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Bran Stark's Purpose was Revealed back in Game of Thrones Season 1 and Book 1

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Supposedly, George RR Martin has said that clues to the ending can be found in book 1. I’ve never seen or heard this, but even so, we already know that book 1 DOES foreshadow some HUGE events later in the series. Such as the "hold the door" reveal. "The only tricky part was doors. Sometimes hodor forgot that he had bran on his back, and that could be painful when he went through a door.” So let’s analyze EVERYTHING we learned about Bran Sark in book 1, "A Game of Thrones," to predict his true purpose in the Game of Thrones Season 8 Ending. Subscribe to this Channel: https://goo.gl/bkvygs ◑ Game of Thrones: https://goo.gl/U7wEce ◑ Westworld: https://goo.gl/h1CGk3 ◑ The Witcher (NETFLIX): https://goo.gl/Y912cg ◑ Altered Carbon: https://goo.gl/P3Tcou ◑ Stormlight Archive: https://goo.gl/uLQyrN
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bridge4 (2 months ago)
This is a *NON-SPOILER VIDEO* on a *NON-SPOILER CHANNEL* So please, out of respect for the community that does not want ANY spoilers, if you read or watch spoilers, please do not comment on the videos of this channel, even if you think your comments are spoiler-free. Thank you. Also, this is a fan-channel, not a critique-channel. So please focus on the positives in regards to writing, casting, or performing. Thanks! =))
charlesmiorino (20 days ago)
bridge4 stoked that I'll be able to learn more about it! Again, I love your channel, and all the thought and evidence goes into every video you do! Thanks for the reply, and I truly can't wait to hear what you have on the topic!
bridge4 (20 days ago)
I'll be mentioning it in a video soon :) Thank you BTW!
charlesmiorino (20 days ago)
bridge4 Hey man, I absolutely love your videos! I noticed something while watching one of your videos a few days ago, and then again, when watching the seen with Sam and Gilly reading in the Citadel. What I saw was in the book that Gilly was reading, there was a drawing of Littlefinger's dagger. I'm not very good with plot research and the like, but I wondered if you had noticed as well? Or if you think there could be any importance as to why the dagger used in the attempted murder of a Stark (and future three eyed raven) would be recorded in a book that has other plot importance? Keep up your amazing work! I can't get enough of your channel!
Laura Schmidt (1 day ago)
Anyone else think the story will end with the white walkers winning? I think they will wipe out most, if not all, life in Westeros.
rabie Abiad (5 days ago)
Mind explosion : the last hero is the night king
Joe (5 days ago)
Bran? Bran be trippin 👊🏾
bridge4 (1 day ago)
Aaron Sutich-Ursell (6 days ago)
I have been wondering about the sword ICE. It has been broken into two separate swords, what if one of them is used to kill Dany in a fire and she fuses with the sword giving us light bringer 🤔 maybe cerci kills her with Jamie’s sword and a dragon toasts both of them because Dany can’t be hurt by fire but it’s too late and then they re forge oath keeper with danny’s death sword by the Baratheon bastard
bridge4 (6 days ago)
And tragic!
bridge4 (6 days ago)
I lean towards it being a metaohor. Rhaegar was azor ahai,Jon is light bringer But if the prophecy turns out to be literallx that will be exciting :)
Spartucus101 (6 days ago)
Nope. Here's my wild theory. The Last Hero, IS the Night King. The wights where created by the Children of the Forest to destroy the Kingdoms of men. But decided not to do it. Because, oppsie they're all murder-y and stuff. The LIE is the story about how the first men and the children fought a "war" together. The truth is the Last Hero was turned into the Night King to control the Wights and basically stop Armageddon. That' the deal they made. That's why when the children help Bran, the Night Kings pissed. Bran, is not the good guy. Bran is the Villain in this story, the embodiment of the old gods and their desire to destroy men. He wants to stop the Night King. Not because the Night King will destroy all things. But without the Night King the wights will rampant & unchecked across the world. Finishing what the Children of the Forest tried to do long ago. The hinge pin is Sam, that's right, Little Sam. That baby was supposed to carry on the essence of the Night King, continue with the pact and curtail the spread of the Wrights. But dim wit fat Sam and his Autistic girlfriend LITERALLY took the heir to the throne of the Night King south. Now, the Night King is slowly losing control of the wights and as his power fades he is desperately trying to retrieve the baby from South of the wall at all costs. He's not gathering an Army. He's calling the Wights closer to him in order to maintain control. He didn't attack the Wildlings camp because he's an ass-hole. It's because he NEEDED those ships to try and bypass the wall. The plucky heroes haven't been fighting against all odds to stop the big bad Night King. They've been naïve pawns in a cosmic game between gods, slowly arranging their own extinction. Blah Blah blah, the story ends when. The Prince who was promised, AKA Little Sam is returned to the Night King. But instead someone. Likely Jon "I cry myself to sleep" Snow, or Deaderys "That weird kind of hot" Targaryen assumes the Night Kings mantle, forever upholding the pact and saving the world, while the other one assumes the Iron Throne in Kings Landing. Now that Cersei is to old and gross to fuck her way out of what ever cockamamie, numb skull plan she comes up. Her and Jamie finally kick off in some double suicide, one last weird sex+wildfire glory death. That's sure to leave even the most hardened pervert visibly shaken. The Mountain gets killed by Arya "this shit's only possible in movies and T.V" Stark, Sansa Stark and The Hound have their creepy dad vibe pedo/little bird SanSan moment. The series likely ends with The not-the-king-of-all-undead king/queen character stands all weepy and cliché one the wall looking out over the snowy north contemplating the sweet, sweet memory of incestual boat sex. While the other one rocks an Arthas ice throne vibe. Giggity-giigty fuckin' goo.
