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How to make up to $1500 a week easy free simple-just by downloading apps best app ever

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http://featu.re/R5B5NB remember R5B5NB SHARE THIS VIDEO ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA http://featu.re/R5B5NB remember R5B5NB FOR EXTRA POINTS this app is sick so much money made https://ibotta.com/r/lhkbhdt snapchat terrylavon23 xboxlive terrylavonz20 facebook entertaining tv Instagram terrylavon23 twitter makemoneyonline or type @lavon1990 http://www.paypal-prepaid.com/prepaid-debit-card/applyNow.m?AID=Refer2PayPal&uref=5980669384
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Text Comments (70)
Chris Fajardo (1 year ago)
for real my inspiration
Edward Garzon (2 years ago)
do you have to pay taxes on your earnings?
SWAGO _WHATjob (2 years ago)
How long dose it take to receive a CHECK from tap gen Uzbekistan I had cashed out 5$ yesterday but it's still not here
Danny Coles (2 years ago)
CLG pranks (2 years ago)
I  need help
Louie Vic Dominguez (2 years ago)
bro can you do a step by step ..how to do what exactly ur doing ,,hehehe we also want to earn money same like you ..thanks ..cheers !
rmankingchannel (2 years ago)
love your video great description
FortCom (2 years ago)
Why don't you ever show how many😄 you have?
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
something I don't do sorry
FWCC1 (2 years ago)
Bro I still can't figure how u do this
Entertaining tv (1 year ago)
FWCC1 what do u mean can't figure it out
Malikah Newman (2 years ago)
After you start getting points how to get the money in your paypal??
NATURALKILLERS (2 years ago)
entertaining tv ya dog having trouble here hey curious you got a formula pls pls pls
Disabled * (2 years ago)
u should make a video just getting points from feature points. like your whole day of just getting points
Bih ____/\__ (2 years ago)
how long did it take you on fusion cash to get to 2000$?
Disabled * (2 years ago)
i make 1000 in an hour, if im lucky
Disabled * (2 years ago)
how.... how in the world do u make 42 thousand points in a our
Shadrack Dadson (2 years ago)
does this works in africa
Entertaining tv (1 year ago)
Shadrack Dadson not sure u should try and let me know I get that question a lot
Donovan (2 years ago)
is this available in south-africa??
K1ng Zay (2 years ago)
that is awesome I'm subscribing to you
bushbomb bushbomb (2 years ago)
hey boss love your videos, how much device you used and can you do a dry run on the survey side cause i do so much survey with no luck need you help.
Becky Devoted2Christ (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, I pray that the Lord blesses you for thinking of others and sharing your success . I downloaded the app and entered your referral code and got my own which is GD9A2X I would very much appreciate it if anyone uses it for their 50 points. Thanks again and stay bless always 😊
Rosalinda Calderon (2 years ago)
I got the app but some times it doesn't give me the points why is that can u help me out here?
Gabrie Escobar (2 years ago)
Have you ever done the money phone 😂
Bradley Lee (2 years ago)
how you add more apps when they only give you so many
Kathy Reed (2 years ago)
Benjamin Jones (2 years ago)
Anthony Monroe (2 years ago)
When will be a good time to touch bases with you ?
Chris Adams (2 years ago)
How long did it take to get to 2303.xx on Fusion Cash?
DEFENDER82au (2 years ago)
awesome job dude
BMiles (2 years ago)
My IPhone won't let me turn off Advertising shit? Can someone help me pls😭😭😭
Miguel Jimenez (2 years ago)
Hey man thanks for your videos. However I have a little problem, I started downloading tha games but encountered two glitches, 1- when I was done with either the level or the time they suggest to play it doesn't give me the points I should get and 2- when downloading the app it does not go directly to Google play, it goes to my browser then to Google play. any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong or how to download them properly? I'm downloading them on 2 android cell phones Thank you.
Nell Lewis (2 years ago)
I'm loving your help thanks a lot keep it up!
Terrence Martin (2 years ago)
what do you do when you downloaded 4 or 5 games and you let it play for 2 or 3 mins and it don't give you your points
dwarfbeans (2 years ago)
Do the apps like refill every 24 hours?
Hey, Terry, I am using my Android Tablet, and i phone, The issue is I initially had the App Installed on tablet with a different e-mail address and attempted to transfer the points to the PaypPal e-mail but the issue is regarding share your link their are 2 different links on iphone and with tablet! Can you send me a message to fix the issue. Thanks, Terry.
morasinlove (2 years ago)
Dude! How the hell do you get all that! I can barley get anything on these apps lol how embarrassing! But I'm happy for you keep getting that cash!
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
snaochat for details terrylavon23
Robert Stacey (2 years ago)
All the money your making should could get a new iPad
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
Naw I like this one
mustang13990 (2 years ago)
Is this real?
SoccerSPORT7 HD (2 years ago)
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
KIM JACKSON (2 years ago)
how long did it take 2 get 2000 on fusion cash
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
few months
FanelliFilms (2 years ago)
I know you can earn 300 points from making a YouTube video about this app. Are you getting 300 points every time you make a video about it?
GGA Productions (2 years ago)
Hi I have a problem I download 2 apps but after that I every app I download n use for over 2 mins says pending
J.R. DaHustla (2 years ago)
thanks for the app trailers..i made 85.00 in 5 days
Chad Nonya (2 years ago)
people are using my code but i don't think they are using it anymore cause i'm not getting points
B Jamin117 (2 years ago)
You should save your money and buy property or something that can make you more money:) Then maybe in the future you will have other resources making more money and prosperity:)
JKG JKG (2 years ago)
hey man I only get apps to download once in a blue moon and it's always one app
B Jamin117 (2 years ago)
I wish it worked on my HP computer are their any apps that pay well on HP windows?:)
Lamont Stewart (2 years ago)
I got this app they hardly give me any apps to download. Then they give me one where "steps are required" I'm on my iPhone. Any advice thanks
xawilliams3 (2 years ago)
how tall are u
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
sammy (2 years ago)
On iOS settings it won't let me turn off limit add tracking so I can't use the app help me pls 😕
Kadriana Fl (2 years ago)
G McLeod (2 years ago)
Thanks for the videos. I just have one question atm. i'm downloading tons of apps on Feature Points, but very rarely do I credited. About 90 % just says "pending" After a few days, I check again, but still nothing. It's taken about 4 days to get to 400 points. Any advice?
Douglas (2 years ago)
For the past 10 apps I downloaded I haven't received any points. Do you have the same problem?
UnifyYT (2 years ago)
How Many People In Total Have Used Your Code??
SellingKirbyMan (2 years ago)
love these videos man keep it up what else is there takes no money to get started
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
thank u
24/7 hustle (2 years ago)
What happened to the earn extra
24/7 hustle (2 years ago)
Entertaining tv I think so I use that to get points as well the serveys and buying stuff to get the points
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
dang idk  I might have blew it up
Scratching For A Mill (2 years ago)
With feature points does it make you download apps that you've downloaded before? Mine does that to me
Hood Gaming (2 years ago)
Entertaining tv when i run out of apps can i delete the app and redownload it to get more apps
Scratching For A Mill (2 years ago)
Ok. Thanks
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
Hip Hop 2018 SLIM TV (2 years ago)

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