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EPIC Legend of Zelda: Gerudo Valley

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Coming soon to iTunes and Spotify! Here's my take on classic theme Gerudo Valley from the amazing Zelda series. Zelda: Gerudo Valley Theme Original Composition: Koji Kondo Arrangement: Ross Sampson \\ Featuring www.giardinostrings.co.uk Sound Engineer: Adaq Khan Solo Flute: Lois Nicoll Solo Cello: Lidia Alonso VIOLINS Monika Chmielewska Petru Cotarcea David Giardino Owen Hughes Maria Kroon Sabina Virtosu Natalia Wierzbicka VIOLAS Ariane Alexander Julia Chan Catriona Cooper Joelion Keung CELLO Lidia Alonso FRENCH HORNS Hywel Dowsell Tony Hawkins Julia MacDonell TRUMPETS Olie Moore Connor Smither Matt Payne (Additional Audio) TROMBONES Dom Clarke Rowena Smith TUBA Johnny Mayers Mixed by Jake Jackson SPECIAL THANKS Goldsmiths College | Taiwo Solabi | Shuang Teng David Giardino | Nicola Kulesza | Milli Lo Filmed, Directed, Edited, Conducted, Orchestrated by Ross Sampson
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Text Comments (66)
PiscesRising (9 months ago)
Hey all, re-upload from yesterday due to 'technical issues'! Am hoping to do more Zelda and computer game music in general next year; Thanks for an amazing 2017, and see you in the new year!
Heartgear One (10 days ago)
I love the theme to Fallout 4 and while it's got potential I think it needs to be more epic. Maybe with a choir singing in Latin "War Never Changes"
Siddhant Ajay Sinha (9 months ago)
Dragonborn theme pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
patrickishere125 (9 months ago)
This is amazing. I'd love to hear you guys do The Song of Storms. That's always been one of my favorite Zelda songs.
motaba555 (9 months ago)
Thank You ! Hope for more game music, love this one! Happy New Year!
listened to it yesterday, loved it. Listened again and favorited today.
sufyan uf (1 month ago)
Patrick Mifsud (1 month ago)
Can you please please please please do an orchestral version of Time Adventure from adventure time?? I love adventure time so much and I miss it so much.. it ended. Time adventure is the last song created for the show and I would love to here you guys re create it!
Joe Istead (1 month ago)
If the Zelda series ever reaches it's finale, I hope the final battle is waged under this music. Stirring and epic!
Elias Villatoro (1 month ago)
Is it me or is Messi playing the piano??
Tahleasin Parker (2 months ago)
This is so beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL
nosegrind v (2 months ago)
ok, awesome! but it really is missing the guitar. i should suggest a short rasqueado once at each or most of the chord transitions on the buildup at least.
Zantiago (2 months ago)
The nostalgia brought a tear to my eye. Such a masterpiece.
CJ The Dreemurr (3 months ago)
I didn't think Gerudo Valley's theme could get more epic than it was. Today I was proven wrong and holy shit this is just amazing! You guys stay the absolute legends you are, I'll be looking out for more awesome music from you!
Vicent Aragão Filho (3 months ago)
Maravilha! Estão todos de parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😘⚘
xGoodOldSmurfehx (4 months ago)
at first i was sceptical and i thought it sounded a bit off but then i started getting into the rythmn and found it was actually very good ^-^ i swear, the stuff fans creates puts Nintendo to shame sometimes
Yoan Vendittelli (5 months ago)
Wow this is absolutely stunning!! It deserves so much more views!! I love it!! Great job!!
Sentient Bacon (5 months ago)
Amazing... just amazing! I play the trumpet and is just in a performance band. But this is awesome!
Manuj Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Please do “Neodämmerung” from Matrix Revolutions
bruno oliveira (5 months ago)
Won - der - ful
Mi chel (6 months ago)
It's awesome!! Thanks a lot!
José Mario Archila (6 months ago)
Wf, Leo Messi at the piano, lol, greath job!!
Fiona Velasco (6 months ago)
5 guys didn’t wear the disguise and gain entry
Oleg Black (6 months ago)
Picadilly Blue (6 months ago)
Will there be a mhysa or wind of winter epic version too ?
