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Top 10 Free To Play MMORPG 2016 by Skylent

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Please forgive the negativity but I think we can all admit that this year at least was a bit lackluster. So, I just picked what I thought were the best free to play MMORPG that you can play right now, yet still only about half the list is really worth any true time investment. Then again, if you treat MMO like any other game, and just try it and play it for a sitting or two, you can still have some fun, but honestly I'm pretty sure most of you will get burned out pretty fast. Have fun friends. Runescape Guild Wars 2 Wildstar TERA Blade and Soul Trove Dungeon Fighter Online Archeage Tree of Savior Riders of Icarus - I made this video! Hi, my name is Skylent and I hope you had fun! This is my gaming channel where I stream, do reviews & first impressions, and also learn/teach on topics focused around video game culture. If you are a gamer like me, then follow along lets go on an adventure! twitter: @skylentshore
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Laurie Sloan (6 months ago)
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88SJoe88 (6 months ago)
TOS is overrated due to it's "father", Ragnarok Online, a classic. Unfortunatedely TOS didn't seem to catch the challenge of RO, nor the "do whatever you like" capacity (one needs to complete quests all the way up to be able to party decently in coop missions, which is all the way up again)
brandon haist (9 months ago)
pro tip about tera, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT play it through steam. The optimization of the game is perfectly fine, however there's a problem with the steam version of the game which causes any computer to run at like 3 fps. My shitty assed laptop with 8gb of ram and is a dual core i7 processor can run tera on medium with around 60 - 70 fps easily with the enmasse launcher. The steam version of the game is honestly just so fucking SHIT. Tera was the game that started action combat within the mmorpg genre. It's good, just know that you could play the entire game as it is right now without doing a single quest, and make it to end game in 2 - 3 days. All mmorpgs are huge fucking grind fest shit holes, but some are a bit more fun to play (tera, BDO, archeage, and BnS) because of their action combat, however you will still be grinding forever.
prosps78 (1 year ago)
TOP MMORPG TO NEXT 10 YEARS http://ashesofcreation.com/ref/J4y https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=xMlOqAj9kXE
Eliseo Gotay (1 year ago)
If you start in f2p, you can get members in runescape without real money in a few days if you know what your doing and dont waste time. I made a f2p account a few days ago to prove to one of my friends that its possible and it took me around 2 hpurs to make 2.8m gp. A bond costs anywhere from 11-13m. It would take a few hours to get 14 days of members in f2p.
BluntDancer (1 year ago)
Where are those awesome, hardcore real mmorpgs like an old Lineage 2 or Tibia, where you dont follow the f*cking quests all the time ?
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obsza0Na-9Q&t=25s But I heard Lineage 2 is getting a mobile port as well.
Mr. Bigglesworth (1 year ago)
nice memes dude
Henti Kirby (1 year ago)
blade and soul is a lag fest
Sky (1 year ago)
Gw2 just isnt what it used to be back when it first came out. It was so good 3 years ago. Its really hard to come back to it after so many years.
rat (1 year ago)
Why the fuck is half of this shit anime-styled??
Amir Hassani (1 year ago)
f u . don't speak and just show the fucking game
Amir Hassani (1 year ago)
i did it heh
V.2 (1 year ago)
well some people like with voice. if you have a problem with him speaking then stop complaining and watch a different video
Amir Hassani (1 year ago)
Skylent Shore the fucking video 😂 is useless
PurpurowyMaagik (1 year ago)
Gw2 without HoT is like big trial.
firestonegraywolf (1 year ago)
why you sound so nasally
U & I (1 year ago)
lol fucked up and put I'm 5 on blade and soul and cant play it
Okich4n (1 year ago)
Go and play Eldevin instead of Runescape its the same
MrDante (1 year ago)
I actually like Runescape.
Kevin Tunaley (1 year ago)
Rune Scape copied Ultima Online and it isn't even as good as UO was
Tan ZH (1 year ago)
blade and soul is a anime base game xP there is a blade and soul anime release long time ago the storyline is the same just watch the anime = the entire gameplay storyline
Kayo Yuuki-sama (1 year ago)
man, I loved your review! it's so honest, just a player point of view, not that "they payed me/overrated" situation, that's what I was looking for ty!
Rix xy (1 year ago)
Runescape? C'mon... you gotta have better options. I dunno, its fun but graphically horrible and its really just a demo. GW is at least good graphics and fun fighting quests with good storyline Too bad there's really nothing else in the game tho. I like Archeage as well but the ganking gets annoying
Yul (1 year ago)
Runescape for lyfe <3
Ivan Lima (1 year ago)
Hey if im gonna stare at my character for hundreds of hours best if its a sexy one!
