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Jaqen Disguised as Arya Theory

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Was Arya Stark truly stabbed in Braavos, or is Jaqen H'ghar disguised as Arya, in order to test the Waif? Check out House McFarlin, my graphic designer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-42fcb0n-XuhqqEJgRtYg Transcript: Towards the end of Season 6, Episode 7, “The Broken Man”, we see the waif sneak up on Arya Stark, and stab her multiple times in the gut, shortly after she requests to sail to Westeros (the following morning). Arya had just left the faceless men last episode, after her encounter with Lady Crane, and even retrieved Needle, as she goes into hiding. Currently, Arya’s list consists of Cersei Lannister Walder Frey Melisandre Beric Dondarrion Illyn Payne The Mountain possibly The Hound, and more than likely, the Waif. I was doing my weekly after-show theory reading last night, and I came across a theory that I really buy into. Reddit user grounded_astronaut mentions that Arya sounded exactly like a rich person skipping town, which is the waif’s opinion of Arya. We all know Arya, the girl we’ve come to love from Season 1 is not that dumb of a girl to completely let her guard down in the middle of Bravos. Plus, where did she come up with all that cash, and where in the world is needle? These small missing details lead to a theory that the girl stabbed on the bridge in Bravos isn’t truly Arya, but Jaqen. Now, why would Jaqen want to save Arya? Remember at the end of episode 6, Jaqen sent the waif to assassinate Arya, but told her “don’t let her suffer”. Keep in mind that we don’t know all too much about the waif, apart from the fact that she’s Jaqen H’ghar's apprentice, and a member of the faceless men. Some even believe that the waif is just Arya’s imagination. For all we know, the waif still may not have proven herself to Jaqen, and Jaqen was testing her to see if she would let Arya suffer. If this is the case, well, she failed. Instead of slitting Arya’s throat, she stabbed her multiple times in the stomach, making her suffer. Jaqen sure won’t be happy that the waif elected to disobey him, maybe he’ll even kill her. In the trailer for next week’s episode though, we see Arya being chased by the waif and performing a super-badass stunt jump, a scene that everyone has been waiting for ever since the teasers. How would Arya be able to perform such a jump shortly after such a brutal stabbing? Either way, I think it’s clear that Arya will find help if it was really Arya Stark that was stabbed, and take on the waif prepared with Needle. Hopefully we can see some good old waif ass-kicking by the end of Season 6, and see Arya sail back to Westeros. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Text Comments (240)
I do think it’s funny when people rationalize mistakes in a show as some elaborate theory. In reality, they just made a lot of poor decisions and weird mistakes, leaving a lot of inconsistencies and possible plot holes, especially when it came to the Faceless Men.
Dance Moms MK (3 months ago)
*What if the waif WAS Arya all along?!* ●Isn't it suspicious that Arya becomes the apprentice of Jaqen and the only other face she sees is the waif's? ●Before Arya becomes blind she thinks she killed Jaqen but then she sees that it wasn't and after she pulls off multiple faces she sees her own face (proving that that body wasn't real just a prop with many faces since Arya & Jaqen were still both alive) ●Jaqen was meanwhile wearing the waif's face (proving the waif's face was already a dead person's face) ●After Arya kills the waif in the dark, we don't see the waif's body with a skinned head, because Arya didn't have to peal off the waif's face, she just needed to place the, now bloody, face where it already belonged ●So the waif was just 'no one' a gift from the many faced God, to be able to train Arya, and now that she killed 'no one' *a girl is finally ready* and Jaqen let her go ●Jaqen already knew Arya Stark would never be able to get rid of her name, her past, her list, so he specifically tells her "...no, a girl is not ready to become no one but a girl is ready to become someone else" hinting that Arya will always be Arya but will be allowed to borrow the many faces once she was properly trained...
s.faye (1 year ago)
She's my Waifey. 😂
Paula Espo (1 year ago)
excellent theory. surprised i didnt think of this myself. it would be a great test for the waif who seems to get away with whatever she wants but in the end arya says to jaqen, "you told her to kill me..." so while it may have been jaqen who took the blow, how did arya know about the waif being sent to kill her?
