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Jon & Daenerys || 'Forbidden Targaryen Love'

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When Jon Snow overhears Daenerys and Bran talking, the truth comes as a shock to him. How will this affect his relationship with Daenerys Targaryen? NOTE: This is purely a fan made video and is not the real season 8. It is just what I think might happen. I spent quite a long time on this video as errors and mistakes kept appearing in my editing program but I got it all sorted. It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped but at least it's something. Well, I hope you guys enjoy it never the less :-) I have always loved the idea of Daenerys and Jon as a couple and have wanted them together ever since the first episode! Of course, I know they are related and that still doesn't change my opinion because this is medieval times and is a Targaryen tradition. It is also needed to bring back the Targaryen house! Not to mention the fact that Dany and Jon didn't grow up together so it wouldn't be as weird as Jaime and Cersi. :-) It's just in my opinion that I think they are beautiful together. I also have a Jonerys fanfic on Wattpad if you want to check that out. It's called 'Jon & Daenerys - Forbidden Love' and is a collection of short stories of them. Here is the link: https://www.wattpad.com/456959277-jon-daenerys-forbidden-love-intro P.s. How do you think season 8 is going to pan out? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Sources used: ~ Game of Thrones HBO ~ Noah (Birth Screaming/Pregnancy by Emma Watson) ~ Love Rosie (I love you Dialogue by Lily Collins) ~ Song - Message to bears you are a memory Note: This is only for people who like and support Jon Snow and Daenerys as a couple. If you are not a supporter of Daenerys and Jon snow and you are a hater on here to dislike, comment nasty things or bully my viewers, I will block you. It's simple, don't like it? Well don't click! Judge me and I'll block you. Have a lovely day! xx I DON'T OWN THIS SONG OR THE TV SHOW. I made it for fun and to show my love for this show, the characters, actors and this couple. The only thing I own is my logo which I made myself :-)
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Text Comments (184)
Mounika reddy (6 days ago)
Great creation
Yvonne Muhwati (12 days ago)
Don't want to stress will just wait n c come 2019
MarchRosewater Alyss (12 days ago)
what would happen with their child? He will rule both kingdoms? And the dragons wouldn´t be jealous?
Loveoldies50 (12 days ago)
Here's a twist. Jon dies in battle; Dany dies in child birth; and the child is raised by Tyrion who sits on the throne until the child comes of age. Hey, this is GoT. Anything can happen!
Marlene Bastos (16 days ago)
Silvia Martins (16 days ago)
This series is really cool, the others are not that way.
Alia Scott (17 days ago)
I thought this was a spoiler i and i was like season 8 yassssssss going all crazy its not really but great video well put together
A Aa (17 days ago)
😊 🚑
Sehr zarmeen (20 days ago)
How i can see full movie can anyone guide me or help me pls
Careen Alexah (20 days ago)
oh my gosh really I hope it's true cause it's my favorite part here 😊😊😊
Mary Thomas (20 days ago)
Loved it! Well done!❤❤❤
TWD/SOA Fan (23 days ago)
That will happen on the show as well
V Kitchenz (27 days ago)
There will be no baby. Jon and Dany die. The Knight King sits at the Iron Throne. My prediction. 🐺🐲🦌🦁💀
Ali Tarar (28 days ago)
incest is devil's way
Omega (1 month ago)
So are they cousins or what I'm so confused but I so wanted them to bang and make more little dragon babies
Tiffani Hagen (15 days ago)
Aunt and nephew
Emmanuel Amos Bako (1 month ago)
Am not seeing the actions for season 8 of diz movie
thug life (1 month ago)
WTF she can not carry
AB Parker IV (1 month ago)
Dragon BABIES please<3
maisha naidoo (1 month ago)
OMG, I did not believe this would happen.......
boubakar tiné (1 month ago)
Mari Benigno (1 month ago)
Perfect match .pls dont take daenarys ,I love her role ...
kwgrid (1 month ago)
This is a cut and past operation. The dialogue is moved from one exchange to another. "I need you by my side" is Daenarys talking to Jorah, for instance.
juliana carvalho (1 month ago)
Só mentira
Rahayu Indrayani (1 month ago)
its last ending sentence, "i will always honestly, truly, completely love you" is the most memorial words spoken in Love Rosie movie lol
Mr. PotatoHead (2 months ago)
I hope their baby have silver hair😊😊
Alexandru Constantinescu (2 months ago)
Verry well made,congrats Lysstique!