SearchingMyFxcks (1 year ago)
thank you for including trove, no one ever does its a pretty good and challenging game, its voxel but that only means it wont ever have "bad graphics" like world of warcraft now
Mile Stojmenov (1 year ago)
gw2 is f2p?
malkymoonchild (1 year ago)
Guild Wars 2 is not Free to Play, it's Buy to Play
Jt Popiel (1 year ago)
no love for Titans of Time? interesting.
David Lee (1 year ago)
I want a Fire Emblem type MMO, where I can do quests and instances for characters and gear. Similar to Atlantica Online, but with diverse maps and terrain.
Matthew Fulk (1 year ago)
"You're not going to find another top 10 list that is this toxic." Fuck an A you just won a subscribe click and the internet. 10/10 WILL listen to the truth again For real, though.... good list
Jason Larson (1 year ago)
all garbage
Rudy (1 year ago)
I frkn love your straight forward way of reviewing these games for us dude. +1 subscriber man!
Shadow Breaker (1 year ago)
for me GW2 isnt a f2p cuz you cant enjoy it without the expension, who isnt free...😭
Cédric DS (1 year ago)
i give you a 5/20 i don t like your speach too anoying
Laz Jimenez (1 year ago)
Is it just me or did the cutscenes for Riders of Ikarus, where the ginger was falling to get on a dragon, remind you of Avatar, the movie (not the Airbender, the actual avatar movie with blue alien ppl)
Ariel Echevarria (1 year ago)
anyone wanna play trove on xbox one ?
Trung Nguyen (1 year ago)
revelation online is just a bad copy.
Delton Stanley (1 year ago)
shadows smoke (1 year ago)
they should try to bring wildstar to console I'd love to play it on Xbox like they did eso
NoneOfTheAbove (1 year ago)
GW2 is my main game now. Sooo much to it. You can even hang around and watch NPC's talk to each other, follow them around for a while, then a dynamic event might start from it. Some of the content is easy, then it can get very hard all of a sudden. Nice balance between hard and easy content. There are even players, with special Icons on the map, that run around just to help out people with group events or jump puzzles etc. Great game even if you don't buy that expansion.
e7seif (1 year ago)
ESO should be on this list.  Regardless of personal opinions on making an Elder Scrolls MMO, it is just really well done and had a huge update 2016 that scaled all quests to whatever level you are.
Rayhaku808 (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ the amount of times he uses the words "kinda sorta not really kinda kinda" in succession. Other than that I agree with this list
wolfafe (1 year ago)
ah the classic top10 games i've tried for no more than few hours 2016 list. That sad moment when Runescape is first.
Yul (1 year ago)
Runescape is the shit.
Eren Balcı (1 year ago)
No Path Of Exile suprised
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
not an mmo though
Cheers (1 year ago)
You motivated me to play Wild Star man. I hope it doesn't disappoint
DreadWulf221 (1 year ago)
I actually used to love Guild Wars 2, I bought it when it first came out and wound up playing it almost non-stop for a long time, but then I decided to take a break for a while and at some point during that time my account got hacked. The first I heard about this was an email saying that I'd been perma-banned for being toxic or some such on the forums, I sent an email to the support telling them how I hadn't played in a while and certainly hadn't been going on the forums which I don't do anyway, their only response was something along the lines of "No you very clearly posted on the forums during this time and so your account is going to stay banned forever."
Elchrismaster (1 year ago)
Funny how you keep saying that this list is garbage and you still upload this stuff, you have to step up your game bro
Vixen (1 year ago)
I gave up on Tera a couple of years back when they started putting more stuff in to buy and then the updates wouldn't let it load. Playing solo on Tera is a awful and so boring. I play wildstar and trove often. Trove is a lot of fun especially with others. You can easily get carried away in worlds and the dragons rock! GW2 I've played since day one faithfully. It is by far the best in the whole list and well worth every penny. There's loads of people online still and if you get the GW2 timers you can take advantage of the special events with the help of everyone else.
Eqvil (1 year ago)
Botond Dobai (1 year ago)
putting runescape over guild wars 2, really?
Yul (1 year ago)
ExBruinsFan (1 year ago)
If you have self-respect, there are NO good F2P MMOs.
Marphey (1 year ago)
+Shade huh ?
Sevvi (1 year ago)
Darth Portus You are a year in the past. It's free to play.
Marphey (1 year ago)
GW 2 is not f2p it is b2p
Sevvi (1 year ago)
ExBruinsFan GW2, imo.
