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How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues (NICE & EASY)

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What's Up YouTube!!! Are you having buffering issues while playing a video. Here's an easy way to fix that issue. _________________________________________________ *Amazon Fire Stick* http://www.amazon.com/gp/aws/cart/add.html?AssociateTag=dentechtv-20&ASIN.1=B00ZV9RDKK&Quantity.1=1 _________________________________________________ Watch this video to get the BEST addons REAL EASY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydtSiWqTNas I LIKE KODI, YOU LIKE KODI, WE LIKE KODI: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVNtoUZ5uBgI1In2zW1MYkt258Th7Yv4k _________________|Other Videos|________________ Why Pay For Cable When You Can Have Kodi? BEST Addons To Use (MUST HAVE APP): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HemxXs1LGps Best video downloader for android: https://youtu.be/qICA66EtNIw How to be a YouTube creator using only your Android Device (NICE & EASY): https://youtu.be/KF08Vz2Tios Best App To Watch Tv Shows and Movies For FREE!!!(MUST HAVE APP) ANDROID: https://youtu.be/wSotMebOsaM How to Use Lucky Patcher On Rooted and Non Rooted Android Devices (NICE & EASY): https://youtu.be/AFmgrY0FJh4 How to get paid apps for FREE!!!(IOS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChpMftf5GUM How to get paid apps for free on android: https://youtu.be/K2V70vXLmr0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW YOUR BOY SOME LOVE ON THESE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dentechtv?skip_nax_wizard=true INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dentechtv/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DenTechTV?s=09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***COPYRIGHT*** Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. _________________________________________________ Here's the link to my aptoide account: http://dentechtv.store.aptoide.com/ If you like this video don't forget to hit that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more how to's, reviews and tutorials.
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Text Comments (332)
Ruthanne T (10 months ago)
dude you started on. but once you went into zip file you went way out into left field...your using this like r eryone else uses your build ....wow You always seem to confuse me somehow or another ...
Mark Bouldin (10 months ago)
Thx 4 keepn it simple
JoAnne Cody (11 months ago)
followed your instructions to a T....completely useless...not a damn thing changed and I cannot watch movies on my infinity box at all without buffering...
Francis Moyer (11 months ago)
Thank you!!
alan buchanan (1 year ago)
Worked for me!!
Ismael Ismael (1 year ago)
I dont like at the end of the video when you say "click on this" Click on what? You go so fast and my screen couldnt tell what "this" is. Please explain and say what youre clicking on, some of us have bad eyes and depend on our ears
KermitDaFrog (1 year ago)
If it says buffering mode shouldn't it be disabled so it's automatically turned off and can't buffer
Didn't work!
Christina Zeolla (1 year ago)
I did everything you told me but the buffering was disabled on mine and red. What's the code to put in to make the buffering green?
Louisiana Israelite (1 year ago)
This actually works
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Louisiana Israelite yes it does
O (1 year ago)
This totally ruined my Kodi! Nothing works now! Please tell me how to remove it..
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+O kodi is currently having issues. The problem is not the fix.
Larri Redman (1 year ago)
This worked really well for me----great fix
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Larri Redman no problem. I'm glad I could help
Does those numbers work on ares wizards tweaks?
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+coonie martin it should work on any build
Bill Wolf (1 year ago)
Excellent solution! Thanks!
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Bill Wolf no problem. I'm glad I could help
Richard Hulett (1 year ago)
I have yet to see anything after clicking on plugin.program.advancedsettings-0.8.8.zip
Richard Hulett (1 year ago)
ok thx for the update
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Richard Hulett right now kodi is going through some issues so if you're experiencing problems, its not you
supynorr (1 year ago)
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+supynorr thanks
wellThen70 (1 year ago)
How is an add-on called "hack my Kodi" gonna help the buffering issue. Sketchy as fuck..
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+wellThen70 you can make your url anything you want so the developer decided to call it that. Do you think hackers call themselves hackers?
logans run (1 year ago)
difnt work unfortunately
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+logans run I'm not to sure about version 17
dereck kerr (1 year ago)
will not work
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+dereck kerr I'm not sure about version 17
Megan Gofron (1 year ago)
I'm trying to install this on the iPad 5 I just purchased and was just released. What Buffer Value would you use for a 128GB iPad5?
