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Game of Thrones S7 Behind the Scenes (Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Ed Sheeran & The Cast)

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This is NOT the FULL Version, full version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFUgGlMbvo4 Game of thrones behind the scenes of season 7 This is the FULL Version of Inside the Episode made by HBO my other Videos Game of thrones season 7 episode 7 behind the scenes of the boat scene and the meeting with Daenerys, John snow, Cersei, Jamie Lannister and all the cast, Amazing Episode. I have 3 other videos that are only parts from this video.
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Matthew (8 months ago)
Here is the Full Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFUgGlMbvo4
Bahar Ali (4 months ago)
sara abid nkhgcbjjc
crissie lou senados (8 months ago)
Matthew can i watch here?
king salvador (14 days ago)
6:55 with subtitles 😂
Gitte lykke Rosberg (15 days ago)
Kaylynn Nguyen (1 month ago)
I don't want to be rude but isn't that the guy from the pack man movie? Tell me if I am right or wrong. Also one more hint to see if he is, but I also don't want to be rude but he is the small guy right. Please don't kill me or make fun of him I really didn't want to be rude or mean
Trey Charles (1 month ago)
All of the great artist she could've picked... I bet people were let down when she picked this dickless talentless little cunt ed Sherman sheeron shhhh
GGTroll 13 (1 month ago)
THIS is gay
kagsgirl (1 month ago)
My favorite and powerful scene was Cersei and Tyrion talking I'm private, that was my favorite scene on season 7.
kagsgirl (1 month ago)
Is it me buy at 16:00 emilla and Jon where totally in character
TANGY JASON (1 month ago)
A girl knows how to take it
Kunal Parmar (1 month ago)
song name at 0:02?
Zed Diaz (1 month ago)
It inspires me how everybody worked hard for this. Salute to you, guys!
naresh roy (1 month ago)
I saw advertisement of season 7 i like emilia Clarke and saw all seasons downloading in less than one month it was awesome. I got happy,angry, sad,misery, over-whelmed,anxiety, felt irritating,some times goosebumps all emotions but now i like arya stark(maise Williams).
Alisha Gaming (1 month ago)
Ed Sheehan is in game of thrones ? Wtf
BlackhawkX02 (1 month ago)
26:22 Emilia talking like that dressing as Daenerys, it was awesome lol
sithjohn80 (1 month ago)
It's the weirdest thing to here Peter Dinklage talk because I keep thinking he's gonna have Tyrion's English accent.
deepak e (1 month ago)
Where are my dra.......... ohh wait.............. where is that nude scene?
Christine Awuor (2 months ago)
Mereen audiences chamber was the best
Christine Awuor (2 months ago)
The best season opening ever. EVER
Fiorella Mazzi (2 months ago)
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This daenerys should be kicked hard in ass
Soudhamini D (2 months ago)
Wow. ...
aida (2 months ago)
Bordas Studios (2 months ago)
1K White Walkers dislike the video.
Black fyre (3 months ago)
how can 1000 people dislike this vid?? It was great, especially the last segment with all the actors together 😊
ekaterina (3 months ago)
What music on 10:53 ??
CyberVikings (3 months ago)
Clickbait thumbnail!
Dothraki dont smile even off camera))
AM Channel (3 months ago)
I love the behind the scenes its fun
Jan Pavel (3 months ago)
God I hope Ed Sheeran's detail will be massacred by the army of the dead in the most brutal way possible!
firas asiri (3 months ago)
I want season 8 NOW!!!!
Renata (3 months ago)
I think I hoped more from this season and they just took all away in the trash. I'm a little disappointed so I really hope the last season can fix all the holes in season 7 and finish the story in the way GOT deserves.
Renata (3 months ago)
If I were in the cast I would take this map to my house
Niclette Bomolo (3 months ago)
The most beautifful Queen I never see before Dany😘😘
Supa Sta (3 months ago)
Maise looks a bit like... Russel Crowe.
