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Five Nights At Freddy's #1 - Night 1

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Text Comments (27)
Raheem Williams (1 year ago)
fuck this shit fnaf is to fucken scared
Raheem Williams (1 year ago)
Morning wait
Raheem Williams (1 year ago)
Morning baby
Raheem Williams (1 year ago)
Morning chica
erik campos (2 years ago)
I love his videos
micayla gardner (1 year ago)
That was mess
Brayan Diaz (3 years ago)
U snow men
ubonwan phoewanchana (3 years ago)
That's wat u look like?!
JMN 1 (3 years ago)
That was scary as hell
Jamesboi_ 87 (3 years ago)
I have a mic please add me my psn account is toothlessjet3 I am a subscriber and liked
isaiah williams (3 years ago)
oh hell no dis game got me all the way fucked up
Jason B (3 years ago)
the fourth one is in pirates cove and when you know what i won't tell you
Jason B (3 years ago)
there is 4
Rabies Raccon (3 years ago)
carlos galvez (3 years ago)
I was fucking laughing when he said the bear ready rape his ass Woww crunchy your the best it doesn't matter if you say bad words it's you .. You can't change that keep it up
Khaled 6 (3 years ago)
where is arkham city?
Zero G (3 years ago)
And stop shouting freezer ever two seconds when you fight him
Zero G (3 years ago)
You need to stop screaming so much and listen to the guy on the phone
alma gonzalez (3 years ago)
CJ Johnson (3 years ago)
12th boyah
Pamela Ramon (3 years ago)
beqiute when he talks on the dam phone important tips when he talks
Pamela Ramon (3 years ago)
check out dashie games he plays this
Dezzy .Fleek (3 years ago)
Please more batman
Trouble Taylor (3 years ago)
Funny when you are scared but it really is a good scary game and😝
Togi Bibi (3 years ago)
Hey i wach ur videos and i have a ps3 and gta 5 can u be my friemd psn dassan 1234 that is it
T Williams (3 years ago)
Got to keep going dude

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