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E3 2018: EA - ALL TRAILERS (Anthem, Battlefield and more)

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EA kicked off E3 with their EA Play event and had a fair bit to show off so we thought it would be handy to combine it all in to one handy video. From intense battles seen in Battlefield and Anthem all the way through to intriguing indie games there was a nice array of things on offer at EA Play 2018. Although we didn't get Skate 4... and that always makes us sad. ======= These trailers belong to Electronic Arts. We compiled them to make it easier for our audience to view. If anyone at EA does have a problem with our use of the trailers please feel free to reach out to us. ======= 00:00 - Battlefield V trailer 01:29 - Madden 19 trailer 02:54 - Anthem trailer 04:36 - NBA Live 19 trailer 05:46 - Unravel Two trailer 07:16 - FIFA 19 trailer 08:31 - Sea of Solitude (SOS) trailer 09:27 - Command and Conquer Rivals trailer ======= ► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/fragherosub ► http://www.fraghero.com ► http://www.gamebyte.com ► http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (24)
Me Weed Hais (3 months ago)
Can you shout my chanale out plz it's cauld mikeyferno
How did you get such a big watermark.
doom6610 (3 months ago)
I feel like i had to pay for these trailers
The Haven (3 months ago)
Anthem looking to be damn good. Hyped for it.
GJ Billiards (3 months ago)
Shit games
Michael John Mclean (3 months ago)
not C&C
AManNameJoel (3 months ago)
All these games look like shit
Panda boy (3 months ago)
Sjws have taken over
Smorfar (3 months ago)
Panda boy the trailer looked amazing this time wdym?
Kio3940 (3 months ago)
I was hoping the first one was Metal of Honor Airborne 2
Herpy Depth (3 months ago)
That Battlefield 5 trailer restored my faith in the game after that last uhhh not so great one...
Uebernueber (3 months ago)
No sound at 6min 20sec mark.
The Earls Renegade (3 months ago)
Tis sad that all the ea trailers for today are summed to slightly over 10mins 😐
Wilson96HUNthe2nd (3 months ago)
And half of them are shitty sports games that are the same as the previuos ones. I really dont get those idiots who give money for these.
CS Zone (3 months ago)
Notification squad :D
FragHero (3 months ago)
Alex Anderson (3 months ago)
Props to Ea, using muse for their trailer music on anthem
FragHero (3 months ago)
What was your favourite trailer from EA Play this year?
nerd020 020 (3 months ago)

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