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Text Comments (19620)
Barney (1 day ago)
Nickname (1 day ago)
6:53 Oh my god! there is so many doshirak's (only real slavs can understand)
Chogiwa wa (1 day ago)
The content that everybody should have
Avery Belle (1 day ago)
This is probably my favourite video of Pewds'. It's so cute!
Nadhrah Diyanah (1 day ago)
how long was he in Japan for? the last vlog i watched of his was in Feb and he had went to Tokyo
Zarema Ilgamova (2 days ago)
орууу,пьюдс в описании написал "сука блять"
Mia Hd (2 days ago)
Japan is so aesthetic and so are Pewds and Marzia this is perfect
Razor TGM (3 days ago)
Cyka Blayat Rush B And Go big fan
Galaxy destroyer (3 days ago)
look at his eyes at 4:34
Tùng Nguyễn (3 days ago)
Japan is beautiful
Trystan Pinewood (4 days ago)
It's OUR hat.
Gabe Torres (4 days ago)
They should've tryed omurice at Kichi Kichi in Kyoto...
_the borbala_ (4 days ago)
What is the name of the plush what martzia got from felix?
EL_ MAGNIFICO (6 days ago)
That transition of PewDiePie eating ice cream 😂😂😅
Clown 9 (6 days ago)
Japan is so FKIN GOOD
Laura Ghobrial (7 days ago)
Felix is such a sweet man <3 I hope to find a man like him one day
моя любовь (7 days ago)
Орууу что за кепка😂😂😂
Sakuragi Hanamichi (7 days ago)
How can someone hate this guy?
Sasa (7 days ago)
Agnes Baz (7 days ago)
i want to go back to Yokohama. didn't know there's a lot of things to see there. we just went to chinatown and a park where you can see the ship then my sister got sick so we went home immediately. i didn't really enjoyed much so next time, i'll come back with a healthy friend.
Plamen Georgiev (8 days ago)
Pewds have you been in Bulgaria XD
Vans Betty (8 days ago)
My bf of 4 years got really abusive at the end. So now im single sitting here like .. wheres my felix & marzia relationship vb
Vans Betty (8 days ago)
Lmfaoo felix screaming in marzia’s ear
Avery Belle (3 days ago)
Does anyone know the link to the Chinese music that played in the background? (No offense btw)
まよいち (11 days ago)
日本楽しんでください(^^) Have a good tour!
JC Starlite (12 days ago)
Wow! Japan 😊😉✌️
pessimist gal (12 days ago)
this is the right way logan paul the *riGhT wAY* O_o
A F (12 days ago)
10:01 LOL 😂
Ba11istik8uny (12 days ago)
https://soundcloud.com/callm/i-dont-know-why real stuff pewds 💯💯💯💯💯 <3
M'aiq The Liar (12 days ago)
I love how he wears the pink one and she the black one
Sakura Mae (13 days ago)
Ellis Waak (13 days ago)
10:00 long video. Absolutely beautiful
Gravemind (14 days ago)
Pikachu be starin' at marzia ;) lol
You need permission to aerial shooting. Please enjoy JAPAN.😆
I live in Kanagawa. wellcome.
ORDER ACCEL (14 days ago)
Just compare his video to the shit Logan Paul did
- vee (14 days ago)
“i’m protecting you marzia... AAAHHHH!”
мαqυι иσмєя (15 days ago)
So beautiful! ❤️❤️💕💓
Burn Out (15 days ago)
Here’s a spoiler to his new Netflix movie he is developing 👌🏻👌
Burn Out (15 days ago)
Here’s a spoiler to his new Netflix movie he is developing 👌🏻👌
iris medjbour 20060712 (16 days ago)
8 years YouTube bravo pewdipie
24games (17 days ago)
I actually remember that boat(or something like it In Kanagawa prefecture) at my field trip from elementary school😁
Edmund Lam (17 days ago)
exactly 10 minutes
nen nennen (17 days ago)
When you visit Japan, you don't have to try acting super polite. You already are polite enough just by having the best time and not trying being an asshole. I'm really happy you had a great time here. Thank you so much for coming to Japan.
