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Danger! High Voltage - 16.500x Bet MEGA HYPER WIN!

239 ratings | 79665 views
Want to see more BIG WINS?? +20.000 slot pictures & +1200 videos: https://bigwinpictures.com/ One of the biggest win from Big Time Gaming's slot EVER! 16.500x total bet win on Danger! High voltage slot during 15 High Voltage free spins! This video was posted by BigWinPictures member: KussaMunHopotiti Disclaimer for casino links: 18+ T&C's Apply, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly www.begambleaware.org
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Text Comments (134)
David Courtney (26 days ago)
if only
Eden Hazard (2 months ago)
• Bra • (2 months ago)
something like this just don‘t happen !
Perfectpair-Gambling (3 months ago)
holy shit, what a insane skull hit :O
Это че с первого горб
ChrisAtWork (3 months ago)
This looks very staged
just got a 7.000x on gates this morning
BigWinVideos (3 months ago)
Hi Sebastian. We would love to feature that video on our channel if that is possible? You can send it using wetransfer: https://bigwinpictures.com/pages/sendvideo/
got a nice video tape of it
BigWinVideos (3 months ago)
Sebastian Marinus Johansen wow! Congrats! If You have picture from that hit send it to us: www.bigwinpictures.com
got 5.900$ on 0.80$ spin
CasinoNews (4 months ago)
The biggest i have ever seen, wow!
Sieni-Infektio (4 months ago)
Bornlyrical nutz (5 months ago)
and that would never happen on a bigger wager .....scam
alexis 000 (5 months ago)
noo this ist 100% fake
copey92 (5 months ago)
Free spins
Hot casino slots (6 months ago)
something like this comes once every 100 yers. Anyway GZ for that guy who got that!
Dave Sherriff (6 months ago)
Maths is correct
chris cundey (6 months ago)
smells of bull to me
Iota trust (7 months ago)
good fake
Mamma Mammi (7 months ago)
its the most highest payout on any slot game in the whole world...unbelievable...!!!!
Roman Birov (4 months ago)
There are multiple 19.500x on youtube :) ("Queen of Riches" slot)
shane ferrier (7 months ago)
matt king (8 months ago)
Demo mode. Skulls and bells are not stacked in real money mode...
GazRwood (7 months ago)
Wrong its a bonus, freeplay plays the same as real play.
DazOne (7 months ago)
matt king hmm good point bud. btg also been caught spamming fake screenshots to casinomeister...something's really fucky here edit. the reel sets are different in bonuses. Skulls and bells are stacked in those.
Gho5t (8 months ago)
hah it gives shit on 0.40 but when i play on 4£ i get 25£ bonuses rigged as fuck
Carl (8 months ago)
Shame it was mega low stakes
Must Apply (9 months ago)
Scatters landing in a row on first reels, 3 skulls on one reel, hit on the first spin.......obviously a clip produced by a game provider
Tassaya Gril (29 days ago)
its no fake this is from a friend from jarttu..
Jounazi (1 month ago)
TheDannyCPFC its Finish player And it Was posted in one Facebookiin about gambling
TheDannyCPFC (1 month ago)
Jounazi how do you know... ?
Jounazi (2 months ago)
Its actually real. And this Guy Was underage so he didn't get hes momey
eXampL (3 months ago)
sad but true...
Robert Reader (9 months ago)
It a nowhere near 16.500x bet ? 3000x would have been £7500
Robert Reader (8 months ago)
Yasir Akram read the other comments you fucking bellend.
Yasir Akram (8 months ago)
Robert Reader it's a 40 pence stake u Muppet 3000x would be 1200
Robert Reader (9 months ago)
BigWinVideos awesome I'll be sure to send some in and hopefully I'll be able to record a win sometime
BigWinVideos (9 months ago)
No prob, I thought you mixed up base game win and bet =) Of course we are very interested to feature your pics on our site: https://bigwinpictures.com/ We have +20.000 pictures from slots =) You can use our "send pictures" form to send your pictures. Thanks in advance!