Delilah Liu (1 year ago)
stfu teras great
brandon haist (1 year ago)
i just wanna say that tree of savior isn't as popular as you think it is, i saw a train of 10-15 bots following each other farming mobs. You know they're bots because they're automatically going from mob to mob using basic attacks only, and they're all archers. I've never seen as many bots in this game as in any other.
rile1223 (1 year ago)
dude u must stop smoke this sheet
Apsody (1 year ago)
I played tera, and i love it , i love the combat , every class feels different and its awsome, i love the monsters and art syle but i really fucking hate the optimization its the reason i stopped playing, i cant play a game where i cant have stable fps, i dont care if i have 20 fps, let it be stable god damnit
Jan Ian (1 year ago)
thats why gamers move to moba and fps bc there are less decent mmorpg. the genre is sooo promising but killed with microtransactions
thekhan517 (1 year ago)
AA is a great game, but it has a ton of maintenance issues. Servers are constantly down.
Risebell (1 year ago)
Louis Wilkes (1 year ago)
gamers leave the most grounded comments. this is not a place for running a train on gods anus.
Julio Espinal (1 year ago)
also wow is a garbage game. putting a bunch of sub par crap in a game does not make it good. the battle system is garbage.
Julio Espinal (1 year ago)
TOS is a great game the only issue is the population. I don't thin tos works in today's world. In Ragnarok online everything was spread through word of mouth, now all the secret quests are all over the internet. I don't like how grinding is pretty ineffective. the game should let you choose. Also one of the biggest parts of Ragnarok Online was how social it was. A lot of parts in RO became much easier by partying. and resting took forever so everyone would socialize a lot during certain intervals. In today's world everyone keeps to themselves and are pro - "hand holding" which is why I feel this game fails today.
Spongebob Squarepants (1 year ago)
Runescape, I met my wife in runescape
GreenMarble (1 year ago)
Spongebob Squarepants that's sad
Ghorlik (1 year ago)
no aura kingdom ? :(
Shaikan (1 year ago)
Oldschool RS & gw2 are the ones worth checking out.
Batman FTMFW (1 year ago)
What about black desert online?
Chris Dias (1 year ago)
Hey dude! I`ve just found out about your channel and while I do appreciate the content, for the love of God, get your words straight. The adverbials and adjectives you use nonstop (to the point of a fault sometimes) get in the way of your opinion, sometimes I don`t even know whether you`re recommending a game or not.... "the game changed a lot bit actually", that after saying the game changed "a bit". I hope you get the idea... that said, great work mate, keep'em coming.
Chris Longoria (1 year ago)
blade and soul is really fun. the armor system is different. instead of customizing ur armor u pick different outfits that r faction based. so depending on which outfit u r wearing u become a target for others players of that waring faction but the character customization itself is verry detailed. so there r no 2 characters that look the same. i reccomend it. ive had months of fun playing blade and soul. although it does get hard around level 25 but just join a party and the factions r always waring, raids and dungeons aswell
Hatwox (1 year ago)
Some1 explain this....WHY IS ARCHEAGE FUN
Zentikk (1 year ago)
Don't lie about gw2. It has so small updates.Every 3 months we barely have any content to do. New maps are 10 min daily if WANT(you can skip them if rewards are not intresting for you). As a 3 year veteran i have nothing to do. Sitting with my 10 legendary weapons and just can't find myself goar to play futher.
UxeKull (1 year ago)
I just love B&S but that fucking lag make me leave it i cant play a bad game sorry lag at pvp just sucks for real and in my gtx 1060 i have fps drops wtf i hope that revelation online do the correct thing but to see that CBT i cant hope anyshit u.u
GFDSD FSDFS (1 year ago)
Yep 2016 was a shit year. Still waiting for Lost Ark, Gwent, Mu Legends... no point to start playing 6 years old mmorpgs.
Mochi Zou (1 year ago)
You have a really nice voice for this type of videos, great content :)
Night Crow (1 year ago)
can you do a top 10 voice acted games
Daegog The Wyrdmake (1 year ago)
The main issue with your videos appears to be the amount of chatter you do before you get to any actual information, listen to your videos and hear the amount of actual NON-information you keep talking about before you get to anything useful.
kyle clarke (1 year ago)
kyle clarke (1 year ago)
Magic Mike (1 year ago)
RIP MMMORPG,we have a good ride!
Samuel Kleine (1 year ago)
i played trove for soooo long, but now i cant get back into it. but its also pretty pay to win.
Joe MARANO (1 year ago)
if tera didn't have weird cartoon design for the models for playable races and mounts I would play the shit out of it, I love realism in games and when I see a stupid cop car in a fantasy world for a mount I cringe, they got a giant duck with a afro and sneakers as a mount.... really ffs
ExploringAndMe (1 year ago)
nice video bit too much ads in it but video wass nice
kyle clarke (1 year ago)
the gunner is rose form elsword
Tatsuya Sensei (1 year ago)
i got spoil by black desert online graphic now i see all the mmo are comming are not even close to compare it ...
