gonna a Win of Indiana
I am Valerie (19 hours ago)
I gotta say, that stadium (which is in Yekaterinburg) is perfect, you get an amazing view even from the furthest seats. I worked there during world cup, so you can trust me :)
Anurag Yadav (20 hours ago)
Bitch t series is your father
False Feathers (22 hours ago)
Tbh, I'd welcome Russia taking over Western Europe at this point. EU has become such a travesty, they need a good ol fashion Russian boot up the ass.
I think you havr an Iphone X or XsMax
As Asif (1 day ago)
Who will win T series =like👍 PewDiePie =comment 👇
OG Bloodz compton (1 day ago)
T-series use hack
Kuneorr (1 day ago)
Россия поможет
MARCOS BOY (1 day ago)
who will win Like = Pewdiepie Comment = Pewdiepie T-series = In the trash
Nebula (1 day ago)
Poor Felix, his throne is being stolen by people who can barely speak English.
Felix Argyle (1 day ago)
"You wouldnt see obama on a bus like this"... Pewds there is a meme about Obama casually using public transport!
Adolf Hitler (1 day ago)
DaReal JoeMicheals (1 day ago)
We need the Motherland! The Soviet Motherland, not todays Russia
Erick Torres (1 day ago)
PewDiePie has been the protector of YouTube a mantle passed from warrior to warrior!
Pritam Gupta (1 day ago)
Tmc russian
Fucking Racist Pewdiepie
You have 5.5M vrewer
VolobaS (1 day ago)
Поставьте лайк, пускай эти иноземцы поразмыслят, что я что-то смищное написал
Michael Mirok (1 day ago)
JJ Maraudeer (1 day ago)
4:25 that's actually Ukraine 😂 at least money is ukrainian
Ты не российский 😂 ало
kim fabia (1 day ago)
Robert Anca (1 day ago)
What song is playing in the background from 0:07-0:46?
Charoli (1 day ago)
PewdiePie is shit scared
XxDixieRektxX (1 day ago)
T-series uses sub bots
Anonymous (1 day ago)
I can crush or hack T-SERIES and PewDiePie...
TicTac (2 days ago)
Да...наши люд попросту шуты ..
Akshat J (2 days ago)
India From the discovery of number zero to first asian country to reach mars to most popular youtube channel to most earning films on planet to find water on moon Everything is india..... Rising indian power for u #again
Kirti Bharwad (2 days ago)
Who will win: -- T-series = like Pew Die Pie = comment
T- Series (2 days ago)
what ... ?
HOHOL EXE (2 days ago)
Это Война бесконечности !
THE Spoiler (2 days ago)
Jealous by t series
Archiesion (2 days ago)
Damn, the comments that *some* Indians put down here is hard to understand and even if I do, I wish I didn't. People can't take jokes.
Archiesion (2 days ago)
This is the first time I've heard of T-Series and honestly, I think Pewds will stay the Number 1 YouTuber. T-Series is just the number 1 Music company. There can't be competition between two different type of genres on this website or all hell will break loose.
Агент 007 (2 days ago)
Julian Porter-Kaplan (2 days ago)
*” tHeY WoUlD mAKe sNoWwAmEN”*
mandarinka lolo (2 days ago)
Ватафак америкосы же против российских не этак ли?
0peL (2 days ago)
Кто тоже отыскивает российских в коментах
Pëpsí_ÏS_ ßêST (2 days ago)
Let's see how low we can set the bar.
Purple Dead (2 days ago)
Ееее Рашка
WWE Diy tutorials (2 days ago)
im indian I like t series
Aman kumar (2 days ago)
Eski g*nd kyu jal rhi hai t series SE koi mujhe comment Kar ke batayenga
AKASH CHAUHAN (2 days ago)
AKASH CHAUHAN (2 days ago)
You have to stop Jio first
AKASH CHAUHAN (2 days ago)
Ha ha ha
Clay Hammond (2 days ago)
How will we fix t series? Another country! Which one? Donald trump: China PewDiePie: Russia!!
PUBG MOBILE (2 days ago)
Я российский пришёл поддержать тебя
adram3lech (2 days ago)
I'm surprised at you being amazed at puting being everywhere +pewdiepie @pewdiepie. We all know media has great power and comedy has always been a great way to feed an idea and create sympathy. Internet trends, memes too, have great potential for manipulation and thus they are surely used for it as there are tons of people specialized in doing this and tons of parties that have interests on parallel with this. So the reason putin is everywhere and so very sympathic is because it is media manipulation. I don't understand how people think memes are independently originated every time one gets immensely popular.
Der Hirsch (2 days ago)
I smashed like twice.
BTS JiminLuv (2 days ago)
*Bitch Lasagna*
BTS JiminLuv (2 days ago)
uwu Yea.
uwu (2 days ago)
That songs a *B O P*
Akshita Sahay (2 days ago)
now what he is doing is grabbing attention of ppl who different european countries so tat he can get more and more subscriber ...
mihaela ionela (2 days ago)
we must stop t series from conquering our kingdom.
Dipankar Talukdar (2 days ago)
Россия идет держись
Rovic (3 days ago)
CG Masti videos (3 days ago)
सभी Indian इस चुतिये #PewDiePie को Unsubscribe करो... और अपने देश के चैनल T- series को YouTube कि दुनिया का राजा बनाओ. जय हिंद 🙏
jeet kumar (3 days ago)
Jitna v chillale Bhos** ke Tseries ka ghanta kuch nahi kar sakta
Santa Clause (3 days ago)
neel joshi (3 days ago)
Why do you always Roast India?? Bro India is a great country with 1.33 billion people...I love India
Arun Kumar Patel (3 days ago)
👮🎆🎆🎆⚽🏅🏆 it is easy to like,so you're requiring like for pew die pi if you are hoping that it is right then you're #wrong with your #servants don't hope like it my #child..............................
GT rkt (3 days ago)
Guys i made proof pewds deserves more subs than t series
Rus Belorus (3 days ago)
Кто-то произнес Россия?
short cut (3 days ago)
India population is 1.3 billion europe population is half of india
Aman Mohammed (2 days ago)
So whats your point bro
PUBG GAMER (3 days ago)
India no. 1
Bro,I'm from Russia and I like you)
How2&HowNot2 tech (3 days ago)
Lol don't be jealous just try hard as t series
Mussab Arif (3 days ago)
pewdipie is the best
Danica And Indigo (3 days ago)
Everyone subscribe to pewdiepie plz.we need to beat t series
Sornatus Gaming (3 days ago)
Hey you cannot abuse india because there are a lot of fans in india. Yeah you can do whatever to t series it's just___ (whatever slang you want to put)
GaU raV (3 days ago)
Just do funny game playthroughs like you used to, and you will be good
Gamer Sam (3 days ago)
dont worry pwediepie Filipinos are your side
Ervan Royce (3 days ago)
PRESIDENTAL ALERT: We will nuke India with 28 Nukes
ELECTRIC EEL (3 days ago)
ELECTRIC EEL (3 days ago)
Bing-Hua Guo (3 days ago)
It all about songs
Bing-Hua Guo (3 days ago)
T series 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Dylan Dominguez (3 days ago)
The 3rd meme war has begun.
scoz x (3 days ago)
You are funny
SPARTAN (3 days ago)
I think T series made pewdiepie a favour because now his channel is getting faster subs more likes and more views so yeah... keep it up!

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