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Top 2 Dinosaur Pranks (GONE WRONG) Compilation 2016

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Text Comments (145)
Victoria Flores (23 days ago)
At the end was so Funny🤣🤣
Jenniii Pink (1 month ago)
The ending was epic!!!
Luke TGX (5 months ago)
3:12 “Eh give me my head back”
iBalltisicSquid (5 months ago)
Weve heard of top 10 , weve heard of top 5 damn weve even heard of top 3 , but top 2 ? These nibbas must be running outa ideas
Mackenzie Wertman (1 year ago)
If anyone ever punched my dinosaur I wouldn't be as cool about it 😡
Yeetus the Feetus (1 year ago)
( 3:19 ) Top 10 anime betrayals
ice wolf (1 year ago)
The one we're he pushed the guy to the dino was funny
Yekkt (1 year ago)
"Hey chickens"
okie P (1 year ago)
that last clip was priceless!
Mark Acacio (1 year ago)
the cop was cool, that's weird
Ibrahim yousif (1 year ago)
Cookie Khalil (1 year ago)
Shouldn't they wear red pants
mzd (1 year ago)
1:46 they both deadass pushed the same guy into the dinosaur.
Tardisius (1 year ago)
This is why I carry a Colt 45 =)
Bear (1 year ago)
I've been going through watching each one. This one is funny!
Lencho Medina Jr (1 year ago)
the last prank was funny he pushed hes friend like EAT HIM INSTEAD OF ME XD LOVED IT!
Ali Zeineddine (1 year ago)
Nice nice nice nice nice nice cooool
Eyo Sam (1 year ago)
the dude 3:19 were fucking friend bulshit friend don't care about his friend dumbass🖕😂
FrauFrauLegend (1 year ago)
3:17 give me my hat back
six (1 year ago)
this is awesome lolololololololololol!!!!!!!!
cheechotheman (1 year ago)
lmmfbo!!!! the last fukn best friend in the world!!! i laughed so hard and even harded as i wrote this post! hahahahhhahaaa
Doomakarn (1 year ago)
(GONE SEXUAL) *dinosaur rapes a woman*
NYXia (1 year ago)
dude even the poliece officers are like "lol"
Chris Garcia (1 year ago)
The kid at the end was shady asfck 😂
Lorenzo Rozelnox (1 year ago)
The easy-punch people are the most stupid on the planet.
he punches the dinosaur im done lolololololol
Jaka Parker (1 year ago)
Hey! Chiken!!
Habib Haji (1 year ago)
Assassin's For Life (1 year ago)
( .Y. ) whats this
Mae Crawford (1 year ago)
S.L Jones (1 year ago)
with friends like these...
Aline Gomez81 (2 years ago)
that last part was funny but that's not a true Friend
Ute J.k. Bemsel (2 years ago)
that prank could have been going terribly wrong! someone could have had a gun.... after all this is america!
Ramblin Man (2 years ago)
Whats up with all the fatties?
MorliHolect (2 years ago)
Pinkadotzz (2 years ago)
Haha last one made me laugh! Nice friend u got there! Lol
Anu Yew (2 years ago)
My Favorites the Mexician Mama at, 1:12 (She gives no F%cks!), and 3:20 "The Weak Ass Friend" at the end...He should have just went the whole hog, and served his friend up on a platter with fries on the side!!!
2.51 the people bull shit,this people want use killer clown pranks to him
zhou qikai (2 years ago)
whatchu want,a haircut?!
Snoop dog dIA lol
GallimimusProductions (2 years ago)
2:51 how chris pratt really trained his dinosaurs.
CRF/VFR/KTM Adventures (2 years ago)
Mr Raptor (2 years ago)
2:30 parenting done right HAHA
Steven Singh (2 years ago)
The dude who punched the dinosaur is a dickhead and kill his family
Vick Vick (2 years ago)
thats how you find out who your true friends are lol
Vexatron Primal (2 years ago)
Mother fucker punched out a dinosaur! Bet he's off to suplex a train next.
Lilsmile01 (2 years ago)
those two guys pushed his friend in the black shirt and went "NOPE!"
jAM Ab (2 years ago)
sadly thats how lost my T REX.
