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Best Game.
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mopo ucco (11 hours ago)
time to watch this again
Andrew Friday (16 hours ago)
F to pay respects for the blond kid
Alex Chesser (2 days ago)
Stop right there, youtuber scum.
Frank Tops (2 days ago)
En ese juego una vez encontrar una puerta azul de hielo que no se podía abrir y la busque en Google y no la encontré después volví a entrar a el juego y nunca más la encontré
stokecityyouth (2 days ago)
Hello there. *AHHHHHHHH*
Mr. SlippyFist (4 days ago)
It is a good game though.
Error Sans (4 days ago)
"Thank you kind sir" I never noticed this.. While playing oblivion
Living with Perks (5 days ago)
Don't even get me started on Don't even get me starteds.
A Filips (6 days ago)
Here after the second video take-down
bloodrunsclear (8 days ago)
I agree with everything. I still love this game
Marcus SALIBA (8 days ago)
Ur gay
:,D haru_za_kura (8 days ago)
У меня одной заглавие на российском написано?
Duhreel Vlogs (8 days ago)
The thumbnail lmao
ChefBoy RDthe7th (9 days ago)
Cool Dude (9 days ago)
I subscribed in the first 55 seconds
N. Sluiter (12 days ago)
Have you heard of the high elves?
George Lane (12 days ago)
If the atmosphere didn’t have drugs in it oblivion is what it would be like
ツЛоузай (12 days ago)
Очень знаменитая, а хуле?
Dragon Fang (13 days ago)
I love theses types of videos he makes.
Veljko Games (13 days ago)
micah zeller (9 days ago)
Wait..I know you
brother jauffre (13 days ago)
*in jauffre voice* stop you violated the amulet of Kings pay the blades a fine or serve your sentence your stolen goods are now forfeit.
ZombieJanitor (15 days ago)
STOP you violated the law
Jabiyrio (15 days ago)
Sarcasm 100
Freedom Warrior (16 days ago)
Kelsie Boss (16 days ago)
1:57 it got extreme
Delta The Raptor (16 days ago)
Its so cool
Useless Cunt (17 days ago)
7:18 which channel or streamer is that
wut ismylife (17 days ago)
*S T O P Y O U V I O L A T E D T H E L A W!!!!1111!!!1!*
micah zeller (9 days ago)
Your picture gives me meningitis
Das TIER (17 days ago)
Have you heard of the high elves?
Vertiquong Thurston (19 days ago)
Woman: I reserve beds for seamen Me: Cemen?
Atomika (19 days ago)
What's the name of that orchestra music part near the end of the video?
Dhruv Kaushik (19 days ago)
"It seems your eyes are as brown as the tree trunks" xD wtf
ZayV YT (20 days ago)
*no... Skyrim is*
Desiree Kabwe (6 days ago)
Someone hasn't played The Witcher 3, skyrim is a boring horde mode mod walking simulater so fucking boring
Amir Foox (21 days ago)
I'm replaying it now with a +5 leveling mod and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, and oh man, I can't believe how richer this game is compared to Skyrim. It has some seriously twisted stuff in it, too, character interactions, advanced spells and gaming mechanics, you name it. It lacks finesse for sure, but it's much easier to laugh at it quirks and issues than appreciate this absolute diamond in the rough. Maybe it's the mods talkin', but the game is significantly better than how I remember it.
Some Polite Boi (23 days ago)
2018 September???
Some Polite Boi (23 days ago)
Stop! You have violated the law. *Leave this channel now!*
But does khajit have wares if you got coin?
Jailer (24 days ago)
In this game good things happen
Tommy Boss (20 days ago)
Did the second video got taken down???
Lutfir Hussin (24 days ago)
What happened to the 2nd video? Was it deleted?
Arielle Stars (24 days ago)
Where is sliopy?
Remika Kaze (24 days ago)
Did the new one deleted.....
Now we have skyrim 7 years old but still better graphics than games like fortnite who still get patches
+Desiree Kabwe stfu bitch skyrim is 7 year old has still good graphics in comparison and you can do nearly everything you want
Desiree Kabwe (6 days ago)
Such a garbage piece of shit overatted game barely qualifies as a game it's a boring walking simulater so fucking Boring. The Witcher 3 obliterates every game every created
MICHAEL GALANG (25 days ago)
I hope i will be like you soon!!! Huhuhu😢
Davidci Codex (25 days ago)
Is it me or was the Part 2 of this just removed?
TheManWithNoName1989 (24 days ago)
The same here, was going to show it to my friends, it was so funny...