Zachylolz (1 year ago)
Lol its obvious if you read inbetween the lines that arya here is actually arya disguise as jaqen who disguised himself as arya to attract the waif who is actually jaqen disguised as an old woman whos an incognito waif to find arya who was disguised as jaqen who is disguised as arya
leo sky (1 year ago)
One thing that I didnt get and just made me think it was just a big ol' mess was: if Jaqen is indeed camouflaged as Arya to test the waif, why would he act so much like himself and so NOT like Arya? Everything she did prior to the stabbing was completely out of character, stupid and non-canon
Maaike R (1 year ago)
The waif was Arya...Arya's (self)-hatred to be exact. Thats why she knew to call her lady stark to piss her off. Arya spend her time fighting, hurting and running from herself..literally and figuratively. She didn't die from her stabbing cause it didn't really happen fysically. She stopped running from herself, faced herself, killed her self-hatred and proclaimed herself Arya Stark to go and face her life. Think about it, in order to become a faceless man she had to kill lady crane who played..yeah Cersei...aka the #1 on Arya's kill list..but Arya couldn't kill her so the waif did...the waif kills who Arya thinks are to blame...including Arya. Arya is the name Arya forgot to mention on her kill list. Arya is who Arya blames the most for their deaths. She tried to stop it, she knew something was going on but wasn't able to prevent her dads death. Thats why "dead jaqen"... underneath it all...at his core had Arya's face....they are Arya. I think he IS the many faced God....Death...using many faces to train Arya...in combat and emotionally. I think Syrio was Jaqen already...they were all no one. Remember she prayed to the old Gods and the new for her fathers safety..but Syrio said there was only 1 God...death...I think Death heard her prayer. Syrio came when she needed protecting just like Jaqen did. Now she can protect herself and protect others and kill those that deserve to die (aka the WW who were stolen from Death)...which serves the God (s)..she is the servant of death. 😁
Call Me Witcher (1 year ago)
better theory, the waif is Jaqen h'ghar
Tony Montana (1 year ago)
valar morghulis , take me to bravos
Hamza Alvi (1 year ago)
jacken h'ghar replaced ned from dungeons to keep him live and then ned is taking care of his daughter by remaining close to her.. (fans theories of stupidest kind) yeah ned is typing here who came from future i.e 7th season.. dont worry my fans..
Hassan Zia (2 years ago)
So where did jaqen get arya's face???
Fapinatos Anafilaksis (2 years ago)
These theories kill me Arya has Dissociative Identity Disorder & there is no Jaqen H'ghar. Rule #1.
Abang Hipni (2 years ago)
i think The Waif and Jaqen H'ghar is the same person..everything that The Waif done to Arya is some sort of test that she have to pass before become The One with No Name.
The Eternal Vanguard (2 years ago)
Anyone else notice the "Oh, fuck me" at the end?
VollGaming (2 years ago)
I have never watched an episode of game of thrones in my life
CK51000 (2 years ago)
I see some interesting theories but if someone is using Arya's face then would she not be dead and someone has her kill list? Wearing someone's face would not make them taller or shorter.
Devin Andrin (2 years ago)
hah you thought
kaltorak179 (2 years ago)
How would that be possible when they don't have the same size ? :P
User (2 years ago)
Why is Beric on aryas list
NobleHonorGlory (2 years ago)
For selling Gendry to Melisandre
Ger Vang (2 years ago)
Wait why does she want to kill the eyepatch guy?
NobleHonorGlory The list you gave in your video was inaccurate. She took those people from BWB and Melisandre off her list at some point before Season 6, before Season 5 even. The only people on her list as of Season 6 are Cersei, The Mountain, and Walder Frey, as she mentioned it earlier in the season. Though obviously by now, there are two left on her list, Cersei and the Mountain.
NobleHonorGlory (2 years ago)
For selling Gendry to Melisandre
Darkavenger_13 (2 years ago)
A man is a little disapointed...
Shuai Shao (2 years ago)
Except Arya would have to be dead and have her face cut up in order for Jaqen to use it.
Double Chin Cat (2 years ago)
Jaqen has really cool hair
ShellShock794 (2 years ago)
The scene with her offering to pay the sailor was bad writing but the running and jumping after being stabbed isn't all too crazy. She had been drinking milk of the poppy and had a LOT of adrenaline trying to escape. People in the real world do far crazier things with far worse wounds because of adrenaline
2Addicted2YT (9 months ago)
Absolutely. My mate lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. Put a tourniquet on and then ran to the hospital. No problems.