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Megan Gofron you can use the same value but if you want to get the best for your device, just google it
spr95que (1 year ago)
It fixed the buffering. Now, I have no sound. HELP!!!!!!
spr95que (1 year ago)
Den-Tech TV It didn't. problem fixed
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+spr95que it shouldn't have effected your sound so check your setting on the tv
Gus Garcia (1 year ago)
Thank you this worked great it made my kodi faster as well
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Gus Garcia no problem. I'm glad I could help
Fancy Nikki (1 year ago)
Hey, it worked. Thanks
King Walker (1 year ago)
Fancy Nikki don't be it is good to have them my box i got over 1000 channels sometimes some just freeze but.the guy that i bought it from says other people.be online also so thats why it freezes but for burfering it was a video i got.to go back and.look it up you can adjust something in settings it stops buffering
Fancy Nikki (1 year ago)
King Walker nope I'm from NYC... I'm kind of over it at this point
King Walker (1 year ago)
Fancy Nikki i have s box that has it intalled but my 65"is 4k you from dallas
Fancy Nikki (1 year ago)
King Walker yes I do ... a samsung ... it work fine since dec 2016.. I have the dec 2016 version of kodi. Installed ...it's just not working
King Walker (1 year ago)
Fancy Nikki do you have a smart tv
Evan Williams (1 year ago)
how do I clear cache. I'm not the most tech savvy guy. my issue is while watching anything on kodi it will freeze, the screen will go black then it will go back to the page where all the links are for the particular show that I'd be trying to watch
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Evan Williams watch this video https://youtu.be/MUKiqjtLzow
Daisy R (1 year ago)
Thanks help!!
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+daisy. loves no problem
Evan Williams (1 year ago)
mine is still having the same issue.
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Evan Williams try clearing cache
Cal Talbot (1 year ago)
Man oh man, am I ever happy I fell upon this video!!! I was feeling lost without my "Maintenance Tool" so I could adjust the Cache Member Buffer Size, etc., "BUT NOW" you have showed me the way, so to speak. Now I know that I can do that in the Easy Advanced Settings, I am just "so pleased" man, I can't tell ya'. I hit the like button and subscribed to your channel here. Thank you so very much for this video. I'll spread the word.
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Cal Talbot no problem. I'm glad I could help
George Wang (1 year ago)
Great. Worked for me. Thanks. Can I stick a 128Gb flash drive to the back of my Tvbox and set cache number to say 120Gb?
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+George Wang i would do 64Gb. Half is more than enough
Steven Nguyen (1 year ago)
157286400 Bytes is same as 150 Megabytes
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Steven Nguyen pretty much
ahmad hanif (1 year ago)
hi..my movie and stream in my add on all disappeared after i follow this step, please help me how to recover my add on
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+ahmad hanif that definitely shouldn't have happened. This process only affects your cache
David Parks (1 year ago)
ahmad hanif it's all about tinkering man. for the large number you should find your free space in system settings. divide that number by 3 then multiply they number by 1024 twice. I've have to tinker with the buffer and read buffer. it won't damage anything in any way so just play around with it
art lopez (1 year ago)
just want to say thanks for this video I just did what I said and bam smooth running and buffer is fast thanks again
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+art lopez no problem. I'm glad I could help
Alex Smith (1 year ago)
I did everything your video said exactly. It helped a lot with the buffering at first but now my movies still stop to buffer every 5-10 min again. Is there another updated fix for this ?
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Alex Smith go into my kodi playlist. There is another method you can try
Chad Wiles (1 year ago)
whats the best add-on to watch NFL on.. I've upgraded to 50 meg internet, purchased a really good wi-fi router but pro sports, phoenix sports,Good Fellas still buffer. And sports Devil has never worked on my fire stick. I did something kinda what you showed where I had to divide my memory and multiply it twice by some number (can't remember) but nothing has worked. I had less problems when I had 10 meg and a crappy wi-fi router. Any suggestions?
