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Game of Thrones All Casts Then and Now 2017

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Game of Thrones All Casts Then and Now 2017: Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark,Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton,Esmé Bianco as Ros,Aidan Gillen as Petyr Baelish,Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark,Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, Richard Madden as Robb Stark,Oona Chaplin as Talisa Stark,Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell,Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon,Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister,Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister,Sibel Kekilli as Shae,Maisie Williams as Arya Stark,Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane, Natalia Tena as Osha,Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy,Gemma Whelan as Yara Greyjoy,Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo,Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen,Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei, Kit Harington as Jon Snow,Rose Leslie as Ygritte,John Bradley as Samwell Tarly,Hannah Murray as Gilly,Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth,Jerome Flynn as Bronn, Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark,Kristian Nairn as Hodor,Carice van Houten as Melisandre,Conleth Hill as Lord Varys,Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon. Thanks for watching. Nostalgia by Tobu https://soundcloud.com/7obu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/03AKy9bhOMU Island by MBB https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/6by8zhaG04Y Take It Easy by MBB https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/8DAL4muQUC8
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Text Comments (1642)
Jeremy Tenorio (2 hours ago)
Tyrel? Oh, you mean Margery. Khal, Khal who? Oh, you mean Khal Drogo.
Mohammad Dilshad (8 hours ago)
Love you arya
Licorne Black (9 hours ago)
Deaneyris ❤️
Michael Espeland (1 day ago)
Wow, Gilly is very sexy!
Audiolibri Fantasy (1 day ago)
John è uguale identico, la trasformazione piu incredibile è Varys
Hey,were is Stannis?His my idol..
Все лучше привлекательнее в телесериале.
TheVs_ 8 (3 days ago)
1:54 Tyrell is the Name Of the Family.
SURAJ WANKHADE (4 days ago)
khal drogo😎
Tashka Peshahu (4 days ago)
Muito legal curti muito ❤❤
Melo Melo (5 days ago)
wow thank you
〈NOSTROMO〉 (6 days ago)
thats not carice van houten
vEn om (8 days ago)
Margaery thyrell is friggin hawt!
jimmy sampson (8 days ago)
6:50 Melisandre is not that woman on the right. I don't know who that is but you used someone else photo.
Lothar Landen (9 days ago)
wow. impresive
Autumn Entertainment (9 days ago)
I guess this vid is for those who stopped watching after Season 1..... every other person in the world from Gibraltar to Timbuktu knows EXACTLY what they look like. The show is still running ffs.
רותם טמסות (10 days ago)
Holy shit sandor look soo diffrent
רותם טמסות (10 days ago)
Helf of them should be Then- pic of them in the start of the show/first appernece Now- pic of grave
Christian Wilke (10 days ago)
Then and now? I don't think it's been long enough for a then and now.
Nicklas Mason (11 days ago)
No joura?
Ravenhaven Gaming (11 days ago)
you only had first names but not for Margery (you just named her Tyrell^^) and Drogo (you called him Khal which is a title), do you hate those two? ^^
OhFookinELL (11 days ago)
no one has really changed that much in the short time from then to now. Maybe do this video again in 20 years time from now and then we will see some real changes.
NANDOTABAJARA (11 days ago)
Arya is so hot
Celan Mc (11 days ago)
4:15 Its Not yara, it is Asha Graufreud
Alex Gringo (12 days ago)
что то рыжеватая колдунья не похожа?!!!!
Borkaman87 (12 days ago)
Good for her! and for her character's fate as well, suitable for a ninja type physique. "Skinny, the target is smaller" Hopefully some spinoff(decade) will include most of the characters we have left, with arya perfecting ninja choreography
Ebrahim Chowdhury (12 days ago)
Did you know ? Shae did some porn bevor her carear
Jan Kindl (12 days ago)
Stupid video... THEN is from TV series, NOW is from real life... retards....
bob jefferson marley (12 days ago)
Is khal the nba player steven adams maybee??🤔🤔🤔
Jason Donnelly (12 days ago)
Most gay music ever
Lil D (12 days ago)
Its NOT - "Then and Now", It is in the show and in the REAL LIFE. IN fact photos of some actors in real life were taken years ago, some even before GoT.
Albert Chehade (13 days ago)
Hex, You should become a director on some project on Pluto. Your showcase here has not worked out well, it is a mess. Your music choice is the worst aspect. However, at least you made an effort, and most probably, in your eyes only, you will say that you made good and delivered the product. Everyone else disagrees, and I am one of them too, sorry. I am surprised you got 8million hits, but then again, every one is entitled to their opinions, even if they are 10 years of age or younger, and opinions are like assholes - everyone's got one, right?
Albert Chehade (12 days ago)
You live and learn:) Let's see how you do next time........
HEX (12 days ago)
I Apologize, this was my very first video and I made some mistake that I can't fix it now.
Yunus Toprak (13 days ago)
Dizideki halleri daha güzel. Daeneyers efsane
Marcus Aurelius (13 days ago)
WTF does that mean??
Albert Chehade (13 days ago)
It's Spanish for 'What the fuck did I just watch?'
