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How To Win At Slot Machines Every Time (This Video Is a Joke)

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There are no real get rich quick secrets. It's all just random. Play for fun, not for money.
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MyBigThing2010 (1 year ago)
everyone who takes this seriously after the shot of the sweet free meals deserves to be part of Darwin's proof of concept lol
You got my hopes to high.
Betty Pakovitch (2 months ago)
MyBigThing2010 ,
RotorWing FPV (3 months ago)
i bet you did
Najib Casa (4 months ago)
Just wonderful, been searching for "slot machines tips and secrets" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.
Mark Lac (3 days ago)
Not going to happen like this. All b.s.
Taylor Jackson (3 days ago)
Mark Lac dunno. Seems legit
Skylar Jordan (19 days ago)
Wow I didn't see that you said this video was a joke I didn't read that part i won about 1000 off this following this method oh shit haha !!
If you learn and understand "random number generation"...RNG..as is used in the software in all machines..you will save a tremedous amount of money. If you don't just stick to an ATM.
eddie (1 month ago)
Seriously stay away from the dragon and panda games lmao
Gail Posey (1 month ago)
I always play the slots and dont win i put in ten dollars
Jussi Panula (1 month ago)
Stoopidest video i have seen in a long time. I like your photography videos but after watching this you just put yourself im my douche bag. No buddy, why not do a video like his and not edit it? Just show all spins and bets.
Taylor Jackson (1 month ago)
Jussi Panula This video makes me $1100 a month
archeryhime (1 month ago)
The comments amuse me. I am friends with this guy and trust me, you want him on your Vegas trip!
andrew cook (1 month ago)
I call bullshit if he did this all the time he be rich not making videos
James Wynn (1 month ago)
Love the sarcasm. Gamble for fun and you can have a great time.
Joe Loveland (1 month ago)
You're right about one thing is to always bet the max they seem to pay you out more
Larry Johnston (1 month ago)
He's playing nickel and dime machines!! That was a joke!! Total load of crap!!
Katphena S (1 month ago)
What are branded games
Cristian Gallardo (1 month ago)
K hille anything with a movie or game show theme
rocky gazzo (1 month ago)
June Ortiz (1 month ago)
dude ur lucky lol
YupGaming - TrapDrap (1 month ago)
Poor Ellen!
Jan Chapman (1 month ago)
NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!!!!!
Mimi Me (2 months ago)
Nice. I'm impressed you won that much on penny machines. I've noticed when I put a $10 bill in, I usually hit something, vs a $20 bill. Maybe I'll start doing this. My problem is I usually stay at the same machine until I win or loose.
Born Yesterday (2 months ago)
Its idiots like this get people into addiction. Dont listen to this mug. Theres only 1 winner....it aint you.
Jeff Glines (2 months ago)
how to win at a slot machine...take your money out of the machine, walk it over to the craps table!!!!
Karon Hamilton (2 months ago)
live in vegas ten years and my hubby and i never play the slots! big rip off!
Fight Night (2 months ago)
We always win money on 2 Dragon games as Borgota AC
RotorWing FPV (2 months ago)
You gotta be a complete idiot to think you can win at gambling and a complete fuckin moron to actually make a video about it. Fool!
Blake Holmes (2 months ago)
Didn't watch. You told me not to.
sintia Ananda (2 months ago)
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Bill b (2 months ago)
edit video magic
Michael Banasiak (2 months ago)
Tadow' (2 months ago)
All Slots have a RNG chip, it doesn't matter which slot you play they all have RNG chips in them... Random Number Generator.....
Shanae Says (2 months ago)
Remember players cards!!
Shanae Says (2 months ago)
I love quick hits penny machines!!!
sg2011 (2 months ago)
What about a player's card?
Paul Presto (2 months ago)
Buy the Mac and cheese- go to MCDONALD s and bet yourself you will get fresh fries- better entertainment is get a handful of quarters and throw them in the sidewalk at lunchtime in a busy sidewalk- phone film the melay and put up on YouTube
Nancy Maloney (2 months ago)
Nancy Maloney (2 months ago)
Piolo Pascual (2 months ago)
Gambler's Circle of Life You win today , you lose tomorrow 🤔🤔🤔
Dakota Shiver (2 months ago)
I sat down at the "Wheel of Fortune" machine in New York New York with $40 and within 15 minutes made $900... best part is I hate the show.
Margaret Rose (2 months ago)
Sweet meals? Mac and cheese?
Alicia Wilson (3 months ago)
If you play slots with an extreme hunger to win, you will lose everytime. If you play to have fun or even just to kill time,you will win everytime. I always keep in mind that I am just playing a very expensive, very quick video game that I have no control over the outcome. When you're there just to have fun you will gravitate to the right machines that will keep your fun going..
Chris Cooke (3 months ago)
This fellow is an idiot. I have disproven every trick he says 2 try.
