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Game Of Thrones Top 10 Fighting Scenes

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Top 10 Fighting Scenes of Game of thrones No Copyrights infringement intended. ALL these scenes belong to HBO. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzdMyuz0Lf4zo4uGcEujFw You can also watch my other videos in the links Below: 1) Game of Thrones Season 7 LONG WALK TRAILER REVIEW https://youtu.be/sS5KVU3GdnE 2) HBO New Promo 2017 Analysis - Game of Thrones https://youtu.be/p3lFx0Z-yUA 3) Game of Thrones - WHY THE WHITEWALKERS ONLY TURNED CRASTER'S SONS https://youtu.be/Zl-Q7vW3VWU 4) Game of Thrones - WHY STARK BLOOD IS SPECIAL? https://youtu.be/A11Nka48-e8 5) Game of Thrones - HOWLAND REED'S ROLE IN JON'S BIRTH https://youtu.be/I6fR9PJSLWA SUBSCRIBE!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC40aeguNs3NXCaZZXI3QdlQ
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Text Comments (1278)
James Sharpe (9 months ago)
thank you for this awesome video it is a great compilation of fights from the show. the Viper vs. the mountain is clearly, hands down, without a doubt, number one. it really is a shame how that one ended. Oberyn Martell had the mountain whooped. he was so intent on getting that confession that he lost sight of how dangerous that giant could be. even laying flat on his back after being hamstrung and stabbed he was still able to pull off a win. however, seeing the zombie that the mountain became, did he really win? I also agree with some of the other comments that the fight in Dorne with the sand snakes versus Jaime and Bronn should not have made the top 10. the omission of Jon Snow vs. the White Walker is an egregious error.
Zack Amig (1 month ago)
You fellas have great taste in books! The Dresden files... man I haven't read those in a long time! I moved onto those after reading the nightside series by Simon r green as a kid (very similar content). Have you guys ever checked out the instrumentalities of the night series by Glenn cook? Amazing fantasy series. I want to get back to fantasy again. I've been obsessed with ken follett over the past few years. He writes realistic historical fiction which sounds boring but I promise his kingsbridge and century trilogies are masterpieces. It's no small undertaking though should you choose to pick up one of his books. Anyway, I loved seeing the discussion and recommendations here and just wanted to leave a comment of my own.
Rahul Sharma (1 month ago)
James Sharpe ztigsh Mm
Ultimate Book Maniacs (9 months ago)
I haven't read or watched Dark Tower but I'll add it to my TBR List. The people who told me about Name of the Wind, Witcher also recommended me the Sword of Truth. It's already on my TBR list. I've read more than 300 books which include all sorts of genres but I mostly like Paranormal Fiction, Urban Fantasy & Y/A books.. I occasionally read Si-Fi too, but not as often. That's why I haven't read Star Wars yet. You might also like Alanna Series. Imagine Arya Stark training to be a knight as Arry (that's what I pictured in my head) LOL.. I've only read 2 books. On the 3rd book, Alanna is on the road, kinda like Brienne. I still need to read that book. Dresden Files is Urban Fantasy. Dresden is an open practicing wizard. People can hire him for his services etc. There are demons, fairies, ghosts etc in the series too.. If you are going to start the audiobooks, I would recommend ASOIAF and Dresden Files series. Another Series I like is Throne of Glass series. It's also being adapted for a TV show named the Queen of Shadows.
James Sharpe (9 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs you know, I have never tried an audiobook. I just really enjoy reading books. no I've never read Name of the Wind or the Dresden Files. it's good to get some recommendations though I've been looking for some new reading material. lately I've been loading up on a lot of Star Wars. a friend of mine this reading The Witcher Saga and highly recommends it. yeah, you may have more success with reading The Wheel of Time. there's a ton of books there, I read one of them cover to cover in one long sitting. another favorite of mine that I highly recommend is Terry Goodkind sword of truth series. Goodkind is still writing books in that universe. did you read Stephen King's Dark Tower series? and what did you think of the movie?