Robert Reader (9 months ago)
BigWinVideos calm down lol I must have seen the 2.40 win from before the bonus. Wow good win. Tell me on your vids do you ever show screen shots ? I hit over 2500x on 20p and 1900x I'm fruit warp which I believe to be the biggest x stake win seen in fruit warp. But if you onky want video footage I can provide as I don't film my bonuses
pabs211 (9 months ago)
Bullshit, bullshit bullshit.This is fake
pabs211 (7 months ago)
Very convenient being the first spin in the game ( the player is hovering mouse around before clicking) then the first spin in the free spins to make for a short catchy video.
Chris Davies (9 months ago)
Holy fuck
1KinG TV (9 months ago)
imagine just 5 euro bet
George Kirkman (1 month ago)
gertjan van der meij it wouldn’t 4 Euro’s would have been 10x the amount so €66,000
gertjan van der meij (5 months ago)
It would still have been 6600 euro
tony Palermo (10 months ago)
Keyboard Man (10 months ago)
I always go for gates, cuz hv always fail me. btw gratz
Keyboard Man (10 months ago)
I can't even see 3 skulls in a wheel from normal spins... really WTF? can't believe what I just saw
Roman Birov (6 months ago)
+GazRwood, yeah, on the last reel, so it's could be up to x40000 (with x66 wild)
GazRwood (7 months ago)
4 skulls is on the reel!
pabs211 (7 months ago)
Because it’s fake lol
Must Apply (9 months ago)
exactly my thoughts
Robbie CatMan TV (10 months ago)
Mental !
ESKIMOOO (10 months ago)
Haha this is fake you absolute mugs, poorly edited fake bullshit
Jan 2405 (10 months ago)
I love this game!
skulls! never seen them across lije that before. well done
Callum Bird (11 months ago)
It's not real it's (free play) this happens all the time in free play.
GazRwood (7 months ago)
No it doesnt thats absolute bullshit and they do play the same!
jirka merunka (10 months ago)
lol sure it is not and sure it does not... you don't know anything about how slots work, yet you know it all :D
Scatt2k7 (11 months ago)
Fake as fuck
Pappy Pinel (11 months ago)
Wow nice hit
Tero Pitkäniemi (11 months ago)
Nobody will never get hit like that with 10€ bet.
Tapani Vehkalahti (11 months ago)
Got same amount with 5e stake :P
Marc Biel (1 year ago)
Wow, insane! If you had a 66x multiplier, would that be the maximum possible win, or could you get even more skulls on the screen?
pabs211 (7 months ago)
You lot are so gullible
Andromeda (8 months ago)
this game has huge potential. if you look at max win in information on this game on sites it is 4million, most are 250 odd k.
the wizard (10 months ago)
there was space for way more skulls,this slot is crazy could have been way bigger with more skulls and 66x
jejejejeje jejejejje (1 year ago)
wow just wow, so sick. you'll never peak this
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
It is very difficult but I will try to beat this somehow!
Diddi D Walker (1 year ago)
Wtf potential is insane on this game.... 😱
geggs1 (1 year ago)
A fixed game to lure people into playing the game and thus depriving the person of a decent life, by separating them from there hard earned cash. LOL
Drugs Bunny (16 days ago)
I hate the stupid phrase "hard earned cash" only a white personal would say that... I bet your on benefits and you sit at home all day drinking fosters... more like hard earned benefits
Must Apply (9 months ago)
Yea, this is like porn for gamblers, staged and scripted
jirka merunka (10 months ago)
lol you're a moron...
BigBoBear_TV (1 year ago)
the dream!! i had a 3600x on playboy slot microgaming on a 0.60 spin
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
BigBoBear_TV we got them, thank You! They were awesome!
