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The Oldest Server In Minecraft (MinecraftOnline)

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Today we take a look at the oldest minecraft server that's public. You can read more about it's history here http://minecraftonline.com/wiki/Timeline#2010 Worth mentioning you should join the server in the version 1.7 This probably won't be a server i play on regularly but something i though was worth showing off :) I asked members of the server community about my thumbnail too so i don't upset them prior to uploading. They had no problems with it. ───────────────────────── ➤ As always, thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed feel free to drop a comment, i love to read them! Is there anything i could improve on? Let me know! ───────────────────────── ➤ IGN : mines ───────────────────────── ➤ Server IP: MinecraftOnline.com ───────────────────────── ➤ Contact me: Want me to visit your base or have a cool base you want me to visit? Message me the coords and a screenshot of the base! Any history provided for the base would be much appreciated :) I will give you credit for the location in the video! (Please note that i may decide not to visit your base for multiple reasons). Go to youtube.com/c/hawwy/about and then click 'send message' Alternatively https://twitter.com/Solatune ───────────────────────── Music Credits: all credit goes to C418. Purchase his music here https://c418.bandcamp.com/ ─────────────────────────
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Text Comments (3425)
Emy Cathrine (1 year ago)
lol baka
John Beniedict Santos indead 😂😂😂
Haha baka means cow in my language
Now that was cringe
John Beniedict Santos (18 days ago)
Its filipino
Mattron (20 days ago)
guys my crush calls me baka wdid?
Tellur1an (34 minutes ago)
I wonder if Notch ever joined...
The Lightning Guy (3 hours ago)
Ethan1084 (4 hours ago)
To clear up some confussion the MinecraftOnline.com server was blacklisted by Mojang on August 9th 2018. I Was sad aswell I really wanted to see some history of the server first hand but its got blacklisted. Servers usually get blacklisted if Mojang thinks that it is "Pay to win" so I have no clue on why the server got blacklisted.
JustAle 28 (5 hours ago)
I dont know why but sometimes "Moog City" Starts randomly playing in my head . Does this happen to anyone?
My first minecraft server is TeamExtreme
Inko HD (8 hours ago)
I remember that in that place it has like ‘factions’ where we well building like our builds I remember building a charizard pixel art and a faction draw a dick.......remember that the owner laughted about that
Inko HD (9 hours ago)
Haaaaa nostalgia about that serv
Human Vacuum (9 hours ago)
i bet its now ruined by griefing 12 year olds.
Hugo (15 hours ago)
wow friendly survival server ??? thats so cool
Tom Sheehy (18 hours ago)
7:25 *tries to hide being blown up by creeper
Docial (1 day ago)
you gotta play minecraft 23 hours a day if you can make that
Lλmbda 13 (1 day ago)
On the 9th of August, 2018, Mojang blacklisted 'Minecraft Online'. 'Tis a shame.
DatOneCat (1 day ago)
Why is the oldest server the most interesting and most creative
Louis Payet (1 day ago)
you casuals have never seen 2B
Sam ur Boi (2 days ago)
You sound like 32megabytes
abdulrahman mojil (2 days ago)
Honestly, I think 2b2t might have more interesting history than this server, but this looks like it has a lot of history
The Gray Ghoul (4 days ago)
My experience with this server was retarded, I spawned in a random place (NOT the rules room) and was walking around and I wanted to see if I could edit so I broke a few torches and then put them back and some sweaty asshole admin teleported to me cuz i guess he was watching the logs and then he started ruling me out and teleported me to the rules and being all cocky saying if I understood them and I said yes and told him that I never spawned in a rules room and was never given instructions to get to it so it wasnt my fault then he gave me a warning anyway so I just said in the chat that he ruined the entire experience for me already and I left... Seriously tho how can you be such a stuck up brat you have to sit and watch the logs and tp to someone and rule them out after someone breaks a fucking torch... AND THEN PUTS IT BACK, never going back on the server again dont even care enough to see if he banned me, I get that its history and all and you gotta protect it but seriously... a torch.
The server has been blacklisted by Mojang as of 9th August 2018 Rip
Anime Guy (4 days ago)
The server was blacklisted as of 8/9/18
Crunchy Carrot90911 (4 days ago)
TRIPLE STUNT (4 days ago)
He got blown up by the creeper at 7:26
TinyRodent (4 days ago)
I remember the good ol' days of pre-alpha which I believe was around 2009. Very limited block count which included Brick, 3-5 types of wool and a few others. Everything was creative mode, and your steve character swung his arms around his body whilst he ran. Everyone wanted a machinima cape, which was the only way that players were able to fly. The first thing I ever built in minecraft was a floating argos store (don't know why, but i was around 9 years old)
Team Crafter (5 days ago)
Albert Rocha (5 days ago)
I got permanently banned from this server for making an underground home and making secret tunnels to other builds and stealing loot and griefing with lava buckets lmao. Didn’t know about the permanent ban till about a month after! It was probably mid -late 2011.