BlueBerryFairy1 (8 days ago)
Wait, the story about Rhaegar being alive ... maybe he didn't go to Dragonstone (or only briefly)... but I still stand behind that he may have become Jaquen H'gar ... and the faceless men may be the ancient heroes mentioned (who knows how long their order has existed/if they can adapt the personalities of long-lost heroes) Though I doubt they would form an army under anyone. Leave alone that he may have decided to not try to reclaim the throne and only returned to Westeros as news of Lyanna's family being in immediate danger reached him... or even earlier as Syrio?
zero boy (9 days ago)
Bran is a Welsh name... it means Crow... BOOM
zero boy (9 days ago)
breathe and squeeze Haha I'm afraid so... bleurgh
The Chief (9 days ago)
I really liked your choices for the background music, like Winter in King's Landing and My Watch is Ended. Easily some of my favorite soundtracks from the show. Good video, not sure why likes are disabled.
Lucas Schimmel (10 days ago)
Robert’s Rebellion was not built in a lie, it was built on Rhaegar, a married man with children, kidnapping a fourteen years old girl, who was betrothed to one of the most powerful lords in the realm, and daughter of another powerful lord. Then Aerys wanted pissed off yet another powerful lord. And that was just the straw, people were pissed off by Aerys alreadyz In the show those things makes no sense, but in the books a betrothal is sacred and wars have been fought for less.
Zach Turner (11 days ago)
Wintertown?!?! Winterfell homie
bridge4 (11 days ago)
Thanks, zach :))
Zach Turner (11 days ago)
Haha that makes me feel a bit better. Anyways, keep making awesome OC videos and again, sorry to be so rude when I was in the wrong. Thanks for the response and positive attitude, you can count on me subscribing :)
bridge4 (11 days ago)
and ftr, i got a lot of snarky responses in regards to "wintertown". is snarky a word? u know what i mean. its all good tho =)
bridge4 (11 days ago)
i use the term homie with my boys, so i interpreted it as a friendly heads up now i realize you wrote it with hostility :-P
Zach Turner (11 days ago)
Wow. I feel like a dick but now I know lol. Thanks man!
Szysz Szysz (12 days ago)
u can volume up those cutscenes u are well heared but i dont want to change volume evry freaking time ...
James Muhtar (14 days ago)
how you ever wondered that night king actually do not want bran to die? because if he wanted to back then he could definetly killed him, it's just doesnt right to me that bran could escape from night king at other side of the walls. maybe night king wants to come to arrangement like in the past between white walkers and humans. since bran is the only one that can get back to pass so that he can figure out what was the original agreement and what broke the contract between man and whitewalkers, maybe thats all what the knight king wanted
tony huckip (14 days ago)
Bran can warg through people maybe this would help him in killing NK maybe !
Kaleb Kristensen (15 days ago)
6:06 what sword is he talking about?
Akshath Nair (16 days ago)
George RR Martin... Or should I say George RR Mountain.. get it, get it.... Ohk
Akshath Nair (16 days ago)
bridge4 😂😂😂
bridge4 (16 days ago)
Ohhhh,lol. I've used that image a bunch but I think ur the first to say that. Well played!
Aidan Magill (17 days ago)
Bran. The most critical and most annoying character.
Seek Truth (20 days ago)
You will never walk again but you will fly...second best line in the series.
bridge4 (9 days ago)
Roberts line's and the actors deliveries were awesome :))
The Chief (9 days ago)
My favorite is...."Thanks the gods for Bessie...and her tits!"
Jazz Moore (20 days ago)
I always took 'flying' to insinuate his warging into a dragon by the end - which I still fully expect to happen.
Sophia Samhan (21 days ago)
5:03 I died!!!!
Brigette Van Zyl (22 days ago)
everyone thinks that the sentence "bran will fly" means he will "fly through time" what if its the saddle... he will fly a Dragon with that saddle... anyone think of that
M .S (23 days ago)
6:19 Here's that stick you wanted bro
A C4th (25 days ago)
My prediction is Jon will have to plunge his sword thru Danny's heart to get the power to kill the NK or vice versa. I think Jon more likey to live with the sacrifice, save the world and live the rest of his days in lonely agonizing sorrow.
bridge4 (24 days ago)
Imo, Rhaegar plunged his "sword" I to lyanna and created "light bringer" - Jon snow
Pete Easy (25 days ago)
YYYOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That was a deep dive i didnt know where you were going with the lies at first, but LIKE how you did this video!!!! even tho i swear i was about to hit that back button when you hit me with that nights king BS...lol Great Vid !!! and i hope to see you at the next con, im subbed!!!!
bridge4 (25 days ago)
LMAO, as i was typing this i heard Lady Wolverton in the background say "pete easy just joined the chat" lol
bridge4 (25 days ago)
sup dude. i actualyl just commented on the ros video asking if you were the Rains of Castamere singer (i think Azor Ahype mentioned it a few days ago. or maybe Tony). and im catching up on Lady Wolverton's last chat right now, and she confirmed it. and said you're awesome! you think there will be a con of thrones next year, and if so, before or after the show? it'd be more fun before imo. but i could see a "send off" con being fun too. im so jealous, so im gonna go next year. and im gonna try to go to NY comic con this year (but thats not the same since it's so diverse compared to Con of Thrones being strictly GoT fans =) hope you had a blast, dude!