JustTheClips (2 years ago)
these theories are entertaining but dumb as shite
samantha bammer (2 years ago)
um no she asked to accompany the men on the ship before she got stabbed
Bhargav Patel (2 years ago)
Faceless men only have access to faces of the dead. Hence this theory is incorrect.
Bhargav Patel That's not entirely true. I mean, did you watch the season 5 finale? Jaqen probably has some sort of power to use the faces of people who are still alive.
myastroflight (2 years ago)
BUT.... when they change faces they don't change body sizes; haven't you noticed? It was Arya.
Carl Crosado (2 years ago)
She took the hound off her list
Vangerson Mego (2 years ago)
She took the bag of coins from the hound
Joshua Laferriere (2 years ago)
No... shortly before she requests her sail to westeros
Ed Me (2 years ago)
Arya is not the one being tested. The whole thing is actually the Waif being tested, and she failed. Oh, and Jaqen is the many faced god. True he is a man, but he is true to the concept of the many faced god, since the many faced god is a concept. This is demonstrated by Arya, who is also the many faced god as she has already worn many faces already, or more to the point roles. The Waif was being tested to become the many faced god in the manner of skilled servant aspect. The Waif practiced and developed skills and from her perspective this upstart girl comes in with the talent and already being the many faced god, so the Waif is understandably pissed. And the test was to see if the Waif could overcome that jealousy and anger to fulfill the concept of the many faced god.
Darkavenger_13 (2 years ago)
A man was sadly weong
Maria Colls (2 years ago)
You're seriously scratching the bottom of the barrow.
Forging Pro Gamers (2 years ago)
Next time read the book!
GluttonousDragon (2 years ago)
for him to take the apperance of arya she must be dead so he can take her face, right?
peebee143 (2 years ago)
Ayra's great!! Have not started series 3 GoT yet, so have not seen what's happening. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Loved I & II, looking forward to III !!!
Lord Rhoe (2 years ago)
Bad imagination.... Obviously, no reason that Jaqen has to trick Waif.
1981TEDDYB (2 years ago)
Bloods (2 years ago)
Arya was my fav but d&d made sure she is now bottom of list. She is not as bad as daenerys but still bad.
NobleHonorGlory (2 years ago)
D&D are pretty cheeky
whamo3458 (2 years ago)
Arya died. The waif returned the face she was using and now she is using ARYAS face and starts her real mission of being " arya".
whamo3458 (2 years ago)
OK well said, but... in the conversation with the actress while healing Arya stated that she wanted to go west of westoros. Hours later she declared herself Arya Stark and said she was going home. That could be a change in plans because she paid the god the dept of a death, or it could be the plans of a different person wiyh a different agenda. Does Arya know whats at winterfell? As far I know she would think that Ramsey was there in charge. Would she even know that Jon and Sansa were about to attack? Why would she want to go home?
Sergio (2 years ago)
+whamo3458 no way. Arya is a major character and a Stark. They aren't going to kill her off screen and have another character pretend to be her for awhile. What would be the point? What was the point of all this time spent on Arya training in Bravos, other than shock value of her death? Look, I get it. People keep coming up with all these theories because they want to find a deeper meaning. Sad to say it's just poor writing. It's no coincidence that the less book material the show runners have, the weaker the show gets
whamo3458 (2 years ago)
ghutch (2 years ago)
Still a good theory!
Simple Laughs (2 years ago)
The fight club and Jaqen theory are both better than the outcome, but at least it wasn't overly confusing
johndoegsm (2 years ago)
I really can't get over how you are pronouncing Arya with 3 syllables, who'd a thought such a simple name would be difficult for people.
Castle Black (2 years ago)
Damn, you're stupid as fuck.
Simple Laughs (2 years ago)
yet many fans wanted to believe them because it's just a fucking show and you can fantasize
Castle Black (2 years ago)
+Simple Laughs wow, theories can be stupid too, who knew?
Simple Laughs (2 years ago)
wow theories can be wrong, who knew?
Axischilled83 (2 years ago)
You cannot expect these kind of in-depth story lines from the show writers.
silvermillionaire (2 years ago)
There is a major flaw in this theory and instantly ends the conversation... The faceless men only use faces of dead people!
catherinetheicebox (2 years ago)
This is what should have happened. -_-
Kurt (2 years ago)
Well so much for that idea....
