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Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 8

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Here's me recap and review of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 called "No One". Two ways to support my channel are below if you would like to. Can't believe King Tommo shat all over cleganebowl. Unbelievable. I just jumped on the hype train last week. Join Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/ozzyman or check out http://www.lootcrate.com/ozzymanreviews to support me channel if ya like! Use the code "ozzyloot" if ya gonna buy anything through Loot Crate, though. That code gets you a cheeky discount. Music: Regurgitator - Fat Cop Pearl Jam - Who We Are
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Text Comments (1037)
TWSTF 8 (10 days ago)
I'm watching these reviews a second time, but with the captions on lol It makes it that much more hilarious
Fré (2 months ago)
3:26 Or does she? Could be the T1000 with a mask.....
Axel Gaona (4 months ago)
Pearl Jam again. Another gobbie.
Mano Kanagaraj (5 months ago)
The way he says Cersei
Coada Catalin (5 months ago)
The way I see it, the faceless wankers are a cult of badass death worshipping ninjas. Jaquen taught Arya how to be a badass ninja because he knew about her list, and setting her loose on Westeros with her new set of skills would result in a shit ton of offerings for their creepy-ass god.
Abhishek Nag (7 months ago)
Brienne delivers Sansa's email to the Blackfish, although he thinks it's spam he decides to have a quick look but doesnt click any links or open the attachments.. "yeah nahhh look, you're gonna have to send that to the trash folder" LMFAO
Myopi Dodi (7 months ago)
I dont think Arya was preparing for a fight in ep6, i think she was just getting needle back and accepting that she'll always be arya (not noone), but i was wondering why she wasn't carrying needle the next episode when she got jumped by jealous bitch
Hanfgurkenhasser (7 months ago)
Blackfish's death was still a copout.
RGM (11 months ago)
The Arya arc in this season was super disappointing. I had such high hopes for a twisty twist
Andy Jones (11 months ago)
I love you and your videos man, but fuck me the way you pronounce some names really irritates the shit out of me...
Charles Dead (11 months ago)
Terminator 2
Charles Dead (11 months ago)
sick of characters waving at each other from miles away
chook tv (11 months ago)
The waif fucking scares me
Austin Minton (11 months ago)
A big fuck off wolf.
S Ryan (1 year ago)
Anyone notice how the Tullys wear leather scales over their chainmail? IT'S LIKE A FISH.
Hassan Atros (1 year ago)
Awesome, hilarious and great in site. Looking back at these previous episodes explains why the season 7 stuff is weak in terms of the supporting characters and inconsistent.
Samue Samue (2 months ago)
Samue Samue (2 months ago)
Hassan Scarborough sek
paraven chinapen (1 year ago)
running like she's a fucking T1000!!!!! hahaha!!! Killed me that one!!!!
Jarrod Stewart (1 year ago)
"This cranky sheila Chase's Arya through the street like she's a fucking T-1000" 😂😂😂👍👍👍
Jarrod Stewart (1 year ago)
"Although he thinks it's spam" 🤣🤣🤣
Mad Max Rockatansky (1 year ago)
This was the most dissapointed episode this show has ever had. The firs dissapointment is, no Lady Stoneheart. After we were teased about her with those brothers of BWB hanging everyone, and Bran seeing a vision of her death, we got trolled. Then Sandor Clegaene pisses in a river, kinda like pissing on the Lady Stoneheart idea. Gregor only kills one of those fanatics. After building up Cersei's line "I choose violence" he only kills ONE guy. Dissapointing. Blackfish and Waif dying offscreen. Also dissapointing. Who was the director of this episode, and why did he thought any of this was a good idea? smh
Christopher Hall (1 year ago)
they get interrupted by the plot, lol
Timothy Dimmick (1 year ago)
been marathoning these reviews cant wait for you to review season seven mate
Khaotic Phoenix (1 year ago)
"Interrupted by the plot..." - that should happen more often (For comedic effect)
Justine Faye (1 year ago)
love your summary of the faceless cult people! too vague for too long all leading up to "fuck it i'm off home!" so anticlimactic! been binge watching GOT then your GOT recap/reviews 😀 so entertaining!