Shahbaz khan (27 days ago)
Not all heroes hold the swords.... Some hold the doors
aaron miller (27 days ago)
I want bran to control a dragon!
bridge4 (27 days ago)
Since they are magical, I'd like to think that they are beyond warging. Then again,it could be argued that some dragon riders have effectively warged the dragons. So who knows, maybe :)
cpenn1385 (1 month ago)
I watched a lot of game of thrones viedos and I got to say I really like your channel. Keep up the good work my friend.
tyraelpl (1 month ago)
So where is the link to part 2?
Ash Tree (1 month ago)
"clearly Bran is the Night King" <3
Michelle Pendergrass (1 month ago)
Hmm. You have given me another reason to reread book 1.
0vershade (1 month ago)
Plot twist: the wihtewalkers and the Night King are the good guys in the end...
pookie grantson (1 month ago)
Fuckin wildling propoganda
Rhys H (1 month ago)
We can't really compare content from the book with the show seeing as the show has deviated away from certain things. That being said, great vid and well explained!
Ben Gale (1 month ago)
Do you think the last hero killed the Children once he realised they were the real enemy. That would explain why they were living in hiding.
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I Wil have the final video done next week. I still have more work to do reorganizin it tho. Trying to condense and make it flow. Spent a couple weeks on it lol. More than any video ever, not exaggeration. Not saying it will be the best. Just that I've gone overboard. Ended up reading all 21 bran chapters 6 times over the course of making it lol
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I don't think there was a last hero. I think that story is a lie unfortunately
Boomer Zierath (1 month ago)
Book one is one of the best books I have ever read, if you are a fan of the tv shows, I highly suggest reading the books, especially because we have over a year until the last season
KeV B (1 month ago)
I mean, I see you number off the "last heroes" In that scene 1-12, and then you number off the 12 WW's but don't count the NK, but in that last hero scene of S7, jon is counted in that, so it's actually 12 > 13
bridge4 (1 month ago)
In the scene with jon,they circled up after the first dude was mauled by the bear
smerdy (1 month ago)
One thing im sure of is that tyrion is going to be king, because there was this line in the first book that described him standing tall like a king?
bridge4 (1 month ago)
“Remember this, boy. All dwarfs may be bastards, yet not all bastards need be dwarfs.” And with that he turned and sauntered back into the feast, whistling a tune. When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king."
Darth KEK (1 month ago)
Robert's War was not based on a lie... it was based on honestly believe bad information.
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I looked it up recently bc I was thinking the same as u. That i was a mistake, not a lir. But turns out,a lie can be told or spread unknowingly
Katie Schultz (1 month ago)
Having just reread the first book for the billionth time I respectfully disagree with many of these points. I don't have time to go into it, but I applaud your efforts. I know how long and hard you must've worked on this.
bridge4 (1 month ago)
Virgile Genin (1 month ago)
i wish i could understand english better than i do. If someone could translatein french i would be gracefull for him
Virgile Genin (1 month ago)
merci c'est déjà pas mal ^^
Victoria Hogan (1 month ago)
Désolée. Mon français est terrible. /:
Victoria Hogan (1 month ago)
1. On donc tue avec honneur. 2. Bran va voler (sa vue "3-eyed raven" le corbeau avec trois yeux) 3. Des histoires racontées à Bran sont faux 4. Bran veux savoir tous les choses (et il peut parce qu'il est le corbeau avec trois yeux) 5. Il y a un histoire qui n'est pas encore arrivé appelé "Le Dernier Héro"
Victoria Hogan (1 month ago)
Virgile Genin Il y a sept chapitres que discusse Bran dans la première livre, que préfigure la fin.
Bee Hem (1 month ago)
Amazing, as soon as he said "Bran is the Night King" I said WHAT...then he says kidding.
Justin Damirgian (1 month ago)
Wait wasn't hodor brans horse and the dirwolf his dog, can we get a true 12 for bran?
EyeofArtemis818 (1 month ago)
I think you should narrate an audio book. I really enjoy your voice :)
Spike (1 month ago)
Bran 6? @20 sec into video
Spike (1 month ago)
bridge4 Yeah thats what I was confused about. Thanks for clearing it up
bridge4 (1 month ago)
i might not be following you, but when i say bran 6, im referring to bran's 6th POV chapter
Clayton Bugeja (1 month ago)
I hope in season 8 there will be an episode focused to give us some truth about the night king! They clearly showed us the man in bran vision who was as a human, but he holds a big secret for sure, when he saw Jon slays a walker with valyrian steel, he didn't worried, so I dint think he can't die with it
bridge4 (1 month ago)
they will. it's crucial to the ending =)
Endroar lee (1 month ago)
Winter town? You mean winter fell right?
bridge4 (1 month ago)
The town outside winterfell
get motivated (1 month ago)
Do you think that bran could somehow BE bran the builder? We've already seen that he can influence the past (in a simple way of saying it, Hodor style is what I mean)
get motivated (1 month ago)
Unless one of the reasons could be 'it's been done, it happened, therefore it needs to happen' type time travel wizardry lol :) like the whole Hodor thing, he was already Hodor before brands fall, yet the reason he was is due to bran in the future causing the past accident. Time travel is a sticky subject to go into, especially when we know so little of martins take on it, for now at least, I hope lol, c'mon TWOW already :)
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I don't buy those theories at all For example, the wall has already come down. Theres no reason fot bran time travel back and have it built at this point I think bran the builder was a demi-god. Kept alive through blood sacrifices. Garth, bran, durran, lann, and others may have been white walkers
Vanessa Baque (1 month ago)
No worries feel better I will continue watching your other videos I love them!