Simple Laughs (2 years ago)
Dr. Mighty Chap (2 years ago)
I don't find the explanation for why he would do it very plausible. I mean the testing, seem a bit useless to the story ... But I do agree that Arya was acting very much out of character, and indeed where did she get the gold from? Would H'ghar do it because he wants to get rid of the Waif and try to give Arya a chance to redeem herself (because she has so many gifts)? If the Waif kills him instead of Arya, she would have stolen a face/life from the many-faced god ... He would have sacrificed himself, but when his time has come and it's for the greater good ... The only problem would be that then why would he try to escape and safe himself. But that also applies to the testing theory, because if it would have been without suffering, he would not have been able to escape either ...
Dana Gorham (2 years ago)
hm... i don't think it is that complex
Darkavenger_13 (2 years ago)
A girl was correct
MRostendway (2 years ago)
Yeah, Especially for the Show its not this complex at all. What you see os what tou get for the showwriters.
Brian Rahmat (2 years ago)
Stop talking. Your entire theory completely wrong.
Henri Jibnuv (2 years ago)
that's why it's called a theory
Daria Krousti (2 years ago)
U need to have a dead mans face to disguise yourself we saw it already in many episodes -_-
excalibur2112 (2 years ago)
I have a theory about that; Jaqen is either one type of identity of the Many Faced God or the actual many faced god that played those illusion games with Arya, before causing her to go blind. Either that or Jaqen is just a very high tier House of B&W assassin with magical powers that regular acolytes haven't acquired yet. The initial ideas make more sense to me as they probably should for everyone else. We know for certain Westeros/Essos has a higher power(s) at play here, we saw Melissandra resurrect Jon Snow and if it were hallucination, none of the allies would've noticed it. There's also Bran's visions, and time traveling powers now as the new 3-eyed raven/bloodraven.
FrostMage (2 years ago)
wow, youre entire theory was wrong!
breasthound (2 years ago)
yeah, but doesn't the person need to be killed before they can use their face?
Off-Sophis (2 years ago)
+Chicken Fucker Either way this theory was disproved in the last episode so...
Roger Federer (2 years ago)
So how come Arya sees her own face on a dead man who she thought was Jaquen in last season's finale?
Henri Jibnuv (2 years ago)
lol everyone's commenting forgetting this was from 1 week ago
mattronimus (2 years ago)
haaaaahaha nope...i didn't even hear this till it was proven wrong...i don't think you need to theorize on the show, they think we're stupid so they hold our hands so we don't get confused.
NekoMouser (2 years ago)
I don't think Arya ever put the waif on her list. They didn't get along, but that's pettiness. The rest of her list are people who brutally murdered her family and friends.
AMS Orgasm Moan (2 years ago)
No it's just Arya, being tested. We've seen it this episode.
AMS Orgasm Moan (2 years ago)
I know it is. But I already understood that Jaqen was testing him. Think about it: A man knows the girl for years. Years after she comes to his door, which he knew about, starts her training. He teached everything to her with patience, including the blind test game and trip to docks. One could understand that Jaqen was proud of his new disciple. The moment he sent Arya to kill the Lady in the theatre, I understood that it was a test for Arya whether she is worthy of being a faceless man (killing an innocent human on demand of somebody) , and another test for Waif, which couldn't get rid of her hate for Arya. Ultimately Arya won the test and became a faceless man. Waif wasn't worthy of being a faceless man.
Gerardo Trejo (2 years ago)
This is stupid... to disguise as someone he needs the face...
Jarlin James (2 years ago)
arya stark should've died due to internal bleeding and all but she's fucking alive and killed waif in her condition and walked out of the temple without any injuries which she had previously
Jarlin James (2 years ago)
+Michal Holy yea right.....she got stabbed multiple times, fell in a river and walked for god knows how long to meet lady crane. Yea she's still alive.In a gang war near my area a friend of mine in self defence shanked a dude in the opposite gang guess what by the time he reached the hospital the dude is out.
Michal Holy (2 years ago)
Well if you pay attention ... at first when she was running away she might be bleeding but effect of that weird drug stopped pain (that drug which Lady Crane gave her) so yeah she was able to fight without that horrible pain .. in dark room (remember how she was training blind before ? :P ) ..When she came back to House of White and Black she drank from that werid fountain (whick healed her before .. her eyesight sooo no problem healing few stabs.. :P ) and that is why she survived...