Ultimate Book Maniacs (9 months ago)
I agree. Almost always the books are better than the show just like GOT. But there were some things which I liked in the show more than the books, like the Hardhome scene in season 5 or Sansa marrying Ramsay etc.. A lot of people recommended me books like Wheels of Time, Name of the Wind, Witcher's Saga etc. I got the audiobooks for Wheels of time. And I tried to listen to it a couple of times but it didn't work for me. Maybe I should try to read it instead. I did read a few chapters of Name of the Wind, and so far it's okay. Have you read Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files"?? I listened to James Marster's audiobooks and they are really good. And I heard it gets better and better..
Clark Westerfeld (8 hours ago)
No Brianne v. Hound?
Lawnman (10 hours ago)
3 and 2 were lame!!!
Bryan Miller (1 day ago)
If this is the best GoT has to offer then I'm glad I stopped watching. Half of these "best of" fights look like the choreographers have no idea how sword fighting works.
This video was made 2 and a half years ago.. There have been some more awesome scenes in GOT since then.. And I'll admit some of the fights aren't that great, but you have to admit the last one was pretty good. And I LOVE GOT for more than the fight scenes. I love how unpredictable it is. There are some twists you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams. How anything can happen in it..
kommisar (3 days ago)
These were all duels except the Yunkai fight, so if we're talking about "fighting" versus "dueling" why not more battle scenes? If you wanted to do only duels, then I think perhaps Jon vs. Karl Tanner was worthy of putting on there. I didn't think the one with Bronn vs. Ser Vardis was worthy of a top ten because it was mostly Bronn just avoiding a bunch of slow swings until Vardis tired. It wasn't even really competitive. Also what should have been up there is the Hound and Arya vs. the Lannister soldiers at the inn and DEFINITELY the Hound vs. Brienne.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 days ago)
You have a good point. I should have made separate videos for battle scenes and duels. I made this video almost 2 and a half years ago (I was new at all this stuff). I'll admit I do think that I should have added some videos while kept others. I can't exactly change this video, but I am planning to post more videos like this from the whole season (once Game of Thrones ends). As for the Bronn and Ser Vardis's fight, I thought it was brilliant. And a lot of people loved that scene too. Yes, Ser Vardis's strikes were slow, but it was because he was wearing a full heavy armor. Bronn took a risk in not wearing one himself. In the books, Tyrion was really worried about this. But Bronn had a strategy in mind. He avoided a head-on fight with Vardis and tired him out, which was easier because of the heavy armour, and once he grew slow and clumsy, then Bronn made his move..
MIKELIN8 (3 days ago)
Prince Oberyn may have been my favorite character in GOT.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 days ago)
He definitely is one of my most favorite characters..
Jonathan Sweeting (3 days ago)
Oberyn Martell reminds Me of predators... Too overconfident which is why they often lose even though They could have won easily. I would kill a mutha fucka like Mountain right away then talk to the corps if I felt like monologueing
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 days ago)
But that's the thing. Winning was not his goal. He knew the Mountain was just a pawn. he wanted to get to the real culprit aka Tywin Lannister, and in order for that to happen, he needed the confession from the Mountain. Also, he considered a quick death a mercy for him. Oberyn wanted him to die a slow painful death and he succeeded in that. Gregor died after screaming for days.. And none of us expected the Mountain had enough strength to come back like that. We all thought Oberyn was going to win..
gilbert jung (4 days ago)
wow the last one is one of the greatest reverse. i thought the guy in armor supposed to get killed.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 days ago)
He does later.. It was so sad. if only Oberyn had stayed out of his reach or didn't need his confession. But it satisfies me that Gregor aka the guy in armor died a slow and painful death after screaming for days. but there's a spoiler if you haven't watched the later seasons..
Akeem Martin (4 days ago)
Martell shouldve just merked him
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 days ago)
He needed the confession because the Mountain was just a pawn. The real person he wanted to kill was Tywin. All he needed was Gregor's confession...