Taylor Jackson (3 months ago)
Chris Cooke yah none of this is real
R L (3 months ago)
I am sorry. I dont believe this....how many times did he play in order to get these results?. Maybe he played 21 days straight and one day he hit all these....
R L (3 months ago)
I wont play them, IF you promise that you will not try to be funny...you dont know how to do these kind of joke videos that you attempted... the proper formation of the joke would be serious about the comps (as a joke set up) and then give ridiculous tips on how to play to win...instead you did the opposite..duh!
Taylor Jackson (3 months ago)
Don’t play slot machines
R L (3 months ago)
Your video was not a joke. It was a lie. Everyone thought you joked about the comps, not the rest. This video was not a funny joke. It was your sin. Also, my question about how long you played was not talking about one given day. Since it all was a joke, you dont know how to win at slots at all anyway--so why are you bragging about winning? Also, all your words have no credibility anymore anyway...
Taylor Jackson (3 months ago)
Roy Lange won all the money in about 2 hours (including walking from casino to casino) - that said, this video is a joke. Unless you think Mac n cheese is a sweet comp meal
Paul Cooper (3 months ago)
I am not sure what the strategy is supposed to be other than playing slots near high traffic areas and avoiding branded machines?
Richard Summers (3 months ago)
I don't want to be "that guy", but think about why casinos dedicate about 80% of their gambling floor space to the machines. Hmmm, I wonder why?
Beanmachine91 (3 months ago)
what are the names of those machines?
Magnetron33 (3 months ago)
LizardKing: same here! Went today. Up $600.00 in about 10 minutes. Walked out down $800.00
Mz Diedra Boyd (3 months ago)
What machine are you using ? What is it called
BRIAN MARCUS (3 months ago)
Kao Saephan (3 months ago)
Stop lying you edit the video u put in a hundred and cashed out a hundred and the $200
Steven Orourke (3 months ago)
You talk pish
Woah Boix (3 months ago)
Stay away from pandas and dragons..
Michael Nippert (3 months ago)
I put a $40 ticket in a dollar machine played five lines and won $915
Chris Thomas (3 months ago)
I enjoyed your video!
Elvira Arriaga (3 months ago)
Hi There Thumbs up 👍 like Your Video! My Dad & Girlfriend are from Vegas & The Girlfriend is a HARD-CORE-GAMBLER She knows Everything about how to Win Big
saqib muneer (3 months ago)
So u don't take the money instead u take something else , I ned the money don wana take something in return
Taylor Jackson (3 months ago)
saqib muneer probably don’t play slot machines if you need money
rony micheals (3 months ago)
i'd rather put my money in cryptocurrency then gambling no way ill walk in casino again
rony micheals (3 months ago)
omg and people believe this crap hahahahahhahhaha
woz Last (3 months ago)
Thanks so much man! I followed your method and now I'm making millions every year! It started out pretty slow but I watched your video over and over again until it finally clicked. Hats off to you sir.
Rose Ann Sierra (3 months ago)
Thanks iam here in Vegas South point thanks for the tip been playing those machines you showed 👍
evoman1776 (3 months ago)
Strange game. The only winning move is... not to play.
MrMatipid (3 months ago)
Was at Morongo Casino in Cabazon, California. Was the slots pretty tight. Lost over $300 by Saturday night. We came in Friday night and stayed 2 nights. Down to $68 Sunday morning. Broke 2 $20 bills into $5 bills and then, $5 bills into $1 bills. Told my friend I will just play $6.00 at a time. That would be just 2 spins at $0.01 machines. Maximum bet is $3.00. So, I saw and play at a Britney Spears machine. First spin loses, 2nd spin, I win and it starts paying off! End up winning $112.00 on that machine. Next we walk around the casino and I find a slot which vibrates when you are sitting and it pays off, also, the figures are 3D. My friend won on it the night before. I end up winning over $100.00 on it. Lastly, I find two slot machines with Frogs in the name. Start playing it and it would payoff some. Won over $200.00 on it. So, got my $400.00 back. We still stayed an extra 2 hours before lunch and I lost $60.00 on the same machines I won at! Lesson learned. Some machines are better than others. Machines have to be in a pay cycle to give you winnings. Test the machines to see if it pays off.
Jay Jalette (3 months ago)
Omg your right..I just won a free trip to sleeping under the bridge..thanks man..way better than my house
Michael-john Brown (3 months ago)
Yeah right put only 10 dollars and bet max all the time you will be broke in no time lol
Frankie Pitochelli (3 months ago)
Well, we all know it didn't happen that easy, and you are conning everyone with your video editing. I'm sorry, I don't buy it.!!
