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Tyrion Dancing and More Bloopers: Game of Thrones Season 4 (HBO)

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Text Comments (3106)
This is not my channel but it deserves your attention.If you are GOT fan,please watch this analysis https://youtu.be/snWeiWilLxI
SevenPhotons (22 days ago)
#GoT #GameofThrones Have you ever thought how would be A Game Of Thrones Dance, with all the swords and weapons? https://youtu.be/mqrYl3q02Kc
soso694 (5 months ago)
what song is this? never knew the name
Maud Trenité (6 months ago)
ok but what are the boyos singing at the end
Amaya Jones (6 months ago)
My favorite blooper is probably Tyrion and Jaime dancing and singing along to Good King Wenceslas.
Andrea (7 months ago)
The fucking song omg
Jen L (8 months ago)
oh gods tyrion no... *Seven Hells Tyrion*
Kemily Play (8 months ago)
muito legal
Kazuma (8 months ago)
That Arya scene was so cute. 😝
Arunava Dey (9 months ago)
1:27 this scene is still the best! XD
christian thompson (9 months ago)
Tyrion and Jamie dancing through the throne room is the reason i get out of bed in the morning.
Sutibu San (9 months ago)
Anyone know what they are saying during Tyrion and Jamie's dance? I know the tune is "Good King Wenceslaus" but I don't recognize any English words from the song, so maybe it's in Danish since Jaime's actor (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is Danish? It seems that they repeat the same words over and over so I'm guessing Jaime planned this but got nervous (wasting the director's time on a multimillion dollar budget) and forgot the rest of the verse. Directly translating the English 1st verse of the song into Danish with google translate yields the following: God kong Wenceslas kiggede ud På Stephens fest Når sneen lå rundt omkring Dyb og skarp og jævn Lyst skinnede månen den nat Skønt frosten var grusom Da en fattig mand kom til syne Gath'ring vinterbrændstof I think I hear an "ud" at the end of the 1st phrase they sing so maybe it is the 1st two lines in Danish over and over? The other words don't have to match the Google translation since this is just a direct translation and probably isn't correct.
Aqw gamer (9 months ago)
1:25 When I come home from school on fridays
g'-' -'- (10 months ago)
Commander Karl (10 months ago)
Does Anyone Know What That Music Is?! Is it on the soundtrack, or is it a completely separate track that hasn't been released?
Arun pandian (10 months ago)
DeadlyLazer (10 months ago)
1:25 fuck, fear meee...I am a white walker... I am the darkness... no... stop laughing.... stahp
Will Ozellman (10 months ago)
Appearantly Lena and Peter lost it over "the pie is dry" for a good while. Anyone know if the whole thing is out there somewhere?
Jaegar Ultima (10 months ago)
If they ever make a Willow Sequel Peter should be in it.
Austin Sporcic (11 months ago)
Anyone know what song Peter and Nikolaj singing up to the trial?
Joseph Su'a (11 months ago)
The White Walker falling down is epic lol
Maciej Godzisz (11 months ago)
0:35 I died
Black Caps (1 year ago)
Why am I getting notifications from videos years ago
Philz3TT (1 year ago)
0:46 LMAO
Sandra Krupa (1 year ago)
0:30 what he said?
elite4x (1 year ago)
In the books Tyrion is described to have mismatched eyes, a protruding brow, disfigured face, and a gruesome scar scrawled across his face, which left him a noseless hole. In the show... Tyrion is daddy.
Belleville (1 year ago)
This " C'mon Peter" make me laught, more because is Joffrey say it XD I know, I'm idiot sorry
ladycplum (1 year ago)
Anyone know what Peter & Co. were singing as they danced into the trial?
Thuggo Thug (1 year ago)
0:32 bronns laugh! 😂
CorsetGrace (1 year ago)
Are there truly only about 30 bloopers from all six season just replayed over and over on everyone's blooper videos?
Pati 91 (1 year ago)
1:25 the real threat
Bilal Hussain (1 year ago)
The blooper video alone is better than many TV Series.
MrDH33 (1 year ago)
Weird seeing Cersei being funny lol
Becca (1 year ago)
Loved Nikolaj and Peter's dance at the end. Best part
Har Ton (1 year ago)
Becca oh right cheers man
Becca (1 year ago)
Har Ton I think it was their own version of good King Wenceslas
Har Ton (1 year ago)
do you know what song it was??