BigBoBear_TV (1 year ago)
i sent an email with some wins :)
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
Very good! You can use our upload form thank you: https://bigwinpictures.com/pages/sendpicture/
BigBoBear_TV (1 year ago)
i have, how do i sent them?
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
BigBoBear_TV Nice! If You have screenshot you can send it to us.
Mr Pokiesmeister (1 year ago)
Fark me with a toilet plunger .. this is insane!!
erik b (1 year ago)
holy fucking shit!!!!
Casinomon (1 year ago)
Slotgasm :O
ESKIMOOO (10 months ago)
Stephen kenny mug
Stephen kenny (1 year ago)
Hey buddy
Van Tauschen (1 year ago)
Which Casino was that?
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
You can find all details from description. This one was played at VideoSlots
ThirdThumb x (1 year ago)
well. that was unexpected 😮
I'm a chicken (1 year ago)
and this why im going hard on bonanza and high voltage. fuck microgaming.
BigBoBear_TV (1 year ago)
i do too ;)
Kowita (1 year ago)
I once had a 9600x on Big Chef, Microgaming. It was insane. 3 kr bet, won 26000 kr. Happened during freespins, 14 tiles out of 15 was a wild.
Angry Bird (1 year ago)
Microgaming games are mostly built around giving 200-300x as big win, that way people will very often play it back hoping to get more and the casinos will make more money. When a game gives 16500x you know this money is going to be cashed out and casinos don't like it much.
groza claudiu (1 year ago)
wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 y dont balivet is not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Pyrit One (1 year ago)
Im sorry but this is hard to belive :)
Roope Kilpi (6 months ago)
Yea but the free credits start at 1000€ or 5000€ so there is no way he played his demo credits to 28€ and then won that big
GazRwood (7 months ago)
Im just going to say... i do lol. I most play on free play but with values id use in real life which is mostly 20/40p. Im not discounting this video, it clearly happened and the free play games work the same as real play so it doesnt matter. Imagine how happy youed be ffs! My best hit on real play was skulls x6x6 equating to 1250x on a 20p spin.
fo sho (7 months ago)
I know this is a 7month old comment but i think it's legit considering who would ever play for fake money at 0.40 a spin?
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
I know. Once in a life time hit!
Made Tocomment (1 year ago)
I had some awesome hits on gold of Persia the other day 3 1000x bonuses thought I was the luckiest man alive till I saw this. Not had a hit on this yet hoping it's my next big hit. http://imgur.com/kP3CIGM Craziest slot session I have had 7970 profit in a day best reverse ever. Love the channels vids to subbed http://imgur.com/pM652l1
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
WOW! Nice cashout with 25£ deposit! Congrats! You should send us that picture, so we can post it to our site and you can win more money: https://bigwinpictures.com/pages/sendpicture/
Adrian Basic (1 year ago)
holy shit. on this stake?
Laura Chace (11 months ago)
We understood your point, and very well explained if you ask me, this is how the streamers make money and can afford it period, through the mugs that think they are getting some kind of special deposit bonus, when truth be told they are getting the same offer usually when signing up through the "actual" casino and not the streamers link.
Angry Bird (1 year ago)
You are right about streamers, they are all very very sick gamblers and the day their job as streamer will be over they will be in deep trouble, they will probably lose everything and end up in therapy, but i doubt therapy can do something when a person gambled day and night for years with the magical thinking that viewers will pay for it. I think at some point they will regret doing all that in the first place. I always had issues with gambling but what saved me everytime was losing... because losing shows you the true nature of it and kills the magical thinking real fast. People that win big amounts end up regretting ever winning because casinos aren't in business to make customers rich. If they give you big money now, that's because they know they will take it back with interest in the long run.
