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Stormborn - Game of Thrones (Season 5)

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Daenerys is Portrayed by Emilia Clarke.
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Benito Loria (1 day ago)
Megiddo Jones (5 days ago)
>Hears Evenflow >Hopes Jorah stagedives...and misses. >Realized Jorah got his act together. Hates self. rip
Tay Richmond (6 days ago)
She have to have mercy on that guy
Pewee Valencia (6 days ago)
Iove uuu
sadiq Khan (7 days ago)
I like it
Nina Heumann (12 days ago)
The princess is Bad.
M Chaney (14 days ago)
She did the right thing by opening the fighting pits. Its like the 2nd amendment/ football in America.
Raval Rohit (16 days ago)
hindi me all part do
Rashid Kabbabe (23 days ago)
For me the man who acts as Tyrion is the best actor, one of the best in #GOT
Rashid Kabbabe (23 days ago)
Melisandre or Melisandra, anyway... the girl is a beauty!
Sarah (27 days ago)
at 16:09 did she sense her child drogon
Sarah (27 days ago)
id like to see daenerys do some hands on fighting even a smack across the face
Annetta Waiz (27 days ago)
You missed a scene before 55:06 where Dany approaches Drogon and is about to touch him with her hand, but he gets shot with another speer.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (27 days ago)
Ace Williams (1 month ago)
"I think every dragon deserve a hot meal?" (Dr. evil pinky)
Edwin Owiti (1 month ago)
Darragh Hockedy (1 month ago)
why did they kill sir barriston selmy :(
Ace Williams (1 month ago)
I know right? I liked him, he was one of my favorites.
Aslam Aslam (1 month ago)
Nazira Mukoon-Furjun (1 month ago)
It was
Jeff Andreade18 (1 month ago)
Nazira Mukoon-Furjun this is the episode 1 in season 5?
sachin deore (2 months ago)
So nice
Christabel Oguh (2 months ago)
So interesting
Bill Rogers (2 months ago)
Wow!....neen wonderin how much $$$ does it cost per episode. Any inkling Blackfyre?
Memory Nyoni (2 months ago)
Awesome thanks Daemon
Carlo De Jesus (2 months ago)
Aakash Kumar (2 months ago)
mera loda Hindi m daal nhi RHA bhosdika
Raffy Salinas (2 months ago)
hey ..thank you ..hehe
Angela 22 (2 months ago)
Just look at tyrions face when the dragon arrived
vishal gupta (2 months ago)
Y movie hindi m kab aayga dost
Siddhartha Singh (3 months ago)
full movie cuyekli
sad and boujee (3 months ago)
mari khan (3 months ago)
Superb series... But no subtitles.... Plz add subtitles sir
James Dooling (3 months ago)
Everyone keeps telling Dany to be a dragon...
Omen Nemo (3 months ago)
How can she enslave her dragons.  Thank God there are no such things as Dragons.  You can't tame wild animals and you can't enslave them and expect them to not want to kill you.  Thats the only thing I can't deal with is cruelty to man and animals.
Madison Jackson (3 months ago)
So good 👍
Silas Doe (3 months ago)
Keep up the good work Daemon
hidayat ullah (3 months ago)
Nice series
Rachel Lee (3 months ago)
Was that slave master guy part of the sons of the harpe?
Justine Bangs (3 months ago)
Excellence Dany trust me you are the best for me
J Mcarthy (3 months ago)
Drogon looking like man Im tired sit down mother😂😂😂😂
Jhie Caddz (3 months ago)
Im Inlove with Daenerys
Cindy P (4 months ago)
Because I never watched on tv idk if these videos r in correct season. Would really like to find the very next one after this. Anyone know which that would truly be?
Lord Dornel (4 months ago)
22:15 ooh, he just got ripped open from balls to brains. (And Dany should really give the Unsullied swords. Spears are quite a disadvantage in close combat in narrow streets)
Madanc Ghosh (4 days ago)
Lord Conjunction ye hai to wo no one yet I will enter a new one y
Lord Dornel (4 months ago)
Oops, meant 23:15, lol.
Sojol Khan (4 months ago)
natalia maria (4 months ago)
Ótima Season 5 e 7 as Melhores,.. (so assistir essas duas mesmo)
The Bestest (4 months ago)
That slavery pit guy is annoying
Ella Enchanted (5 months ago)
She shouldn’t have killed that guy at 14:28... mercy would have won her people
Wan Najwa (3 days ago)
It was that guys fault in the first place.. he kill someone and she say that she gonna rule with justice and justice
Afolayan Damilola (1 month ago)
Ella Enchanted that's exactly what I was thinking I guess she made a mistake
Nathaly Guerrero (5 months ago)
Plasta de mierda ponga esa hijueputada en español mamaguevos uno queriendo ver la mierda esa y son tan pajuos que no traducir esa mierda pudieron
Han Pham (5 months ago)
Phim hay
ElephantsLover (5 months ago)
Jorah the friendzoned...Its just so sad you know??
sajana (5 months ago)
Hidzr sounds a bit like Tyrion.
Nicole Sabetti (5 months ago)
I love the Dragons
LiVeLiKeURdying2 (5 months ago)
I wish the scenes weren't cut before they finish
LiVeLiKeURdying2 (5 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 lol
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (5 months ago)
ياسر كنجو (5 months ago)
يا شباب ايش اسم الفلم
Dalilah B (4 months ago)
ياسر كنجو Game of thrones
Aayushi's love world (5 months ago)
I love the series anyway!? 😍
Justine Bangs (3 months ago)
Excellence Dany best of all time
Madara Aradam (5 months ago)
Drogon: "Oh, hi mom, I thought haven't seen you for a while... Need me to fry a human or 30 of them??? "
Pierre Monty (1 month ago)
A mere 40 will do thanks son.