Gamepowr (1 year ago)
You got a like and sub for the gw2 part.
P-Town Hero (1 year ago)
15:04 ..... I'll trim your party hat m8.
It sounds like my youtube is on 1.25x speed, no disrespect, actually nice since you're getting alot of info out faster
Alexander Rudisill (1 year ago)
Albion online?
RSProduxx (1 year ago)
Wow...RuneScape changed alot... i played it when it first came out and had like glorified stickman graphics :D
demoned1000 (1 year ago)
you forgeat skyforge
Sina Abedi (1 year ago)
i start playing rift is it worth guys? guild war 2 looks cool too
Travis Lobmier (1 year ago)
I played Rift for a long time and really enjoyed. It  is just a little dated now.
Jokester (1 year ago)
Played GW2 for nearly 1k h. Meanwhile it's boring but I can't find anything better since years.
Cory R (1 year ago)
Its good but I would played FF14 over rift now, very similar gameplay and ff14 seems to be more healthy atm. Guildwars 2 is a great game but you quickly hit a wall where you cant really get any better, no better gear to find or levels or alternate advancement. Also you can be max level in GW2 in under a week without help, kinda lame imo.
sum12stupid4u (1 year ago)
Honestly GW2 has me spoiled. It's really hard to find a new MMO after playing it. The entire GW franchise is based around "no gear treadmills." It's hard, if not impossible, to find a fun game that doesn't have incessant gear grind, but GW2 manages to make it happen.
sallee132 (1 year ago)
ahh k :/
Linkforevah (1 year ago)
Jedi Psyfrog (1 year ago)
Thanks for mentioning Wildstar.  It's such a fun game to play.  Cheers.
Jeff Kan (1 year ago)
I played it like decades ago, since it was released... worth coming back? Since there were not ppl in pvp or pve end contents...
karremania (1 year ago)
Wildstar.. the game that replaced City of Heroes, not in a freaking 10 million years it will ever get even close to CoH.
Belv (1 year ago)
Your the guy from attack gaming correct ??
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
freemmostation, overking, voice of some commercials and worked close with some indie games.
Belv (1 year ago)
+Skylent Shore what other channels?
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
and a few other channels yes.
1dl (1 year ago)
tera is fun if you have someone to play with. i agree with the crazy grinding too. also archeage was good a few years ago but the new updates ruined it. its crazy p2w i wont recommend it. skyforge (ik he didnt say this one) was amazing, new update ruined that too. wont recommend that either. im playing guild wars 2 rn and i wanna try blade and soul. 😛
Fairy Tail (1 year ago)
Riders of Icarus is amazing!!!!.... sure there's a lot of grinding when it comes to lvling especially as you get to higher lvls but none the less it's a great game that's super fun to play.
Lucas Mello (1 year ago)
Intro song please ?
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
"Dubstep" http://www.bensound.com/
Chris C. (1 year ago)
Tera has ran flawless on every computer I've played it on.
Jaime Wu (1 year ago)
any recommendations for a game to play with a group of friends? Preferably not grindy and linear questing.
Sergei M. (1 year ago)
This video boils down to Korean bubble gum MMO's and their western publishers. Also, did you say at 8:05 that "For a Free to Play game you would think it would running a little bit better"? Are you serious? Free to play games are the garbage of the garbage in this videogame generation. First, they are not free, you will pay out the butt for everything and second, they are made in Korea like hotcakes, their own market can't keep up with the amount of shovelware they put out there every quarter.
💉Sick Boy💉 (1 year ago)
I LOVED GW2until they did the Living Story. It isn't just seasonal events as you put it, it's how they do content outside of major expansions. I play multiple MMOs at a time along with gaming in general, and enjoy taking breaks sometimes and returning to binge content, while still paying(sub/patron/whatev) when not playing for that while, because I know it'll be there. Living Story makes it impossible, makes the game still feel like a job, just in a different way, and it also sucks that you can't visit a lot of these areas/stories again, whether it be through them being re-used in new content or with an alt . To each his own, that just killed it for me.
Ryan Harrison (1 year ago)
Logged into Tera, Logged out.. So much shit on screen.
George Huang (1 year ago)
i like tities, blade soul numba 1 only
Nice Josh (1 year ago)
Actually, Runescape is entirely free. You can buy bonds for ingame currency, that you can use to buy a membership. I think that is the first F2P non-p2w game on this list. Still.. Runescape is and Will be a grindy game. Yes, grind is real. BUT, you will get 2000+ hours of relaxing and awesome gameplay..

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