Jarlin James (2 years ago)
+Ar P rightly said its fiction. For Danny I can only say that she's the mother of dragons so she should be immune to fire :p
Ar P (2 years ago)
Well this is game of thrones. She could see then was turned blind then could see again. Fiction my dear. Danny no burns but on fire. Should I go on?
Cahal White (2 years ago)
Don't feel bad that this didn't fly. I'm pretty sure the writers KNOW how obsessive we are and are planting loads of false leads. Look how they pretty much confirmed Cleganebowl, only to snatch it away one episode later?
In_Vas_Por (2 years ago)
1. I don't think Beric Dondarrion is on Arya's list. At least not in the show. 2. The faces are not actually taken off of people, they are some kind of magic material/mode, because two faceless men had Jaqen's face, and also had Arya's face, and she isn't dead. If all that isn't true, thats a huge fuck up by the TV show.
Cam Stewart (2 years ago)
Ive already seen the next episode your wrong mate
AwesomeStuff (2 years ago)
faceless men can change their faces not heigh not body mass....
radiofriendlybox (2 years ago)
so, this is after the fact but it was painfully obvious that it was never jaqen disguised as arya. at the end of the ep when arya swims out of the canal and wanders frightfully through the city streets was a dead give away. there was no reason to show that if it weren't really arya. GoT doesn't do fake-outs like that.
Nick (2 years ago)
shit theory.....
youtert (2 years ago)
A girl is a girl.
Maarten Slagter (2 years ago)
it's a pity that what really happened is a bunch of continuity mistakes
Henri Jibnuv (2 years ago)
The plot twist ended up being all the mistakes not meaning anything lol.
Rad (2 years ago)
so she managed to outrun and kill waif after being stabbed so deep
Daniel Rhodes (2 years ago)
Guess you are wrong
Guguelplas (2 years ago)
2:29 Are they sucking his d*ck or something???
NobleHonorGlory (2 years ago)
Actually, I was sucking somebody else's.
KingTairun (2 years ago)
All this theories are way too wild and stupid. Arya was training and that was her final and brutal test her becoming no one means that her training is compleate not that her personality is erased, the plan for her is to check of people from her list that how she will serve the many faces god. This specific theory is very stupid Jaqen is the boss he train and evaluate them. He said thousand times that it's all the same to the many faced god.
Sammy Bahkur (4 months ago)
I bet youre siting at home with egg in your face talking about how Jaqen is taller, so is Walter Frey and Arya pretended to be him
KingTairun (2 years ago)
+Mobius Streams Jaqen is way taller than arya it's not possible he is a faceless man not a shapeshifter also those actions makes no sense. the theory is stupid. i'm being honest take it as you will
Mobius Streams (2 years ago)
Least you could do is respect his theory.
Virender Singh (2 years ago)
Virender Singh (2 years ago)
MaximeLT (2 years ago)
Ahah, so a shit theory. How can Jaqen do to change his size ? Is he a surgeon/magician ?
zebble ganubi (2 years ago)
jaqen was walking with his knees in his sandals to make himself look more arya sized
Dragana Kalanja (2 years ago)
Guys, youhou is just a troll
MaximeLT (2 years ago)
He is not a magician. He could swap his face with Arya's, I agree. And what about the body ? I think, if I see the Jaqen's body with Arya's face, I am not fooled.
Ayyy Lmaoo (2 years ago)
And in some previous episode.. Arya changed jaqen face which revealed he could swap his face with arya's f.
ncorva (2 years ago)
The actual resolution of this conflict was terrible. So disappoitning. So much continuity errors and lack of originality.
Krissy - (2 years ago)
I just cant see how she survived those stabbings and the twist of the blade. She should of had internal bleeding.. she had no stitches just a bandage.. Hey ho Got to love GOT! Now its my time to shine next episode.
Vixx Celacea (2 years ago)
Your avatar made my day.
Maurice Johnson (2 years ago)
your new name is dog food
Maegan Zofnas (2 years ago)
Theres empty space in the body, and theres depth that a blade could not could through.
Henri Jibnuv (2 years ago)
Ramsay fight me
Natchawut Nat (2 years ago)
Shut up Ramsey!!!