Robert Karlowski (1 year ago)
Is no mercy in this industry - Just this what im explain you - 3/4 of this 20 k vievers comunity dont know how this work - they make donations they think streamer real risk A LOT they ask streamer what job you do to allowed play so high so often so hard - ..... and im always lought when see this question. A lot of them dont know how this work and they dont know - If they will be watching their streams then soon they make their first deposit and if they lose 40% of their money go directly to pocket streamer.... So yes 95% streamers play for real money but most of them usually dont care abaout their results sesions - Casino Daddy team very often put autoplay for " chair sesion " and go do something other. For them the best is keep playing in low medium stakes - Not High stakes to keep affiliate ernings in first place. All of them ( streamers got High Gambling addictions but for now this is not problem for them - But if in future their work fail then they will be have huge problem - Beacose all of them is in Huge Gambling addictions - for now they dont care beacose like im say this is their job their erned hard money from this and is dosent metter their win or lose. Small exceptions is rocendrola exceptiions abaout - what is more importand - ernings from affiliate or just hard - very hard gambling - He play in realy high stake in roulette so He can even lose all affiliate monthly ernings playing in casino - But most of popular streamers keep always in first place affiliate ernings - and they not play to high ( In thier case 5€ or 10€ bet in casino is not high ) beacose their erned close to 50 k € monthly. One more things Some streamers have additional special exclusive bonus rulez from casino example rocendrolax in 21 casino have 100% bonus in EVERY deposit ! - and he can play up to probably 200€ per spin in table games ( roulete - blackjack ) or 15€ per spin in slots games - when bonus is active. Its huge different and very comfortable for him but normal customer cant play like this - Any single casino in web cant offered normal regular customer 100% bonus ( unlimited amount ) per every deposit ....... + high stakes allowed when player play with bonus like 200 € per table games ot 15€ per slots game when bonus is active............................... Normal customer can recicived one single time 100% bonus with rulez max bet in slot 5€ same for table games when bonus is active - ( Not like rocendrolax 200€ table / 15€ slots) Its huge difference . - English is not my native langue - but all this what im say is true about how this work .
Angry Bird (1 year ago)
True but many do play for real. But like you said all the deposits are paid by their viewers that lose money through the affiliate link. So for many big streamers doing that allow them to gamble for "free". It's like you get 500$ per day from affiliate so you use that 500$ and deposit and gamble it everyday and everytime you win and cash out this is pure profit in bank. It's all part of the job as some would say "why don't they just cash the 500$ everyday" but they have to gamble it to keep the viewers entertained. Giving free money or spins or else is all an investment they make to get more viewers and therefor more income from affiliate. Big streamers like casinodaddy they are on top of it because they make way more money from affiliate than they need to gamble and often the casinos give them free money to play like their high roller streams that is with casino money where they can't cash out more than "x" amount. They make so much money that they need to ask friends to gamble for them because they get tired of gambling 24/7. It's sad tho because all that money come from gullible players that lose their rent money hoping to hit big too. If the money was coming from advertisement like on TV or else then it wouldn't be that bad, but no the money they make i call it dirty money. They ruin lives for a living and they don't give a flying fuck about people. They just tell themselves "bah no one is forcing them to play" but in some way they manipulate the crowd to make them play so it's kinda the same to me.