Naz Nazratul (2 months ago)
why forbidden? i thought the parent of dany was sibling. dont it like a tradition in their family?
Vemulachadu Shalini (2 months ago)
Hai plz start fast and realises it fast plz
dragon's blood (2 months ago)
Well done ! Amazing video.
abdi aziz (2 months ago)
sweat hearts
Me Meme (3 months ago)
Jon and dany shippers (myself included), sorry but this is game of thrones, they will not live happily with their baby and pet dragons. Tbink about it, its a massive war and deaths are inevitable. for 7 seasons dany has gone through hell and high waters literally, to conquer the iron throne, do u think she ll be happy to know that there s another rightful heir to it?? Shit will go down for sure. Some ideas: -I dont think dany will be devastated for the incest as this is common for her family, she s gonna be bothered for the loss of her right to the iron throne. -Jon however is not used to incest amd will not want to continue their romance, he ll leave. -Dany will have a baby -I think the baby will be the famous promised prince (dare to say it will be a girl) -I think dany will die in battle, for fox sake let the writers not have the distasteful idea to kill such strong character in childbirth. Maybe undead drogon will kill her. -Jon doesnt want the throne, i think he ll pass it to his child. OR he ll never even know of its existance. I sadly dont see a wedding happening there, dany doesmt want to sit beside a king she s a leader a natural ruler. Drogo had to die so she could be who she is, if he had stayed alive in this type of era he would always be the leader and the woman overshadowed. The romance idea is not central story as we think today, i think their get together simply serves a higher purpose of producing a child that is the profecy prince, the son of ice and fire the one that will end the war and rule the 7 kingdoms
herbert mandicheta (3 months ago)
Well jointed
Pytorite (3 months ago)
Sam's pop out at 50 seconds tho
Daniel Silva (3 months ago)
Tô muito ansioso para a 8 tava temporada
Cliffe FC (4 months ago)
Jon and Dany will have a kid they won't win the throne back and they will both die in the end along with Jamie and Cersei and most of the secondary cast
Nathaniel Stacy (4 months ago)
very nicely excited from the other 7 seasons to make this.
SUDHIR PATEL (4 months ago)
The fear in love and war are terrorizing.
preet sarao (4 months ago)
This is collaborating of old episodes..
Sothy Franklin (5 months ago)
engin sahbaz (5 months ago)
manyah filim da
Mel*of*Winterfell (5 months ago)
All Daenerys has ever wanted was what she thought of as home. Now they will be each other's "home", that is how it is after you marry. They will live, and they will be together with their child/children. Obviously just my opinion. I think it is what GRRM has written and will write (sometime within the next 5 to 10 years I hope) It will not be a easy. Picking up the pieces after these war's won't be easy. They will be broken hearted from loss but they will have each other. Don't make me write that HORRIBLE word that starts with a B...
Ikran Xirsi (10 days ago)
Ikran Xirsi (10 days ago)
Monika Forero (5 months ago)
X que hay capítulos en español y otros en ingles
Tais LOL (6 months ago)
Awww so Beautiful... 😍😍😍😍
friscoHub415 (6 months ago)
Good job but it's hard to forget where those scenes really came from like when Drogo was wrecking it from the back not childbirth but still good job
Lysstique (5 months ago)
Thank you, glad you liked it :-) You mean the part where Daenerys is crying? In the show, that is when she ends his life out of mercy :(
Mrs. Cat (6 months ago)
OMG ! 😭 This is beautiful !😭❤❤💞
Salome CM (6 months ago)
Esta mierda de Jonerys es pura mierda
S T (6 months ago)
Who made this?
