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Men's High Jump Final | Rio 2016 Replay

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Canada's Derek Drouin wins gold in men's high jump in Rio 2016. Watch the whole competition! Athletics Integrated: Day 11 | Rio 2106: http://bit.do/Rio2016-HighJumpMen-Final Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: http://bit.ly/1dn6AV5 Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end: https://www.olympicchannel.com
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Olympic (1 year ago)
Relive the full competition! Athletics Integrated: Day 11 | Rio 2106 Replays: http://bit.do/HighJumpMen-Final-Rio2016
Anil Ballal (10 days ago)
Car ralli
Satya Prakash (11 days ago)
rama shankar (21 days ago)
Angus Paynter
jaidul hossain (16 hours ago)
joff 689 (1 day ago)
Back in my day we didn't do fosbury flops
João Vitor (2 days ago)
crl o ruim e que ngm foi ver
Miana Arengh (3 days ago)
eclip_tech (4 days ago)
They’re very gangly.
chou nabadeep phukan (4 days ago)
They trying hard to walk like the real tall 😂
Raihan Akram (7 days ago)
The man from Ukraine was already nervous!
I once did a faceplant trying to skip a stair tread.
Gabbar DADDY (9 days ago)
Qatari look like paid athlets from africa
pilipino pilipino (9 days ago)
vedprakash lu (9 days ago)
Why qatar athelet is African qatar is not African country
Radiel Abid (12 days ago)
Mahesa Gautama (13 days ago)
How tall are they???
rascalMatt17 (14 days ago)
And they said white men can't jump.... IDIOTS.
megha mukherjee (14 days ago)
All of em are just so...'jumpy'?
Kalai Kalai (15 days ago)
Kalai Kalai (15 days ago)
Girls Beauties 360 (15 days ago)
Dmitri Tchoulanov (15 days ago)
that's cool to watch
Mehdi Kara (16 days ago)
💄 😤
Amr20 Official (17 days ago)
s p a R k 505 (18 days ago)
UKR look unwell. Am i the only one feel it...?
Mutia Faturochmi (19 days ago)
Mirip seseorang :p
Bem B (19 days ago)
Imagine seeing these guys hop fences like this while running from the cops
mayedha adifirsta (20 days ago)
Drouin got the style!
Parag Khara (20 days ago)
What do you do for a living? Well, I jump. 😂
Namconora Uchiha (20 days ago)
The Qatar man seems to not care at all when starting. Just walking like.....
Peter Cheng (21 days ago)
Citra Angelia (23 days ago)
aidan ram vaird (24 days ago)
Mj TV (25 days ago)
Theyre the gods of chines garter
Rivaldo Ravi Aldair (26 days ago)
Owen Lowry (26 days ago)
Canada for the win
Jatin Sabar (27 days ago)
KIRAN KUMAR ravi (28 days ago)
Fakier Mohammed (29 days ago)
xxxz ubiquitous
MarshadowGaming _YT (29 days ago)
I really dont wanna be mean but the olympic high jumpers are legit sticks
Faruk Khan (30 days ago)
Josh Rhode (30 days ago)
Slender man
Sim Won (1 month ago)
i clicked this randomly, didn't know what to expect, was not disappointed! (i'm Canadian!)
R . E (1 month ago)
Ayeee Canada! :D
Фамилия будто у Евгений Бондаренко
Abdul Rahman (1 month ago)
HideFromMimiS (1 month ago)
how they didnt break their necks
Humbled Vlogs (1 month ago)
You want long legs but you also dont
Mia Eboni (1 month ago)
I’m 11 and my pb is 1.10m
Mia Eboni (1 month ago)
Without doing the flop
SHONA KAY WHITELEY (1 month ago)
I am 11 and I got 134 in high jump this year no flop
Mike Dincan (1 month ago)
the russian guy dont look happy, he finish third lol
Anil kumar (1 month ago)
KAMRAN Gondal (1 month ago)
Best of luck Qatar🇧🇭🇧🇭 Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰
Vishal degama (1 month ago)
I like high jump
Rajanikanta RK (1 month ago)
Where to buy high jump kit and all that stuffs ???