bridge4 (1 month ago)
Thanks, Vanessa :))
Vanessa Baque (1 month ago)
I want part two of this video
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I've been working on it finally th last two days, but I've been sick all week and today is the worst. So after 10 hours (which is a short day for me lol) I stopped and I'm watching "lost in space." I'm trying to finish the second and final "bran's purpose" video by saturday. But the problem is, it's not the best to release it on a weekend. I was hoping to have it up by 3pm tomorrow :( So unless I end up getting even sicker, I'll probably post it around noon Monday Apologies for the delay. I got side tracked on some other stuff offline (Jaime videos that I've been putting off since mid December lol) but I promise that the next game of thrones video I publish will be the bran one :)
Bethany S (1 month ago)
I look forward to every GOT upload! Please don't stop the GOT videos for Westworld😢
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I took most my season videos off public since the were so Oldschool. It'll all make sense in the final episode. You just gotta get there As fad as macumber, it's show only so Ive never put much time into it. I think it refers to people living inside the figurative eye (greensight) of a blue eyed giant (the NK)
Bethany S (1 month ago)
bridge4 I'm gonna check it out again. I bet ur videos would help me get what I was missing. I hope one of the 100s of GOT videos you have coming up is a longer video about Macumber (sp?) That's a crazy theory that I love
bridge4 (1 month ago)
I dunno. I was hooked from the start lol
Bethany S (1 month ago)
bridge4 I watched the first 2 episodes but it was so slow, nothing really grabbed me. Is it a slow start?
bridge4 (1 month ago)
friends, not fans =) do yourself a favor though. and do NOT watch any of my videos or ANYONES videos. don't even search the term "westworld" or tell your friends and family you are watching it until you are caught up season 1 has several HUGE twists in it. it's part of the experience. enjoy the ride =) then once you're caught up, join the season discussion. because there are tons of mysteries to explore and theorize on (unlike any show i've ever seen) but im not exagerating. do not find out anything about season 1 until you've watched literally every single episode. if you search "westworld" in google, you will have season 1 stuff spoiled for u
Chris Davis (1 month ago)
Where is the link for part 2?
bridge4 (1 month ago)
apologies. still working on it :-/
Ken Doll (1 month ago)
That picture you have that blue with the 12 in Got S1E1 wildings dead looks like circle but had a line in it.
B1Merry* StarrySky (1 month ago)
Everyone missing the fact that Bran will be a crow, I believe in the end (books). He perch’s for hours. Brings corn for the crows and sleeps in a tree (here he is called a squirrel). Basically saying he can be anything. But more about birds and crows. Which goes much deeper with all the crow stuff in books.
Koda Jolly (1 month ago)
IDK if you explained this in another video, but how could the thirteenth commander of the Night's Watch be the Night King if the Children created the White Walkers before the Long Night then fought with humans to push them back afterward? That's why the Night's Watch was there at the wall (which the Children possibly helped them build). Why would the Children make the thirteenth Lord Commander into ANOTHER White Walker so soon after defeating them? In the books the Night's King falls in love with a female White Walker, and maybe that's how he'd become a Walker, but we watched the Night King being made by Leaf and the other Children, which would have to be before the Long Night. I'm on board with the Night King being a Stark, but it'd have to be a Stark from before the Long Night and therefore the Night's Watch to make sense.
Koda Jolly (1 month ago)
mmm, I still don't think that adds up :/ I don't think the Children would help the First men defeat the first wave of White Walkers, build a magic wall to keep them out, and then make more white walkers on this side of the wall (which if that were the case, how are they now back over on the other side?) and then for there to be no records from the Andals about any of said Walkers. For the record what I was saying about the Night's King is that I don't think he is the Night King canonically speaking anyway. More likely the show makers cannibalized the name cuz they thought it sounded cool. But the Night King we watch being created by the Children has to be the current Night King as the actor having the shard of obsidian stabbed into his chest is the Night King actor. Like I said, I think it'd be interesting and maybe even probable that the Night King is an ancient Stark (the casters tend to cast people based on conceivable familial likenesses, and it's been pointed out before that the Night King looks Stark-ish), just not the same Stark as the Night's King, the thirteenth Lord Commander.
bridge4 (1 month ago)
i tend to think that the cave painting night king (with the beard) was the first night king. and the 13th lord commander is the new one (occuring after the long night. maybe around the time the andals arrived and started burning down weirwoods) as far as the night's king and night's queen, im not sure i believe any of that. it might be a lie. i tend to think that she was a normal girl, danny flint. that the starks broke guest right. killed her. the night's king fled north. and the children converted him it's tinfoil. but i find it hard to believe that the songs that were sung thousands of years before written history started are truthful
Josue (1 month ago)
You used the roman Numbers wrong, your 3 ist a 4 etc but that aside it was a really nice video
Daaria Targaryen (1 month ago)
Great video and great topic. But I have to be honest, when this video posted on my feed I only clicked on it because your screen name is Bridge4. It would be super awesome if you made interesting videos like this one about stormlight Archive and the cosmere. There are not enough of them out there!
