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Top 10: Halo 4 Easter Eggs

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Here are a few of our favorite Halo 4 Easter Eggs. A lot of Halo 4 easter eggs can be found within the game, but these easter eggs we felt were some of the best of the best! Voiced By TGN Partner HaloFollower's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Halo5Follower Written and Edited by TGN Partner Marco Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MarcoStyleNL Partner With TGN: http://tgn.tv/youtube-partner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TGN Central: ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/ TGN Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV TGN Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv TGN Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games TGN Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (326)
Nancy Almaraz (12 days ago)
i found number 4 when i was playing
Jaden Otte (15 days ago)
Rachel Miranda (29 days ago)
Why Bungie plz come back
Bad Boys Hub (1 month ago)
They ruined halo
Gamer Tag (2 months ago)
I know this is old. But, the label on the Spartan Laser was a joke about how Marines are stupid.
Fredator X (3 months ago)
In midnight legendary if you destroy the 5 pillars with a incineration cannon it will spawn a hammer
hepslin (3 months ago)
Griff inverted the stick
Pure Wolf (3 months ago)
I bought the limited edition Halo 4 it's great
I dunno about you guys but it really bothers me that the Marine's mask moves while he talks!
Maricel Skipper (4 months ago)
Number 7 is not an Easter egg we all know that
Raymond Jiang (4 months ago)
The console that you put Cortana on the mission the composer you can glitch out where the marines are fighting
Bobby Cardwell (4 months ago)
big scary laser lol
TheMawsJawz TM (4 months ago)
So is Cortana just standing and chilling in the middle of the battle on Composer outside of the airlock a glitch or an Easter egg?
NinJad Production (5 months ago)
halo 3 easter eggs were much funny
Dragonl0l (7 months ago)
The double rainbow and this is not a lie i saw a triple rainbow in finland and it was all the way
CoolRJ (7 months ago)
The last has to be done on legendary
Matthew Larson (8 months ago)
Another easter egg in halo 4 is turning other players into a golden spartan without them being on go!d team First, go into forge Then, spawn in any vehicle While holding it let another player get in the vehicle Let go and for you and anyone else they're golden and glowing
Mysterious rock (9 months ago)
yea uh what do i do if, my campain corratna donsnt work...like i have tried using tv speack amplafided speaker and head set...but i still cant hear corrtana during campain...
Dave Synder (10 months ago)
This guy sounds like the exuberant monitor lol
Andrew Otaku (10 months ago)
2:45 - That can actually be explained as a bit of a mythology gag. The Spartan Laser was created in conjunction with the Gungnir armor. For reference, Gungnir in Reach and 4/5: https://www.halopedia.org/images/c/c0/Armour_-_GUNGNIR.jpg https://www.halopedia.org/images/9/94/H4_MJOLNIR_Gungnir.png
d e a t h d r e a m (11 months ago)
That flying rocket thing in the beginning would have been great to elaborate on, but what's a good youtube vid without the hucksterism
edith reyes (1 year ago)
you forgot sergeant Johnson at the mission shutdown.
Silver Tiger gaming (1 year ago)
Conan O'Brian voice the boxes mover guy
the de5troyer05 (1 year ago)
343 ruined halo
I 😍 loved ot
36 (1 year ago)
The number 7 Easter egg I already knew about
The Slimer (1 year ago)
hologram teabaging also done in campaign
Spring Gaming1082 (1 year ago)
I've played the game I now what is not a Easter egg
Spring Gaming1082 (1 year ago)
Air lock not a Easter egg it's one off the things you can do to get read off the enemy's
Amy Falabella (1 year ago)
I found a Easter egg myself while playing Halo you know those Marines and scientists that survived well they open up a door where you can see a dead Marine with one of those guns I can shoot the grenade from and also they found those little companion laser beam think that the Promethean Knights used if you do this Easter I can you please put on the video you're welcome
Blue Delt (1 year ago)
Zack 11-1111 (1 year ago)
I like 🚝
Attilius (1 year ago)
They try to much with the new halo games. Halo ended after reach.
Gopher Gamer (1 year ago)
I thought that golden grenade was just a lighting glitch
WolfPlayer (1 year ago)
38 kill streak with a Gauss Hog
toteshalofan17 (1 year ago)
teabagging hologram also works in campaign i tried it
Ham samich (1 year ago)
I teabag my tea bags
Ham and Pizza tea bag ception
Scout (1 year ago)
Wait was the flying grunt in halo 5 on the menu screen from halo 4?