Mattias Tapper (4 days ago)
480p dafuq
deutscher türke (6 days ago)
Oberin martell and khal drogo was The best Fighters of all Season s,he kill The Mountain this day too,now he is a Zombie or something unnatural.sorry oberin are too selfconfessed and he dont finish em normal.he against the undead and white Walkers would be amazing to watch.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (5 days ago)
I agree. I would love to see Oberyn fight the undead too.
throwinpunches (6 days ago)
The Hounds Vs Beric wasn't really that great a fight, except for the flaming sword. Hound won pretty easy inspite of the flames, one wonders what would happen without them.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (5 days ago)
The hound would have won easily then.. He was afraid of the flames that's why he almost lost, otherwise, he would have won long ago..
Tom Adams (8 days ago)
One can not simply live through the movies and Shows he's made .   Ed Stark ,  Borimor  .
Ultimate Book Maniacs (8 days ago)
We just need to remember he is going to die in any movie/shows he is in.. 😂
Al Smith (8 days ago)
Where is the one where Indiana Jones pulls his pistol and shoot the bad guy??? You forgot that one......
Ultimate Book Maniacs (8 days ago)
LOL.. I'll remember to put that one in the next time.. 😂😂
Jan-Niklas Holst (11 days ago)
Fuck the mountain
The Mutual Friend (12 days ago)
Isit just me or is the whole Jaime vs ned sword fight reminiscent of the battle at the towering joy sort of like how Arthur Dayne was stabbed in the back by howland reed. New was stabbed by one of the Lannister soldiers only Jaime didn't kill ned.
JR Giddens (12 days ago)
'You fight with no honour' Bronn - 'No, but he did'
Ultimate Book Maniacs (12 days ago)
Rhaegar too..  "Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar Died."  Moral of the Story: Don't fight with honor... LOL.. 😂
Greg Norton (13 days ago)
1:44 Jamie Lannister "Those were the days"
Joseph Taylor (14 days ago)
Battle of the Bastards. Watching Jon beat Ramsay's face in at the end was so. So. So. Satisfying.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (14 days ago)
I agree. I Loved that scene too. Ramsay had it coming..
jsjwalker (14 days ago)
My fav is between Syrio Forel against Meryn Trant. He was a badass even with a wooden sword.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (14 days ago)
Yes. And he was Arya's first teacher. I wonder if he would be proud of what Arya had become..
Frank African (14 days ago)
Prince Oberyn Martell talked too damn much, should have killed the overgrown big foot while he was down instead of hitting a monologue!
Ultimate Book Maniacs (14 days ago)
But Oberyn had no choice. He wanted revenge for what happened to his sister and her children. He knew that the Mountain was Tywin's dog. He wanted Gregor to confess in front of everyone so he could demand the justice he was promised. Also, killing the Mountain there would have been a mercy. Oberyn had poisoned the spear tip, and the second he touched Gregor, he was as good as dead. The Mountain died a very slow and painful death.
jeremy hensley (15 days ago)
I hate the last one. That was the most impactful moment to me on GOT. I still think about it randomly. It really damaged me.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (15 days ago)
It damaged most of us. I was lucky to read that scene first, so I knew what was coming, But I hadn't read the books when the Red Wedding happened, and that feels like the most shocking moment of my life..
Jozef Verbovský (15 days ago)
Last scene was top!!!
Ultimate Book Maniacs (15 days ago)
I agree..