Mitjitsu (1 month ago)
I could jump 2.20 when I was 4.
freefire_ adicts (1 month ago)
like if your a canadian
The guy from Canada would make an amazing human-dressage horse... as well as show jumper 😂!! I mean... look at that beautiful extended trot 1:16 😂😂.
Sam Adams (1 month ago)
Derek is so hot
تحيه من العراق الى معتز برشيم..
CARISSEEAUH ! (1 month ago)
Bro they look so tall or are their legs freaking like extremely long
مرتزق يلعب باسم قطرائيل
DHARMEGOWDA H D (1 month ago)
Shradha Agrawal (1 month ago)
At class 8 i wins the high jump from class 9 ,10,11 at that
Shu Bham (1 month ago)
Atomic fantasy (1 month ago)
Atomic fantasy (9 days ago)
コーディネーター井端弘和 こんにちは!日本人結構いますね笑 いきなりじゃなくても考えられませんよね笑笑
Atomic fantasy こんにちは いきなり2メートル20はさすが世界ですねw
Atomic fantasy (1 month ago)
「!」だい こんにちは!日本人...嬉しいです笑
「!」だい (1 month ago)
Atomic fantasy こんにちは😃
SaikouGirl Galaxy (1 month ago)
Wth, i can’t even jump like that i can only dive.
Mateus Garcia (1 month ago)
more replays, pleeeeeeease!!!!!!
ᗪαgαz (1 month ago)
wow i prob cant even jump up to grab the pole from ground. Man to jump over it is completely another story
BSHIVU BSHIVU (1 month ago)
lalalala la (1 month ago)
I can jump 3m when I wear spring shoes
ROHIT THAKUR (1 month ago)
Very very nice
Mj Lewis (1 month ago)
Safet Honsic (2 months ago)
Watch out Watch out ako
randomsup3r (2 months ago)
High jump no arms required:)
Manjeet Kumar (2 months ago)
Nanjeet Kumar
ละ อ่อน (2 months ago)
ในเอเชียเรานี่เมตรกว่าๆ เอวก็จะหักละ ระดับนี้สุดยอดจริงๆ
Mani Tomar (2 months ago)
nice. techniques by these jumpers eh.
EdiT _ Phne (2 months ago)
kynguyen7 (2 months ago)
2m45 in 1993 , who's remember?
thunthunskittles s (2 months ago)
Barshims landing scares me. He could break his neck
hsoj tuanbal (2 months ago)
i can high jump 670cm
Amit Das (2 months ago)
wow nyc canada man
Keyla Taufiq (2 months ago)
Beatrice Schmitt (2 months ago)
When I was 10 I could do 135.
MrFuchew (2 months ago)
African americans aren't interested in this event or what?
Faith Caroline (2 months ago)
Wow the flossberry flop is in full effect.
XxSKRT _ZAI (2 months ago)
The fact that I see black men in these make me happy because a lot of black people don’t do this no offence
Cooper Brown (2 months ago)
I’m in year three and my record is 85cm
Carmel Pule' (2 months ago)
Being almost an octogenarian I can easily do the Limbo at that height! One cannot help the beautiful movement of those young men as they fly over the bar. To think that the final jumping force comes from one leg, that is really amazing ! Congratulations to all of them.
Khaleed Rayyan (2 months ago)
مبروووك ل أهل قطر💜💜
killa100 (2 months ago)
The qatat guy does those stutter steps on his start. Wonder why his coach doesn't correct that. Very amateur mistake in technique
Munni Lal (2 months ago)
Well began is half done
Amjed Shariff (2 months ago)
I got a very help by seeing this video of high junp. Because iam a player of high jump...
Henry Jackson (2 months ago)
But but but but but......): they said white men couldn't jumpPPPPPP!!!! Lies. (crying) They lied to me!! I'm gonna go learn how to dunk now.
Movies for You (2 months ago)
Like Canada brother canadea😂
Anita Joshi (2 months ago)
vere nice gift ak forty seven
Anita Joshi (2 months ago)
Diganta Sen (2 months ago)
bunny boiis
Joeker YT (2 months ago)
Canada 😍
Fan TBelly (3 months ago)
I thought white man can't jump.

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