Mahs Yom (1 year ago)
so this is where screen rant got their inspiration. not impressed
Buffy Summers (1 year ago)
The best was : I'm a Khaleesi not a queen, fuck sake mate ! lmao Emilia !
Christine J. (1 year ago)
Emilia is so beautiful
Leon Maes (1 year ago)
Promise minority criticize patient.
Free Bird (1 year ago)
1:28 Me and my best friend do this out the school doors when the yearly exams have finished
Chiara Lupi (1 year ago)
"When would the wedding ttt pfft" ahahahahaha
Rocky28447 (1 year ago)
1:01 Looks like Jack can't remember what the fuck he had for dinner last night...
Eyeball Paul (1 year ago)
Why did they change the title?
King Tommen Baratheon (1 year ago)
I want the soundtrack,please! :D
whittletons (1 year ago)
0:15 in slow motion gives you a new outlook on cersei
TheMarkipShow (1 year ago)
What song were they dancing to at the end?
Dur'Zo Egzekutor (1 year ago)
Why do I have a feeling Emilia Clarke is a bitch?
dorothy Nunez (1 year ago)
she's far from that.
Dur'Zo Egzekutor (1 year ago)
+HuggyLover S Ok
Isak Blomqvist (1 year ago)
she's not. Scheck some interviews
Kahzarod (1 year ago)
I heard "I'm a Khaleesi, not a queen, fucking fight me"
l'homme Vivant (1 year ago)
dam this cercie head XD
sourskittlez_97 (1 year ago)
1:25 Now I don't look at white walkers with fear anymore...
Ralph Mendoza (1 year ago)
0:18 was his nose hair pulled?
Hâm Hấp Hằng (1 year ago)
barbragleekpotter (1 year ago)
peter and nikolaj are a blessing <3
Ziad Gadou (1 year ago)
What is the name of the violin piece playing in the background!! It's been in my head all day
Luke Sheehan (1 year ago)
your mum i think
SinerAthin (1 year ago)
1:21 Dat accent
plaguelock (1 year ago)
So sad that the show came so far only to be rushed through for the next couple of seasons..and then it's over. =( This last season already felt really rushed. They're just killing everyone that they don't have time for anymore. And story arcs that we all thought were going to get fleshed out have just vanished. Gendry anyone? The Hounds return. First we see him left for dead,and then "Ta-Da!!",he's all better. And I thought for sure we'd see more of Jaqan H'gar. That whole arc felt rushed,with huge holes in it. And,then totally leaving out Lady Stoneheart really sucks. I mean they could have even changed it up and gave Lord Stoneheart and brought back a vengeful Ned Stark or something. I don't know. It just sucks. The last couple seasons are going to be really short,so obviously they're going to have to rush shit.
Byrelle Brass (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 she really said fuck sake mate
Jackalack313 M (1 year ago)
Anyone else cringe at the end?:)
PhebusdesTours (1 year ago)
0:32 Peter's laugh always cracks me up. 1:04 King Joffrey didn't give a single fuck. He got me haha. But the last part is still the best to me.
Fug Yen (1 year ago)
If they were showed the blooper of the red wedding episode i don't know what would i react :|
Ebaula Bola (1 year ago)
Finally something not so dark and sad (not hating love the show)
Ariel Lann (1 year ago)
That last scene, making Tywin proud. LOL
Filfaeril (1 year ago)
Just wondering... what are thery singing at 1:30? *^* my favourite scene anyway!
Erydia S. (1 year ago)
why can' we get bloopers for each season? please
Jon Snow (1 year ago)
cersei looks Luke joffery @0:16
being sad is my hobby (1 year ago)
you know nothing Jon Snow
The Exiled Draco (1 year ago)
0:54 The Red Viper nearly got a red face
Zeke Snow (1 year ago)
God, I love this show.
H3LiO5 (1 year ago)
"Now that I am imagi-*torch falls on Pedro*-NING..."
Alice R (1 year ago)
More blooper reels! MOAR, I say!