David Boson (1 year ago)
yep the black white house is kinda grey
Cody (1 year ago)
this was fuckin funny. thanks man!
Katrina Evelyn (1 year ago)
You should review Vikings. You'd bring it to a new level of epic-ness.
Arya Stark (1 year ago)
Bron sexually harrasses Podrick. 😅
VideosOfEarth (1 year ago)
I am laughing like hell at this email thingie https://youtu.be/tsZsjzHV1sg?t=1m30s
JP Alpha (1 year ago)
Thor julius Bjornsson as Kratos anyone? He did manage to rip a head off
jaymz _mc (1 year ago)
Hey! There's my bro at 1:19 in the back turning in disgust. Mighty fine acting! FYI, Lena Heady smells good according to him.
JP Alpha (1 year ago)
Why do I feel that Jaquen Hagar is Sirio Ferrel
Alex the Dub (1 year ago)
For a bloke who works in the business of black and white he has a lot of grey areas to be honest. so cracking up...
kstew80 (1 year ago)
Like she's a fuken T'1000 ...haha
MArcherGD (1 year ago)
"The character of 'no one' is mixed up with too much ambiguity and vagueness" - is that sarcasm?
deephouse412 (1 year ago)
Varys and Tyrion are taking a look at the new Aldis supermarket!!! LOL... Just discovered this channel. Fuckin' Epic!!
T F (1 year ago)
"the mountain rips a head off aaaaand that brings everyone back down to earth" hahahaha
TheWanderingProphet (1 year ago)
Loved the soundtrack bro. Thanks.
Kitty loves Nachos (1 year ago)
"so that everyone back to earth"😂😂😂😂
Peeriemoot (2 years ago)
1:59 Did i just hear a blackadder reference?
H (2 years ago)
2:00 I Sir, Have a cunning plan -Baldrick
Ciaran Smith (2 years ago)
Weakest episode of the season, but still better than half the episodes of Season 5,
Mma fan559 (2 years ago)
i love how i felt the same way you did after this episode, only to get episode nine and ten what a series
homicidal rubberducky (2 years ago)
i think aryas carelessly walking around is to attract the waifs attention and ultimately to lure her back to the showdown place. had she just attempted to flee right away she wouldn't have been able to meet the waif on her high ground, since she could've come at her any time. getting wounded was a chance for arya to time everything.
cooldude1669 (2 years ago)
" chases Arya through the streets like a fucking T-1000 " I fucking died. That is so accurate.
ryskmonger42 (2 years ago)
03:18 - You know what would be great, would be a mashup of the Arya/Waif chase with the Neo/Agent Smith chase from The Matrix 1. "A little piece of advice: you see a faceless sheila, you do what we do: run!"
Coleton Donaldson (2 years ago)
those email jokes are fuckin spot on mate
Rosechu Chan (2 years ago)
BlackSheep1922 (2 years ago)
The terminator reference killed me xD
Chloe Riley (2 years ago)
I love how you made Qyburn the Baldrick of GOT.
Overlord Ghs (2 years ago)
I love you Oz but could you not put spoilers in the thumbnail?? I was a bit behind when you posted this and I'm subbed to you so I saw the thumbnail of the hound being alive and it sort of spoiled a lot for me. Other than that keep on keeping on my man
NuttyRockChick (2 years ago)
the sad and fucked up thing about jamie is he's always said the defination of his whole character, 'things we do for love' is the core of who he is.
Ambigu Daisuki (2 years ago)
My gut bust out from laughter when i hear the "THE COUSIN SHE USED TO F*CKED" .
Ivan Ivanov (2 years ago)
hahahaha this is the best review! "Like she is a fucking T1000! HAHAHAHAHAHA
7years Ryugami (2 years ago)
lol "Membership Card"
maulCS (2 years ago)
Did you forget about the Blackfish death?
