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claude thibault (39 minutes ago)
At 6:15 he’s NOT charging his battery on the go he just take the power of his booster battery ( the battery was dead ) to return home like I did once BUT you have to close the hood because you can crash or kill somebody that guy is totally stupid . Ok my car is big so I can close the hood but if you can’t close it call a towing.
B G (16 hours ago)
Jerk with a Merc!
Bagwell Tsointsoin (23 hours ago)
shon evans (1 day ago)
Wow red shirt jumping on top of car whew dude has a deathwish
smartyguy5 (1 day ago)
1:46 how it feels to chew 5 gum
Shivank Agrawal (1 day ago)
8:03 first ever saw a wash like that. I think someone needs to tell the difference between plants and cars
Shivank Agrawal (1 day ago)
Money doesn't buy u wisdom u know
Shivank Agrawal (1 day ago)
5:18 why didn't u slow down? U r such an idiot. Don't know even that basic
27Russel10 (1 day ago)
1:50 "It was at this moment, Jackson knew... he fucked up"
Javier Díaz (1 day ago)
2:53 marry me <3
Brandon thomas (1 day ago)
Lmao once a merc driver always a merc driver. Cant fix stupid.
rilo 2th4u (2 days ago)
5:24 you let your dog loose you better use it
Brandon Helmus (2 days ago)
5:29 the truck looks better.
s a u c e (2 days ago)
Nice mercedes ad before this 😂
Jeff Barnes (3 days ago)
Valen Sinclair (3 days ago)
Why is Russia such a shit hole?
mxolod qoubi arxi (3 days ago)
Qartuli videoc mixda aq
Dave Harkin (3 days ago)
I think I've lost hope in mankind
Rodolfo Aguirre (3 days ago)
Mejor compré un cerebro
Wooly Highlander (4 days ago)
A world full of Idiots
Dana Regyonal (4 days ago)
Is that for real? 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
Zoltán Zaka (5 days ago)
Money can buy you a Mercedes, it can't buy you brain.
Tommy Tuffnut (5 days ago)
Yup the more money they spend on the car the dumber they r
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
entitled ass rich limp-dick old fucker mid-life crisis ass
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
They don't deserve one. I deserve a mercedes worth in money for aftermarket shit for my car
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
titanium exhaust
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
and twin turbo
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
and definitely a vertical door kit
Soldier1287 (5 days ago)
leather seats for starters. and probably magnesium rims too
Alex W (5 days ago)
Jose Sias (5 days ago)
Can't fix stupid
vieri031 (6 days ago)
Putting here russian drivers is senseless, animals have more things common with people
Peter De Jong (6 days ago)
02:49 love that woman!!
soflam hater (6 days ago)
Driver´s License? Anyone?
CG CH (10 days ago)
gonçalo jorge (10 days ago)
Este bacano nao deve gostar da Mercedes. Lol
Warent9 (12 days ago)
4:15 :DDDD
Vibol Lee (12 days ago)
the first one is definitely not a fail
loveit loveit (13 days ago)
Jonathan Nebu (13 days ago)
"You fucked up!!"😂😂😂
Anton Markov (13 days ago)
Some of these people were pieces of trash but some of them weren’t doing anything wrong.
Just_Sham... (13 days ago)
0:32 When Mercedes fanboy trying to prove something to bmw driver.
Abdullah 4978 (14 days ago)
Fucking Russian 😶
jennifer86010 (14 days ago)
1:11 I LOVE this when the old fart moron gets out of his Mercedes at a traffic light to open his back door and start digging around the back seat while in the middle of traffic, and the truck all but rips off his door, bends it and then it won't close ....and then the TRUCK DRIVES OFF !! GRANDPA OBVIOUSLY HAS MORE MONEY THAN BRAINS !!!!!
Jerry ACR-X (14 days ago)
EU car drivers are trash and pricks
Steve Rivera (14 days ago)
Russian people seem angry...
crispy duck (15 days ago)
crispy duck (15 days ago)
imma bimmer
Sam O'Nella University (15 days ago)
Surprised that people in Russia can afford a Mercedes.
PARAKORD TIME (15 days ago)
Survivel King (16 days ago)
0.59 Portugal 🇵🇹 no seu melhor! 😂😂
Futra Hurairah Salleh (17 days ago)
7:42 Cuci luar dalam ok! (Wash outside & inside ok!) LOL
Gary J (18 days ago)
This makes it harder to choose who is the dumbest... Russian or pollocks
Gary J (18 days ago)
thanks Russia, for giving us more videos of how stupid your are..