Lysstique (5 months ago)
The TV show/Book is called Game of Thrones by HBO and G.R.R Martin but I edited the clips together and made this video to show my love for the show :-)
Michelle Moochoon (6 months ago)
When is the new season
Rowell Telan (3 months ago)
They made us wait for so long, but I really dont care for I know I am waiting for something really beautiful. But, I just really cant wait too,LOL!
mish H (4 months ago)
Lysstique aparently the filming starts in october so season most likely ready 2019
Lysstique (5 months ago)
I'm pretty sure it's 2019, we have to wait so long :-(
Joe White (6 months ago)
My favorite show is Game of Thrones
Alijafar Heidari (6 months ago)
خیلی دوسش دارم
Klára Leblochová (6 months ago)
Great editing
bryant kobe (6 months ago)
good job for making this where can I find this music also
Lysstique (6 months ago)
Thank you! and you can find the music on YouTube, its called 'You are a memory' by message to bears, it's a very nice piece :-)
Tinotenda Kidda (6 months ago)
Wow... That's epic.. I just love Khaleesi and Jon buh Khaleesi more😊
Lea Felipe (7 months ago)
I dont care . I still want khal drogo back
DJNAS020 (7 months ago)
Jon Snow and dr Queen u ar the best👍💯
Mirtes Moraes Gomes (7 months ago)
Mesmo que Dany morra ( o que seria uma sacanagem) ela tem que deixar um herdeiro puro .
Meredith Mel. (7 months ago)
What about Starks. How will they survive and keep their blood pure?
Clare Lapitan (8 months ago)
ang galing mag edit
Evagelia Dagine (8 months ago)
I reckon Daenerys will give birth to another dragon
Tai Xin (8 months ago)
Brad Allen (6 months ago)
I love it
TysGameatraZ (8 months ago)
I'm actually crying wtf
Severo Balucas Jr. (9 months ago)
What is the title of the song in this video? Anyone answer pls
Lysstique (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching, The song title is you are a memory by message to bears, it's a really nice piece isn't it! :-)
fantasy junkie (9 months ago)
My heart 💔🐺🐉
Marissa Carpen (9 months ago)
what is the song?
Lysstique (6 months ago)
The song is beautiful isn't it. It's called you are a memory by message to bears , thank you for watching! :-)
Joshua Tom Thomas (9 months ago)
Is it true that each episode of S08 will be 2hr long?
Pae hunsa (9 months ago)
Jon&daenerys love ❤️😍
MrJuly2374 (9 months ago)
nicepakking edited XD... if i did not watch the show..u got fooledme XD anyway why dou do this make this ur version of the story WTF
This has been edited...
Jade Boyd (9 months ago)
If this story has been all about these two together then I've just wasted 8 seasons on this crap!!!! Sorry I love Jon but cant stand Danny!!!!
Rowell Telan (3 months ago)
Jade Power Relax, this is but just a show really the most beautiful show we ever had.
Cliffe FC (4 months ago)
Jade Power it's not dw it only appears that way because the showrunners are giving off false sense of security, all these fans in this comment section are clueless to what is to come, they all expect happily ever after between Jon and Daenerys but their all going to be heartbroken and shocked come season 8, they ve forgotten all about Robb Stark, there will be more twists and turns and we will get a Jon or Dany death towards the end
katherine mathiowetz (9 months ago)
how the hell is it 'Forbidden? Targaryens always got it on with their on family from what I understood hence the madness ... incense seems to do that to family look at Jamie and his sister's kid. it is not like they are brother and sister..........
Manisha Joshi (9 months ago)
TV series wo apnsa
Amit Pradhan (9 months ago)
I love this! I mean the video editing is so good,for a moment it got me believing that I was watching s8.👏👏
Mark PJF85 (9 months ago)
Forbidden love look at jon parents lyanna rheagar this is how the war started It will end with a marriage and a baby and a new legacy for jon daenerys there is no indication of them both dying in the show Because it’s their song together Through the test of time
Baldis _Basics (15 days ago)
Mark PJF85 yeah the song name is ice and fire
DasFritzchen (16 days ago)
they will die but their legacy will live on
Jodie Thrones (3 months ago)
Cliffe FC True but at the same time the foreshadowing is so deep and everyone is predicting it so it makes me think what if they survive but Westeros doesn't? What is the Bittersweet ending is literally just the last two targaryens and the iron throne destroyed along with many other kingdoms and many other characters? GRRM did say that he was a big fan of the LOTR ending and people have said that George stated that he would plan to have Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Bran, and Arya to survive. I'm just keeping an open mind to a different ending the everyone is basically predicting right now
Cliffe FC (4 months ago)
Mark PJF85 there is definitely indication of them both dying actually, what show do you think your watching Lord of the rings?, there is no way they are having a happy ending, if you pay closer attention they have both been foreshadowed to die
Mel*of*Winterfell (5 months ago)
I can't believe I'm just now seeing this! Obviously I completely agree.