Darjaboo (17 days ago)
Feminist propaganda ruined game of thrones
Ultimate Book Maniacs (15 days ago)
The character's arc would have been for nothing and the story would remain interesting if nothing changed in the story,
Henrik Knudsen (18 days ago)
None of the swords would ever have a sharp edge again
Henrik Knudsen (10 days ago)
To add to my previous comment, once heavy armour (plate) became widespread the sword fell somewhat out of favour. Hammers, spears, poleaxes and other heavier (and by extension, sturdy) weapons became much more useful in taking down a fully armoured foe. Swords would be a secondary weapon by then.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (14 days ago)
Thank you for explaining your comment. I was confused by your comment because I assumed the swords are regularly sharpened by the blacksmiths. I don't know much about medieval teachings or weaponry other than what I've read in my fictional books. I didn't even know what a khopesh is until I read the Summoner Series. But from what I have read, I figured the thin swords with perfect balance were the best ones, and in order to wield a heavy sword like a longsword, you needed more strength.. I remember reading somewhere that some swords were designed to pierce armor (or chainmail armor,), and some were designed to fight (or clash with other blades).. I have read so many books, it's hard to remember all the things. That's why I am re-reading ASOIAF.. :)
Henrik Knudsen (14 days ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs when you clash sharp edges against hardened stone or other edges you will chip off fragments of the blade. Most medieval teachings taught people to avoid blade on blade parrying in order not to break swords down, as in order to swing a sword around little metal was used. Today most believe swords were heavy, around 40 pounds of steel and able to endure a lot, but in reality they were fairly lightweight and fragile intended for stabbing actions. Especially the european type sword, as they were designed to pierce heavy armor compared to khopesh or scimitar style swords.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (14 days ago)
Ouch.. I've read around 350 books and counting. So, I hope this qualifies me as a book maniac. Thanks for watching the video.
Henrik Knudsen (14 days ago)
For being a book maniac you seem surprisingly uneducated.
Sunspot (21 days ago)
Jaime turned from an asshole to a good guy in 7 seasons
Ultimate Book Maniacs (21 days ago)
Jaime was a good guy in the beginning too, around the time he was knighted, he had dreams of honor and glory. He killed Aerys to protect innocent lives. It was Cersei who corrupted him.
John Stitt (22 days ago)
The red viper was careless
Ultimate Book Maniacs (21 days ago)
To be fair, who could have guessed the Mountain will come back with such strength. He had almost looked dead..
John Stitt (22 days ago)
And sand snakes
John Stitt (22 days ago)
I love watching Dothraki die
Ultimate Book Maniacs (21 days ago)
A lot of us do..
Nugget (25 days ago)
The first fight, it made me realize how much Jaime cared for Tyrion.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (25 days ago)
Ikr. He was the only one in their family who really loved Tyrion and cared what happened to him.
sjoekiloeki (26 days ago)
That Lannister-soldier that put a spear in Ned's leg from behind....such a coward, still makes me furious. I almost wanted to punch my fist through the screen.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (26 days ago)
Jaime was furious too. He wanted to fight Ned himself.
оиагад омагад омагад
Nikos Bratitsis (1 month ago)
Oh this days when Jaime was an asshole
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
Just take him away from Cersei long enough and he will become 90% less asshole.. 😜😂 It's Cersei who corrupts him..
Zonex123 (1 month ago)
these men were nothing compared to Sir Arthur Dayne. Real dual-wield
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
That's true..
Jeffree Star Fanboy (1 month ago)
I think the hound gets overlooked by everyone I personally think he’s the best fighter in the show just my opinion tho
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
He is probably the only one who can defeat The Mountain..
# SnoFootball (1 month ago)
In the first one he wants his brother back whilst he kills his brother if you ask me he should put lannisters brothers head on a spike fo all to see
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
What do you mean? Are you talking about the Mountain?
Ghentsu (1 month ago)
On fight 2, what happens to the guy sitting and waiting? Does he get replaced by another actor?
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
Yepp. They changed Daario Naharis. This guy was also in the movie "Deadpool." I still like this Daario more than the new guy..
micheal phy (1 month ago)
The last one was so real
CybloggHD (1 month ago)
i think ser baristan´s death should come in this list
Nether (1 month ago)
That last one is the nastiest kill in GOT.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
I totally agree..
n543576 (1 month ago)
That brotherhood without banners fight still amazes me. Theres something about a gritty low fantasy setting like this in live action when someone sets their sword on fire that still leaves me in awe.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
IKR.. That scene was amazing....
Taylor Jones (1 month ago)
I can’t watch Oberyn’s fight again.. it made me upset and sad that he lost when he could have won.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
Me too, but Oberyn's fighting was still beautiful..