Brunosearom B (6 months ago)
the guy's piano same lionel messi
Ethan Bridges (7 months ago)
I can’t believe they haven’t done a Force Theme/Binary Sunset Star Wars cover! These guys could hit it out of the damn park with their talents.
Sergey kk (8 months ago)
До слез...
Don Diego (8 months ago)
Can you guys please do One Day by Hans Zimmer?
Samuel Roberts (8 months ago)
Somehow got ten +/- professional musicians who have probably spent years mastering their instruments to come together to make a collaborative cover of a song that only shows up for about five minutes in a 90s game. I am convinced that anything is possible
WiseEmu (8 months ago)
Samuel Roberts to be fair it is quite a popular song from quite a popular game.
Autoría Digital (8 months ago)
What a talented and beautiful woman is Maria Kroon!
Eva Hu (8 months ago)
You guys should do one of the Witcher III soundtracks - I think Pricilla's Song, Spikeroog, Kaer Morhen, or The Fields of Ard Skellig would sound amazing done by you :) Anyhow, loving these pieces, keep up the great work this year!
Сыграйте чего-нибудь новенькое,чтоб осознать, этак ли Вы Хороши, будто заявили о Себе! Спасибо!
В России будут Рады Вам!!!
TelkinOrath (8 months ago)
turn the 1.5x if you wanna listen to it around the original speed. You're Welcome.
ItsJustCami (8 months ago)
man I would love to see you pull off the original Metal Gear Solid score!!!
Kоs9k! Pnx Production (9 months ago)
чет залип
Nelson Oyarzun (9 months ago)
Is Epic!
ML (9 months ago)
This one time at band camp... I played Gerudo Valley!
Sol Colón (9 months ago)
Hermoso. Un placer poder escucharlo!
Dx XD (9 months ago)
ok ... time to learn to play the violin and sing up for an orchestra ...
Sharon Kofoed (9 months ago)
Beautiful job!!!  Hope I can purchase the single soon!!!
Nolator (9 months ago)
I would ride into battle on my Noble steed while this is playing.
Отлично! Вы Молодцы!!!
Respect! Уважение, Спасибо, пять исполняете!!!
Blum Thomas (9 months ago)
Too slow in my opinion but great nonetheless
Andreas Lehmann (9 months ago)
Please come to Switzerland to the KKL concert hall in Lucern. I'd love to listen to you live - your are epic!
smokie (9 months ago)
Beautiful music
Muhammad Taufiq Ismail (9 months ago)
simply brilliant. can't praise you guys enough
Doves (9 months ago)
You guys put out some of the best renditions I've ever heard of classic songs, keep up the great work!
Manish K. Bharti (9 months ago)
A new addition to the dedicated folder of "Pisces Rising Epics" on my phone. Loved it absolutely. Keep up the art guys. Love you every single one of you.
Ernesto Amador (9 months ago)
omg!!! this is awesome!!!
Truly amazing!
Hana Zelinkova (9 months ago)
Amazing! Best songs
Edwin Vane (9 months ago)
Is this an internet collaboration? Seems to be a bunch of different groups in different places?
PiscesRising (9 months ago)
The sections are recorded/filmed separately. Two main reasons, one is logistics of getting so many people together for these sessions, and secondly is balancing. The brass section is usually quite healthy, and would overwhelm fewer string players. By recording the sections separately (usually on different days, sometimes in different rooms), there is more control over the mix and therefore balance of the sections.
Rid Med (9 months ago)
Magnifique !!!
sidetracked (9 months ago)
This is awesome! Such a great version that should definitely be used in the next game me thinks!
Army of Aurora (9 months ago)
Will you upload a cover of "The Winds of Winter?
ZT Tarek (9 months ago)
Music magnificence
Will Ortiz (9 months ago)
Merry Christmas! We need more of these orchestral piece performances on you-tube. You guys are the real deal when compared with some of the other less memorable things you see being broadcast on you-tube. Great music interpreted by talented musicians....Bravo Guys!......Will Ortiz
Vriday (9 months ago)
Thank you for this rendition of my favorite tune from OoT. <3 Absolutely amazing.
odinsrealm1 (9 months ago)
Really do love your work and you deserve much recognition for your creations. Keep them coming! How about some Hans Zimmer pieces? Such as time?
Thomas Schwarz (9 months ago)
Jake Terpstra (9 months ago)
Magnificent! You've made my childhood a masterpiece.

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