Gene Powell (3 months ago)
What i dont get..is ..say you put one dollar in machine..you hit 40 cents..it says you WIN 40 CENTS...YOU DIDNT WIN..YOU LOST 60 CENTS..BS
seheadhunter50 (3 months ago)
How to win money from a machine, play roulette.
Jake Fin (3 months ago)
play wisely and just for fun dont expect anything lol
Michael K (3 months ago)
Sweet meals.... Instant mac and cheese
TheLordDSK TrollChannel (3 months ago)
My strategy in online slots is to play them at 1AM or 2AM, 3AM max. Play the popular ones, once you win a big one leave and join another one, after waging about 15x your deposit leave the slots for 2 or 3 days, do not touch them, withdraw the money and enjoy it. I have managed to win from 30 euro to 200 doing this method, and it is supposed to be like that, no terms broken or illegal stuff done.
J homes (3 months ago)
I won $300 in less than 30 minutes. Thank you!
thatmfkidinc (3 months ago)
Just get bitcoin
Trucking Quotes (3 months ago)
For every liar, there's two democrats who'll believe him.
AK (3 months ago)
Oh wow I have lived in vegas 20 years now never thought casinos give away money just like that. You're full of crap buddy but wait I bet you're selling your system for 29.95 right lol
luke blair (3 months ago)
"Wine every time" jump cuts to a win
Happy Boss (3 months ago)
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Happy Boss (3 months ago)
Well I found free $1542a money making system that is really working for me>>>pypmon.win/?a42GqY
Eric Krupa (3 months ago)
As someone who actually works slots...allow me to say.....BWAHAHAHAHAAAA....you have no idea what you are talking about. “They rig slots”....reallllly?...you sound like every other “expert” who has never actually worked in a casino.
Aubrey B (3 months ago)
Aubrey B (3 months ago)
Konečná Ludmila (4 months ago)
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Laerke Østergaard (3 months ago)
work thanks
fthis1234567 (4 months ago)
I have a better tried method: put $500, max bet, come up same percentage, but more money. Nuff said.
Siyana shana (4 months ago)
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Rabin Bhutia (4 months ago)
This was great, thanks, been searching for "slot machines how to win and how they work" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.
Stefanius Paralvicius (4 months ago)
Cheers for this, I have been researching "winning slot machine symbols" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.
jinhi9005 (4 months ago)
This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "slot machines strategies" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.
dolofonos (4 months ago)
I'm not a violent man; but your face helps me understand why some people get knocked the fuck out.
Family cool 99 (4 months ago)
Really.....!!!!!!!!!!! Just like that.....!!!!!!!!!!!
World Top10 (4 months ago)
Even if you ever found a legit way to win every day, the casinos would ban you
ATIKA LANG (4 months ago)
This video is stupid! You dont always half to max bet!
Gucci 5464hothead (4 months ago)
How much the casino pay you to do that fuck shit..Because they don't even allowed you to video.
Reyna Meza (4 months ago)
Went in today with 16 $ and left with 60 for my first time not bad
Tracy Harris (4 months ago)
Don't play ! Only way to win every time
girunit1387 (4 months ago)
This dude never showed how he "built" all that money up. He probably lost close a grand just trying to shoot this video. Heres a pro tip ive learned from living in vegas for a decade, the only people who make a living gambling, make that living cheating. If it was as easy as that guy says, then id be in a casino right now myself.
excitedrod (4 months ago)
I came for the comments.
Rachel Kaparek (4 months ago)
I used to work in a casino. In fact I worked in two. If you believe this you should probably stay away from casinos. He didn’t even tell you how long he was there. He has no proof, plus he probably put more money in and cashed it out to make it look like he was winning. Yes you should avoid name brand slots because they are usually being rented or leased, meaning they have a higher hold percentage... Rule #1 in gambling. The House always wins
Benjamin Perth (4 months ago)
I was a Slot machine Technician from 1999-to-2018. I was  let go in early 2018 when it was revealed that I not only gave this "player" the secrets, but also allowed him to video-record all of this. I sued to get my position back, but was beaten  by the mafia, who own the Wild Rose Casinos here in iowa.
KJ SLOTS (4 months ago)
Love it! Quick Hit slots, especially the old school Platinums are my favorite! As soon as I landed 8 QH on the platinums, I was hooked and chasing 9. Once I landed 9... I wanted 9 again. LOL! Super entertaining video! Love the channel!
Samir Z (4 months ago)
while making 4 minutes video of win, he would have to cut the 40 minutes video of losses he encountered while getting these 4 minutes. Period. Never Gamble, except if you want to end up considering suicide. Thanks
Peter Rabbit (4 months ago)
fuck you liar
HyPeR_FaMe 928 (4 months ago)
ITS RNG theres no way to win everytime!
Lenny Zefflin (4 months ago)
This shitbird is full of stupidity.
one happy (4 months ago)
Are you saying dont stay no more than 30 t0 40 min on a machine

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