LordVader1094 (1 year ago)
They all look so happy. Lol
peblrox (1 year ago)
A word in privet
Dani K (1 year ago)
0:15 After season 6's finale, we should see Cersei walking around Kings Landing like this.
Cyanporo (9 months ago)
For a moment i realized I liked Queen Cersei for a good 5 seconds there
Douglas Macarthur (1 year ago)
Lena's face expression is priceless
Jillian Allen (1 year ago)
Does Aidan Gillen have any bloopers at all?
I actually saw that last clip before watching the show, and was pretty confused when it didn't happen that way in the show lol
tenkfort (2 years ago)
Anyone know what they're singing from 1:27? original?
H3LiO5 (1 year ago)
Search up "Tango Flambe".
kiimiko (1 year ago)
tenkfort (1 year ago)
Amazing! Thank you very much Noah :)
Colonel Burton (2 years ago)
@00:15 looks like Lena's been doin' a little spot of bad X there LOL
BillyDee'sChannel (2 years ago)
what were they singing at the end?
Basit Manzoor (2 years ago)
The tune sounds like that of Good King Wenceslas....i cant see a remeblance in the worlds ..but the tune perfectly matches =)
Jay Manny (2 years ago)
0:15-0:17 xD YOU GO, CERSEI!! XD
lizbennetgenova (2 years ago)
Maybe it's me but I feel like Amelia's blooper was staged. Gosh I can't believe Pedro almost set himself on fire.. and I love Peter whatever he does.
IAmKing720 (2 years ago)
Lol What would make the last scene even more hilarious is if Tyrion yelled "Guilty" when he put his arms out at the end.
DarkAtHearts (2 years ago)
Tobias Rieper (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the song they were singing in the end?
Qwer Weinstein (2 years ago)
Good King Wenceslas
Maximilian Bernard (2 years ago)
The ending was fucking brilliant... xD
zelastjoker (2 years ago)
D Hertsens (2 years ago)
Tyrion... the day he dies in the show, I will murder the producers!
Will Beliso (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what song this is?
Funny Lee (2 years ago)
+Will Beliso Good King Wenceslas irish rovers..
Mike Boelens (2 years ago)
M a d o n n a (2 years ago)
"I'm a Khaleesi not a queen, fucksake mate" :D
Umesh chander (1 year ago)
M a d o n n a delivery of a child in india
lebin Payne (1 year ago)
lol that inner chav coming out
Khanyisile Dlamini (2 years ago)
Khanyisile Dlamini (2 years ago)
I'm a Khaleesi, not a queen, for fuck's sakes mate!!
Khanyisile Dlamini (2 years ago)
The end is brilliant. I love Peter and Nikolaj.
Sam Worth (2 years ago)
when the white walker fell, i died!
Garrus1995 (2 years ago)
The tone of the show is usually so menacing and serious that watching the bloopers is practically awe-inspiring.
Khanyisile Dlamini (2 years ago)
Emilia telling it like it is.
RRoJ (2 years ago)
''I'm a Khaleesi not a queen fuck sake mate''
I am a Klaheesi not a Queen for fuck sakes mate
baginatora (1 year ago)
mipmipmipmipmip (1 year ago)
I would watch a series in that tone! It would be like what Red Dwarf was for sci-fi.
SmileFIN (1 year ago)
+Antiqve Cakey Ah, well ffs..
Funmi Noami (1 year ago)
+SmileFIN you can say it either way
DiarrheaChain (2 years ago)
It's still real to me dammit!
Mikkel Vang (2 years ago)
1:06 why is that a blooper that sounded like perfectly pronounced danish
Yup, I thought the same thing XD But Nikolaj is Danish, so it makes sense
Mikkel Vang (2 years ago)
+NoSheetSherlock Exactly what is sounds like rubbish... But with a danish accent xD But i guess thats danish sounds for people from the UK/USA
NoSheetSherlock (2 years ago)
What did he say exactly? xD
ScottieGirl20 (2 years ago)
Proves that despite how bleak the war is looking, they have a whale of a time filming it! :)
UntamedGrizzly (2 years ago)
They can't do things like these often since the heavy filming time restrictions. Pretty sure the filming crew wasn't too happy.
Cooper Anderson (2 years ago)
Bronn has an epic laugh

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