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Text Comments (30204)
S&H vines (9 hours ago)
Carryminati in PewDiePie s video
BraydenCH04 (10 hours ago)
Can we copy strike, *P E W D I E P I E ! ?*
Joseph Valenzuela (13 hours ago)
I love this 🤣🤣🤣
Sumbuddy (15 hours ago)
Can we copy strike him?
MLG Turtle M8 (16 hours ago)
I no lie saw the dinosaur first
Malte FK (19 hours ago)
It’s hard while in pupperty
lil Marshmellow (21 hours ago)
Wow pewds making excuses
Dude Awesome (1 day ago)
Hey i have a plan to get most liked comment on u tube everyone that subbed like this comment
Robbie (1 day ago)
Looking at pokimane lol😂
Marcus Chute (1 day ago)
Ha ha twitch thot!
Not Preston (1 day ago)
Don't tell marzia plz
Prker (1 day ago)
Can you do some more eye tracking
Joseph Bellomo (1 day ago)
Pewdiepie confirmed gay
Kilak (1 day ago)
I saw the gorilla and counted 15 passes
misho rusev (1 day ago)
4:00 we watched this in school EDIT: i typed we watched this school so i fixed it xD
Complain ShoTZ (1 day ago)
I counted 15 and seen the gorilla am I ultimate attention 9 yr old?
Aolee (1 day ago)
Lol Is Life (1 day ago)
The intro tho hahaha
Can we copy strike this guy!?
Christopher Bibat (2 days ago)
Imagine seeing a video with a banner that says "FAPHUB" followed by pictures of your girlfriend... 😥
idragon l (2 days ago)
Intro song?
MabelSable - hooray (2 days ago)
Nice intro
that is exact moment when army of nine years old was established!
you mama (2 days ago)
"can we copyright him. He called us Twitch thots"
Nor Haqimi (2 days ago)
6:30 thank me later
Star Games (2 days ago)
Videos like this is why I subscribed
Shahmat Sharaf (2 days ago)
*S T U P I D T W I T C H T H O T S*
Koushik Dutta (3 days ago)
Harpa ._______. (3 days ago)
Yeah we want you to look
Aetreus (3 days ago)
Can I get 88^ likes for Niki at 1:20
ONJ (3 days ago)
When you getting married?
prep school pro (3 days ago)
I hate you now for that
Long live King x (3 days ago)
I really like this
Shanty Half Thick (3 days ago)
*Sauce Of the girl in the Tumbnail Please*
Hijinx Addrex (3 days ago)
Stupid twitch thots
this is my name (3 days ago)
David Eugenin (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie this is ez me 🤬
CatKittens27 (3 days ago)
OMG I LOVE that outro!!!
BullBoyBlueYT (3 days ago)
Perfection in the intro👌🏻
? ? (3 days ago)
The video that started it all
Nigerian Prince (3 days ago)
anyone got a link or know the name for that bulges website
Gamer King52204 (3 days ago)
After so many years still makes me laugh 😂😂😂
Camryn R. (3 days ago)
i saw the gorilla but counted 13 passes :(
Freak Show (3 days ago)
Fuckin... twitch thots
Robin Janjic (3 days ago)
The silence after he says ”stupid twitch thots”
FORMAL PLAYER (3 days ago)
Got 15
Daisy Cutter (3 days ago)
Yo! Can we copy strike pewdiepie lastest video?
M4RT1N (3 days ago)
Thanos cock
Veronica Rose (3 days ago)
i loved it!
Очень ржачно😅
Wil Delgado (3 days ago)
*still paid minimum wage too!*
Adidas Roadman (4 days ago)
Antoine 081 (4 days ago)
Outstanding Average (4 days ago)
Amazing intro, T-Series can never get that
Torlesse Liddell (4 days ago)
First video Looks at likes and views.
Dean Warren (4 days ago)
lol that intro
Official- Kisa (4 days ago)
Watch porn and use eye tracker
vernon nazareth (4 days ago)
Carry featured in Pewds yayyy😯
Younus Malik (4 days ago)
Are kariminati hahahah
Caleb Gillan (4 days ago)
1:48 my names Caleb!
Abby Balagtas (4 days ago)
The intro sounds similar to Ali A intro
-syd ø (4 days ago)
Cuz it is
ssj7 Tyger (4 days ago)
Great new intro
iCEY (4 days ago)
Darn it pewds put an ass ad on his wall so we have to look
Taurus Capricorn (4 days ago)
what the heck was that intro lmao 😂
Ark O. (4 days ago)
RIP Brad 2’s editing hp
Ålmighty Døm (4 days ago)
*Stupid twitch thot*
Edu Do Danonão (4 days ago)
radiohead tv (4 days ago)
Nice intro on that music and I like your Haircut 👍🏻
Blanko (4 days ago)
highschool of the dead :000
Wibiz (4 days ago)
2:15 the moment all hell in the internet broke loose
CAN WE COPYSTRIKE PEWDIEPIE?!!!!!!!1111!!1111????
ZabdielGG (4 days ago)
Why am i here
Marazul Is Kuul (4 days ago)
Not gonna lie that intro was better than any other one I’ve seen
Chocolate DINOsaur (4 days ago)
It is this day when us 9 year olds turn 10
BL4D3: Random Xbox (4 days ago)
*C A N W E C O P Y S T R I K E P E W D I E P I E*
XxWukongxX 0000 (4 days ago)
Should always have this on every reaction vid
Skittles 9000 (4 days ago)
Nice intro song
BrazenClover (4 days ago)
go sub to Lemmino
FARHAN (4 days ago)
How does the worlds biggest youtuber not have a laptop
Kvantro (4 days ago)
i get this recommended wat da fuq sept 2018
Schirmer (4 days ago)
Can we copyright strike pewdiepie
Ronanj Molina (4 days ago)
DetBoi100 (5 days ago)
MihTheGamer (5 days ago)
Nice video
FRÖSTBYTE pewdiepie (5 days ago)
That's carryminati 1:16 to 1:30 ..love carryminati ❤
Drakonus (5 days ago)
The anime is called "Highschool of the dead" if you are blind
Troi (5 days ago)
I'm not dumb there was a gorilla or monkey or Bigfoot thing
samurai sam (5 days ago)
swarnak Ray (5 days ago)
Twitch thots
James Scott (5 days ago)
Ali a intro ahaha nice
Mr Tickles (5 days ago)
When the thing your not supposed to look at covers up 99% of the screen wtf are you supposed to look at?
Kevin Randy (5 days ago)
you know NIKI?
Legendary Poop (5 days ago)
4:42 I saw the gorilla while counting
Madison Mathews (5 days ago)
*BATSU GAME* Oooooh I love those
Kunyit Lovers (5 days ago)
oh i see
ztrax cheat (5 days ago)
You should have a better intro
DERP XD (5 days ago)
Yo... That first anime thing is high school of the dead... PERV LVL OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bober (5 days ago)
Stupid twitch thots
シカCyka (5 days ago)
The intro why tho

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