Austin Sawyer (1 year ago)
i whatch red v blue all the time
Emperor Palpatine (1 year ago)
People teabagging... Scumbags... Ok i did it to!
Emperor Palpatine did you do it to the jedi?
Sloth King Miller (1 year ago)
Am I alone when I say I can watch all of these Easter egg videos
The Chief (1 year ago)
I don't have Xbox live so I sometimes teabag some aliens
Hector Good (1 year ago)
Hey I subbed.
alend enlanza (1 year ago)
I know de rainbow
Mal Draws (1 year ago)
I know a cool trick for halo reach and halo 4. first go on forge with a friend then spawn in a shade turret. tell your friend to get on the shade turret then you turn in to the guilty spark thing and you pick up the shade turret. your friend will still remain in the turret even though it's in mid air
Nav School Orkney (1 year ago)
Nice! you just earned yourself a subscriber chief! #teabagging hologram
Zachary Gardner (1 year ago)
Actually I've never teabagged over someone's body.
SuperiorBat Playz (1 year ago)
Fire Starter dude almost everyone on xbox is immature
89 given (1 year ago)
Fire Starter I teabag bitch
Yol Sil (1 year ago)
Zachary Gardner because it's a scummy thing to do. you make yourself look immature if you teabag. anyone who doesn't teabag is a friend in my books.
Matthew Kameda (1 year ago)
Caboose forever!
Razz (1 year ago)
copy of IGN???
elizabeth Hall (1 year ago)
I like it
Barnes Jamie (1 year ago)
Which halo book?
JD (1 year ago)
the two marines talking was actually conan obrien and andy richter
pone ramkhelawan (1 year ago)
halo is the numer 1 game
ChowYun Thicc (2 years ago)
Not even chief would halo 4
ChowYun Thicc (2 years ago)
Not even chief would play halo 4
FluxGalaxies (2 years ago)
hmmm. pretty sure I've seen this video before. oh, wait. watchmojo copied. amatures
gratata (2 years ago)
2:38 That's how the grunt ended up in space in the Halo 5 menu
Reece Taylor (2 years ago)
#9 I was on this level whilst watching the video
Jamie Towner (2 years ago)
i miss Bungie
Jamie Towner Me Too.
HybridBlueDream (9 months ago)
Jamie Towner I don't have you seen destiny? Yuck lol
Michael Sertuche (1 year ago)
Jamie Towner we all
Yiorgios Vazouras (1 year ago)
Jamie Towner same. Everything post Halo Reach just turns me off the franchise
Tyler Vinton (2 years ago)
Why is there an Easter Egg about tebagging??
PikasanGaming (2 years ago)
there was caboose
Pam Schwarzlose (2 years ago)
guess what on halo 4 i found an easter egg you have to put a banshee by a dead person and the put down the hologram to te-bag and the holagram will be invisable te-bagging
One of the things people overlook is if u look at a small turret monitor in forge u will see a sticker that reads: warning shock hazard 1.21 GW
Imperialdude94 Gaming (2 years ago)
Big scary laser is back in H5 and still has that warning
Brian Grimmett (2 years ago)
ElCaldo YT (2 years ago)
Yummy Burger (2 years ago)
I keep hearing a damn iPhone charger
karencampbell65 (2 years ago)
TGN can u tell dean abadou this I saw holtel with the number 117
Tanner Johnson (2 years ago)
I found #8 on my own. I'm proud of myself😎😎😎
4:40 not a Easter egg it's a glitch I killed a jackal on that mission it's gun fell and turned gold GOLDEN WEAPONS
CorbynOnTheCob (1 year ago)
The Messed Up Face TMUP no
Chris P (2 years ago)
MLGSPARTAN 420 (2 years ago)
7 is not an easter egg
Razorhawk90 (2 years ago)
2:09 OMG LOL anyone get any Halo 3 nostalgia?
Party Spartan (2 years ago)
the easter egg abot the teabagging happend to me in the campain
craig graham (2 years ago)
cant wait, top job guys
That Memey Boi (2 years ago)
5:26 Ah, yes, Sargeant Johnson. I fought the marines so many times with my friends.
That Memey Boi (2 years ago)
Yeah, I saw the "Big Scary Laser" thing.
That Memey Boi (2 years ago)
At first, I WAS gonna press Halo 3 Easter Eggs, but...I know what Easter Egg you put in there. The creepy Cortana Picture on the computer on high ground.