bridge4 (1 month ago)
thank you for the king words btw
bridge4 (1 month ago)
i actually almost finished another cosmere video, but i ended up going down to the ufc over the weekend. and ive been sick. about to publish a westworld video. and then i gotta do 1 more of those tomorrow morning. i might be able to finish the cosmere video by tomorrow night. and plenty of them to come in the future sanderson is the best! (i just cant support the channel making them, so i have to keep busting out game of thrones in the meantime unfortunately)
Grim Reaper (1 month ago)
Wow that was some damn good analysis
bridge4 (1 month ago)
Thanks :)
Robert Menegazzi (2 months ago)
Maybe there were never supposed to be White Walkers, rather the Children brought the Long Night - they did break the neck after-all - it's not too far-fetched they could've used more powerful magic to try destroy men but then the magic became its own thing. That's happened a bit, Faceless Men for example are a cult based on the prayers of slaves of Old Valyria and have chosen to be dispensers of death. Maybe the Children plotted to create the Long Night to destroy the planet whilst they hanged out in the Weirwoods to later resurrect themselves via warging. But perhaps, their spell backfired and the Long Night caused the dead to animate so they were forced to create an alliance with men, BUT men found out, betrayed the Children and forged an alliance with the dead via a marriage pact and thus created the first White Walker and ever since they've been harvesting Crasters' and the North's bastards to continue their existence. Perhaps the Sparrow movement in King's landing made the White Walkers nervous and the re-emergence of dragons gave them the impression the Children were trying once more to end the world of men by turning Men against White-Walkers.
Zefram Cochrane (2 months ago)
*Says good wildlings...shows Ygritte, who murdered a boy's father in front of him in cold blood* Hate to tell you this dude, but Ygritte is evil, straight up. The only two Wildlings I'd go so far as to say are "good" objectively speaking are undoubtedly Mance Rayder and, MAYBE, Tormund Giantsbane, and even then, Tormund slaughtered a helpless village.
1994savvas (1 month ago)
Ossa dude, she is in the top 5 female characters for me.
Stacy Pobatschnig (2 months ago)
Where is the link for part two of this video?
Gg Gg (2 months ago)
Eleves made the King to fight humans, all the stories were lies , Bran will learn that, Night King isnt bad as such, hes trapped in a curse and trying to get free, Bran will learn that, he will also learn how to release Him from the curse
Gareth Williams (1 month ago)
Your comment made me think of a recurring saying in the book. Maybe to stop the curse "All men must die" - Valar morghulis.
Ghostfox (2 months ago)
Just to point this out.... but the story of the last hero... doesn't that depend on perspective? What I mean is this..... think about the original reason that the Night King was created. For the Children, the Night King was originally salvation from the First Men... so the Story Bran heard may be incomplete stories from an unexpected perspective.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
for sure
Born Medicated (2 months ago)
I heard a urban leged of a girl going up to GRRM in the early 2000s and asking if Hodor means hold the door lol and you know what I believe it She may have figured it out before anyone after Ive listened to peoples theories on here Man some people just see what you don't
Mo zz (2 months ago)
John Snow! He is the first to make friends of north men and wildlings... the first to make friends of the dead and the living...
Phil Scoles (2 months ago)
Could the Night King be the Last Hero? The men and women of the world are running wild, conquering and slaying each other by the thousands. So much greed and evil, maybe the Night King is coming to restore the lands and rid them of the evil menace.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
In a way... i lean towards the story of the last hero being a lie based around the 13th lord commander
PhD. Life Apologist (2 months ago)
Maybe Jon doesn't stab the Night King, rather - pull the dragon glass out of him..?
PhD. Life Apologist (2 months ago)
Idk, but why not? Seems like anything can happen in the GOT realm.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
do you think there is still a shard inside of him? i always got the feeling that it sort of melted into his body and became one with him
gematria79 (2 months ago)
GRRM has always warned readers not to take the prophesies & legends in ASOIF at face value. As our own history proves, these things are distortions, exaggerations, misinterpretations of oral histories combined with the imaginations of everyone who told these tales even after the Citadel tried to record & collect the histories of this world. Many wise Maesters even thought dragons were more myth than fact(as our own science believes today). A huge part of The mystery of ASOIF is for readers to try to figure out how much & what parts of these prophesies & legends are actual facts. The Last Hero story maybe no more accurate than what Ned Stark told his children time & time again about what he did (and found) at The Tower of Joy. Ned knew after talking to Lyanna in the Tower (if not b4) that she loved Rheagar & had gone willing with him. He knew the murder of Arthur Dayne was a shameful act. So even the "honorable" Eddard Stark tried to distort history & hide the truth so posterity would believe Robert Baratheon, Howland Reed & he were noble heroes of a justified civil war. Ned didn't keep the truth from Jon simple to protect him from Robt, but to protect all the lies of Robert's Rebellion. So just how many lies is the tale of The Last Hero protecting(or all of the now favorite legends of Westeros) ? How many dishonorable acts done by the Starks, the oldest, most powerful family in the North? GRRM likes to creates complex characters who are both good & bad depending on their circumstance & goals(just like everyone in real life). No reader can predict what these characters will do or their fate, because GRRM is still creating them & their stories. Even after HBO has wrapped up their version of GOT, it won't satisfy readers of ASOIF, because the creator, a book's author ', has the final gospel version
Barry Manalow (2 months ago)
OMG this is pretty good...but the white walkers aren't Black walkers, racists. Kevin will be King.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
I can't believe your username is Barry manilow. I'm literally laughing out loud right now
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Lmao. Oh shiiiiiit. Brotha!!! Hahah. My boss is gonna be so mad at me. I'm about to go out again and meet a friend. I'm just getting amped up for the ufc this weekend down in AC. I'm ridin solo!!! (Grantedx all my friend's and family were already going, but I'm gonna sit by myself and rock out!) I read every message..I was so confused by this one. Lol. I can't believe u and your million mph brain actually commented tonight. You're the man!