Chronichelio (4 months ago)
21:11 amazing 22:31 I hated Dany here. I always arrive at a meeting 1 hour before the agreed time. I know for some it's kinda rude but that's just how I was raised. Anyway, Dany at this scene was seeking for attention obviously, feeling like the meeting wouldn't start without her. Obviously, the pride gets in her head and that's why we have two mad queens in the series. Seeing them all together is so fun!!! Oh well, 2019, here we go
Andrew Gaudette (4 months ago)
I hope the episodes in next season are longer than usual!
Sirijan Thakur (4 months ago)
'it's game of thrones, long history of romance not ending well' - dwaf
David Gigolashvili (4 months ago)
The wait is killing me. I need Game Of Thrones now. Like right now.
Lynette Monterio (4 months ago)
Game of Thrones my favorite show of all time. Thank You
Rasitha Senevirathne (4 months ago)
“We are all just a big fappy family” -Tyrion Lannister-
Nicholas Carroll (4 months ago)
unpopular opinion: I hated the Wight/meeting scene.
martyna (4 months ago)
emilia is so funny lol
MsB inSYDNEY (5 months ago)
Of all the musical performers from history to present for Maise Williams to be "obsessed" with, she cannot help but be completely taken with Ed Sheeran?! I love Maise but c'mon?! His music and entire persona is so flimsy. He has zero personality and not the least bit edgy or cool in any way shape or form. The music is totally forgettable. I really am not into the whole idea of musical artists making cameos like this. I thought that the cameo by Mastodon at the end of the 'Hardhome' scene was super cool. There was no real acting involved for them, they just stood there and looked perfectly fitting for the scene especially considering the music they are known for playing, but the idea of Ed Sheeran being a knight, he is so fucking far from conveying an image of being strong and masculine which is exactly what a knight is meant to be then having him sing that awful song he wrote in the middle of the scene... just terrible. Sorry Dave and Dan but this was an epic fail not just in my humble opinion but according to literally millions of others too.
Ludmila Pedchenko (5 months ago)
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hadi kharsa (5 months ago)
Well its obvious that dany and jon are going to get married at some point since targaryens are known to marry family members to keep the family's name alive
hadi kharsa (5 months ago)
3:47 I got this kit-kat ad about tired of laughing at your boss's jokes and it was way too perfect!!😂😂😂
ghillemh (5 months ago)
Does anyone know what that guy at 0:43 is doing to the leafs under Maisie's feet?
Muhammad Jawad Ali (5 months ago)
Valar Morghulis
Fahim Istehad (5 months ago)
Loved it...all the way
Jess (5 months ago)
Tbh, #BoatSex is literally the main advert for Game of Thrones.
The Hound (5 months ago)
Arya is so fucking cute...
Mari lénaaa (6 months ago)
This show is so amazing I can't even describe it
Xayne Charlson (6 months ago)
Everyone would want to hate cersei very bad. But after season 7, I'm not sure how you could do that! Lena is such an amazing actress, you just have to love cersei.
The real Slim Shady. (6 months ago)
Holy shit I thought Ed Sheeran's head was photoshopped wtf. It looks so fake.
EEsmeralda (6 months ago)
i can't wait 2 years u guys
okoth brian (6 months ago)
lena headey you know how to provide love ...I wish to love her
Koru Parry (6 months ago)
Love anything about thrones!
White Fang (6 months ago)
Clickbait :)
Nadia Ong (6 months ago)
Ed Sheeran acted in game of throne???
Kwaku Kwarteng (6 months ago)
it's not interesting
Faisal Alshaer (6 months ago)
Anyone noticed how emilia turns full retarded...? I still love her
Faisal Alshaer (6 months ago)
I love tyrions american accent
Boxing 001 (6 months ago)
cant wait for season 8!
Senior Youssef (6 months ago)
1:59 where is the golden hand :D
twothrids 6 (6 months ago)
I was 14 when i started watching this now im 17
Meynze (6 months ago)
Ed Sheeran. A mistake.
