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all about the 👏R E S P E C T👏 in Japan..🗾

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thanks to Sanrio for flying us out and showing us an amazing time in japan! Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Chair:: USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
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Text Comments (44095)
MATYUU (38 minutes ago)
SourSdey Chan (1 hour ago)
BluMenz (7 hours ago)
Sidhu Saihejdeep (14 hours ago)
*R E S P E C T*
Llama Gem (20 hours ago)
8:13 that Logan Paul reference XD
Pacific State (1 day ago)
no worry pewds the video has ads xD
Pacific State (1 day ago)
i really want to go to japan <w< !!
whus - (1 day ago)
Bearded markiplier waste papers
よ (1 day ago)
anime weaboo (1 day ago)
よ ?
Bobbie Jo (1 day ago)
_sees aggretsuko in thumbnail_ *_INSTANTLY CLICKS ON VIDEO_*
Lopa Mondal (1 day ago)
Why don't u come to inda.
Dullahan Dulla (1 day ago)
I respect Japan
Sareng Sarenghae (2 days ago)
Pewds in japan. I love it.
smh (2 days ago)
US vs Sweden lol
Sk8er Gaming (3 days ago)
25:44 Me trying to solve my problems
Krisia Gernalin (3 days ago)
im so glad i watched this
bleach boy (3 days ago)
21:13 me and my friend in a regular basis
笑う人 (3 days ago)
I love Thanks love Japan (´・Д・`)👍
Francesco Gatta (3 days ago)
What’s the intro music?
Dont mind me (3 days ago)
Logan paul has left the chat
jamie happy (3 days ago)
I wanna shave that bearrrrdddddd...
Sleeping Rose (3 days ago)
*Logan Paul left the chat*
Engin Deniz Ucgun (4 days ago)
16:46 I'd smash kawaii felix
Jaime Costa (4 days ago)
"P J and sofie is here". Good english Felix kjellbergere.
Pooh BearVlogs (4 days ago)
PewDiePie do you love me????
ngoc nguyen (5 days ago)
can you going to Vn in to DaLat
apple moo (5 days ago)
Whats the name of this band? :o
Raven Gaming (5 days ago)
I think you'd look fresh if you shaved your beard pewds 25:28
Hero Code (5 days ago)
where can i see pewds building the gundam?!
Pewds should do more vlogs
KurtLopez gaming (5 days ago)
can you go in philippines and vlog
Matt Porter (5 days ago)
Yo does anybody know that song used in the intro? Link me, squadfam
Thien Quang Nguyen (6 days ago)
Is PJ a gay????
SHIHO (6 days ago)
He is cute
dazzlespring __ (6 days ago)
20:59 "THAT'S A TUNA BRO!"
Mi Koi (6 days ago)
Pewds: *Sees other characters* "Aww so cute" Pewds: *Sees Cinnamon* (Loses his mind) CINNAMON!!! CINNAMON!!
JoG Man SO High (3 days ago)
Ya that was funny😂and you're comment just made my day
Hideo Terada (6 days ago)
19:00 what the tattoo artist meant it’s illegal to have a tattoo openly shown in some places in Japan because it’s associated with gangs.
KB M. Litaoen (6 days ago)
Logan Paul did a vlog like this but he didn't *RESPECT* at all
Kvmilla (6 days ago)
Pewds screaming for Cinnamon like a big fan girl is such a mood.
BeatTheBorg (7 days ago)
no matter how much i watch this video i fucking love it
Aoi Ken (7 days ago)
what camera is he using in this
ArchytheMad RA (8 days ago)
The Snowball trolls xd
Hailahnah Walcott (8 days ago)
lol,I actually live in Japan
JoG Man SO High (3 days ago)
Wow you're lucky then😂T_T i wish i was born there too but nvm lol
Yo Yo (8 days ago)
*Omae wa mou Shinderu* *NANI ?!*
Yo Yo (8 days ago)
*Arigato* 😁
Mz Sneaky Sneaky (8 days ago)
Who is the band at 18:02 ?
danka jovovic (8 days ago)
The fact is Dislikes is Logan Paul fans 😆😆😆
Dominicus Julio (8 days ago)
Whats the app that translate
Mary Ann Toberos (8 days ago)
When he said "see ya tomorrow" after the tomorrow an ad litterally pop out! What great timing
Diyae the Killer (9 days ago)
Can i immigrated to Japan
SUCK IT LOGAN PAUL!!! Lol I need to relax. Also I can’t stop laughing.