Robert Karlowski (1 year ago)
Yes and im tell you more they not erning any money for their wins. They erned all money from their viever comunity - watching their stream sesions- And join from their links to casino - They erned only from affiliate - They recived around 40% sometimes even 50% life time ravenue share profit from every customer viever join from his link to casino and lose money. If streamer is big like - LetsgiveitaSpin or Rocendrolax - Casino Daddy - They have over 20.000 vievers from Twitch and Youtube - they have spammbots in twitch chat with affiliate links for casino - And a lot people from all this big 20.000 vievers group join to casino from his links and deposits and play - They always recived around 40% from their loses life time ernings - They have in this players group some highrolers - most populars streamers erned easy probably 50.k € monthly. from all their massive traffic / vievers loses. So they recived huge comission from casino beacose vievers join from his affiliate link to casino and lose money. So they can easy play for " free " beacose all this often huge deposits and huge bets - come from.... PLAYERS / VIEVERS money( losing ) - ( players loses - 40% affiliate profit from casino for streamer) + all donations from vievers. So straming live casino sesion is just they work - they make fun they sometimes win big money but in general they always in negative just from playing in casino - But they in huge +from affiliate marketing - balance from - All customers vievers join to casinos from their links and lose masive money. Fish vievers watching stream in Youtube or Twitch and they amazing wow highrolers - They ask question what job do you have how is possible you can make high deposits so often and play with high stakes ..... -> Real answer for this question is - " You and 20.000 other vievers pay me " beacose they got money from players( join from reflink to casino and lose money ) so basicly Players sponsors all their deposits - They dont need any other job - this is their job affiliate and belive me this win or loses in casino is just enterteiment and keep vievers live and interesting and grow numbers new singnups - Beacose real money they have from AFFILIATE - they play more - they have more vievers --> more vievers = more singnups from their links and more deposits = more deposits from huge numbers of new customers = Very high ernings from affiliate. All this contest with free spins - with free money - All this come from Players vievers money who join to casinos from their reflinks............. You cant win in casino in longer period and they same not win in casino in longer period - They just play very often beacose this is their work - and they play " for free " using money come from affiliate comission " players loses " This is all behind the curtain - All contest prizes lotery free spins this is all comes from customers money. casino take around 60% money and streamer got 40% money from all comunity loses - so if he have over 20.000 vievers then ernings is huge - huge ernings = high numbers of big deposits and their often play = they often play then comunity of vievers grow = more money from affiliate marketing. Its only hard in begin make build reputations and some comunity group to make popular stream in begin they of course need invest their money but if they streamer is popular and finnaly got a lot vievers then rest is very simple.
Fiilis1 (1 year ago)
Holy fuck
tehf00n (1 year ago)
What the actual fuck though. That is insane. I hate playing the game because I have had nothing from every bonus I played on it. Same with all the other BTG games besides Bonanza.
tehf00n (1 year ago)
Queen of Riches and Starquest I treat like playing the Pyramid game from Netent. It's not meant to pay anything except that one time where it hits so big, everyone's RTP losses has been covered. Worth a punt now and again though.
lasest2 (1 year ago)
tehf00n The Queen of Riches has failed me terribly yesterday, 35 E wasted, biggest "win" was 0.05 c from 20c bets. It used to be great slot before paying 100x wins randomly, now it has been updated and completely nerfed- the same thing that used to pay 9 x on there pays 3x now, window never expands, I have tested after the loss with 1500 play money spins and average RTP on 100 spins 1 dollar was below 30 %.(officially they adjusted it from 98 % to 93 %) That slot needs to be checked by gambling control commission. Please avoid it, fellow punters.
tehf00n (1 year ago)
I have since had a few big hits. nothing more than 500x but ill take that and bide my time :) what a hit though.
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
BTG slots can be SO brutal sometimes.
Евгений Б (1 year ago)
What If? (1 year ago)
John Rington (1 year ago)
That's the most amazing win :D Well done!
Matt Pickles (1 year ago)
Take it the remaining 14 spins were dead?
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
Basically yes, here is pic from ending result: https://bigwinpictures.com/pictures/other/danger-high-voltage/19830
PortalBreaker (1 year ago)
well this compensates for all the mediocre videos xD holy shit that was INSANE
Tönö 92 (1 year ago)
now im sad about my 775x dead or alive bonus :D btw thanks for posting it
Cosman kasa (1 year ago)
Holy f.... sh..... WTF?
Shaw Slots (1 year ago)
Holy shit!! And it wasn't even close to the max potential!!
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
That's why I love BTG's slots! You will always have chance to hit monster!
Luca 1980 (1 year ago)
Complimenti 🎉 bel colpo!!
Whoa... Easy :D
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
Very easy. 30€ deposit, few spins and BOOM! =)
Connah Howell (1 year ago)
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
Just a standard 16.500x bet =)

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