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Chad Wiles thats the thing with kodi, live streams always has problems. Pro sports is the best addon in my opinion
Justin Pettit (1 year ago)
I did everything in your video and then went to the video that was buffering on Kodi. Soon as I click on the video to play my phone gets shut off and restarted. When It was back on I went back to it and the same thing happened.
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Justin Pettit ok. Try this app ok. It's called SPMC. It's just like kodi but great for android devices
Justin Pettit (1 year ago)
So I went from a buffering video to not watching a video because my phone will restart if I try to play the video.
poolking36 (1 year ago)
awesome it worked a charm for me too
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+poolking36 nice
brownsugar7210 (1 year ago)
Hello, I'm having issues with my Kodi (installed on MAC -Sierra) it's been working fine until yesterday. Every time I open the app, the popups are stuck on a loop. "Add-on is incompatible due to unmet dependencies. Would you like to disable it on your system?" I can't ever close them all. I can't get to my settings even if I wanted to. I deleted the app and re-install and received the following message " Kodi.app is damaged and can't opened. You should move it to trash" has anyone experienced this and has successfully resolved the issue? Any guidance would be great appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
Yomara Cattoni (1 year ago)
Hello, I did everything with Amazon Stick 1Gb and box X96 2Gb .. and work great in my stick .. but the X96 still has trouble to play HD or 1080p .. PLEASE can u with a hand with this ¡¡ .. I'm not a technician, but it should be work better in the box .. maybe it need other setting PLEASE any advice THANK YOU so much .. and Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Yomara Cattoni make sure your device has memory to save
Yomara Cattoni (1 year ago)
My Internet is pretty fast 75Mb .. and if I see same HD or 1080p .. in both devices, it work fine just with stick .. and the box X96 I can play it but with buffering 🤔🤔
Frank Boston (1 year ago)
Worked like an absolute charm. Now I can start watching on my kodi again. Thanks
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Frank Boston no problem. I'm glad I could help
David Richardson, Jr (1 year ago)
Thank you for the detailed instructions on how to fix the buffering issues! Unfortunately it did not work for me and mine is still lagging. I guess I would have to agree with "si mac jaan" it depends on how much RAM you have. I have a Dolamee Android TV Box with 1GB DDR3 8GB emmc. So probably need to upgrade to a 2 gig or higher to solve my buffering and latency issues. Keep up the good work with your videos!
David Richardson, Jr (1 year ago)
Den-Tech TV I haven't tried live TV but just as far as streaming movies and videos it's still lagging. But it just depends sometimes I notice if it's in SD it may not lag sometimes. But 1080P and higher it seems to lag. I have a 4K streaming box
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+David Richardson, Jr thanks for the support. Also, is it slow on live streaming, video streaming or both?
Pedro Cruz (1 year ago)
Too complicated. Sorry.
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Pedro Cruz its ok
Benjamin Sanchez (1 year ago)
how to fix buffering on live tv,please
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+Benjamin Sanchez live tv is more of the addon you use and your internet. This fix helps with streaming prerecorded videos
Dominic Lynch (1 year ago)
thank you so much man 😊😊
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+212 gaming no problem. I'm glad I could help
karim karim (1 year ago)
it worked for me on my android .. but for live streaming of sport channels like sky sports and bein sports it's buffering and getting slowmotion .. i hope you find me a solution for that and thanks
Den-Tech TV (1 year ago)
+karim karim live streams will always give problems because its simulcast and sometimes the streamer may have a bad connection
Sam Spencer (2 years ago)
dude you fix it great thanks
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Sam Spencer no problem. I'm glad I could help
Frederick Wynn (2 years ago)
thanks bro this video really helped the buffer on my television set. Would you happen to have any tips on Live tV and Sports Devil that work a bit better. I can't seem to get espn, nba tv, 'nfl network any live events to pull up. any ideas?
