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Crazy Envoy Plugin | Minecraft

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●Hey DiamondRushXD here, Hello and welcome to the Crazy Envoy plugin page. This plugin allows you to drop crates with special prizes from the sky. This can add some spice to your PvP server. It will make players want to go to spawn and fight for these crates that may hold something very valuable in them. Twitter Link! http://adf.ly/1d39Dj ✔Join The Squad http://adf.ly/1ct9E3 ●Crazy Envoy Plugin http://adf.ly/1i6FQ9 ►Twitter @DiamondRushXD ►Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/DiamondRushXD ►More Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBW5MN-VFgw ♫ Music Found In Video Intro➝ Grizzly Bear Diplo http://adf.ly/1ct9Vy Outro➝ Transformer http://adf.ly/1ct9an ●BackGround Music Incompetech http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Bright Ncs https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Goblins From mars https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7r8TN-JGGrTyCmIJSShdkw I don't own any rights to the game as shown on screen. ©TheSquad is a official Trademark ◆DiamondRushXD
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Text Comments (42)
Jakub Ludwig (30 days ago)
Congratulations for 10 000 subs. Iam from the czech republic... Sorry my English! ;)
Agresif Oyuncu (11 months ago)
its super <3
DiamondRushXD (11 months ago)
ImMig (1 year ago)
Nothing happens when i open envoy chests
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
check your server version and plugin version
Ratty Stinker (1 year ago)
What are the permission nodes??
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
you can find it on the page
Samisage TFE (1 year ago)
Kewl vid! You and Numero uno are some of my favourite youtubers!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
cheers thanks so much glad im up in your list :3
Dit is Koen (1 year ago)
When I see your intro: I love thiiiiiiisssss....
Dit is Koen (1 year ago)
no problem :)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
haha thanks homie means a ton :D
Kayden Blair (1 year ago)
me and my friend had an fun time doing this thx bro :D
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
hey anytime love doing theses videos
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
What would you like to see next?
RiseOfVenom (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD Can You Do A tutorial on how to have commands on certain worlds like you have multiverse-core and you got 1 world which is factions then another world which is prison so if I did /f in prisons it will say unknown command please Find out for me I try and find it out but I cant :(
Stormsweater (1 year ago)
CubeRunner Countdown Stops At 11 Fix | Minecraft
SrHyaster (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD could you do a theme park plug-ins video i would like that 😀
FreshStart (1 year ago)
Thanks You have Ts ore skype?
FreshStart (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD can send your my Ts ip soon so you can contact me og you wan't
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Remdyz (1 year ago)
Now on my server I have this and it's sick for factions my members love it thank you
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
no problem i'm glad i could have helped! ;3
Pikaojos ElFurioso (1 year ago)
Why you dont put videos of hacked clients is better
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
i tend not to use anything hacked i rather just stay as i am thanks though
WesleyPlayz Minecraft (1 year ago)
hacked Clients is the most stupid thing you could ever make a video about, or use.
DeadlyDeadpoolGaming (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
you guys are great ;3 <3
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thank you so much bro ;3
DeadlyDeadpoolGaming (1 year ago)
FueL Thunder ikr
Remdyz (1 year ago)
DeadlyDeadpoolGaming true that
Walter guerra (1 year ago)
top o video amigão.
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
obrigado :D
Remdyz (1 year ago)
Hi everyone
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Vexaylo (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for making this : D
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
glad to have helped :D
Meelad (1 year ago)
you are now my favourite YouTuber I just knew you and I watched 5 more vids. ur awesome man .
Meelad (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
thank you so much homie means a ton :D
Jordan (1 year ago)
So true!

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