Joshua (2 years ago)
WeegieMovies (2 years ago)
"He's a natural sitcom writer". Judging by the latest season of The Big Bang Theory, you're actually right.
horrorgami (2 years ago)
dope review as always my dude
Zachary Turgeon (2 years ago)
Part of this series acts to show us that religion is a nonsensical notion, seldom with a basis in reality, also. The symbolism of that is undeniable. The "Many-Faced God," then, should be seen as imperfect, as a let-down, because it follows in the trend of all common religions: there's nothing to substantiate it. The faceless trick is as much propaganda as it is an actual tool that allows humans to do things they cannot do without it. We're supposed to be disappointed with all the hype and nothing to back it up. Just like Melisandre with her blood magic and the Lord of Light. Even the myths of the Children of the Forest and the Weirwoods are dispelled and demystified to a certain extent this season and the previous one. We see that the Weirwood are more or less spy lenses for a single entity, a sort of philosopher king, the Three-Eyed Raven, a human who was more or less normal before he entwined with the tree. The supernatural is coming back to life in the series, but on the other end we're also realizing that most supernatural stories are hyper-sensationalized or outright lies.
Zachary Turgeon (2 years ago)
The Many-Faced God is a front. That is obvious; it has been obvious since the waif revealed her psychopathy in opposing Arya, and consequently in Jaqen's misjudgment of, or apathy towards, the waif's personality issues. The Faceless Men are simply assassins-for-hire who use magic. They use mysticism to justify and perpetuate their practices. Jaqen supports Arya because he likes her, because despite all his mystical nonsense he is still a human with emotions, just like Arya. The point of the House of Black and White was to show exactly what it showed, that Arya can never become "no one." It is a foolish and unreachable goal, for everyone. In a way, Arya has always had a way of appealing to Jaqen's softer side (e.g. when Jaqen tells waif it's a shame and that she was talented and for the waif to be merciful; he never did any of these things on screen for waif, never showed that kind of affection or admiration). That was obvious throughout the series, as well. Now we just see confirmation of what we've been led to believe all along, that things are indeed as you describe them, "grey."
Yorick Nicholls (2 years ago)
Love your work Oz. I'm concerned about the fact that we have only 2 episodes left to cram in descent plot and action. It felt like eps 6-8 were a bit wasted. Sure they fitted in some needed drama but ultimately I felt the show slipping a tad there. Feels like we're gonna be left with our @#$! in our hands on a mother of a cliffhanger @ eps 10.
Dennis Thomas (2 years ago)
Dorne is dead as CLEGANEBOWL.
feoil (2 years ago)
How else was Arya supposed to lure Waif down to the cellar where she had the advantage
Punished Djinn (2 years ago)
I was hoping Arya and the actor lady would get it on :(
Canuck Eh? (2 years ago)
Why is everybody being so cunty about this episode. You could be watching Happy Days reruns.
Rachael Wahba (2 years ago)
HAZZA GC (2 years ago)
You should do more the walking dead
Kraito Krombongus (2 years ago)
this season have been so crap
Valk (2 years ago)
If this channel is not an insta sub I don't know what is ? Well, off to binge watching all your vids ... Cheers mate :)
Prins op het hert (2 years ago)
Pearl Jam wooo
splint (2 years ago)
"Jaime is briefly reminded of all the character development he had in season 3"
DarklordofDOOM57 (2 years ago)
Podrick and Bronn were the best scene this episode, which tells a lot.
A.E. (2 years ago)
Dany Reatiga (2 years ago)
i'm still waiting to hear Tyrion about that story of the jackass and the honeycomb!
shaquinho8 (2 years ago)
there's no more porn
Natureboytits (2 years ago)
00:08 "I personally think Lady Crane's portrayal of Cersei is commercial.." Uhm ok, look who's talking.. I thought the same thing as soon as I heard you speak. You sound like some TMZ paparazzi program. Fucking fake ass shit.
Yuniko Yato (2 years ago)
ofc aya doesnt have a insurance every 1 knows you need an insurance to go to bravos ER else youll get 1 of those dothraki doctors
Ninja-Turtle Man (2 years ago)
Nothing will top season 4 likely. Consistently good, that season.