Helen Lumbay (9 days ago)
I think those people who dislike's this video we're logans buddies
Asuya Izuki (9 days ago)
Jinnie Xoxo13 (9 days ago)
💓💓💓💓 he is so respectful
Minzbonbon (9 days ago)
im fokin drunk and i hate mysel f
fat'n sad (9 days ago)
It looks so stupid, But feels so fun
Chocolious Q (10 days ago)
I went to Okinawa and all the stores were mostly lawsons and family mart, no 7-11 at all. IT WAS AWESOME
KLYD3N (10 days ago)
So this is why weebs wanna go to japan
Hassan Ahmed (10 days ago)
what the f is wrong with the kitties in japan
Demon lord power (10 days ago)
I wanna visit
Colbi Coffee (10 days ago)
I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. not to sound disrespectful AT ALLL but every human being and object there is adorable. I deem to be like them. Adorable Japanese girl: **breathes in japanese** Me: AWEEEEEEEE
jungkookie (10 days ago)
Ray Ray The squid (10 days ago)
Logan Paul is shook you killed his video!
Francis Dah (10 days ago)
Pewds and his trip to accept his homosexuality
Maiza Rafique (10 days ago)
8:32 protect pewds at all costs everyone 😍❤️
Maiza Rafique (10 days ago)
His love for Japan is out of this world 😍
Maiza Rafique (10 days ago)
+Millennial Travel Confessions yes it looks like it absolutely amazing
I don't blame him, once you go to Japan, you fall in love with the country as we did :-)
Tow Wong (10 days ago)
*It's all about the respect* 👌
Aquarive (11 days ago)
How dare you show human decency 😡😡👿😮
Gaming With Kaley (11 days ago)
i rather choose pewds japan vlog than logan
Isaac Au (11 days ago)
27:35 a dead body omg
Ahmad Zuhdi (11 days ago)
4:48 hole is made to be poked........ LOL Hahaha
Mario Barata (11 days ago)
5.5Q views (11 days ago)
This my favorite part 7:00
phankook (11 days ago)
Your Japan vlogs are so good holy frack
sara (12 days ago)
Notice me senpai
Ashlesha Math (12 days ago)
When he made slippy tattoo... It melted my heart😍😍😭😭😭
brandon pendaz (12 days ago)
The people that clicked the dislike button or Logan and Jake Paul 12-year-old fanbitches
My Boys (13 days ago)
Logang where you at?
Vv_ Oscar (13 days ago)
I am half asian and i love anime and my fav anime is sao and can not wait for the next seson and asuna is finaly coming back to Boeing a main character
Erine Senotakai (14 days ago)
" It's my dress now ! HAHA ! " LMAO XDDD
Nicole & Kuya (14 days ago)
04:08 waiting for panty shot XD
shit i went to that big gandum place
ViewJP (14 days ago)
the pg gundam unicorn is huge, how did he fits in the luggage at the end
etan abba (14 days ago)
Baka gaijin
また日本来て欲しいなぁ!!!!!!!! 来てくれてありがとうございます!😄
Abby Perez (14 days ago)
This is so much peaceful than Logan Paul's
Ink (14 days ago)
These are the thiccest penguins I've ever seen
Thank you❕from🗾
Clara Høher (15 days ago)
The shade at 8:16 lmfao
Sir Zambion (15 days ago)
Can anyone make out what he says the brand name of the jacket at 8:58 ? I heard waka moreia but I cant find anything on that. Big thanks to anyone who helps.
KRAZZ (15 days ago)
I wish the US had a system of respect that Japan has, instead of having inner-city gangs shooting each other over Air Jordans. Nonetheless, this was a good vlog and I hope to see Japan one day. Wish me luck, Felix.
Sora (16 days ago)
Thank You For Visiting my Country *Ik its late, Idgaf*
:D (17 days ago)
Logan in Japan: *disrespects every citizen and films a dead body* Felix In Japan: *Japan is so cool look a Gudetama!! Oh fun respect respect respect!!! :) :) :)*
katherina Wang (17 days ago)
It have on the ig
Unity's Highscore (17 days ago)
Lalit Sisodiya (17 days ago)
also the people he hangs out with seemed like normal people.

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