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Frank Wynn you can try uktv now
dreamstar production (2 years ago)
work for me
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+dreamstar production nice
OilsforBeautyandHealth (2 years ago)
Thank you!!! Great video! I've been trying to fix this issue for awhile now, and this add-on and your video have made it so easy! Definitely saving so I can change these settings on my other devices!
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+OilsforBeautyandHealth thanks. I truly appreciate it
Chase Docket (2 years ago)
not working for me on the T95
Chase Docket (1 year ago)
Den-Tech TV. 16.1
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Chase Docket what version of kodi are you on?
Muzammil Haider (2 years ago)
did work for me man thanks for the video
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Muzammil Haider no problem. I'm glad I could help
Sj Rush (2 years ago)
nice thanks..! wayyy better now
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+ro67nj no problem. I'm glad I could help
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+ro67nj no problem. I'm glad I could help
eloy gonzalez (2 years ago)
My Jodi don't buffer only on ppv how do I fix my download speed is 0.14 is that to slow
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+eloy gonzalez there's not much you can do. If your internet is good then the only thing you can do is look for a better ppv addon
Boss Player (2 years ago)
my kodi plays audio perfectly with no problem but the image bounces slightly by a milisecond every 2 seconds it doesn't loose complete track of the movie or it doesn't stop or freezes to load more of the movie... it just has a glitch all throughout the movie its so annoying and doesn't go away. I have super fast internet so its not my internet the movie quality is excellent I just have the image boucing forward and back by a mili second all through the movie never needs to stop to buffer and load the movie.... anyone know how to fix it???
Boss Player (2 years ago)
the video bounces around by a mili second and its not a straight smooth pay it keep boncing forwar and back ... its not buffering its playing the movie continuously and my internet is fucken fast
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Boss Player what do you mean by video bounces?
Boss Player (2 years ago)
video bounces audio is good
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Boss Player you can fix audio delay by playing a video and going into the audio settings.
LinnyLu Edwards (2 years ago)
Thanks Bunches!!! works like a charm.
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+LinnyLu Edwards no problem. I'm glad I could help
Peter Nickname (2 years ago)
Not working I'm as of 9/13/16 any new updates
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Peter Bears there's a video in my kodi playlist on another method you can try
1:AM:LUV (2 years ago)
lol it actually worked, gotta give it to you bro earned a sub
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+1:AM:LUV thanks for watching and subscribing
Darell Mclendon (2 years ago)
it work perfectly fine for my leelbox no more buffering issues
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+John Doe that great. I'm glad I could help
taiyanna rockett (2 years ago)
hi my kodi app wont open
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+taiyanna rockett did it happened after the fix?
joel abey (2 years ago)
Hi just to say thanks it has stoped the buffing cheers joel
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+joel abey no problem. I'm glad I could help
William Powell (2 years ago)
dude this was a awesome fix to my problem..thanks so much for the video
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+William Powell no problem. I'm glad I could help.
si mac jaan (2 years ago)
so far so good I think it all matters on how much RAM your running on your TV box.
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+si mac jaan pretty much
Dominator 13 (2 years ago)
100% work. Thanks
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Dominator 13 no problem. I'm glad I could help
Tim Covil (2 years ago)
I tried this for UFC 202. I was trying to watch BT Sport 2 in HD thru the Halow TV add-on. The picture was great but then it kept buffering. So I was hoping that your fix would resolve the problem. It didn't. The buffering was just as bad, making the stream unwatchable. I found a non-HD stream on SportsDevil where the video quality was acceptable, so I was still able to watch UFC 202. Sure would like to watch UFC PPVs in HD, though, without buffering.
Tim Covil (2 years ago)
+Den-Tech TV No, I almost never have a buffering issue with pre-recorded movies and shows. It's only live streams that I have an issue with.
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Tim Covil streams are a tricky thing for buffering fixes. It deals with two parties with a decent network. Sometimes, the streamer maybe have a bad network while the person on the stream may have a great network with will cause buffering. The question is, do you get buffering problems when you watch prerecorded movies and tv shows?
Sabith Maliackal (2 years ago)
Hi, I used this fix and it worked for 1Channel to stream movies but I still can't load live tv to watch sports from Phoenix. Do you have a fix for that or a video you can direct me to?