Elsa Anna (1 month ago)
How the hell did the gay ass sand snake fight make the list let alone number 3
Fefnir Eindraer (1 month ago)
completely disagree with this list. clegane with the fire was the best fight.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (1 month ago)
You mean the one he fought with Beric after which the brotherhood lets him go?
Gemini52473 (2 months ago)
The number one fight- was horrible choreography. Its 100, one second clips spliced together to make it look good. Mr Rogers could be made to look like a ninja with that filming style. I could get sick watching that scene over and over.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 months ago)
Idk, I thought that scene was beautiful, (probably because I had read that shocking scene in the books, and the show was much better than my imagination)..
Pete W. (2 months ago)
Brienne vs. Hound on my Top 3, easily!
Grim reaper (2 months ago)
15:10 this is what happens when you fight a 9th level paladin who uses elemental weapon and a 6th level cleric with revivify.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 months ago)
Matt Bellefeuille (2 months ago)
Bronn vs Sir Vardis is literally every Dark Souls boss 😂
Eder Callais (2 months ago)
Oberyn se fodeu porque foi muito arrogante e subestimou seu adversário
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 months ago)
That's true. Ironically, Tyion was the one who killed Tywin and he was the one who had promised justice to Dorne for Myrcella's marriage..
Eder Callais (2 months ago)
acho que pra ele como vc mesmo disse não havia vantagem alguma em vencer o Montanha, ele era penas um peão. Ele tinha que pegar o mandante, no caso o mandante do massacre de sua família o que não aconteceu, triste.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 months ago)
Good point. He did underestimate the Mountain but we all saw him go down. It was hard to predict the Mountain would attack so suddenly. Also, Oberyn did kill the Mountain. It was Qyburn who brought him back. The Mountain had died screaming. His screams could be heard through the Red keep at night. But I agree with you. I wish Oberyn had been a little bit more careful. It was really heartbreaking to see him die like that..
Eder Callais (2 months ago)
ele foi tolo em subestimar o Montanha, Ele queria vingança, mas foi pelo caminho errado, ele pensou que já tinha vencido e no final, pra que serviu sua falação interminável? Colocou sua vida em cheque e perdeu sem conseguir nada
Ultimate Book Maniacs (2 months ago)
Not really. Oberyn wanted revenge but the Mountain was just a pawn. Tywin was the one who gave the order. Oberyn wanted to act against Tywin but first, he needed the Mountain to confess that Tywin gave the order. He had the poisoned spear, so one scratch and Oberyn made sure that Gregor would die a slow and painful death, Killing him sooner would have been a mercy.
BOY ! (3 months ago)
I killed her children! And I raped her! Then, I SMASHED HER HEAD IN LIKE THIS! 💪👈
Jason Walton (3 months ago)
I think Ned woulda held his own for a bit and things would’ve gone diff had the city watch made it. BUT then again..they were out for his head..and they got it Btw..great video and great show. Definitely my top 3 show in yrs Thanks for the video!
Ultimate Book Maniacs (3 months ago)
Yes, I guess he did know that too.. :P
Jason Walton (3 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs Yeh for sure he’d lose against Jamie. Even he knew it I think lol
Ultimate Book Maniacs (3 months ago)
Thanks. You might be right about Ned if we were only talking about the show, because they wanted to show Ned as a hero in it. But in the books, Ned definitely would have lost against Jaime because he was one of the best swordsmen who was almost as good as Barristen Selmy, Arthur Dayne etc. In fact, he was knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne himself. I agree. GOT is my favorite show too, as you can guess by all the videos I post.. 😜😂
Phys1x (3 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs (3 months ago)
IKR. I read that scene in the books. I knew what was going to happen, but I was Still SHOCKED to actually see it. It's one of my most favorite scenes in the whole series. Especially the way Oberyn was fighting. It actually felt like he was dancing, he was so good.
