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Goodness! | Ep 2 | Minecraft Crazy Craft 3.0

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Please *boop* the like button to support my channel :) I'm starting a new Crazy Craft series on a YouTuber SMP (Multiplayer) modded Crazycraft server! Today is my second episode on the server so I'm gathering materials to build my Castle! I find the goodness tree with help from Sly and build a Miner's Dream! YouTubers in this episode: Sly: https://www.youtube.com/xXSlyFoxHoundXx DJWafflez: https://www.youtube.com/DjWafflezzz YouTubers on the server: Bodil40: http://youtube.com/Bodil40 Felix: http://youtube.com/GamingFelix DJWafflez: http://youtube.com/DjWafflezzz SeaPeeKay: http://youtube.com/SeaPeeKay Yammy: http://youtube.com/ChicksCanGame Ashley: http://youtube.com/AshleyMarieeGaming Kye: http://youtube.com/koil1990 Joel: http://www.youtube.com/smallishbeans Scott: http://youtube.com/dangthatsalongname Oli: http://youtube.com/theorionsound Joey: http://www.youtube.com/joeygraceffagames Lauren: http://www.youtube.com/laurenzside Playing on: http://voidswrath.com/ FOLLOW ME HERE: Twitter: https://twitter.com/LDShadowLady Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LDShadowLadyFB Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ldshadowlady Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady Check out Joel's gaming channel: http://www.youtube.com/SmallishBeans Click here to apply to become partnered with Maker Studios Network: http://awe.sm/t3Lz6 Music by: Monstercat Nitro Fun - New Game Support on iTunes: http://monster.cat/1fsmpQy Support on Bandcamp: http://monster.cat/1hpp7oo Support on Amazon: http://monster.cat/1dAiMCc Support on Google Play: http://monster.cat/1dAm7RR Listen on Spotify: http://monster.cat/1hzwp7R Intro Music by: @ToddAndChips Contact [email protected] for commissions
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Text Comments (8184)
Philippa Cork (23 hours ago)
Who’s binge watching this series? 😂
Tabitha Tworek (1 day ago)
Bamby Ld (2 days ago)
A wood house and the house and a few more guys are going on in our driveway
Marlene staddon (2 days ago)
Slime Toy Bonnie (4 days ago)
My life 16:38
C S (4 days ago)
October 2018 anyone????
Melanie's life (6 days ago)
Ep 2 and it's already crazy
barry santos (7 days ago)
Not me
Gabybewa the great (7 days ago)
Who else is rewatching??
Amirah Nelson (7 days ago)
Which is dead
Susi Q (7 days ago)
Liz: am gonna s.snugle ?snugle? Slay:love me Liz:love me to death
Holly Sparrow (11 days ago)
2018 yeah boi
Giselle Lopez (14 days ago)
“You know I’m all about that beef bout that beef no pork chop”
inferno blast (15 days ago)
Lizzy:i dont have space in my FISH! Me:in your fish?
Niamh Cheney Kirsch (15 days ago)
xXSLYXx is overreacting
Derpy Cat (21 days ago)
Foxy Lily (21 days ago)
Give the cephadron beef than you have him tamed your welcome!
lemon (21 days ago)
Sly screaming is the funniest thing about this episode
Galaxy Cat (23 days ago)
it's all about that meat no porkchops🐷😎LOL
itzbrooklynhere 26 (24 days ago)
itzbrooklynhere 26 (24 days ago)
Roger Kian Penuliar (25 days ago)
ThatOneWizard93 (26 days ago)
With the 2nd lucky block, that was an op tamale mob. You don't want to attack it.
Izzy (26 days ago)
anyone else watching in 2018?
Mlp Lps (28 days ago)
Did Lizzie notice she had lapise in her hotbar when she was killing creepers hahahahhaahahahah
Forgotten Names (29 days ago)
why does sky sound like thinknoodles
Hannah Lees (1 month ago)
Oml this was in 2015 and I’m watching in 2018 xd
Spectrum Dragon (1 month ago)
The King: 1 xxslyxx: 0 I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS
Plushie Maniac (1 month ago)
17:12 Chubaka?
Who else is looking at the chat?
Who is rewatching waiting for lizzie to upload in 2018?
Zoe Gymnastix (1 month ago)
ooo, I guess the ultimate stuff are radioactive...
Hi Lol (1 month ago)
Snuggle him to show him compassion
Hi Lol (1 month ago)
Jesus take the wheeeeeeeeeeeel
Hi Lol (1 month ago)
Jesus take the wheeeeeeeeep
xX SophieSlayz Xx (1 month ago)
Omg Lizzie literally just threw away a stack of her house clay at 13:36 what an idiot 😰😰😰
xX SophieSlayz Xx (1 month ago)
"No! It's gonna float into the lava and I don't have space in my.. FISH!!! Yaaaay!" -LDShadowlady 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kalaspuffis (1 month ago)
You suck go die
Coco Playz527 (1 month ago)
Hehe I loved when he said OH NO I'M SORRY!! (Rewatching the series)
Rolo Kitkat (1 month ago)
Esmeralda Webers (1 month ago)
sly raging much dude? xD
Jodie Delbridge (1 month ago)
I don't have space in my FISH
Erin rogue_Eris (1 month ago)
2018 Anyone?
I wish i could ship her and sly..but joel took over..they are still cute couple though
So many wamen in dis comment section RESPECT WAMEN
Lol i though lizzie said crap at the crab part
John Playz (1 month ago)
XD Sly was most definatley low-key flirting XD
Slime and Squishies! (1 month ago)
H i lizzzzzz, zzzzzzz, z,, zzzzzzzzzz,,, zzzzzzzxzzzxzx😚ie
Sarah Armstrong (1 month ago)
I am in love with ur Chanel u have Great house and buildings I love 💕 ur Chanel I wish I could meat U in real life and haghout and Make friends my name is Kayla And u can name pets thunder, Moon,goldie,icy,peanut,ding and Bell
Jenna Landers (1 month ago)
So many girlfriends
Kitten Girl (1 month ago)
12:48 The coincides of selfishness.