Jordan Taylor (5 days ago)
Lol 2018 check PvP my xbox one name RedKain420!!
RED SEA GAMING (5 days ago)
Is this available on the Java version that's what I got
Yurei (6 days ago)
Not quite sure what this means for it but the server got blacklisted by Mojang yesterday according to their timeline
Levente Popovics (7 days ago)
My oldest world gone trough a lot of updates and today it looks likeif the biomes are slipped away and, for example a desert of mine has snow in its clouds so... :DDD
Alejuandro Juanjuan (7 days ago)
Maitiu Deasy (7 days ago)
Shut up kirito
Yurei (6 days ago)
Tomdaninja (8 days ago)
Its really nostalgic seeing buildings that give off that faint "Yeah I was Built in Alpha - 1.1" feeling
Jackson Harris (11 days ago)
"IP Address" *facepalm*
sam sol (11 days ago)
played this like a year ago. built a house right near spawn. i did a ton of exploring and came across this guy who said he'd give me a tour of a huge kingdom. this server is lit
StablizdBlodd (12 days ago)
AHHHHH The sign says "German/Deutsch" and he says *DUTCH* *TriGgErEd* (I am not mad, dont take it so serious)
Aperture kid gaming (13 days ago)
Is your profile pic kirito? From sword art online (its one of my favs anime)
Valian G (13 days ago)
Damn I miss Minecraft
mine master (14 days ago)
(to Mines ) (the one who made this dumb video) this guy is retarded the fucking "oldest server in minecraft" might confuse some people because hell there is beta servers like beta lands and alpha servers like always alpha and hell i even have my own oldest server so why did you call the video oldest server you fucking dumb ass and btw it's fucking release so it's not old maybe you can say the oldest release server or idk but you are confusing people and you should fuck off and btw no offense or anything but anime is really gay so you should change your profile picture you fag
Dutch Mapping (14 days ago)
It says bans are permament, for me it wasn't, I was banned by accident and then unbanned!
VCSGameplay (14 days ago)
There is a server named DKFun from 2009 i Think? :0
Antonio Carranza (17 days ago)
i was there once... got lost for days watching cool stuff.
MontyPizzle (17 days ago)
"We've got Turkish, DUTCH" It's Deutsche you Swine, dislike.
Flocc (18 days ago)
weebie weeaboo
Plamie (18 days ago)
i got triggered when you said to german ''dutch''.....
Gatiberi (19 days ago)
A Swedish YouTuber called STAMSITE had a 7 year old minecraft server and it is still active! And it is no cheat at al. But it has whitelist. It also have no plugins and stuff. But in like 2 weeks ago they swithed server host but it has still the same world.
Emersonac (19 days ago)
Wait, isnt it 2b2t the oldest??
Prateek Sachdeva (19 days ago)
This is magical..!
Prateek Sachdeva (19 days ago)
please do an hour long video on this server..!! im shook sis..!
ilektron M (21 days ago)
Who's watching in awe in 2018?
zues121510 (21 days ago)
Am I the only one triggers by him saying that German is dutch? :p
Oliver Nilsson (23 days ago)
I can just update you that today was the last time for MinecraftOnline i were a player on the server and today i recived a mail from crew that server after 8 years shutting down sad but true :(
Kobe Anderson (24 days ago)
The 26000th ban was on my birthday lmao
AddictedToStats (26 days ago)
When minecraft was si plea and peaceful with no toxicity
Isaac Sullivan (26 days ago)
i got banned permantly for breaking torches
The Gray Ghoul (4 days ago)
Same I got a warning for doing it cause I didnt even spawn in the rules room, the admins are a fucking joke.
History Network (26 days ago)
Random Tutorials (26 days ago)
Man said dutch when it was german
Philippe Lefebvre (27 days ago)
you called german, 'dutch'
Jack Roberts (27 days ago)
Lol I’ve been on that server
Ninja - Overwatch (28 days ago)
Back in 2012 i played in darcecraft with my other two friends. *phew* those were SOOO amazing times :) I will never forget them!