Иван Мырзак (18 days ago)
Video made by idiot BMW fan
Chuck Chillout (19 days ago)
Europeans make great cars...to bad they don't know how to drive them...lol
Chuck Chillout (19 days ago)
@8:00 min mark.. new meaning to the word Detailing
Chuck Chillout (19 days ago)
@3:45 mark ... the police in Eastern Europe are completely incompetent
Najeeb Akbar (20 days ago)
4.09 the kiki CHALLENGE😉😉😉
Michael Lagrande (20 days ago)
At 10:30. Only a fucking Mercedes Benz!!
Pesthauch (20 days ago)
I hate all Mercedes driver
danny roovers (21 days ago)
people with mercs can fuck off
Ivan Choo Rui Min Choo (22 days ago)
How to drive in 2018 101
Giorgi Mchedlishvili (22 days ago)
2:00 ამათი დასაცინი როგორ გავხდით :D
Shawon Ahmed (23 days ago)
They are all poor mind idiot uneducated
Powerage 73 (24 days ago)
what a bunch of god damn idiots
Lucas Negrão (24 days ago)
Anyone can explain me 4:20
лишь у пендосов человек мог выйти по посреди дороги и залезть заднюю дверь
Brian Vaughan (25 days ago)
All MB drivers are idiots.
kbucher1977 (26 days ago)
I want Chinese food!!!!!
Prime_Eight (27 days ago)
ALB-_- coos (28 days ago)
"Idiot drivers in russia"
Shane Tyray (29 days ago)
1:15 😂😂😂😂
Liam Shires (1 month ago)
Charging your battery on the go, that’s what an alternator is for cunt.
Unwanted Commentary (1 month ago)
4:10 what the fuck did I just watch?
aflam frank (1 month ago)
Elias Moreira (1 month ago)
0:55 "isso parece a russia" kkkkkkkkkk mds
Grancea Robert (1 month ago)
idiod cars :))))))
Darren Foo (1 month ago)
some of them are just really stupid, they are rushing on highways and then go infront of cars, but when those cars try to go to another lane they purposely block their path and stop, to hit their car. So what if you drive a Mercedes? My Rolls is better -__-
Darren Foo (1 month ago)
bad compilation, the SLS AMG was not an idiot, he could have just been mistaken or did not know the roads feel, and the SLR coming down the slope just didn't know how to maneuver the car. If it had been any one of us we would scrape the car as well.
Slime Rimuru (1 month ago)
Why you all gotta ridicule people you don’t really understand what they are going through we all sometimes make mistakes that’s what makes us humans Edit:just realized I am a slime
На 8.30. Я этак же уазик потом покатушек мою😀👍👍
Lu (1 month ago)
A lot of drunked people.
Agustin Lopez (1 month ago)
0:47 it’s that CJ?
john bradley (1 month ago)
1:02 They could at least have told him that he had a puncture.
Petercokes Francis (1 month ago)
The answer is simple made in 🇩🇪 Germany
eins2001 (1 month ago)
That Mercedes McLaren scrape wasn't an "idiot driver." With low ride height it can be hard to gauge clearence
Linoss (1 month ago)
03:15 i hope pascha beat that stupid motherfuckers ass up stupid amg driver
Essa Swedish (1 month ago)
the merc at 06:00 possible his alternator failed , so that's why you need to keep the cables hooked because if you disconnect them the ecu will shutdown and the engine will stall , if it was a dead battery then you can disconnect the cables and run on alternating current only. so he might be actually smarter than us not an idiot.
philip kemp bell (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong with the second driver.
M (1 month ago)
Subtitles would be appreciated. I can infer a lot by the tone and sometimes I hear an accented “idiot”, but knowing what both sides are actually saying would be awesome.
The Recipe (1 month ago)
2nd guy really isn’t an idiot
Khan Skywalker (1 month ago)
Some of these are not funny. It is life threatening. I fucking hate Russian douchebag drivers.
Still Available (1 month ago)
It almost proves that you have to be stupid if you're going to have money
Mad Hatter (1 month ago)
2:50 anyone notice the rolls Royce?
Harsha T Vardhan (1 month ago)
4:15 never seen a superman trying to fly! from a open window of car
Jeon Junghyun (1 month ago)
Go to hell with ur Mercedes motherfucker
Turo Fields (1 month ago)
1:08 that is one strong door!
Andy C (1 month ago)
welll anyyyyyy fuckin time today, mr russian policeman
Mando LOVE LOLO (1 month ago)
ربنا مديكم نعمه بتتعملو معاها بغباء في حد يعمل في المرسيدس كده ياريت لو الواحد عنده عربيه مرسيدس يسلام دا انا اخاف عليها انها تمشي علي الارض اه خه الالماني وحبي فيه
They’re for idiots
That’s how you bend the Benz lol
Sven Weissbrodt (1 month ago)
@ 8:00, warum macht man sowas???
Lio L (1 month ago)
Lol anywhere people think that having a brand expensive car makes them ... better or above other people... lol really all over the world the same. Poor of them

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