Barry Manalow (2 months ago)
Bwahaha thanks for the beer at BWW. Was an interesting chat.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
I am so lost, Mr manilow lol
kadomox (2 months ago)
George didn't write the Hodor door scene. D&D did. George couldn't have been referring to that.
Kibatsume1 (2 months ago)
D&d said in a interview g.r.r.martin told them the sad story about how his or got his name,he thought it should be in the show
gematria79 (2 months ago)
kadomox good point! For so many Fans of ASOIF its been years since we read the first 4 books & it's easy to confuse what GRRM has actually revealed to this point from what D&D has put only in their version. Speculating on where GRRM will take his characters 5 or more yrs from now is impossible, so everyone's predictions are really about how HBO will decide to end it's version in 2019-20. I don't think having alternative endings is a bad thing. After all, GRRM told D&D the version they'll use. He'll just likely come up with a lot more ideas for his characters over the next decade while he's finishing his book series.
Jose Hill (2 months ago)
George told them that little detail. He already said that it will happen in the books.
srz biznus (2 months ago)
Someone asked him about the show’s Hodor name reveal. He said that his name reveal in the books will differ in the context and how it happens. So while the name will still mean the same thing (Hold the Door), it will be very different from the show’s reveal. http://screencrush.com/game-of-thrones-hodor-hold-the-door-george-rr-martin-books/ Youre welcome
bridge4 (2 months ago)
For sure...hold the door hasn't happened in the books. But it will :(
James Eddleman (2 months ago)
My main concern, is that the whites 'started' their march, in episode 1. What they did was an act of war, making more armies ect. all while Custer was at truths with them, giving them his sons. They could have been at war since past ep1 and needed those sons to keep coming, hes been doing that for every boy so I feel like they were losing some here and there as other wildlings and giants manage to kill a few maybe? but now that baby sam is past the wall, the whites are like "NO OUR PRINCE THAT WAS PROMISED!!!"
gematria79 (2 months ago)
James Eddleman Craster has always left his newborn sons to die in the woods. The White Walkers hv been hibernating 1000 yrs(since the last long winter that lasted more than a decade), so Craster never had any kind of bargain with The Others(White Walkers). The White Walker Jon saw simply heard a baby crying & adopted it(adapting it to survive as they do). Most of the superstitious people of Westeros believe "only life can pay for life". Sacrificing someone/something living to gods to insure good hunting, good crops, good weather or anything else that helps you survive is just a common practice in most areas of Westeros & Essos.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Tchnically, the scene or scene was 8 days north, then north west, then north some more. Humans invaded the lands of almost winter. They didn't really. Mobilize until the end of season 1
Meadows (2 months ago)
Jon didn't pass the sentence on Ygritte.
Just Chris (2 months ago)
Dude, I like your efforts. This thief should be dealt with. Cheers. https://youtu.be/pqDuC9zlbec
bridge4 (2 months ago)
thanks for the heads up!! i had to take that one down after a delayed copyright flag for the jaime vs ned section (my clips were too long. previously it was fine because i had a bunch of pauses with still frames. but they changed it so that that section is still considered one consecutive clip) im actually in the process of redoing this (taking out some fluff, and adding in some good stuff) thanks again for the heads up though. i asked the person to remove it =)
CPU UK (2 months ago)
So, this is not just about Bran getting revenge on those who chopped his dad's head off?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Those people are all dead already. Joffrey, slynt, LF, and pycelle
Jose Martinez (2 months ago)
If dragonglass created the night king, then perhaps it can heal him... maybe this is what he’s after the whole time?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
They planned on using the language in season 1 but bailed on it. Their voices sound like the crackling of ice. It's from the prologue of book 1 :)
Jose Martinez (2 months ago)
bridge4 interesting. I’m barely in the beginning of book 2. I’m only basing my idea on the show as of now :p
bridge4 (2 months ago)
not sure about the wights. the white walkers speak skroth tho (at least in the books)
Jose Martinez (2 months ago)
friese14 yeah but we know dragonglass kills the wights. Do we know if it’s on contact? If it is, then maybe only he can touch it, otherwise they die. Besides, I don’t think the dead knew they had dragonglass in that hut. If they did, how could they have communicated it? We know they scream to grab attention, but do we know if that’s all their screams can communicate?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
In the books, stannis mentioned how the caves at dragonstone have some green, red, and purple tho. So the green glass at hardholm may have just been a subtle hint that we will see more of it :)
mojone87 (2 months ago)
George rr Martin is a master manipulator and excelled in the art of misdirection (in terms of writing). It’s funny how in this series, where everything exist in a fantasy world where one would expect magic would be a key concept of the story. Although yes, magic does in a way plays an important part so far but I’m amazed that the way he wrote the book somehow ‘magic’ does not overpower everything else. Don’t you think something is not right? It’s as if he does not want people to catch on easily that yes indeed magic is the answer. Think about it, in the series who has magic/supernatural power? Night king, bran, 3eyeraven, redpriest, the brotherhood. so, I believe the answer is clear he is hiding the truth in plain sight. Misdirection. Everything points away from Bran. Bran = night king is fan theory not factual evidence based on the books.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Thanks :))
mojone87 (2 months ago)
Hehe honestly, at first I actually thought that might be a possibility, but GRRM is the most unpredictable writer I’ve ever known. So I believe theres more to this story than that. So yeah, being on the edge of my seat every time I read the book or watch the show is why I clicked your video. Great job btw really enjoyed it.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Haha I'm totally with u on that. I actually delete every comment that says bran is the night King lol
