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Jack And The Beanstalk - MEGA BIG WIN (1857x BET!)!

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HUGE 1857x total bet win on NetEnt's Jack And the Beanstalk slot! This video was posted by BigWinPictures member: Shawsslots Shawsslots Youtube: youtube.com/xJohnShaw Twitch: www.twitch.tv/shawsslots
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Text Comments (11)
GASERAT TV (10 months ago)
все кто лицезрел видео где чувак словил 5 арф у меня на канале разоблачение его
emotions and feelings (11 months ago)
First inFreestyle (1 year ago)
sorry to say this man, but 1.110 eu is anything but BIG.( compared to the length of free  games and wins)....this is ridiculous....should have played on 1 Eu, not 0,01 Cent....this is pathetic. good luck
Shaw Slots (1 year ago)
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
You always play this slot 60€/spin? Good luck to you.
Dire Smurfy (1 year ago)
Lucky to get 3 quid haha
Serega (1 year ago)
Ricks Slots (1 year ago)
Great video as allways mate keep them coming
Shaw Slots (1 year ago)
ty for the upload <3
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
NB and congrats on your big win!

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