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Minecraft [1.9] NMS Packet Reading and Writing

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● Visit my website: http://www.CosmosMC.net ● Join my server: playmc.cc ● Checkout Netty here: http://netty.io/ ● Netty Examples and Documentation: https://github.com/netty/netty ● Download the code here: https://github.com/sgtcaze/Tutorial/blob/master/Resources/PacketAccessor.java Connect with my social media: ● Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sgtcaze ● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sgtcaze ● BukkitDev: http://dev.bukkit.org/profiles/sgtcaze/ ● Spigot: http://www.spigotmc.org/members/sgtcaze.2397/ ● GitHub: http://www.github.com/sgtcaze Additional Links ● Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiomicro.com Computer Specs: ● CPU: i7-4790K ● GPU: GTX 980 ti ● Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A ● RAM: 16 GB (8GB x 2) HyperX Vengeance 1600 MhZ ● DRIVES: Samsung EVO 850 500 GB SSD as the boot, a Crucial MX100 500 GB SSD as the secondary drive ● Mouse: Razer Chroma ● Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow 2013 Elite Hardware: ● BenQ GL2760H 27" monitors ● AT2035 Large Diaphram Microphone ● Podfarm UX2 Audio Mixer ● Rode PSA-1 Swivel Stand FAQ: A full FAQ can be found on my website (above). Here's a short list: ● How many FPS do you get? On Hypixel lobbies I get 600-800 FPS. ● What programs do you use? OpenBroadcaster 64 Bit for recording games and desktop (streaming as well). Sony Vegas 13 Edit for editing and rendering. ● Where did you get your computer from? I assembled my PC myself. ● What is your Minecraft Texture pack/ how is it HD? I usually use either Faithful 32x or Sphax 128x.
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Text Comments (24)
Paul Kegeler (9 months ago)
doas it work with 1.8?
Anonymou _ (1 year ago)
help me please - io.netty.handler.codec.decoderexception java.io.ioexception Packet 0/32 (gp) was larger than i excpected, found 1 bytes extra whilst reading packet 32
Harry Potter (1 year ago)
i needed to fuck with reflections, since in 1.8 version of minecraft server the channel is private
NeoTheOne (6 months ago)
use alohomora
Eliaz McNaught (2 years ago)
Thanks bro
Tenetri (2 years ago)
Very interesting! That will be helpful for finding out which event happens if you don't know whats getting called. (Like for painting break events or something)
SétantaLP (2 years ago)
Thanks for this tutorial. Now I know how to modify the packets for my plugins, without using protocollib.
TT_Mystic (2 years ago)
your server not on
williamgb1813 (2 years ago)
Sweet vid coize!
FSXPilot4 (2 years ago)
What language are you using?
Finn.S (1 year ago)
Moonysaurus With which API's? Spigot and?
Moonysaurus (2 years ago)
Probably Java
Jasper Reddin (2 years ago)
Hm… I'll have to watch this later. It's pretty hard to watch on a 3.5 inch iPhone.
Moonysaurus (2 years ago)
Ikr xD
Ján Villim (2 years ago)
Great video! :)
Сука блять (2 years ago)
Main thing I took away from this: Packets are some crazy stuff to play with
NikneaMC (2 years ago)
Second not-uploader comment gg
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+NikneaMC Niknea!! Hi man :D
Julio (2 years ago)
First not-uploader comment gg
Shortninja66 (2 years ago)
Hi Monkey
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
+ItsMonkey Hi Monkey
SgtCaze (2 years ago)
Today we make a simple plugin to Read and Write packets (including intercepting one!) This is a fairly straightforward and simple example. Remember you need to reference CraftBukkit/Spigot Server inorder to have access to the NMS classes. This video is mainly informational. Please remember that utilities like ProtocolLib have been battle tested for stability and performance. Have fun crashing your servers and clients!
Riley Potter (2 years ago)
+Luna Skyz NVM it's XxLunaPottr113xX <That's my new ign
Riley Potter (2 years ago)
EWW it's case xD HI CAZE I'M ALEXISANDKENZIE_!!!! BTW IMMA son change my mc user 2 xSaphhhmau_ ^-^

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