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How I Make Over $4000 a month at home online- emotional video must watch life changing

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sorry I started crying this is a blessing to make money online share my video for a chance for a free give away I want to bless some one snapchat terrylavon23 let me no you shared it in comment or snapchat my subs are my family
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Chitownangie Morris (1 year ago)
You doing a great job. Keep doing your videos always. Put God first always everyday.
Terry I believe you and thanks for your inspiring videos
Cool Chicka Vlogs (1 year ago)
Amen brother!
MysticFlameBolt (1 year ago)
Entertaining tv, no need to yell, I've watched all your videos, think they are real, I try to copy you but it's too hard for me and everyone knows that your awesome so there's no need to cry, you are awesome!!!!!
Kyboy (1 year ago)
Make sure to give to God man if all this is real. You really cant trust nobody on the net cause all ppl do especially on youtube is lie about shit.
San N (1 year ago)
You are a blessing for real Praise God in Jesus name
Malerie B. Brown (1 year ago)
Hi Terry I love watching your videos they're so inspiring and it gives me hope for a better life. Thanks and keep grinding.
Earnest Clark (1 year ago)
Man thats crazy man. Glad to see you came up out of it though. You are an inspiration. I might need your guidance on how to make money with what you do
Nytia Henry (1 year ago)
So what do you do dude? I know a lot of ways to make money online but tell us some ways you are actually making money, go through the process. Peace and blessings to you!
COBRA lvt (1 year ago)
Dawm keep it up my dood u in a good place right now
Money Ways (1 year ago)
I like how he did this video but didn't even show the app or how to use it 😂😂😂
Larue Garner (1 year ago)
I want to start
ITS YOBANY (1 year ago)
Terry you're the best man, I'm following your steps
keef jo (1 year ago)
do a giveaway
Erick Martinez (1 year ago)
Just subbed good vids keep it up I have made 100$
2times2times (1 year ago)
Erick Martinez how do you use the app ? do you have to have a PayPal
Jason Supreme (1 year ago)
yoooo you just hit 20,000 subs
Jason Supreme (1 year ago)
you my favorite youtuber. you are awsome. F#$% all the haters
agree btw
shoefan345 (1 year ago)
Congratulations!! xoxo you're making me cry
will willtv (1 year ago)
Random Entertaining--- go subscribe and watch my random videos
Anthony Pope (1 year ago)
love homie keep doing your thing God bless u and the family!
$50 AMAZON GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY 1. Sub to my channel And Like This Comment 2.Comment On my latest video Done 3. Use code NKH3EF in feature points I'll be making a video with the names of people who entered Good luck:)
Xavier M (1 year ago)
I beileve u cuzzo I'm grinding to 😢
Dzbrowder (1 year ago)
shared it
Feature Points gave me a 300 Points Referral Code it's not you're average 50 it's 300 Code: NKH3EF
Peter Smith (1 year ago)
i feel u bra IG HITGODZ727
Shawn Luke (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing Terry. Any word on the iOS issue with fp? Referral code isn't working? Pls help. 💯
Dan (1 year ago)
Congrats bro. Can u check your snapchat please.
Huddy (1 year ago)
keep grinding, for me the grind starts today. Lets grind together!!! Dont ever stop!!
larry patrick (1 year ago)
Keep hustling hard and stacking that paper. 😎👍👊💰
Nick Fisher (1 year ago)
really there is no need for the tears, if you let people bother you by saying something on the computer in the comments section then you are weak minded, I'm glad you can make money online and get the things you deserve, but that was a bit of an over reaction with the yelling nd crying.... good day.
King Kellar (1 year ago)
bro I like your vids and i believe in yoj. I want to do the same as you. I sent you a snap my user is king_kellar5
Marvin Smith (1 year ago)
Hmu bro can't download any more apps
FlightReacts Saliva (1 year ago)
made me cry man
FlightReacts Saliva (1 year ago)
i feel fuck u fuck the haters they just mad cuz they don't grind like you do.
Alex Nolan (1 year ago)
how can i contact you
jules.laflame Co (1 year ago)
Im 16 and turning 17 in December. I don't have a job or any sort of income help me out Entertaining tv even if its just a little money help me out
Edward K Alfred Sr (1 year ago)
Man can you PLEASE EXPLAIN. Step by step. Process by process your way of doing what you done. I get feature points but not having the same success nor am I understand how to get all my points with multiple devices. And how you obtain points very fast. You say you doing it for us. And sharing the secret then please better explain each step
Jausha Moore (1 year ago)
how do you get to that much money? Details please love your video s.
ActivistM17 (1 year ago)
Keep your head up man keep grinding your a strong person and deserve to be where you are
lil' maiden (1 year ago)
god bless u
Whitenova (1 year ago)
congratulations on your success man :D! keep it up and good luck. oh and when I get my channel working im gonna give you a big shout out to you when the topic comes up.
Queenetta Jones (1 year ago)
hello what is your email
Omer Dulger (1 year ago)
Jo help me out with the money making from features points, I want to make that money to bro, life can be hard, don't wanna work like a slave any more, I want to make money online pls help thx, you doing good in life right now, keep ya head up always...
Joey Fdz (1 year ago)
great bro
Allan Vargas (1 year ago)
This actually does WORK! Just use my code when you sign up 8N7TG5 and you can get 50 FREE bonus points 😃 then just start downloading all the apps
SWAGO _WHATjob (1 year ago)
hey lavon I love your videos and all the apps and ect. I really need your help see i have been doing this for 2 month1/2 and I have family and teachers that are saying that I'm wasting my time I believe this is working Ian making money off from it in just waiting for my PayPal card to come in but as a 18 year old it's very hard to stay positive about online marketing I live with my gf and her parents and I wanna show them that online marketing is not fake they don't wanna believe that it's a real career I know your a busy man making money online but when ever you can can you make a video on how this online marketing started for you from beginging to end plz I was kicked out my mom's place I use to be homeless when I was a kid and I wanna show my teacher mainly that it's not fake or a scam of you have time to make the video it's really hard to stay focus when your own fleash and blood turns on you @entertaingtv
Oshane (1 year ago)
Righteous Norfleet (1 year ago)
keep it up bro .....but get me bro need some help though
what ypu need help ?
Willsz D. Love (1 year ago)
it's not letting me download any more apps n I'm not getting credits from the game
MarioMario (1 year ago)
God has blessed you my brother keep grinding
Darren Collington (1 year ago)
And what devices are you working with? I wanna back you I've posted your link, my link, and I'm telling people about your success but i'm not seeing it translate for me. Whats happening?
Edgar Suarez (1 year ago)
Hey brother, I've been trying to get the feature points correct but for some reason it doesn't let me download the app help !!!
SoccerSPORT7 HD (1 year ago)
SQUABY TV (1 year ago)
damn Terry why yo ass tryna make me tear up fuck u hahah
SQUABY TV (1 year ago)
lol yea but u know we gone take it to the top hop on
Entertaining tv (1 year ago)
Lol shit crazy
DEFENDER82au (1 year ago)
awesome man hope your all good bro
finn ross (1 year ago)
How does he do it
Allan Vargas (1 year ago)
Mr Zombie X23 Just download the app and use my referral code when you sign up! 8N7TG5 and start downloading all the apps 😃
finn ross (1 year ago)
Double G's (1 year ago)
BRANDON J TIPS (1 year ago)

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