Stronger er (3 months ago)
Classy ending
Ultimate Book Maniacs (3 months ago)
Thanks.. :)
mahmoud MeT0oO (4 months ago)
Where is jon snow with the walker and ned stark with sir Arthur din (morning sword)
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 months ago)
The Ned Vs Arthur Dayne video hadn't aired at the time I made this video. As for Jon Vs WW, I LOVE that scene,. It's one of my favorites, BUT it was just luck that Jon found Longclaw at the right time. Before that, the WW was kicking his ass, and if by mistake, Jon had pulled a different sword, the result of that fight would have been very different. That was my reasoning for not putting it in this list.. :)
Daniyal Qamer DQ (4 months ago)
Chad TheFratBoi (4 months ago)
Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee
DSDSDSD (4 months ago)
2019'a şunun şurasında ne kaldı ki... KEMAL SUNAL
Gustavo Tanii (4 months ago)
minuto 23.00 woooww
She (4 months ago)
that last fight was so bs... mountain shuda 100% died
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 months ago)
+She And he did die. Qyburn resurrected him. 😊
GreyJediOP (4 months ago)
0:35 if I were one of Stark's men in Kings Landing I'd be carrying a pouch of wine and I would drink it all right now as it is pretty obvious that combat is soon to commence. If only Stark's men had such awareness. Oberyn is right, by the way. A moderate amount of alcohol is useful to an experienced fighter. Not only should his men have been skilled enough to dodge spear throws, but drunk enough to guarantee it.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 months ago)
Haha,.. I get what you mean. Anyone in this situation would probably do the same.. :)
GreyJediOP (4 months ago)
those were all Lannister men, not Gold Cloaks. The Starks knew they were surrounded by Lannisters. All I am saying is that if I were a trained royal guard, I would always keep a pouch of wine with me and drink it especially before a hopeless fight.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 months ago)
Good point. You are probably right about the Medieval fighting if the person doesn't get too drunk to even stand. But I meant that they didn't know that the City watch would turn on them. Even Ned was sure that LF is on their side because Cat had told him so. That's why it came as a surprise when suddenly the Gold cloaks and Lannisters started killing all the Stark Men.
GreyJediOP (4 months ago)
Nowadays, with long range weaponry, alcohol would actually DECREASE your proficiency. But in medieval hand to hand combat alcohol is highly useful to an experienced fighter. Its a very different form of combat.
GreyJediOP (4 months ago)
If you were a seasoned fighter and you knew you were possibly about to die, yes, alcohol would be very helpful in increasing your chances of survival, especially in hand to hand combat. its just a fact. Also, Things didn't happen "quickly" there was quite a lot of subtly hostile dialogue. Plenty of time to take a drink. I'm not saying they should rely on it, but given that they were outnumbered, I would have attempted to get moderately drunk in such a situation so as to be able to last the fight as long as possible to protect the Warden of the North.
X-RHODEN-X (4 months ago)
That spear throw is OP! Did the Lannisters forget how to do that when facing the Dothraki?
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 months ago)
Haha.. Jaime did try to do just that when Drogon was on the ground, we all know how that turned out. Imagine trying that when he was in the skies, it wouldn't have helped them much. Even with the scorpion, Bornn barely managed to hurt Drogon.
X-RHODEN-X (4 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs Still could've chucked a spear at It!
Ultimate Book Maniacs (4 months ago)
But the Dothraki weren't the only thing they were facing. There was a dragon involved too in season 7..
Duncan Lowry (5 months ago)
Go Boromir Oh wait wrong movie
And he died again
Ultimate Book Maniacs (5 months ago)
LOL.. Or maybe he was reborn as Ned Stark?? 😜😂
Aliakbar Mohammadi (5 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs (5 months ago)
What do you mean?
Aliakbar Mohammadi (5 months ago)
gavialcz (5 months ago)
And what about Hound vs. Brien?
evan water (5 months ago)
lol putting that sand snake fight in this. no no
Wiccaleesi Hale (5 months ago)
I’m sorry, but do you know who has suffered the most in Game Of Thrones? Jorah’s left fucking cheek. Every fight the poor guy gets his left cheek cut. What did it do to you, huh? And Excuse me but Dany needs to cut him some slack. He’s done so much for her and she overlooks a lot of it. (Probably because of his episode of Gossip Girl with Varys and Robert.)