Ninja - Overwatch (28 days ago)
So sad that darcecraft shutted down :( *crying*
Sheep Tea (29 days ago)
Deutsch??? More like Dutch
Gd Master (29 days ago)
Gd Master (29 days ago)
ya bhfhzi yeah pretty cool
George Washingpun (29 days ago)
Too much nostalgia
Jeff (29 days ago)
it was german not dutch
EnduroBluff (29 days ago)
For some reason Minecraft is the only game that has gotten to my heart and that I respect I get sad thinking how Old it is and what it has turned into
SpyTheShadow//Ali (1 month ago)
Ahh.. The good old days when naughty kids didn't exist.. Old minecraft will forever be remembered, although I started playing at 1.5 I still feel like a 60's kid.
RedShadow (1 month ago)
Kazuto Kirigaya is that you?
Boi McBoi (1 month ago)
i got fucking banned for placing a sign
Martijn Dingenouts (1 month ago)
I have freedonia, but its still on an old update
Bibomastar (1 month ago)
can`t join the server it just crashes
CtGuy (1 month ago)
Joshua Van Tassell (1 month ago)
"No, 2B2T is the oldest!"
alto (1 month ago)
this is literally insane, such a good feeling when you're playing throughout the years and now you get to see this nostalgia trip, i want these times back, the days when minecraft used to be minecraft, not two handed game 2018
I joined the server
ForeverInColor x (1 month ago)
This is so cool! Super old-school, but I love it... don't see a lot of that now
Joshua Beckwith (1 month ago)
This person sounds like Stewie griffin. Anyone agree? Lmao
Viktoria Waffle (1 month ago)
1:36 he read Deutsch as Dutch.... deutsch is german....😂 (pronounced doy-sh)
Eclipsion 13 (1 month ago)
sao is awesome
Uranium 61 (1 month ago)
This server looks like heaven, 2b2t looks like hell
Oof McOofy (1 month ago)
They indeed are polar opposites.
Soviet Loli (1 month ago)
The updates this world has gone through
King Zoobooroo (1 month ago)
This is so Beautiful
Joshua Weber (1 month ago)
I want to join this server. I don't know how to join a server. I like what I see in this video. I'd like to explore this one and maybe find my own plot. I was searching "How to join a server." and this is one of the results. How do I join THIS server? I've been playing for about 3 years in single player. I've watched many videos from 'Hermitcraft' members (before I realized they were Hermitcraft members), I favor Mumbo Jumbo (and Grian, even though he isn't a Hermitcraft member [as far as I know]) and K1 (even though I haven't watched many of his videos in a while). I LOVE redstone, I want to learn more about aesthetics and I think this is a good place for me to do everything I want and need to do to up my game/Game! HOW DO I JOIN? LOL I want in. Xephyr Xruxible {Ze-fer_Crew-si-bull} Xeph {Zef} for short. (def.: Delicate Refinement)
Supernoxus (1 month ago)
Did they build this all with naturally mined resources, or with mods?
infidelgermany (1 month ago)
That was German not Dutch...
Insecure Monk (1 month ago)
Wait I thought 2b2t was the oldest active server still a great video
Mr. Shneeblie (28 days ago)
Julien E it’s the oldest anarchy server, not the oldest sever
Joren Serrano (1 month ago)
Michiel 123 (1 month ago)
He said Dutch to German [Tr!GgerEd]
Wenche Yndesdal (1 month ago)
Quantum Wave (1 month ago)
Hey what's the server port
John Smith (1 month ago)
This brings nostalgic feels when watching , servers used to be so simple and fun unlike todays servers that are full of pluggins and flashy things on the screen. I have quit Minecraft for almost 5 years now and seeing these kind of servers with a closed group of people brings joy and makes me want to return to it. Although it is very hard to find precious gems like these you can enjoy with friends.
Oof McOofy (1 month ago)
2b2t is a good nostalgia trip, also a good trip if you like history. Damn the spawn area (said to be 1-2K blocks from the 0.0 center) is completely manmade, even if you escape it you will still find many ruins of old bases, griefed.
Iri Neko (1 month ago)
and theeeeen there's 2b2t.....
blockshift 758 (1 month ago)
Iri Neko public
Steel Xcaliber (1 month ago)
I was planning to build something like this a few years ago. Those were good times.
Cheeseburger (1 month ago)
my uncle has a house there
Kanna (1 month ago)
like 2b2t but the opposite two sides of the same coin
ImTouchk (1 month ago)
no,2b2t is the oldest
Oof McOofy (1 month ago)
2b2t is the oldest anarchy server
Riley Murphy (1 month ago)
Fake reactions
can't join
blockshift 758 (1 month ago)
CatOnKeyboard Animations must be 1.7
Mr. Reflinkk (1 month ago)

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