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Game of Thrones *Best Scenes* Season 1 Episode 2

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Archit Sharnagat (1 day ago)
God bless George Martian
Loki (7 days ago)
wolfs are my favorite animals, lady did not deserve that
Justine Padilla (10 days ago)
I can’t with the first scene, it’s so cute!! Sibling goals!!! 😍😍😭😭 (Even though Jon isn’t really Arya’s brother, spoiler alert)
Green Dragon (4 days ago)
Justine Padilla Well they weren’t siblings in the first place, Jon’s her half brother
Gamer Craft (10 days ago)
6:27 Poor Dire Wolf :(
Sky Reaper (16 days ago)
The poor doggo was just doin a protecc
Kawai Chan (17 days ago)
• • •
What is the name from the actor 7:35
Raquel Ortega (26 days ago)
Dog killing really results to bloodshed ask jon wick
지Lia (26 days ago)
You wanted 7:52
NOAH S (1 day ago)
Rahul Poswal (17 days ago)
Luke Kolol (27 days ago)
ZYOXFilms (12 days ago)
Luke Kolol fair enough
Caleb Turner (1 month ago)

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