Vorn Hun (3 months ago)
Madara Aradam if
TheUnknown (6 months ago)
Emilia is so beautiful
nicolson69 darkness (3 months ago)
She is cute
Leyla Rustamova (6 months ago)
Why did she take her ring off?
Leyla Rustamova (5 months ago)
dimples jariana yeah I got that later, thanks though😂🙏🏽
dimples jariana (5 months ago)
So they could find her
Lashaw Mina Baptiste (6 months ago)
love this movie
abdellah goujili (6 months ago)
Films good
dtv2181 (6 months ago)
how did she not get greyscale??
she is daenrys stormborne
amadaria (6 months ago)
they cut out the scene where Drogon screams at her, lol
keto3883 (1 month ago)
half the jorah arena fight is missing too ... i guess you can t get everything.
I love Daenerys but sometimes I wanna slap her in the face especially when she says they're my children. Sometimes she can be really annoying.
Ace Williams (1 month ago)
Or when she has to remind the world of her titles. It's like, "Oh god, shut up woman!!"
beth98362 R (7 months ago)
Yea...you should have expected that!
Richie Moggz (7 months ago)
Season 8 hurry up
Annabella Elliott (7 months ago)
Tyrion is like: did that seriously just happen?! She’s riding drogon!!!!!
Tham Huynh (16 days ago)
Sarah (27 days ago)
the first dragon rider in centuries
Free Spirited Assassin (7 months ago)
Awesome I enjoyed the Dany arc
MDCB1 (7 months ago)
The return of the prodigal Ser Jorah to rescue Daenerys Stormborn is one the most powerful scenes in the entire GoT Series. Yet, it is entirely absent of dialogue. Majestic (sic) direction...
Joe K. (7 months ago)
Omg please don't make us wait too long! Season 6 is the triumph!!
Galina Tereshchenko (7 months ago)
Thank you very much, dear Daemon.
Jalien Jeezus (7 months ago)
Yeaaaaa Daemon boiii
Heather L Thomas (7 months ago)
Game of thrones is so awesome I can't wait for season 8 to come out thank you daemon sweetie I was happy to see this video when I got up on this beautiful morning God bless you and your heart hun I am watching it right now I love to see more John snow and arya have a lovely day 💞😄
Heather L Thomas (5 months ago)
Pickles Mcgee that's funny
Rust Cohle (5 months ago)
no its Alfonso
Heather L Thomas (7 months ago)
Daenerys Targaryen yes John
Daenerys Targaryen (7 months ago)
Heather Thomas not ~John~ ,JON
King Naga (7 months ago)
I never understood how the Son's of the Harpy were all that effective. It's former slave owners who spent their lives sitting on their ass watching other people work vs literally lifelong experienced fighters in the Dothraki and The Unsullied. Sure there is the element of surprise and numbers, but slave societies (using the American South for a reference) usually have slave populations nearly as large as the slavers. So at best half the city vs an occupying force of elite soliders? She shoudn't have THIS much of an issue with them.
Laura Hoke (2 months ago)
babablacksheepdog I really enjoyed your analysis because I had the same thoughts as the original comment.
babablacksheepdog (3 months ago)
I think while some of the Sons of the Harpy were former slave owners, a lot of them would have been average citizens of Meereen, who weren't rich enough to own slaves, but who saw Daenerys as a foreign invader who had uprooted all of their centuries-long customs and traditions and had set free an unruly mass of former slaves, who were now roaming free in the city doing as they pleased (a lot of the former slaves had actually looted and killed freeborn Meereenese during the invasion regardless of whether the victims were actually slave owners or not). In fact, while the Masters would be the ones organizing the Sons of the Harpy, I imagine the majority of the footsoldiers of the movement would be made up of lowborn free Meereenese (the Masters never get their hands dirty). The other problem is that Daenerys' army is made up mostly of Unsullied, who are trained to fight in tight formation on the battlefield. She instead had them patrol the streets, something they were never trained to do, and of course they were unsuccessful.
Cindy P (4 months ago)
King Naga ... I was thinking same thing But , that's tv for ya
Lucky-Tomato- (5 months ago)
King Naga you’d be surprised by how overwhelming numbers can be especially since they’re scattered around while these fucks “blend in” with very great numbers or just overwhelming numbers.
T. B. (7 months ago)
Can you ad White Walkers to the list to do in the future? Thanks
Madeleine Goodhew (7 months ago)
Great music intro!!! Love the JAM!!❤🇦🇺✌💙
akhtar hameed (7 months ago)
Paaps T (7 months ago)
Much appreciated mate
Thomas Emilio (7 months ago)
I didn’t plan on getting any sleep tonight anyways.
Talla Fall (6 days ago)
Il faut qu'il yait une version.française complète sur YouTube
Muhammad Tahir (7 days ago)
.Thomas Emilio
Nicole Sabetti (5 months ago)
Thomas Emilio lol. I hear you
John Hampton (7 months ago)
Cool! Another well-timed video! Love it when I come home from work and see one of these in the first hour. Thanks again Daemon man! #Peace!
Chris Collings (7 months ago)
Cool this will be a great hour of fun!
Ng Li Jie (7 months ago)
Count Ripula (7 months ago)
House Blackfyre does it again! I didn't want to sleep yet anyway! Thanks Daemon 👍🐉
Lacey Star (7 months ago)
Hello I’m here and very happy to see this!

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