Hentai Mora (2 months ago)
That GRRM picture at the beginning. 😂
Sakthi Sukumar (2 months ago)
Bridge4 can you look at this theory regarding if Jon and Dany will both survive in the end of the show and the possible love square in season 8. Could contain possible spoilers. Please don’t read if you don’t want potential spoilers. We know that rhaegar and lyanna both fell in love and both died. Rhaegar died in war and Lyanna died in childbirth. What if this is exactly what is going to happen to Jon and Dany in season 8. Jon will die in the Great War and Dany will die in childbirth. The twist might be the Kiss of Life will play a part in saving both Jon and Dany next season. I am pretty sure being kissed by fire was mentioned in season 7. What if both Mel and beric have the ability to perform the kiss of life. What if Mel kisses Jon to bring him back to life and what if Beric kisses Dany to bring her back to life. It could go the other way around where beric kisses Jon and Mel kisses Dany. What if the show foreshadowed the kiss of life because we already know about the kiss of death lol. Since we know that the kiss of death happened two times maybe the kiss of life will also happen two times. I think the show foreshadowed that Jon could die again because he told Mel to not resurrect him again if he died at the battle of the bastards. Also in George’s original outline he had a Jon, Arya, and Tyrion love triangle. It could be possible that he changed this to be Jon, Dany, Tyrion, and Daario because I remembered how Daario gave her three flowers instead of two lol. I always thought about the possibility that Tyrion was also in love with Dany. The blue flower= Jon, the red flower= Daario, the white flower = Tyrion. Since Daario showed her those flowers in a unique sequence. We know who is going to win. Wait I think I got the order mixed up its actually. 1. Jon 2. Tyrion 3. Daario
Sakthi Sukumar (2 months ago)
Bridge4 can you please look at this theory regarding who will sit on the Iron throne at the end of the show. Could contain possible spoilers for Season 8. Please don't read if you don't want to see potential spoilers. In my previous comment on a different video I said that Maester Aemon told Jon that he gave the Iron throne to his younger brother. I also previously thought that Jon and Gendry could be half brothers if Jon was actually Robert's son instead of Rhaegar. Jon being Rhaegar's son makes more sense for the story. I now believe that Gendry and Arya could get married in Season 8. Maybe Jon will give the Iron Throne to his younger sister/cousin (Arya). This would be sweet because we know Jon gave Arya Needle in Season 1 before he left for the Night's Watch. Jon giving the Irone Throne to Arya would be a way for George to give Jon a huge gift to Arya for them being away from each other for so long.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
I'm actually releasing a preview video to that tomorrow and working on that exact video for end of the week. I was supposed to have both of them done already. But I ran into tons of problems with my file for the one that comes out tomorrow
LaneyStudios5 (2 months ago)
Only issue with the Hodor/Door thing is that the hold the door scene was in an episode after official canon knowledge from the books, like just a coincidence unless we see the Hodor mind melt in the next two books
Charlie Kot (2 months ago)
LaneyStudios5 apparently Martin said that was the plan for hodor from the beginning
Cosmic Ocean (2 months ago)
I have to ask but is your name a reference to Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Man moash. OB was tough :-/
T M (2 months ago)
Cosmic Ocean (2 months ago)
Well I just found my crowd. :D
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Holy moly!! I need to get those! thanks for the heads up :))
Matt Jones (2 months ago)
The hardcover versions have beautiful full color illustrations by the same artist who does the color; they're more like murals of important story moments. I don't believe the paperback has those.
Goddessjackie11 (2 months ago)
... where is part 2?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Haha well played
Goddessjackie11 (2 months ago)
bridge4 it's all good George R R Martin, it'll be worth the wait. Jk. Awesome, I thought I just wasn't seeing the link. :-)
bridge4 (2 months ago)
apologies, but i havent finished it yet :-/
Stephen Parkes (2 months ago)
Hang on, at about 5:20 you talk about the only story yet to be proven false, and yet you had said not all the stories were false!
bridge4 (2 months ago)
I worded poorly. Bran is told stories or reflects on stories in every chapter but one. And in all of those sections, some part of thr stories are false or have hidden meanings... except for the main story telling Time (from old nan to bran in bed, where she gets interrupted)
Dimetropteryx (2 months ago)
The story ends with people finding out that they really do live in the eye of a giant. Winter comes whenever he blinks, and the winter without end will come when he dies.
Zoe Kouf (9 days ago)
The Chief, I'd rather kill myself.
Mishko_ Luci4 (1 month ago)
The Chief (2 months ago)
Dimetropteryx and walking dead ends with Rick actually waking up from his coma and living everything he dreamed all over again.
George Bedrin (2 months ago)
Saying Roberts rebellion was built on a lie is a little misleading. Being built on a lie would suggest that Robert knew of lyanna and rhaegars love for each other and decided to ignore it and then change the narrative after he won. And that simply wasn't the case. No lie was told. More like it was built on misinformation
Johnny Skinwalker (10 days ago)
There would have been a rebellion even if everybody knew Lyanne and Rhaegar loved each other. Robert would still be pissed off.
SE FullmetalJake (19 days ago)
George Bedrin I suppose one could say he's being presumptuous when stating that he kidnapped her. But it's littlefinger, and of course wanted to twist it to start a war. "Chaos is a ladder"
SE FullmetalJake (19 days ago)
George Bedrin Actually he would be lying if he was stating it for a fact, saying "Lyanna was kidnapped by Rhaegar" is outwardly lying, even if he didn't know, because he's saying it as a fact when he doesn't actually know..as you say. So it is a lie. Put more simply, he would be lying about something being factual.
