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Ultimate Pirates of the Caribbean Meme Compilation (Every Entertaining Version of this Dead Meme)

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This Meme plagued the internet for the past year and befell a quick death at the beginning of 2018 with the birth of the Ugandan knuckles meme and toucha ma spaghetti meme. Stolen Memes For stolen Kids.
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Text Comments (34)
Ben Rimmasch (11 days ago)
Even the audio on the normal ones is wrecked. This is ear torture.
Nayshjin (11 days ago)
KING DEATH (28 days ago)
So it would seem....
squad Killer22 (30 days ago)
meme compilation Category *EDUCATION*
Kristopher Parnell (1 month ago)
Not dead yet
Dusk thefox (1 month ago)
*A P I R A T E S L I F E F O R M E*
totally real Elon Musk (1 month ago)
2:32 *rip hes gonna get fired*
Dorothy Wilson (5 days ago)
totally real Elon Musk w
:P (28 days ago)
who the boat driver or the flute player? 😝 lol
Goalex ryusen (1 month ago)
0:28 :O
BlAZEROCRACK ;-; (1 month ago)
Łucas (1 month ago)
4:18 is something directly out of a cartoon.
Roen (1 month ago)
this meme is not dead.. it will always live on as long as people risk their lives at the seven seas
:P (28 days ago)
Roen thank you for that mesmerizing speech I’m just........ touched ;)
Meerkat More (1 month ago)
1:36 Takumi got himself a boat. It went the way of his 86
Spongedolf Hilter (1 month ago)
How do you jump a bridge like that
a sad boy (1 month ago)
Darth Furry (1 month ago)
ExcUsE me Th1S Meme IS n0T deAd
Captain Xeno (2 months ago)
0:29 name pls?
Captain Xeno (2 months ago)
Nayshjin spank you very much X3
Nayshjin (2 months ago)
Man SURFS through giant waves during hurricane IRMA [meme]
Aaron Koffel (2 months ago)
the recorder is failure!
GalaxyWolves (2 months ago)
The Hundredth Monkey (2 months ago)
that's got to be the best meme I've ever seen
Jesus Ramos (2 months ago)
The Hundredth Monkey so it would seem
Epic Studios (2 months ago)
It’s not stupid if it works.
Resonant Films (2 months ago)
I say that the surfibg one is the best
Adoola Mohamed (2 months ago)
The guy that is surfing tho..
Gipz (2 months ago)
0:03 is, hands down, the best one yet!!
Kyson Lee (2 months ago)
Dylan Armitage thats actually really clever
Dylan Armitage (2 months ago)
So it would seem ...
AJ Cz (2 months ago)
DBKWK 9 (3 months ago)
Hessian (3 months ago)
A reupload ? you got striked again bro? k ..

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