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Dragon Ball Xenoverse - FINALE! (Walkthrough #28)

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Text Comments (79)
Suaki uchiha Son Goku (1 year ago)
crunchy this boss fight is super easy just get victoy rush skill
romari muschett (2 years ago)
after a while goku is gonna be your master
Lani Maia (2 years ago)
good finale
brandon vincent (2 years ago)
one thing does xbox one connect to the online part with ps4 players on it and pc players?
Karsha Smallwood (2 years ago)
I don't have a ps4 so fuuuuuck
Keegan Busby (2 years ago)
Awesome Vid Crunchy
Kaverr amedi (2 years ago)
Nigga u stupid
Rodney Applewhite (2 years ago)
Another what if battle ssj god goku and ssj god super sayin goku vs ssj 3 goku and ssj4 goku
Jaden Navarro (2 years ago)
100'/. Complete "child of iam
Satiri. exe (2 years ago)
Crunchy do a xenoverse battle with the gods: Demigra,Berrus and Whiss Vs Goku,Broly and Gogeta tip would REALLY WANNA SEE THAT also the people that can transform you can pick there form
Crazy Elite (2 years ago)
You are done with the story mode now it is time to the parrell quest but i think you finish it all so you have to wait for the dlc 1
Josh Hernandez (2 years ago)
If you finish before Goku gets here you get ultimate finish
alex (3 years ago)
Demigra = De-mee-grah Stressed emphasis on De
Denise Young (3 years ago)
Can you do. teen gohan ssj2, tarble, turles, perfect cell and salsa vs Goku sjj2, vegeta ssj, ultimate Gohan and kid buu? (Raging blasst 2)
Denise Young (3 years ago)
100% complete
Ken Jr (3 years ago)
My ps3 name is superblackboi
brutalmilo (3 years ago)
brutalmilo1974 sry forgot to add it
brutalmilo (3 years ago)
jontae harris (3 years ago)
your awesome iamcrunchy1 i loved your gameplay
jahnean smith (3 years ago)
Bro your character looks evil when he smiles
san gohan (3 years ago)
Vanessa Sanchez (3 years ago)
Awesome so then your finish with the game right
The legend killer (3 years ago)
anybody else had a different finale cause i did that final kamehameha by my self and everybody like vegeta, gohan, & piccolo gave me their energy to defeat demigra 
Thunder Kids (3 years ago)
What if you a kid crunchy
Thunder Kids (3 years ago)
Uoh uOh uOh uOH
Pandoras Apple (3 years ago)
+iAmCrunchy1  Crunchy,  Do you know there's one extra campaign in the story mode? You have to collect the 5 time chasm fragments to unlock it. You got the first fragment after defeating Demigra. Talk to a random guy with a green question mark on his head (around the city) and he'll give you the second fragment.  The other 3 fragments must be farmed in the Parallel quests (you can see which quests drop them by checking the possible loot)
Dwayne (3 years ago)
Xenoverse 2 confirmed?
Dubsteppz Ninjaz (3 years ago)
Dubsteppz Ninjaz (3 years ago)
The legendary super saiyn
Dubsteppz Ninjaz (3 years ago)
There's one more
ultdanny (3 years ago)
100% complete  El_sneakerhead
Crytex Mendez (3 years ago)
The hiest update is out on gta v yes
Kody Ryoan (3 years ago)
Awesome but go on boltspeedgamer channel he awesome to
Donel Hughlon (3 years ago)
My name for the game is bigboss
Jose Oliver (3 years ago)
Oh yeah did you play Five Nights At Freddy's 3, If you haven't played it then please try it out in one of your videos.
Jose Oliver (3 years ago)
Hey my ps4 username is Josearacelys but I'm getting Xenoverse in June, by the way great job on that story bro have a nice one!!!!
kidbuu beastbuu (3 years ago)
What's the song in the end
SwaayUchiha (3 years ago)
Add Red_Hulk_12
Zeke Street (3 years ago)
Add me ps4 my name is sonofthehighest2
Clyde Fields (3 years ago)
What's that song at the end bro
LL Saiyan (3 years ago)
100% Complete! You already have me added :3!   Psn: LL_Saiyan <-- Ps4 Tell me when your ready :D!
LL Saiyan (3 years ago)
Im Level 76 by the way :P
Rhianna W. Gopall (3 years ago)
I dont have a zbox one
Ultra Sans (2 years ago)
Zbox? Never heard of it, but I have heard of an Xbox. Lol just kidding xD
Zeke Street (3 years ago)
Are you going to fight broly
Christian Rivera (3 years ago)
100% complete /OMGitsbruhh
Cool gamer Gogeta (3 years ago)
Also u get them from parrel mission
Cool gamer Gogeta (3 years ago)
Crunchy if u get 5 chasm crystals u got the first one after defeating demgra then u get a secret mission
Matthew Elliott (3 years ago)
What about the hidden borly saga
John Smith (3 years ago)
I know there's a secret saga
Thatone Pronoun (3 years ago)
btw can any 1 tell me what the best ki type race
Golden Challenge (3 years ago)
Android because absorb other bitches ki
Jason truong (3 years ago)
I think it's majin
The Goat (3 years ago)
GET THIS GAME FOR PS3!!!!!!!!!!! plzz
Alan Lazcano (3 years ago)
My ps4 name is Besty _100
Flat Top Bop (3 years ago)
amazing ending it so sad to see dbz end
Magiic Deadpool (3 years ago)
i unlock the bardock sage
Thatone Pronoun (3 years ago)
Magiic Deadpool (3 years ago)
+kakashi yay hey i am just saying how about you did you unlock it
Thatone Pronoun (3 years ago)
no one cares
Carlos GB (3 years ago)
Another what if battle is Super 17 vs. Super Vegito.
Carlos GB (3 years ago)
What if battle: SSJ4. Gogeta vs. SSJG Goku .
Ultra Sans (2 years ago)
SSG Goku wins :)
Clyde Fields (3 years ago)
+kevon wade is non canon therefore since god goku is canon he can beat something that doesn't exist and also it took lord beerus 5 secs to destroy a planet. Matter a fact about 20. And all he did was eat wasabi
BladeGamingStation (3 years ago)
Ssj4 gogeta
Clyde Fields (3 years ago)
Ssj god
Tayshaun Conger (3 years ago)
This play through was awesome good job crunchy
XxReflexBulletz2 (3 years ago)
Crunchy there is a second ending into is game
OGz Fanboy (3 years ago)
There's a secret saga
Legit! (3 years ago)
Nice video friend ^^
THE AMIGOS GAMING (3 years ago)
My user name LiL_BrAnDo_007 on ps4
Raliuus (3 years ago)
5:35 is the funniest scream ever
Raliuus (3 years ago)
TheFlamingEagle (3 years ago)
6th XD
Mr.Dragon Drey (3 years ago)
+iAmCrunchy1 are you going to do what if battles?
ShawnnThaGoat (3 years ago)
3rd whats happening
Epilogue X2 (3 years ago)
Stuff Name (3 years ago)
Stuff Name (3 years ago)
Yea great vid BTW crunchy

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