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Dead Or Alive Slot - 10.287€ MEGA WIN!

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Want to see more BIG WINS?? +20.000 slot pictures & +1200 videos: https://bigwinpictures.com/ MEGA BIG win on NetEnt's Dead Or Alive Slot With 1.35€ bet! Triple money line! Disclaimer for casino links: 18+ T&C's Apply, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly www.begambleaware.org
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Text Comments (38)
smoke1 (3 months ago)
so probably he couldnt withdraw it lol
smoke1 (3 months ago)
Online betting companies usually do so many bllsht to not giving big amounts, and 10k is a big amount. I'm glad you got it.
BigWinVideos (3 months ago)
smoke1 only 10k
Sonney ludovick (7 months ago)
j ai pas mal jouer a ce jeu de merde et sur 10 essais de free spin j ai eu genre max 2 wild..fakeee pub pr faire envie!
holy shit )
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Денис Вавилов сьебись
Jason Neath (9 months ago)
I have lost everything to dreaming of that so called big win, I'm not saying don't enjoy it just know when to stop, good luck to you all
Karti Loco (10 months ago)
I just won 8.391,40€ on a fucking 1,80€ bet. I'm absolutely speechless. 4662x .... wild line on the 4th spin... always thought this shit was rigged and only happens to streamers etc. and now I got it... JESUS CHRIST
BigWinVideos (10 months ago)
Hi Karti, We just added your picture: https://bigwinpictures.com/pictures/latest/all/22742 If you send us more pics in future you can find them all under your profile page: https://bigwinpictures.com/members/Karti%20Loco/pictures
Karti Loco (10 months ago)
Thanks :) Please the same one I use here on YouTube if that's ok, can you send me the link after you've posted it?
BigWinVideos (10 months ago)
Wow! Really nice! We will post this one today. What alias you like to use on our site?
Karti Loco (10 months ago)
Here's a pic from my win https://imgur.com/a/DuvsJ The only one I've made :( Not showing the wilds I had but oh well! I'll never forget it ;)
BigWinVideos (10 months ago)
Karti Loco congrats! If You have pic from your big win you can send it to us and we post it to our site: www.bigwinpictures.com
Antonino Cali (1 year ago)
Io non li prendo mai stu cazzi di jolly
James Dorrian (1 year ago)
That was a beautiful site to see lol, I got £314 on 9p with only £6 deposit. Was desgusted i hadnt raised 😂
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
That's almost 3500x your bet win! congrats!
Maxim84 (1 year ago)
Охуенный Слот)
anawonka (1 year ago)
ill have a heart attack if i win thjs big which means ill pay my student debt and be freeeee
Ari Gold (1 year ago)
Really nice win! I've managed 4013x myself as most with 0.9£ bet
FunTV (1 year ago)
Thats bullshit. All NetEnt slots are so rigged. This guy probably spent 30k to won 10k. BULLSHIT
Karti Loco (1 year ago)
Yup very true +jirka merunka
jirka merunka (1 year ago)
You are speaking nonsense, what is so hard to understand about slots? They don't caare if you spend the money, or your grandma or your neighbour... or an eskymo in north pole... The machine takes in 100k and gives 95k back.... What don't you understand? Why would he have to spend 30 k to win this? Maybe he did, the probability of hitting wild lines on this game is very very rare but it can happen the first time you play this machine... It's all luck, random number generator and preset probability of payout... It is "rigged" by having the RTP set to lower than 100% you don't need any other rigging... These games, roulette etc are NOT rigged. You know how they work if you search for it and you will realize there is no need for rigging... It's like saying the national lottery must be rigged, how could anyone ever win so much money... like wtf? 10 million people give them 100 million dollars and they let one person win a few million... Get that through your mind, have you spent a second researching of how slots work? It's all probability which in the long run becomes reality... It's like you betting 60 cents on a coin flip and when you win you get a dollar. You don't need a rigged coin toss for that, you need a random toss and I will end up winning 10 percent of all your money in the long run.
MrJezzeboy (2 years ago)
yey fakemoney win. gj
Gunnariffic (1 year ago)
I've hit the wildline twice on this machine on both 1.8 and 0.9EUR bets with real money. 3600EUR and 3800EUR were the wins. This machine eats money to pay out big similar to the jackpot machines. This could very well be real money.
jirka merunka (1 year ago)
Anyone that wins plays with fake money and you always lose with real money, that's why people get addicted to slots so easily... wtf? This is real money, real win... When you have spend tens of thousands of dollars on a slot, then a ten thousand dollar win doesn't look that impossible anymore does it?
BigWinVideos (2 years ago)
Thank you for your very informative and unexpected comment.
CrispyGamer (2 years ago)
Doa is one of my favorite slots. Really nice win, congrats!
пиздешь ебаный х8000 хахахахах на лоха попросту
D Xe (4 months ago)
мне товарищ демонстрировал видео луна вспять будто ему в ттр казино в эту игру по 2 залетело 12к евро. этак конечно, это все хуйня, слоты блять )))
Да дудки)) мне падало x5600 и x4200
Jay Jay Okocha (2 years ago)
Jay Jay Okocha (1 year ago)
25.06.17....1950.00:inanılmaz bi el
Bob Marley (2 years ago)
Gratz bro , tried myself never even got a scatter :)
ахуеть вот это занос
Хахаха )Неужели кушать кретины которые в это веруют.
Фарик Запиздохватуллин Да это пиздёшь для таких будто ты!
DazOne (2 years ago)
dizamn these hits are sweeeeet

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