Maxokai Dracke (13 days ago)
kind of pointless
LionTigerHD (13 days ago)
Jon Best ♥️
繁华过后 (13 days ago)
D4B4S L3G3ND4RY (13 days ago)
Catelyn just freaks me out
Colin Marble (13 days ago)
What do mean by “then/Now”? Then is in costume in the series and Now is the actor. Stupid comparison!
Y2C (14 days ago)
2:03 Gordon Ramsay
Mizkusi : (14 days ago)
Вообщем see no deference
Graf Valar (15 days ago)
За музыку- дизлайк.
Thor Stambaugh (15 days ago)
Shireen looks great after her barbeque
будто были путаны такие и кушать
Roman Skript (15 days ago)
Брайан вырос!!!
Serzh Player (15 days ago)
it's not then - it's in tv
The7nUp (15 days ago)
What is with the stupid zoom in and out you ritard?
Brad TvChannel (16 days ago)
eddard then lord of winterfell now alcoholic ;)
A.R. S (16 days ago)
لعشاق game of thrones شوفو ال amv ده https://youtu.be/EWF2nxzP_3U
Jorge Gota Dourada (16 days ago)
Arya, gostosa!
Girish Babu (16 days ago)
full movie plz
Michael Habernig (16 days ago)
Nathalie Emmanuel looks quite different now...
Bravo Charlie (16 days ago)
Muito legal em !
Михаил (16 days ago)
Ну и, что в этом видео увлекательного?
TheGreat One (17 days ago)
so ... all these pictures of then and now ... Then, they were game of thrones characters and now they are people?
Hilde Basha (18 days ago)
Ария прекрасная
Ария топ
Ibrahim Mosed (18 days ago)
Omg 😯 sansa 🍓🎁💋😢
nadro Lee (18 days ago)
Изменился лишь мальчишка, играющий Брана. Потому что был ребенком и за несколько лет повзрослел. А другие артисты остались такими же , будто и в телесериале!))) Рада поглядеть их лица! Мне весьма приглянулся кинофильм, я прочитала книжки, жду с нетерпением продолжения кинофильма!
Alex7up (18 days ago)
Я бы именовал до мейкапа и потом!!
что означает then - now, они попросту этак смотрятся в обыкновенной жизни!)))
김명승 (19 days ago)
아리아.... 너도 미달이 처럼 그러고 싶은거냐...
Jerry Melville (19 days ago)
More like in character out of character
Random Chaos (20 days ago)
The actors who play/played Bran and Joffrey are not very attractive. The Joffrey actor has no mouth or lips. And many of the female actresses are much more beautiful then how they're done in the show.
Travis Duff (13 days ago)
I've heard many of the actresses wear minimal make-up on the show so that they'll appear less modern. Gwendoline Christie wears very little and the desired effect is that she'll look less feminine. In publicity photos they're wearing quite a bit of make-up but that's typical. I'd wager they don't look quite the same when they've just waken up in the morning and they're hanging around at home
kylderi Oliveira (20 days ago)
Talisa is Charles Chaplin's granddaugther!
Arya hot)
Frank Hochwald (22 days ago)
Lol shiren looks realy good
павел (22 days ago)
Драконьей дыре все таки будто по мне лучше черный краска волос больше идет
TheDBall73 (23 days ago)
Not a good 'then and now'. Many of the pic for 'then' are from the last couple seasons.....
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
It os goid makeup cos Melusandre looks younger now
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
Brienne,s raw beauty is amazing she is a big beautiful lady.
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
Gilly is is a lovely girl
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
Ygritte i love her voice
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
Osha lovely big eyes
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
Yara has the tightest bum,?
Marcus Aurelius (23 days ago)
Ros is a real beauty
Sergey Rachek (24 days ago)
Shireen Самая прекрасная))
Sarah Nebel (24 days ago)
Its not a comparison between then and now. Its just the differnce between "in customs" and "on festivals". Ofc they dont wear their GoT outfit at a festival -_-.
Behroz Jamal (24 days ago)
allll best
Nevzat Dinc (25 days ago)
tyrion reis çok büyümüş ya
Thanos (25 days ago)
Not khal and Drogo
Cobernados (25 days ago)
Актриса "Бриена" бабушка огнь!!
Классный сериал, поглядел все сезоны, жду продолжения)
Tsuki Kuang (26 days ago)
Hit L a few times and you can watch this much faster.
Orbán István (26 days ago)
Tyrell is a family name btw....
MilkJugUK (26 days ago)
Melisandre "now picture" is not Carice van Houten. Clearly! Maybe this is some sort of psychology experiment to see the effect of click bait vrs ability to notice the blatantly obvious? :)
Один, ну-ка много два актёра поменялись, остсльные какими были, такими и остались.
it seems, Melissandra wrong photo...
Martin Wilson (26 days ago)
Most interesting that Sibel Kekilli, the actress who played the prostitute Shae was actually a porn star a few years back.
Mukapa (26 days ago)
아역 배우들이 많이 컸다~~ ㅎㅎㅎ
Poziomkowa (27 days ago)
Its more like characters and actors than Then and Now
zero vizible (27 days ago)
3:17 teen hormones rush and they say "o fuk yea".. not so decent..
Ктото подрос,ктото вискаря прилепил.норм.рожи изменяются
Sandor in cirkus as a cloun
Serg Root2017 (27 days ago)
"Вот, что крест животворящий делает" L. Gaydai
Arya brain

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