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Sabith Maliackal check my playlist. It has another fix you can try
Brian Nguyen (2 years ago)
I did this a few days ago and it worked perfectly. but today it started buffering again. The show does load faster but not as fast as when I first did it. any fixes?
Justin Pettit (1 year ago)
Brian Nguyen I did it today and all it does is make my phone restart.
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Brian Nguyen well streams are not entirely your network. Streams can be average joes like you and me streaming a video and you join into it. It might just be the other person's network.
Brian Nguyen (2 years ago)
+Den-Tech TV Yeah wish my apartment complex could get service from a better company lol. I've been only streaming. but before this fix I wasn't even able to watch HD or 1080p
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Brian Nguyen well this fix was mostly for the firestick and your internet seems to be good (even tho fios is better lol jk). It might be the addon you was using. Were you streaming or was it a prerecorded video?
Brian Nguyen (2 years ago)
+Den-Tech TV I'm using an amazon fire Stick and I have 100 mbps from twc
Brian Nguyen (2 years ago)
I did this a few days ago and it worked perfectly. but today it started buffering again. The show does load faster but not as fast as when I first did it. any fixes?
ssfury (2 years ago)
Hi, So is this still the best solution in your opinion?
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Howard Ruliffson yes. There's another method (Its in my kodi playlist) but this method WORKS
Jon Groves (2 years ago)
Thanks dude just let it buffer took a piss came back and it loads a lot further ahead now
Linda Pacheco (2 years ago)
YAAAAASSS!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Chris Sansbury (2 years ago)
I've been looking for the best way to stop my buffering. This is by far the best one. It is now saved in my faves
Chris Sansbury (2 years ago)
+Den-Tech TV thanks again. I'm sharing it to all my friends with kodi. For real though by far the best works great actually perfect
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Chris Sansbury I'm glad I could help.
WicKked WiazZard (2 years ago)
Better off just getting a nice cheap cable package kodi is to much slow slow its annoying i quit!
Genius Bwalya (2 years ago)
among all kodi buffing fix this one has helped me. when I use this one it does not buffe I like it thank you, I have 8gb ram
james88 (2 years ago)
It stil buffers here
Endri Krifca (2 years ago)
nice thnx
Allan H (2 years ago)
Not made any difference to my android
Justin Pettit (1 year ago)
FLEX FITNESS Same. Well not exactly. When I click on the vid it makes my phone restart.
jldude84 (2 years ago)
I get 30+Mb/s internet, yet fucking standard def videos still freeze and get choppy and buffer. Unbelievable. I guess the really fast internet really isn't worth the extra money...
Nabilk_2001 (2 years ago)
same problem here :/
Jenny Rodriguez (2 years ago)
It depends on the source of the video, the server load, the speed of the server connection, not just how fast you can download, but how fast they can serve it up. I would suggest a different add-on.
cdj2k10 (2 years ago)
good tutorial, I actually have a little grey area that shows how much it has buffed past what is playing. edit:15 mins later the buffering starts again lol
the eabster (2 years ago)
when I do this it comes up with a prompt saying could not connect to network server. I went back to make sure I am connected and I am it says that it's got very good signal any idea what the hell's going on with my Kodi?? thanks
Layne Nguyen (2 years ago)
I have the FIRE TV and not the stick. My fire TV is hooked up to the router and it's running like a champ.
Newby Strauss (2 years ago)
do you have an addon or repo for Caribbean channels?
Bilal Rajpoot (2 years ago)
Not working for me
MastaX (2 years ago)
sadly no tutorial i try works, kodi sucks, i start a live stream then 3-4 seconds later it goes in slow motion with no sound.
Beldee (2 years ago)
the buffersize depends on how much free memory you have,its different for everyone
Tre Wats (2 years ago)
didn't work thx
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Trey Watson there's another method that I uploaded
Willy McCoy (2 years ago)
Didn't work for me
julce414 (2 years ago)
I have 100Mb internet speed wired connection the kodi box and nothing change, I've tried all options that I've seen and keep buffering. Kodi has to FIX this BIG PROBLEM.