Torrengee ! (25 days ago)
I can't find it! :*(
RaceKitty (25 days ago)
i'm looking for it too :,(
Fahrrad (25 days ago)
Morrowind > TES
The MysticGod1587 (25 days ago)
Oblivion 4 is a better game than Fortnite | Change My Mind
omega koko (25 days ago)
Merci pour la traduction
Chronicle Child (26 days ago)
Didn't even know this video existed till he uploaded the second one
Chris Marshall (26 days ago)
Mary Gaudi (26 days ago)
SMG 123 (26 days ago)
This is Pewdiepies funniest videos
Dylan George (26 days ago)
I loved this game
Dario da Silva (26 days ago)
Why did you lie about playing or not playing Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls? In the latest video you mentioned that you have not played it before, and here you say you have. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Desiree Kabwe (6 days ago)
Most boring fucking games ever barely fucking games just pointless walking simulaters with no story, no characters. The Witcher obliterates Elder Scrolls
AV Vermilion (26 days ago)
I came here because of the new vid about this game
RelaxAdam (26 days ago)
neden türkçe !?
James Alexander (26 days ago)
When Pewdiepie used to swear:
Jake Maye (26 days ago)
Marrowind is even more cancerous
Salt (26 days ago)
Any 9 year olds here ?
Insanite Gaming (26 days ago)
"Who is here after.." SHUT THE FUCK UP 😠😂
Michael Malone (26 days ago)
My fucking god let me do that one again
Jeremy Orville Batac (26 days ago)
Argonians are lit af pew
MaTthEw raza (26 days ago)
Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni
RHI RHI (26 days ago)
"yes i was in the shess club!"
haiden rice (26 days ago)
Is this pre-Brad?
Mahesh Arora (26 days ago)
Who's here again after part 2 ?
MUKIT71 (27 days ago)
Wow he's swearing
Ed Shaw (27 days ago)
BEN DROWNED (27 days ago)
PewDiePie falou a palavra com N e corre risco de ter o canal deletado ele FALOU NETO ELE FALOU FELIPE NETO [email protected]
BEN DROWNED (27 days ago)
Zelda MM :3
Eddie Vargas (27 days ago)
The ending tho
KamiJoJo (27 days ago)
*I don't know why but swedish people and Todd Howard? I feel like there's a certain conspiracy going on...*
Sara Félx (27 days ago)
He literally used same videos this year. O R I G I N A L C O N T E N T
Lil Grizly (27 days ago)
The stupidity of the npc's are what make oblivion and skyrim so fun to play 😂
Deep Burn (27 days ago)
back when Pewdiepie used to swear :') ohh how i miss those times
Federico Nicosia (27 days ago)
DAT headshot ---- a masterpiece
Kiri Kat (27 days ago)
I don't know you and I don't care to know you
Scott Knows (27 days ago)
Buy a Fidget Spinner? It's all about buying that Baby Bottle Pop Fidget Spinner
Silver GoldTwine (27 days ago)
is this video? different?
Krix (27 days ago)
hmm, i smell fish here, what might it be? oh wait its pewds saying he hasnt played the game 2K18
Charlie Alpha Tango (27 days ago)
PewDiePie, are you an Oblivion NPC? You basically just posted the same exact video...
Morticia Addams (27 days ago)
A Filips (27 days ago)
kojuro katakura (27 days ago)
Sakura Ruri (27 days ago)
ShanPumpkin V (27 days ago)
I just noticed it's Michael Jackson's song History background music in the end
PConsoul (27 days ago)
What about another Tibia
SuHaIL (27 days ago)
Swearing PewDiePie
M O H A M M A D (27 days ago)
Subscribe To Pewdiepie Channel Lets Beat T Series 9 Year Old Army ✌
ishaan walia (27 days ago)
Im here after watching pt 2
Lt Scouton (27 days ago)
*buy skyrim*
Desiree Kabwe (6 days ago)
No thanks absolute garbage. I'll buy The Witcher 3 instead
Lt Scouton (27 days ago)
Lt Scouton (27 days ago)
*gently touches gray fox's apple* *STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM*
galih suweno (27 days ago)
Gaming Wizard (27 days ago)
Who is from today’s vid
FooFie La FlaP (27 days ago)
6:35 bruhhh
HOBBIES & HOW 2'S (28 days ago)
Go commit eat apple
Dan Munar (28 days ago)
Best game.
Desiree Kabwe (6 days ago)
Not even a game it's a boring walking simulater so fucking boring
isaac warren (28 days ago)
Who’s came here in 2020 woot woot
Emilia (28 days ago)
6:54 also the same video as in the second part hhaahh
Emilia (28 days ago)
Remember when he had orginal content and swore?🤗 Good times my friends.
Enteal Haven (28 days ago)
*I don't know you and I don't care to know you.*

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