RileyChan :3 (1 month ago)
*2018 anyone?*
Hayden Roaches (1 month ago)
14:04 I was dying
Nevaeh Smolowitz (1 month ago)
I thought that girlfriend was a skeleton
Puggle :3 (1 month ago)
17:01 The Sheep are suddenly cyan? Lizzie you cheated!
Cuddles 2.0 (1 month ago)
Cuddles 2.0 (1 month ago)
He left
Cuddles 2.0 (1 month ago)
U can find clay in the water and then put 4 in a square and then dye the hardened clay
Eden Faith (1 month ago)
sly stole ur diamond pic lol
Danielle Roberts (1 month ago)
Cater killer means caterpillar
ninjapuppy125 (1 month ago)
objective updated. prank sly "i don't have space in my... fish."
Cindy Miata (1 month ago)
Help me get crazy craft I don’t know how to
N R (1 month ago)
2:31 It Looks Like The Cow Is saying that.
MissCreeperLady (1 month ago)
Mike playzgame (1 month ago)
Sly- 2015
Edith Ponce (1 month ago)
Teyah Alain (1 month ago)
heloo and if you see dis, den I AM FREAKING OUT AND ALSO HI I LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDS
galaxy starstruck (1 month ago)
I'm watching this in 2018 but I have watched this series 50 TIMES!!!!
Sly’s World (1 month ago)
LOL I am re-watching this from 2018 and whenever you say Sly it makes me think of my name because my name is Sly LOL
Brianna Kosifas (1 month ago)
What? No! This isn't my 999999982861578265186999th time watching this series!!!
Eevee_ Bevee (1 month ago)
Watch out Lizzie or the cattakiller will come get you
Lyla Park (1 month ago)
LDShadowlady. 0% vegan.
Emma and Hayla (1 month ago)
I thought Sly was going to be very sly 😏
Juan Lopez (1 month ago)
JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL- Sly crazy craft 3.0
Phoebe Smith (1 month ago)
Lol when she started “singing” all bout that beef..who else could asked up and replayed it 5 more times? (If no one did.. sry I’m crazy 😝)
Abby Cree (1 month ago)
I love Slys voice and I couldn’t breath when he was like “OH JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL” 🤣🤣
Ruby keatinge (1 month ago)
My name is ruby
Ruby keatinge (1 month ago)
She got a ruby block ya know
IIPasteliiiII TM (1 month ago)
Watching this back I feel like sly was flirting with Lizzie 😂😂
Flower Boiis (15 hours ago)
Madison Tucker (2 days ago)
Yea totaly
MonkeyGTV (7 days ago)
IIPasteliiiII TM me too
Missy Meisie (1 month ago)
Got a 4 long days off time to watch lizzies crazy craft series for the 100th time😂❤️
weird kinda like epic proportions of POPULARMMOS
Kawaii Avocado (1 month ago)
I’m rewatching again! For The Who knows what time also “ JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!!!!!!!”
Thunder Wolf (1 month ago)
Slys laugh is awesome!hehe
Aliza :3 (1 month ago)
Oml Sly sounds like Joey Graceffa and its so cute xD ❤
Rhiannon Bernecki (1 month ago)
caeley mclaughlin (2 months ago)
Green steve
Berry Sweetheart (2 months ago)
is her 2.0 cuz I wanna watch them all or 1.1 something like that
Alexander Maxwell (2 months ago)
Cephadromes r peaceful untul u attack them
Emma Gabriel (2 months ago)
Lmao poor Sly 😂😂😂
SsUnicorn QueenSs (2 months ago)
Did anyone else notice the hat she got looked like Ben drowned from creepypasta?
iLotus (2 months ago)
I’ve watched this so many times and i just now realized that he took lizzie’s pic at the beginning.. but she got it back so that’s good
kevin Gurung (2 months ago)
I can’t follow you on Twitter I’m too young my Brother said i’m Only eight I wish I could follow you on Twitter
candycanechild77 (2 months ago)
The video is named goodness!😂🤣
BabyBubblesTV (2 months ago)
How do you be other animals?
Larysa Kostyk (2 months ago)
Green Steve?
HeyItsTia (2 months ago)
16:44 Behind the scenes 😂😂😂
Noor Ahmad (2 months ago)
I love you so much I love your videos because they’re so so so funny when I when I think of you I think of pink cute and creepy and I love you I love that I love all of your videos
Snowy Pines (2 months ago)
Lizzy could you become a fairy in mincraft😸
That Hammerhead Dragon wouldn't attack you if you didn't attack it 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
You found the crab to get one of the pieces for Big Bertha which is a overpowered sword just to let you know so you're not confused what is that 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wires Fox (2 months ago)
Great video!

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