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+julce414 There's another method you can try. I have it in my kodi playlist
Ab Saeed (2 years ago)
Dodgy!! That's long number is not random. You need to work out how much free memory your box has while kodi is running. It is not just any old number for all devices. You said you have a laptop. That would mean a higher number values than say and android box. You could seriously screw up people's boxes. Do NOT follow this advice. The number is wrong. Google for better instructions
AsianKicks (1 year ago)
Ab Saeed funny I just watched that movie last week
The Lp (2 years ago)
Cool video. Thanks. 👍👍
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+ALEX Lp no problem. I'm glad I could help.
Todd Stoneburner (2 years ago)
ok so I loved this fix because it indeed fixed my buffer issues, but ever since I did this it boots my Internet connection at least 10x a day. I just had my ISP out here and says something on my Amazon Box is interfering with the network. how do I resolve this issue?????
mark salvona (2 years ago)
have you came across android boxes always resetting to 1st jan 1970 ? I do have my date and time set to automatic, it some how effects certain addons like Exodus, every time I switch my box on it shows jan 1st 1970
Victor Arias (2 years ago)
Your a life saver!!! It worked perfectly for my Fire Stick, need to test it on my Mac
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Victor Arias no problem. I'm glad I could help.
James Bradley (2 years ago)
Can you do a tip on how to stop Kodi from crashing my Kodi sometime try's to open but will go back to home screen.
James Bradley (2 years ago)
16.0 Javis
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+James Bradley which version of kodi do you have installed?
James Bradley (2 years ago)
+Den-Tech TV Firestick
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+James Bradley what device do you have kodi on?
Rocky Rock (2 years ago)
actually That is a old configuration....this one is a new one ... ( 419432400 ) --then (1)--then (4.0)....
Tim Wilson (1 year ago)
what is the up to date codes please..I tried these codes and didn't work did a fresh start ect my Wi-Fi speed is good..also what is the best build for firesticks? looks speed ect..thanks
Rocky Rock (1 year ago)
+smokeymc22 check your internet connection..
Marcus Jackson (1 year ago)
These settings fixed my buffering issue.
smokeymc22 (2 years ago)
this did not stop buffering problems for me either.
Jah GaZ (2 years ago)
Ricardo Ortiz (2 years ago)
Shit don't work fucks up your box.
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Ricardo Ortiz if that's the case, check my latest buffering fix video
Raven4111 (2 years ago)
I tried this and haven't had problems with movies but it buffers with ustvnow.. I have contacted them and tried everything I can think and still ustvnow buffers or cuts out... Is there a way to fix this? So frustrating.. Thanks!
im using a amazon fire tv box 2nd gen what settings do reccomend
Tony Ngo (2 years ago)
+NOTORIOUS MCGREGOR .......I too have the AZ Fire TV 4K......I am trying ( 419432400 ) --then (1)--then (4.0).... Will update once I try it.......
Angel Rocky (2 years ago)
it actually only worked on a couple movies and not others..do you have any idea why??? thx
Angel Rocky (2 years ago)
it worked!! Thanks so much
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Barbara Gibson no problem. I'm glad I could help.
jheanelld (2 years ago)
Thanks it works much better !!!
Ashley Penney (2 years ago)
nice video but eventhough everything installed ok my android box still buffers, very slow and just basically not worth any thing. no cahes can be cleared just slower and slower everyday. really annoyed by them
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
thanks for all the work you guys do , but why are your numbers and settings different from the guy before you , this i dont understand and could one set of numbers be better than the others
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Den-Tech TV OK thanks again I very much appreciate your help ,fire stick is what I'm using perfect. I do have another ? on another matter it's on p2p&plexus very confusing tried some feeds all are choppy and buffer
Den-Tech TV (2 years ago)
+Brian Turner the way this works is, it goes by the amount of ram and memory you have. The numbers I posted are for firesticks but I should work on other devices with similar specs
I O X (2 years ago)
GOT WORSE!!!!!!!!!

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