Ultimate Book Maniacs (5 months ago)
LOL.. I never noticed it before, all I can think about now is his left cheek.. 😂😂 I agree about Dany though.. She takes him for granted.. He was standing right there and she was flirting with Daario I and then she was with Jon when he came to see her.. Poor Ser Jorah..
Poopsiedoodles :P (6 months ago)
I like how in some scenes armour works, but then some scenes people just cut through them like butter, honestly just decide already
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
May be that depends on the blade too? Whether it's made of Castle forged steel (which are considered good in the books) or whether it's made by a common smith
Poopsiedoodles :P (6 months ago)
although that may be true for trusting, even the worst quality of plate armour can withstand a cut from a blade
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
Good point. Maybe the steel in their armour is different? Like someone's armor is castle forged, and someone else's is made by a common smith?
Poopsiedoodles :P (6 months ago)
Love the show and all, but the choreography is so shit, I'm not saying we need HEMA level fights, but almost all of these fights just look stupid
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
I agree. That's why I was a bit disappointed by the Tower of Joy scene, because I had expected Ser Arthur Dayne to be kind of like Arrow, super fast and all.. LOL.. But still loved the scene.. As for Oberyn, the scene was almost exactly how it was in the books. Oberyn aka the viper was super fast and skilled whereas the mountain had a LOT of strength. In fact after this episode aired, I read an article where a doctor said that if the right kind of pressure is applied on the head, it can explode like it did in the show..
Poopsiedoodles :P (6 months ago)
honestly all of the fights in the show are too slow and the swords feel wayyy too heavy, but I guess for the audience to see what's happening they have to slow it down, still it could have been a little faster.
Poopsiedoodles :P (6 months ago)
that one is the most unrealistic one factually, but its the coolest looking fight. His spear gets cut in half which is impossible, he swings the spear instead of trusting which is useless and kinda looks like darth maul, and the mountain's sword is so unrealistically heavy
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
What about the last one Oberyn Vs. the Mountain? That's my favorite one..
Md Ali (6 months ago)
Raizenx28 (6 months ago)
Ned should've won that fight
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
Raizenx28 In the books, Jaime was one of the best fighters in Westeros, somewhere in the league of Barristen Selmy and Arthur Dayne etc. Ned never had a chance against him. In the show, I guess D&D wanted to make Ned look good. Also I guess Sean was better than Nikolaj in this..
Ali Mohsin Ali (6 months ago)
they gonaa release the coming season in 2019 http://rapidtory.com/AtMp
Seth Segal (6 months ago)
Bronn fought Ser Vardis smart, not hard. Why? Because Vardis had armor. And a big fookin sword.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
True.. Bronn was faster. He played it smart and won.. I kinda felt bad for Ser Vardis..
Manic Sekh (7 months ago)
Manik dekh
Mimi W. (7 months ago)
Khal Drogos fight with Mago doesn't even get and honorable mention?
Mimi W. (7 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs oh ok
Ultimate Book Maniacs (7 months ago)
I apologize for that. Initially, I had planned to put that fight in top 3, but when I started making this video, somehow, I forgot about that one. I only remembered it later, but it was too late by then..
Horror Head (7 months ago)
Ned vs Dayne, Brienne vs Hound, Jon vs White Walker are a few other epic fights i would’ve put before sandsnakes, brienne vs jamie, and bronn trial by combat match. Still all great fights tho ✌🏻
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
Thanks. I am really glad you liked the video.. 😀 .. If you are into other top 10 videos or crazy theories, you can check out my other videos. 🙂
Horror Head (7 months ago)
Ultimate Book Maniacs gotcha, yea i agree jon woulda been done for lol luv these kinda vids tho kickass job 🤘🏻
Ultimate Book Maniacs (7 months ago)
I had planned to put Mago vs Drogo in place of the Sandsnakes, but somehow I forgot about that one, and I had recently read the books when I made that video, so I loved the sandsnakes at that time. I liked that scene at that moment. I had no idea that D&D would ruin their storylines so badly.. Looking back at it now, I would have changed the sandsnakes with something else.. *Ned Vs Dayne came after I made the video. Season 6 came out later. *I LOVED the Jon vs WW scene, but the reason I didn't out it here is because it was pure luck that Jon picked up Longclaw instead of some other sword lying around. Imagine if Jon had picked up a normal sword? The scene would have gone very differently and it wouldn't have looked so epic then.. * I did put the Brienne Vs Jaime scene in this video.. 🙂
illly Richmond (7 months ago)
I love Jaime Lannister he's so freaking hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥even though he's a sob
Ultimate Book Maniacs (7 months ago)
IKR.. He did look like a prince charming type in the first few seasons..