Prussiany Awesome (18 days ago)
When your half way through and get sad that you don’t have a girlfriend
Awesome Advanced (18 days ago)
Mr. Deadly (19 days ago)
Senpai Looks Happy :)
No Name (20 days ago)
This is my hometown! I wish I was there when u were:(
ゆりこ (20 days ago)
Rech Seth (20 days ago)
Yes I love Japan
ny lan San (21 days ago)
Japan is your favorite place..i think
Satter MaMu Track (21 days ago)
Ibrahim Toughstoneson (21 days ago)
Everyone is Ogre (22 days ago)
4:23 I think sr pelo will win that game
Channel Orange (23 days ago)
8 fucking years
Daylen Danforth (23 days ago)
2:03 "I did nottt" - The Room
Ret Play (23 days ago)
Блять российские поглядите описение там порусски на писоно сукаблять
1mpossible (23 days ago)
konnichiva watashi gatashu eigo atarashi(how is My japanese?)
Wifi Smasher (23 days ago)
Everything in Japan looks so nice.
Bob Jones (23 days ago)
I need to rest my steak for exactly ten more minutes, I wonder how I can perfectly time it. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
moon flower (25 days ago)
8:27 fave merch plug
Maryam Sultan (28 days ago)
I have never seen such a pair of childish couple!!
shahriar chayon (28 days ago)
Japan is really a dream country.
Print Son Trung (28 days ago)
Bungou Stray Dogs
Humayun Malik Awan (29 days ago)
At the begining , I thought I clicked doraemon .
• Brooklyn • (29 days ago)
АААА ЭТО ЖЕ ЙОКОГАМИ!!!ЧЕРТ!!Хочу туда!!! *визг*
• Brooklyn • (29 days ago)
8:32 ору!!!Откуда там российский!XD
Willietor &/&/ (1 month ago)
At least cops didn’t tell him to stop being annoying shit (cough Cough Logan)
Swad Masud (1 month ago)
At 0:27 when he said squad, I thought he said my name (similar pronunciation) and legit dropped everything. XD
determined accalia (1 month ago)
I lost it at 4:52!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
نفسية محطمة (1 month ago)
اين انتم ايها العربيون
shan (1 month ago)
Felix is so cute 😂
Rubaini Pandey (1 month ago)
That ramen bag is so cute💕
Kira Chan (1 month ago)
Откуда у него берётся одежка с русским матом???
Fauzan Manas (1 month ago)
Me : Japan & China!?!
武田武史 (1 month ago)
誰か… 日本字幕職人お願いします…🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🇯🇵
steamboat WILLIE ꗃ (19 hours ago)
やってあげたいんですけど字幕の付け方が分かりません😭 お力になれず申し訳ない🙇‍♂️
Gaby Calvo (1 month ago)
Learning Russian. I only understand "whore".
Mohammed Parker (1 month ago)
Pewds cup noodles looks straight from hell 😂😂😂
Start BGM is Chinese
Lady (1 month ago)
Mac Audi (1 month ago)
What camera are u using?
VLOGS EN FAMILIA (1 month ago)
VERY HAPPY!!! Saludos desde mi canal en México 🇲🇽 👨‍❤️‍👨
WaterBird (1 month ago)
what is the song in the background??
Sabrina Klara (1 month ago)
i cant believe pompom endorsed ur merch
celia smith (1 month ago)
Lil hats
Yudha Pratama (1 month ago)
Could u using camera such as dslr or mirrorless pew? it would be nice for watching ur vlog I think :D
Sal Bevins (1 month ago)
Marzia is one Tasty looking slice of Pizza . . . .
watching pewdiepie make me so happy
Samar Al-Saleem (1 month ago)
you looked happy pewds! that makes me happy
nao (1 month ago)
I can’t wait to here you say “and this is my wife Martzia” ❤️❤️😍😍❤️😍
Officer Space (1 month ago)
Rip headphones user 4:49
Bárb (1 month ago)
Clean 10 minutes huh
miki 3 (1 month ago)
Can u do a collab with Mahoto Watanabe :'D
James Ostlund (1 month ago)
Do you want to say I like about PewDiePie when traveling to other countries and vlogging. Best of PewDiePie
Вега (1 month ago)
Сука блять
Tuan Kiet Quan (1 month ago)

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