Tae Alexander (2 years ago)
Oh my why did he push his friend! Lol
Ozzy Phantom (2 years ago)
My Dixie Normous No one said the dude was nice 😂
Ozzy Phantom (2 years ago)
Survival of the fittest😂😂
Antonio Gil (2 years ago)
3:16 He said fuck you nigga
Brinton Callahan (2 years ago)
2:51 LOL
Barjo Eh Team (2 years ago)
You can't have a top 2 prank
EdTriTion (2 years ago)
Lol That two dude, the one who push his friend Hahahahahaha
Falon Adams (2 years ago)
If I saw the dinosaur I would be scared but I would hug the dinosaur
Mysti Gurney (2 years ago)
I like that that is scary😨
Theclowen Prince (2 years ago)
That last clip
Overkill Brony (2 years ago)
the Dino beat own
Mandy (2 years ago)
3:04 - Hahahahahahahaha! Good sense of humor! XD ♥
Truong Huynh (2 years ago)
lol 😂😂😂
Jose Alvarenga (2 years ago)
1:52 wow the police officers laughed
Jose Alvarenga (2 years ago)
Raymond Mendoza (2 years ago)
May Bros (2 years ago)
I'm a nerd with flow
Joshua Lian (2 years ago)
Did the Cops says"Hey Chicken"
Piranha Plant (2 years ago)
you know you have a good friend when he pushes you to a carnivorous dinosaur :D
Hakeem Nelson (2 years ago)
nigga said chickens smh lol ifhe saw what appeared to be a dinosaur he would run
kwl pakz (2 years ago)
3:20 pushed his friend into it XD what a great friend!
Yoongles ._. (1 year ago)
kwl pakz lol the one at 1:45
literally me when zombie apacolipse happens
Roeshae22 (1 year ago)
Tom Geary (1 year ago)
kwl pakz survival of the fittest
Zacman1a (1 year ago)
Sup (2 years ago)
67th comment
Dylan Jaurique (2 years ago)
heh chicken
568 Os (2 years ago)
i like how the police officers are cool with it :D unlike some OTHER ASSHOLES X: (
John RG (2 years ago)
A punch in the face XD
KainePlayz Games (2 years ago)
Make the dinosaur so it doesn't show your legs
Legendary HD (2 years ago)
Zik (2 years ago)
3:37 - 3:40 that's how you train your kids
Lena Costa (2 years ago)
Gone wrong?
Lena Costa (2 years ago)
Oh, okay ,_,
Tedbert (2 years ago)
Crazy Lemon, yep. This channel is known for click bait
Liberty is my city (2 years ago)
Click bait
Itsaboutbassline Wv (2 years ago)
2016? this is old
candy is life (2 years ago)
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw,I actually cried
tory carter (2 years ago)
H23 beltran (2 years ago)
jaja nice vid make some more
Black Crane (2 years ago)
2:49 MY NIGGA!!!!😂😂😂
Paulo Teixeira (2 years ago)
1:46 pussys ahaha
Vinyl (2 years ago)
2:49 he punched him in the face!!!!!!
No Name (2 years ago)
The guy pushed his friend at it
Vinyl (2 years ago)
How can a compilation be "Top 2" ?! Only 2?! Really...
Angel (2 years ago)
hah the second they punch an actual dinosaur there dead already
eliot yanes (2 years ago)
All I see in this video is black and fat people and also a fat mexican bitch who insulted them hahah
King Reams (2 years ago)
+OGsur13 Rodriguez ikr fuck that guy
DEL Rodriguez (2 years ago)
DEL Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+King Reams i know right
King Reams (2 years ago)
not funny
brand flakes (2 years ago)
Why would anyone make a top 2 list
Silver Shifter (1 year ago)
Complete by pushing their friend at the end
Cermits (2 years ago)
Lucas Brasi (2 years ago)
That dude at the end lmfaooo
DominoRed 123 (2 years ago)
that dude in the end killed me so badly
Zac Yan (2 years ago)
Who the fuck squares up with a dinosaurs?
Jared Bindert (2 years ago)
Do more of those😂😂😂
Luke (2 years ago)
Top 2... As in you could only find 2...
MariaN xD (2 years ago)
3:17 hahahahahahahahahaha
MariaN xD (2 years ago)
Good prank
Carter Lowe (2 years ago)
Outro song?
네이처그린 (2 years ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마지막 진심 개웃김 하핳 ㅋㅋ
DubstepRox x3 (2 years ago)
where can i get this dinosaur costume from?:D
Sugar Daddy (7 months ago)
ask from dinosaur dude ! how would we know
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UseYourActive - Guides (2 years ago)
Pawel Trunszowski (2 years ago)
Amazon costume store and also a dumpster
TheAdrianCoD VK (2 years ago)
2:25 hahaha fuck you bro
TheAdrianCoD VK (2 years ago)
Good prank! greetings from Spain 😃
TinkanTheMan (2 years ago)
Lol top 2
YxnGYamī (2 years ago)
who else laughed at the last one
Juli H (2 years ago)
jejeje so funny

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