Jimmy (2 years ago)
nope it's just arya of house wolverine
Will Marsden (2 years ago)
I'm not buying this theory: we know, and I believe that: 1) The Waif is essentially a priestess of the HoB&W - she is already one of the Faceless men, there is no 'test' because she has nothing to prove: the Many Faced God demanded Arya's death, and the Waif was assigned to do it. 2) The 'don't let her suffer' probably comes from Jaqen's admiration at Arya's willingness to training and eventual acceptance she can't be one of them - it's an order that Jaqen regretted having to do, but was necessary - despite his seeming lack of emotion. 3) There are several Faceless Men, and the Waif is not imaginary, or a product of hallucinogenics - she is real, and out for blood, she even has a back story (having been improperly poisoned as a child by her step-mother, she is left with the strength and appearance of a younger woman, despite being in her mid-thirties). 4) The magic in this world is jagged and unpredictable - there is no way that the deadliest killers in the world would risk it, especially if say their target was magically sensitive to their presence - warlocks and gifted Priests of the Lord of Light etc - especially if, to paraphrase Jaqen 'a mummer's farce (acting and disguise) will do the trick'. 5) I'll bite, maybe they have limited magic capability to change their skin colour (as per the black skinned man upon Arya's arrival), but it is likely used rarely and in low risk retrievals or intelligence gathering - that said, you never see Jaqen's hands after the unveil until he walks into the door - maybe it was a continuity error by the directors, but it is not unwise to believe that 'in reality', he used a disguise and the 'post-unveil' result would have been black hands, black neck and white face (if this was the case) 6) Again with the multiple Faceless Men and disguise, height changes in the killers would strictly come from deploying a Faceless Man with the right build to pull off the killer - maybe they can change skin colour, but I stand by the idea they CANNOT LOWER their height (TALLER would not be a problem - use higher shoes) - a TALL MAN posing as a SHORT GIRL would be next level magical power, and highly improbable. (I guarantee that if there was a medium height girl deployed to dispatch a target, it was the Waif - she could easily wait a few years and play her height increase on a 'growth spurt') - again, disguise and acting). Also note that Arya's figure is not altered, no mismatched body parts, no weird legs, no jutted back from leaning over etc... hard to believe a 6' x'' man can flawlessly disguise as a 5' x" young girl. 7) Arya has never physically died, and there was no face to recover - 'but what about when she saw her own face?' I believe this is the effect of the 'magic' that the Faceless Men do have, only nobody can wear the faces, and Arya was still someone - so the face was 'like poison' to her, causing her to see herself dead before being struck blind. 8) Finally, in relation to the money Arya drops on the table - it's the Hound's money, and likely any money she earned from her times as the Oyster seller. Remember, she got her trip to Braavos for free because of the coin, so she still has a bag of silver, and likely Bravosi coins she found, earned or stole. All in all, that is Arya, Arya was stabbed by the very real Waif, and that's it. Now she'll have to kill the Waif (likely in the dark or something). What I want to know, is how will Jaqen respond? Will the target remain on Arya or is the Many Faced God satisfied if a Faceless Man dies attacking their target? Side Note: I give more credibility to the theory that Syrio Forrel was Jaqen in disguise, but I still don't believe that theory either (again because of Syrio's shorter height, and the fact that Jaqen had no business being in Kings Landing at that time - that said, it could have easily been another Faceless Man ;) ).
In_Vas_Por (2 years ago)
+Will Marsden I definitely don't think Arya is the Waif. That's just silly, however, I think that anything that a faceless man tells you about their "childhood" or "who they were" should be taken with a huge grain of salt. They kill that person to the point that even they shouldn't truly know who they are anymore. That is, if they took the training seriously. 
Will Marsden (2 years ago)
Because I don't think SHE said it - the 'kindly man' or 'Jaqen Haghar' mentions it, and if anyone knew the true story to their acolytes it would be him. Either way, she had a story, which means she is a real person: debunking the 'Arya was the Waif' theory.
In_Vas_Por (2 years ago)
Why do you believe the Waif's backstory. They clearly show you that they gain the abilty to lie and become "no one". That whole story she told is obviously not who she TRULY was before becoming a faceless man.
Karnicle (2 years ago)
Untranslatable Meraki (2 years ago)
As it appears, GOT theorists have better ideas than the writers. No plot twists there, no fight club parallelisms. The stabbed right-handed girl was indeed Arya. The writers have made it too convenient for themselves. Yawn.
Henri Jibnuv (2 years ago)
imagine if a bunch of viewers got together and made the episodes. of course, not too many plottwists, or else it'd be weirdbut it would be so f-ing good that way!