PP1962 (9 months ago)
It is not a forbiden love. Jon and Daenerys are not brothers. If Starks and Lanisters can mariage between cousins, why couldn't Jon and Dany (nephew and aunt) be together? The problem is what Daenerys will say when she have known that Jon is the real heir of Iron Throne? She will decline her mission to rule Westeros or she will fight with Jon to take the throne? Incest? C'mon guys, there were much more indecent things in this serie than a family love.
Lala Lila (15 days ago)
😂😂 I thought they were cousin...I'm lost...so they are aunt & nephew?...woww
yomna Samy (5 months ago)
Eubadel Hodobo (6 months ago)
yes its not coz in the movie there are scenes wher they say the targaryen brothers and sisters used to marry each other
Angel Heart (10 months ago)
You good I love the magic of the voice and the picture marching you the best video maker in the whole YouTube... 🙌
Judy Cheng (10 months ago)
That is total fabrication...that is not what actually happen.
Cliffe FC (4 months ago)
Judy Cheng these fans are all clueless they all expect happily ever after, their going to be so heartbroken in season 8 and I m going to find it very amusing lol
Flávia Adriana Oliveira (10 months ago)
Ana Kh. (10 months ago)
someone worked a lot to make this video
Clement Minaibiye (10 months ago)
I got So Much To Learned,A Movie That One Cannot Previews The Next Lines Of Action. Nice One There.
Knightwalker V Peace (10 months ago)
Ishmael Mariap (10 months ago)
Love it.....
Dina Godinez (10 months ago)
Omg.....that was amazing!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😣
D Will (10 months ago)
this is pretty dope, great job
Sootiro (10 months ago)
Approved , please proceed
Odist (10 months ago)
this was hilarious loll
Immanuel Nope (10 months ago)
Hahhahaa this all scene just compile from the S06 and S07...
Thyrasma Stark (10 months ago)
well done !
2randomblackmen (10 months ago)
I want them to make numerous babies.
STevEN G.T (10 months ago)
Pinshe fals
cian mccabe (10 months ago)
Awwww the cringe is real
Alrico98 (10 months ago)
Wow this was incredibly.. deserves more views !!
Emma Carstairs (10 months ago)
I want jon and sansa to get togther!
Chidinma Halliday (2 months ago)
Irene Tapper (9 months ago)
Oh no
Tammy Noella (10 months ago)
This video is so incredibly thought out that even I believed it really happened. Gosh i love the scene when she said I love you and he closed his eyes, there it felt so real. Thank you so much for sharing this Lysstique , this has to be the best so far on youtube.
Captain Marvel Wilson (6 months ago)
What section of the video is that scene?
Lysstique (7 months ago)
Oh my gosh thank you so so so much! This comments means so much to me. I am so sorry that I did not see this until now but thank you so much I am really happy you liked it :-) xx
rodrick S L (10 months ago)
All hail king aegon All hail queen daenerys
Ashlee Cooper (10 months ago)
Rokza Habsburg (10 months ago)
Wes Mitsubishi (10 months ago)
amazing video that may turn out to be true come season 8. here's hoping...
View Bens (10 months ago)
Gina Enge (10 months ago)
Great work really beautifully put together. I will be devastated if they kill one of them off.
Cliffe FC (4 months ago)
Gina Enge it's too perfect for them both to live
Muhammad Khanz (10 months ago)
Gina Enge both of them are going to die only their child remains

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