SE FullmetalJake (19 days ago)
George Bedrin Well didn't he witness them running away with one another, her going with him hand in hand joyfully rather than being taken against her will?
George Bedrin (20 days ago)
SE FullmetalJake but little finger or anyone else that told him she was kidnapped had no idea she wasn't kidnapped.. he was lying, he was just wrong... Simple
Supersonic (2 months ago)
Just had a thought What if Jon was about to kill the nightking as the ending but they find out hes a good guy. Or they discover they can fix him well convert him back to a human or more like benjan and that's the ending curing the nightking and along with him all the whites die or get resurrected. Idk just a thought
Kikker G (2 months ago)
Also to add on what I said earlier although its treu it was not a "rapenapping" the way they went about living their lives was not thought well. Lyanna must have kown how protective her family is of her( and starks being very protective of their bretheren like wolves) I mean she knew her family all her life so she must have thought about how her family might react. Even ignoring that it was a strain on the relations of the realm let to uts melting point. Makes you wonder why she would go into hiding right of the bat...
Kikker G (2 months ago)
bridge4 I suppose so. Also shows what a stranhe concept that is to me, arranged marriages. Makes you wonder if she had known at the end of it the price the realm paid for and if it was worth it.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Love. She lived in a world where her life choices were not her own. They were arranging a marriage between her and Robert baratheon, a man whom she didn't love Tough situation for her
Kikker G (2 months ago)
Although Its true that the initial causes of the rebellion were build on a lie, it wasn't a single cause that led to Roberts Rebellion. In my eyes it was a combination of current event at that time as well as past grievances. Also a series of unfortunate events at the red keep directly led to more houses joining the rebellion
Duncan Forster (2 months ago)
Your theorycrafting and video formatting is excellent. Could you do some Cosmere theory videos sometime?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
For sure. I'm semi jammed up for 10 weeks bc of westworld + game of thrones which is what helps keep the channel alive. But I'm actually doing a really short cosmere video this week. Its a type of video that im hoping will get some people to experiment with Sanderson Once ww s2 ends tho, I'm going to start busting out cosmere and Witcher videos in place of westworld (and always game of thrones to support the channel) And thank you for such kind words!!
Nylan Jaeger (2 months ago)
Honestly you are probably the best theorist I've seen on YouTube till now
bridge4 (2 months ago)
all credit to the community as a whole. it's been awesome chatting over the last year =) (as well as all the years i was watching other people's videos before i started making them) thank you tho =)
130starfish (2 months ago)
Rhagar is the white walker..
Lisa van Harmelen (2 months ago)
I seriously loveeeee your video editing!
bridge4 (2 months ago)
hey, Lisa!! thank you =))
houseofaction (2 months ago)
what if the night kings real name is Winter
CORE Gaming (2 months ago)
5:02 So meta. :D I love your work!
bridge4 (2 months ago)
thanks =)
Sarah of House Dayne (2 months ago)
The only tricky part was doors D': #toosoon
bridge4 (2 months ago)
What's wild is the he wrote that around 1991/92 probably
Samain (2 months ago)
I saw that interview of Martin's though I don't recall where. We notice that Brandon is the central character in the saga: Bran's chapter comes first, and he's seven years old when he first sees a Wilding gone mad from the White Walkers. His existence could be intrinsic with the timeline and the return of magic. Seven, in this case, (as an increment of time), can only be attributed to the Realms rather than the number of new gods since Bran follows the old.
Infernape 79 (2 months ago)
Great video and I cant find the part 2. Is it up yet?
bridge4 (2 months ago)
Unfortunately not. I organized the mess that was my dry-erase board today into excel yesterday and created a new schedule. And I realized that I have many more partially completed videos than I had previoulsy thought. Plus ww s2 is starting. So I'm pretty jammed up. Will be a few weeks minimum before I get a chance to reread the next 14 bran chapters and make this video (it's probably a 4 day project) So unfortunately, it's going to be a little bit, primarily bc it's an important topic. Arguably the most important, so I don't want to half-ass it :-/ My apologies
Jeremy Daugherty (2 months ago)
"... they all died,but he found the children of the Forest and then"... Jon Snow walks in. If that is not foreshadowing, I don't know what is.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
i think you mean robb (in the show). unfortunately, in the books, it's maester luwin
Legend Ary (2 months ago)
one thing you missed out on with the stories he's told is that some are just altered through time from their original form wildlings did kidnap women and sacrifice to the white walkers just not those women but their kids eg. craster
S S (2 months ago)
I think Bran will control the Ice Dragon in a final battle scene to help defeat the Night King. This is how Bran will “fly”. I also feel like Jon won’t be aware of Bran controlling the Ice Dragon and will somehow kill the Ice Dragon killing Bran. Also remember when Bran was told that if he stays in the Wolf or Raven too long he will be stuck. So maybe Jon knows Bran is controlling the Ice Dragon but he’s unable to disconnect and ends up being killed.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
historically, if you kill a creature that someone is warging, it doesnt kill the warg. as an example, melisandre used magic to kill the eagle, and varamyr six-skins felt it enough to lose control of his other 6 creatures. but he was alive still in his own body
TheIronUnderneath (2 months ago)
I must tip my hat to you, ser. Great job!!! 😉
bridge4 (2 months ago)
thanks =) hats off to the man though, Ser George R.R Martin =))

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