ShortManJon (2 years ago)
on time on the first level of halo 3 I heard a marine say "I can't die I gotta make it to level 4!
mistergrumpy73 (2 years ago)
first time i ever played the 1st mission i thoght u were supposed to get the halo 3 one...
Scar Claw (2 years ago)
I wonder if the "don't look into laser with 1 remaining eye" is a reference to 343 guilty spark being killed with the Spartan laser Johnson gives you at the end of halo 3
Mikey Sweeney (2 years ago)
very much possible
The WerewolfF (2 years ago)
Ever wonder why were here?
mj4real 98 (1 year ago)
bow chicka bow wow
Challen Hai (2 years ago)
+The WerewolfF is that a rvb reference ?
Judah G judah g (2 years ago)
+Mil Man though everything halo is awesome
Judah G judah g (2 years ago)
+Mil Man dude chill
Mil Man (2 years ago)
+Judah G. fuck the bible, red vs blue is better 
Captinpie Sparkelpie (2 years ago)
u know that mission that u have to ride a helicopter thing well if u go next to the ship to this darkness u can get a shot gun
Gahlok12 (2 years ago)
I was laughing at the red vs blue lines.
nonname123 Multi Gamer (2 years ago)
Oh great im on fire...
Angrymonkey 247/2477 (2 years ago)
what about the invisible banshee
Creeper Cool (2 years ago)
CABOOSE DON'T touch buttons caboose: but i'm great at buttons! i love that part :)
Masterchef John (2 years ago)
I never knew about 6 when I saw it I that it was only a box.
Sammy (2 years ago)
Buttons,I love buttons beep bop boop beop!!! -caboose
Diamond21 (5 months ago)
Rvb fan? Me too
Diamond21 (5 months ago)
Do you ever wonder why we're here ? Don't worry guys I got this! * 3 secs later everyone is ko
Mathew Ropp (2 years ago)
i had no idea that #7 was a easter egg
Jaberous (2 years ago)
banches low and high😂😂😂
Dee Rune McCune (2 years ago)
did anyone notice that halo reach, halo 4 and 5 don't have any connections with the halo rings
Yol Sil (1 year ago)
Dee Rune McCune Well, Reach was more of a prequel to Halo Combat Evolved (duh) Explaining how Cortana got on the Pillar of Autumn before it left Reach in an effort to escape the Covenant.
COG Gear (1 year ago)
Dee Rune McCune the reason reach dosent is because it's before the events of the rings
Kalisias Klimax (2 years ago)
i think its foreshadowing that a halo ring will have a big impact on the halo 6 story.
Dee Rune McCune (2 years ago)
+Kalisias Klimax halo 4 and 5 don't have anything to do with the halo rings so if Bungy puts a picture of a halo ring at the END OF THE GAME and doesn't do anything then It doesn't have a reason to be there it's just there so that's what I'm saying
Kalisias Klimax (2 years ago)
The legendary ending of halo 5 shows a halo ring lighting up, and the mission the composer from halo 4 takes place on a station orbiting and studying a halo ring.
SethT123 (2 years ago)
what about the grunt butt in the second mission
Bentito Fouslini (2 years ago)
What about the hidden diaologe on second level or the other charsh survivors
Airlock Easter egg is so easy.
jupoawp (2 years ago)
I found an easter egg and NOBODY else seems to know on the internet. If you set a hologram next to a ghost vehicle the hologram will use active camo... y'know ,cuz ghosts are invisible
pro dominatrix (2 years ago)
+jupoawp I believe him, I'm just saying clever
jupoawp (2 years ago)
+pro dominatrix but it actually happens, try it in forge
pro dominatrix (2 years ago)
Ng Type (2 years ago)
Number 4. Didn't even know that was an Easter egg
Jacob Martinez (2 years ago)
you missed one where in the mission when you find the broadsword you can get into the canon
Exolution (2 years ago)
If you look on a scorpion, near the tanks muzzle is a sticker that makes a reference to back to the future.
Sheepy. (2 years ago)
You say "hunt" the way Eileen says it in Bloodborne XD
Bob Bob (2 years ago)
I have done number 4 but did not know it was an easter egg until now. You can get an achievement for doing it
FRM5993 (2 years ago)
what is that jetpacky stuff going on in the clip in the beginning?
username taken (2 years ago)
I have done number 7 the first time I did the campaign ! Without knowing

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