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All-Stars match — closest comeback on The International 2015

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Dendi in Pudge costume playing Pudge. Arteezy playing Techies. New Dota 2 feature — 24 players in one game (23/24 ready). TI5 Team N0tail vs Team Chuan Subscribe our channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/dotatvru?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (589)
Ria LeDuc (6 days ago)
that was so awesome
Aman Srivastava (14 days ago)
Anne Reilley (14 days ago)
dendi got over confident at the end and died unnecessarily, he could have won it.
Nathaniel Pacardo (17 days ago)
Iconic moment in dota history
king arthur (18 days ago)
Rage Dash (20 days ago)
Notail Looks So Happy In This Vid...
StarrrBox (21 days ago)
нотейл уже тогда камбечил будто ебанутый
Joseph Tong (23 days ago)
Lloré csmr
idol kita (25 days ago)
Galang5th (25 days ago)
the most exciting all star-match i have ever seen
Paul Trinca (25 days ago)
and what did we get at ti8? 17 minutes of cringe...
Ariel Brund (25 days ago)
Puppy reminds me of my crush😍😍he's like a male version of her
Key Izkya (26 days ago)
THE most memorable moment of legend :')
stfu (27 days ago)
Kakamiss hahaha
瘋狂伊文 (28 days ago)
LOL is never a better game than Dota that is a game for kinders and highschools
dot three three (28 days ago)
best ti allstar match not the ti6 one my bad XD
FainoLoL (28 days ago)
one of the greatest moments of TI history imo
music top (1 month ago)
report sheaker
I_ smell_CHICKEN (1 month ago)
Imagine an Undying in this game 😂
Armando Manurung (1 month ago)
Damn i really miss old dota 2
Arga Sianipar (1 month ago)
lol ultra kill
g6 Happi Banana (1 month ago)
dendi so cute
Rutvik Patil (1 month ago)
Someone needs to explain what Omni bought at 15:52
《 ქokƹʀ 》 (1 month ago)
00:47 EPIC
rommel sumando (1 month ago)
dendi is so high myghad I HATE DRUGS
Jeremy Christian (2 months ago)
Rewatching this makes me cringe so much
Kim Ralph Fortuna (2 months ago)
What did Omni really buy?
RynZen Zie (2 months ago)
what team navi already disbanded?
RynZen Zie (2 months ago)
hahaha dendi i like you
Kurt- Minecraft & More! (2 months ago)
I'm calling it. 322 from Mushi
Kotamaru Server 171/Es (2 months ago)
Arya Ramadhan (2 months ago)
Dendi teamnya idiot
hohokz (2 months ago)
jose velasquez (2 months ago)
Jivan sherma (2 months ago)
wooooooow what a comeback
attack Twentyone (2 months ago)
1. Like this comment 2.subscribe to my channel 3.comment done 4. I will do the same
Rolan Reynacido (2 months ago)
What a goofball.
Fadli Dananta (2 months ago)
bloodseeker is a very strong pick
RunningRiotFin (2 months ago)
This host is just epic. best ones, would listen them like every match what i watch
Sebastian Bharat (2 months ago)
dayum son...
Lhagva Suren (2 months ago)
Oh no what a sad end T_T
Lhagva Suren (2 months ago)
Ohh no what a sad end :-(
Juliano (3 months ago)
dendi troll lol
LifeBoxGaming (3 months ago)
Yyz (3 months ago)
The most Hyped TI Ever
Private Private (3 months ago)
Dendi is too cringe man I wanna die
muftiaulia putra (3 months ago)
cary bruce aure (3 months ago)
you catting me
AzMaDINI (3 months ago)
Man dota was all about dendi ..
nway nway (3 months ago)
nway nway (3 months ago)
MimNoX (4 months ago)
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jc cj (4 months ago)
And I thought dendi was so tall but he got towered by chuan lol. Someone knows his real height/estimates?
jc cj (4 months ago)
Who's the one interviewing them?
VallenTM (4 months ago)
lol dendi
WHO FROM 2018 ?
POTATO WTF (17 days ago)
roberto girado jr. (18 days ago)
Me from ti30
GxQnH - (1 month ago)
Александр Голиусов me
Lal Muansanga (4 months ago)
Александр Голиусов i
Hafidz Fihri (5 months ago)
41:13 remove techies hahahah
Trainer HAPPY (5 months ago)
Oni Chan (5 months ago)
27:25 Srly Chuan? xd Obviously they sre playing for fun not for win😂😂 Instead of focusing throne Chuanteam stil wants to fight aglints XD What a funny game
Berdi Amanow (5 months ago)
shaker best loser
Raka Wijaksana (5 months ago)
report that who bought rapier
Bikal Shrestha (6 months ago)
Rajeshwari song
meme-sama! (7 months ago)
what did omni buy?
meme-sama! (7 months ago)
no kunkka hero where is attacker?
Joshua X (7 months ago)
Aeth Proxima (8 months ago)
Oh Arteezy. Come on.
CATCOM (8 months ago)
remove techies
Smilee me (8 months ago)
Dindi is my idol😁
[Re] Rhenium (9 months ago)
That costume is very hot
Ace Craige Perez (9 months ago)
Ace Craige Perez (9 months ago)
Idol dendi EZ HOOOK
Ahriman (9 months ago)
Where is Axe? why nobody picked Axe? lol
E Z (10 months ago)
its radiant team sorry. radiant team should be called the suicide squad hahaha
E Z (10 months ago)
dendis team should be called suicide squad HAHAHA
Gerardo Moonreaver (10 months ago)
a pudge next to a pudge
April O (10 months ago)
Dendi is the face of Dota... ^_^
Undead NightWing (11 months ago)
no dendi no TI ?
EOSKamera (11 months ago)
I already did a 1v5 comeback (4 of my team quit just me left)
Beyed731 anims and gamin (11 months ago)
Puppy and dendi are best friend....
Sasuke Uchiha (1 year ago)
La leyenda Dendi :)
Maris Lukasevics (1 year ago)
Eman Jayme (1 year ago)
Kill Hao! Hao! Hao!... Hao can they not kill the ancient!!!!!! 39:00 -hahaha
Joy Li (1 year ago)
@26:28 "Wheres pitlord ugys" -Arteezy. Predicting the future, my man. A year too soon...
Aj Decalay (1 year ago)
ang O.A
bruce wayne (1 year ago)
Puppeys a piece of shit, ripped of so many players.
Catcher Morningstar (1 year ago)
dat omni was the real MVP
Roy Rivas Perez (1 year ago)
dejo de golpear el mepo la torre sino huebiera ganado el :VVVV
al kausar (1 year ago)
this iam love opa dendi
EX Ceed (1 year ago)
who galing
parkerlong (1 year ago)
probably the best all star in the history of ti
Dandi Diputra (1 year ago)
watch this after Dendi vs AI BOT at TI7. heartbreaking
Emmanuel Monforte (1 year ago)
What did omni buy
4ksandknives (1 year ago)
This was the best All Stars match 10v10
arkads pavlanovich (1 year ago)
who is here after watching the international 2017? i miss all these legends :(
Caio Leonel (1 year ago)
Foi épico esse jogo
Проиграли выигранную игру. МОЛОДЦЫ)
Murat Aldzhanov (1 year ago)
Денди один-единственный кто фанится
revoler5165 (1 year ago)
did i hear sumail in the game ??
Myko Qui (1 year ago)
Dendi took some of that flakka while in that mask
Andrew Huang (1 year ago)
dont be like rtz, you will fail in life, even if you win

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