Ryan (6 months ago)
yes but what the hell did Pod do to those hookers
rio boubou (6 months ago)
wtf is wrong we this music its evrywhere
M4ndytv (6 months ago)
I can’t wait for season 8 but also I don’t want game of thrones to end.. I am OBSESSED with these characters, Dany’s my favorite. :)
Gibby (7 months ago)
I want a moment , even a bonus clip, where Tyrian blows a horn outside king landing and 20,000 dwarf warriors begin to charge on kings landing but at the end very ones dead and Tyrian walks to the iron throne and needs to call someone to lift him on it. That's the real ending
Marianna P (7 months ago)
whenever i watch and episode of got or these behind the scenes where they explain how much work goes in to just 5 seconds of filming i am in awe and i feel so tiny for some reason
Nina York (7 months ago)
I want to be part of this cast or part of this world
abualhassan 625 (7 months ago)
Now i understand why the 1 episode cost 10million $
Jariyaporn Senawong (7 months ago)
All of u guys who created these series. That was so awesome!!! Thanks u.
Riski Rills (7 months ago)
what a clickbait thumnail
Stefan Hudson (7 months ago)
Omg Ed Sheeran and Ashildr from dr who.....I think
Gortex Wrecker (7 months ago)
the dragon stone throne is fancier than the iron throne LOL
Michael Thorn (7 months ago)
d&d are always saying things like "it 'seemed' like it would be a good idea by us", or "we thought it would work". They sound like they're in detention for behaving badly ahahaha
Milo The Cat (7 months ago)
Was expecting how they made the Jon and danayres sex scene
Sai Wynn Celestino (7 months ago)
Like this facebook photo for Queen Margaery https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1648627205196152&id=103291006396454
Brittany Garrison (7 months ago)
Benioff and the other guy are gay lovers. FAGS.
kbaby boo (7 months ago)
They started off the season with arya beautifully but i hated her conflict with sansa, it was so annoying hopefully she gets better next season
Hayley Dell-Clooney (7 months ago)
Can someone make a gif of 3:44😂😂
Lonita LFCSG8 (7 months ago)
15:00 she’s adorable
matariki (7 months ago)
Is anyone going to say how cute it is that they integrated Ed Sheeran just because Maisie was a huge fan ? That's so cute I'm dying.
CinisNivis (7 months ago)
15:56 always remember, that scene was shot by a camera operator without trousers on...
suresh panuganti (7 months ago)
Am so in love with this GOT
noname noname (7 months ago)
Emilia is a bad actor and Lena the best ❤️
Karen Ettinger (7 months ago)
Throw up .. Really? They obviously lie! They are saying that so they don't hurt the feelings of Rose Leslie...please! The eyes don't lie Kit and Emilia.. Not buying it!
denaden aden (7 months ago)
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Dylan Tka (7 months ago)
denaden aden this is shadyyy 😑
Nathan Steward (7 months ago)
When the hound is like: "Cus I taught her everything!" Best part.
Spidey Sense (7 months ago)
I love how all the actors are laughing and joking around playfully, while the extras are all standing there bored and tired!
Redz Rojas (7 months ago)
So Jon finally mounts a dragon...😉
Sly Cullen (7 months ago)
25:18 I get triggered when people generalize everything as a white walker, its a wight. Next time think about others before you misidentify a reanimated dead body.
Noomwa Lis (7 months ago)
Oh, look, my very own zombie!!! Lol.
Ana 2210 (7 months ago)
When Arya laughs when she talks about going to kill the queen lol that was brilliant. Almost everyone she encounters underestimates her
Yasmin Santana (7 months ago)
Did Robert baratheon make up the like or did he truly think she was kidnapped??
A lot of people are criticizing season 7 I'm surprised. I thought it was excellent. Not the best season ever, season 4 or 6 holds that title in my heart, but 7 is still up there maybe top 3? A very good season overall! Loved it!

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