Molivos (2 years ago)
Wow I actually for the first time disagree with your review, this was one of my favourite episodes this season. To be honest the Nameless people lore is just fluff, and completely not needed for the progression of the TV show, Jacquen Hagar (sp?) smiling in acceptance at Arya was EXACTLY what was needed, I thought her character this season was pretty terrible UNTIL THIS episode. 3:41 - 4:00 was issue with PREVIOUS episodes, not this one, so I thought your review inaccurate. I like that Jacquen Hagar (sp?) having as you say 'grey areas' makes him a really intriguing character and it's fine if we never see him again in the TV show. As for 4:58 I disagree again, the banter was a problem in EARLIER episodes, this one NAILED it. It seems your issues are with earlier episodes yet for some weird reason you blame this one?! This was the strongest episode so far!! BY FAR!
Eddard (2 years ago)
the waif really did remind me of the T-1000 from terminator 2, hectic, what a flash back
Raphy Sar (2 years ago)
I feel like Arya's storyline will be more meaningful in the novel.
Callum Bullock-Hill (2 years ago)
That was some of the best analysis I've seen in years.
Th3DEADW4LK (2 years ago)
fuck yeah fuckin oath.
Quaselfasel (2 years ago)
9 gag raised the views on this I think. Damn it, I think you deserve the success Ozzy but now your vids doesn't feel so "exclusive" anymore xD
Severian Wintermute (2 years ago)
Don't worry, I'm sure Dany's dragons will swoop down with the Dothraki and fuck the shit out of the invaders, steal all their ships and then gift them to the Mother of Cheese, thus completing the circle of Mary-sue deus ex bullshittery.
Marcus McGowan (2 years ago)
I saw a really cool observation about Jamie Lannister on another site. In the scene that he was talking to Edmure about Cersei he was scheming violence like smashing babies. When he was talking to Brienne he was more level headed and discussing diplomatic ways of going about things. Cersei brings out the worst in him while Brienne brings out the best. Also he and Brienne seem to have developed a deep admiration for one another, almost love?
clive deane (2 years ago)
'Cranky Sheila, she's a T1000' 😂😂😂 Pure gold mate.
B. Lung (2 years ago)
nice choice in music m8
Kym Bouckaert (2 years ago)
You are a spot on reviewer Aussie man
Nav Ctv. (2 years ago)
I'm aussie and this guy doesn't really sound like us....
Xenon (2 years ago)
Dunno where the fuck you live but he does
HappyTurtle (2 years ago)
I'm Aussie too and yes, he does!
arrancol (2 years ago)
the grey areas joke was so perfect
cpcoro (2 years ago)
I'm sick and tired of people confusing plot twist for good writing. If works of art are created by market research it ceases to be art and is merely product. People are just upset because some stupid fan theory that they fell for didn't come true. Fan theories are so lame. Arya was blind, therefore she uses the darkness to her advantage. Sorry some viewers couldn't see that.
Evan Zissimos (2 years ago)
This guy should've written my essays in high school.
Zura Janai Katsura da (2 years ago)
Can't believe I forgot to subscribe last time. These vids are golden. Best reviews out there !
Greg Hearne (2 years ago)
anyone know what the song is that plays right at the end of this review?
molesticles (2 years ago)
Great review. You should write copy for a magazine. It probably wouldn't get a quarter million views though.
MunkyNZ (2 years ago)
The Brotherhood Without Banners, Berric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Riverrun, Brienne and Pod, i would love them to be setting up the return of LS, but it may just be a giant cocktease
Andi Liao (2 years ago)
"Cranky Sheila" always makes me lol
what if varys left because he knew the masters were gonna attack
Dark Voice (2 years ago)
I think he 100% knew. But as long as Tyrion is helping the fanatics he will have no part in it.
Murfdog (2 years ago)
LOL... Luv style new favorite GOT Utube commentator need chuckle since show has more a comedy than engaging. Tks Boss

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