LapisVerde Rossi (2 years ago)
Nope, what you see is what you get.
Stealthor (2 years ago)
just skip to 2:14
Inevitable (2 years ago)
Sword Of The Stars (2 years ago)
Once again, the fan theories were better than the actual Arya storyline.
Akmal Hariz (2 years ago)
nope.. that was Arya Stark of Winterfell and she coming home...
Scatman (2 years ago)
*mic drop*
yung mvhr (2 years ago)
Nope just bad writing
Joshua Thompson (2 years ago)
Can't keep twisting every aspect of the show. Some things have to be finite
Ger Vang (2 years ago)
Nope you're just butthurt.
Natchawut Nat (2 years ago)
plot twist is not to twist the plot.....
BaywolfX (2 years ago)
BaywolfX (2 years ago)
good you should cry
Manda Panda Bear (2 years ago)
nope. just Aryan being stupid AF.
Ben Gonzales (2 years ago)
+asd qwe That was after he'd been shot with a bunch of arrows though. But yeah, yall are right. Even the people who made this episode admitted that it was written poorly.
asd qwe (2 years ago)
+Ben Gonzales Rob went down immediately from his stabbing.
Joseph McDaniel (2 years ago)
+Ben Gonzales ehhhhhh.... I think I've seen more Starks die than any other house 🤔
Ben Gonzales (2 years ago)
Everyone knows it's hard to kill a Stark.
asd qwe (2 years ago)
And immune to stab wounds
Andrew CSGO (2 years ago)
mi rip teori xDDDD
Debra Sparks (2 years ago)
Arya is left handed.. In this scene, where she buys the ticket, she uses her right hand...
PaulTurbo (2 years ago)
Arya fights The Waif... ending is ambiguous... Waif returns to Jaqen and says "its done". Jaqen turns his back and The Waif sticks needle through his heart.... pulls off mask and its Arya.
Satire (2 years ago)
Maybe she is not actualy leaving the club and the test is not hers but for the other girl? That be kinda cool.
Dogbehu (2 years ago)
To disguise himself as Arya, he would have to kill her and take her face. So she wouldn't sail home :) Also a faceless man would most likely recognize another person wearing a face.
Dogbehu (2 years ago)
+Mumma Mia True, my bad
Mumma Mia (2 years ago)
+Dogbehu season 5 she sees her own face befor she is blinded
Mumma Mia (2 years ago)
+Dogbehu it was also shown in the show........
Dogbehu (2 years ago)
Don't know about that. I'm not that far in the books. Still, today we can conclusively say that this theory is rubbish.
Mumma Mia (2 years ago)
um no actually he she arya some of t powers they have by drinking a potion and having many faces including the alive and standing in front of him Arya Stark.
Bad Benny (2 years ago)
umm lolol what was that you said at the end????? ohhh F##k Me LARF
Ryan Bowie (2 years ago)
Not being funny but why would jaqen pretend to be arya if there was the slightest chance the waif would kill him straight away and not let him suffer, doesn't make any sense.
Skemooo (2 years ago)
this is all in arya;s dream training.. she wakes up as no one at the end of all this.. and heads to westeros
Billy Lazarus (2 years ago)
Is hearing you at 2:30 intentional haha
Billy Lazarus (2 years ago)
+Nick Binder that's why I heard haha
Nick Binder (2 years ago)
Does he say "oh fuck me" at the very end?
Eunoia (2 years ago)
Either way thought the Waif wasn't meant to make her suffer, and the Waif keeps acting like someone instead of no one and refering to herself in first person "You promised me.....You said I could kill her" ect.
Eunoia (2 years ago)
In one of the promo pictures there is someone who looks like Syrio Forrel standing behind the Waif
Bobby Brown (2 years ago)
"Do not let a girl suffer," (Waif then let's her suffer
Jason T (2 years ago)
Arya in the trailer is actually the Waif wearing Arya's face to draw her out. The old lady is really Arya wearing the Waif's face under the old lady's. Remember, we see Arya examining the old lady's face in the hall a few episodes back. This would also explain why Arya is walking like the Waif, a much different gate than real Arya. It also explains how the real Arya knows to attack her. As for Jaqen, he wouldn't get involved, he's the master, he would let the apprentices fight it out for the right to apprentice. That's 4 layers of tin foil right there. HA!

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