Mordors Assasine (7 months ago)
Bronns fight was the best
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
He is a great fighter... 🙂
SHREE PRAKASH Pandey (7 months ago)
Old pictures are made with more devotional and effort then current films
Ultimate Book Maniacs (7 months ago)
Why do you think so?
Faith is Mine ! (7 months ago)
I would like to know if Prince Oberyn could really jump and spin thru the air like that or if it was done with wires or something. In any case it was very impressive.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (7 months ago)
I think he did it all by himself.
Kharn526 (8 months ago)
WOW that last one ! holy fuck !!!! I dont know what made my dick harder, the head imploding or the hot Mediterranean chick screaming in pure horror.
TurtleSquaad (8 months ago)
Oberyn's death is probably the most horrible and stupid death of got
Ultimate Book Maniacs (8 months ago)
I agree that it was a horrible death. I wouldn't call it stupid though, at least not in the show. In the books though, Doran had a huge plan and he sent Oberyn to keep an eye on things. Oberyn was stupid and reckless in the books because Doran's plan for revenge got messed up.
Aram Fkh (9 months ago)
no,, , but he did xD i lobe bronn
Ultimate Book Maniacs (6 months ago)
Who doesn't? Except for Lord Janos and Sir Vardis maybe? 😜
Tai Xin (9 months ago)
Jason Dean (9 months ago)
Jay Are Jwnz (9 months ago)
The parallel between Ned at the Tower of Joy and Jamie fighting Ned outside the brothel is astonishing
Robyn Gehler (9 months ago)
Which season was number 9?
Ultimate Book Maniacs (8 months ago)
It was in Season 4 Episode 6, where Yara tried to help Theon..
Harald Hein (9 months ago)
Dipakchavan007 (9 months ago)
John snow is always best
Ultimate Book Maniacs (9 months ago)
I do love the book Jon. But I love Arya more..
Milan Avramovic (9 months ago)
Coster-Waldeau NEEDS to be Geralt of Rivia in that new netflix series.
beenish124 (9 months ago)
People who have now become Jamie fans need to see this.. he was a bitch to Starks.
Ben Huston (9 months ago)
grey worm and barriston versus the sons of the harpey in that alley way would have been good on here too
Fionne Lai (9 months ago)
jaime is prince charming from shrek much?
Ultimate Book Maniacs (9 months ago)
LOL.. Yes.. 😂😂
Diego Ambrosio (9 months ago)
The Mountain and Red Viper... It always breaks my heart as well as Jaime Lannister and Eddard Stark.
Ultimate Book Maniacs (9 months ago)
Mine too..
m7md al3waje (10 months ago)
where is one piece
ASHISH KUMAR saini (10 months ago)
link of full movie pl
Ultimate Book Maniacs (9 months ago)
It's not a movie, it's a TV series.. :)
Aidan McManus (10 months ago)
What about arthur dayne versus young ned stark?
Aidan McManus (10 months ago)
oh ok
Ultimate Book Maniacs (10 months ago)
I made this video before season had come out.
Lokesh Tripathi (10 months ago)
Yes! someone too thinks the first fight was the most awesome one!
Ultimate Book Maniacs (10 months ago)
I completely agree. I haven't seen many fight scenes which could come close to this one. It actually felt like Oberyn was dancing. He was toying with the Mountain..

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