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Ennja - Let Go

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The world is our oyster. Ennja - Let Go Buy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-go/1333540187 or http://ennja.bandcamp.com/track/let-go Ennja: http://soundcloud.com/ennja http://facebook.com/ennjafg http://twitter.com/ennjamusic http://youtube.com/ennja http://instagram.com/ennjamusic http://open.spotify.com/artist/5VfsJtcTOUghb9eRPpif27 http://vk.com/ennja http://ennja.bandcamp.com Picture by Adi Constantin: http://unsplash.com/photos/xujscwNWN2M http://unsplash.com/@idoevolve Fluidified: http://soundcloud.com/fluidified http://facebook.com/fluidified http://twitter.com/fluidified http://open.spotify.com/user/fluidified http://fluidified.bandcamp.com *This video was uploaded for promotional purposes. If you enjoy the music, please support the artist(s) and download the best quality version of the track from the link above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (contact[at]fluidified.com) and I will remove it immediately.
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Text Comments (2467)
Fluidified (27 days ago)
Feel free to subscribe for more chill tracks like this :) More tracks from Ennja: Ennja - Way: http://youtu.be/HeBEwUkMQUo | Ennja - Away: http://youtu.be/8AqWHAy0OT8 | Ennja - Subway Train: http://youtu.be/LFjO-Oe5WlE
Релакс ко мью нити!!!!
Zen Sage (18 days ago)
jemma milne (26 days ago)
Already done it ;)
Mario Pierre (28 days ago)
Though she was u
ameer rahman (29 days ago)
Fluidified chill tracks hosome 😍
dlynn (2 hours ago)
Let go of old journey your old path, when it's time step through a fresh door! Don't look behind embrace, thanking all that has taught you well blessed your many travels.
Kamil Fl (22 hours ago)
God like!
Rob Moran (1 day ago)
Love this beat
Las almas viejas regocijan su pesar al escucharla...las almas nuevas solo piensan en que mas vendrá...cada gota de lluvia prefiere morir antes de extinguirse en la vanidad y solo queda decir simplemente DEJALO IR... The old souls rejoice their sorrow when listening to it ... the new souls only think about what else will come ... every drop of rain prefers to die before vanishing in vanity and it only remains to say simply :LET GO ...
Rio Trucking (1 day ago)
I was listening to this driving and couldent stop day dreaming...And noticed it was taking me to a place i couldent be at the moment so i stopped the video...but man it's beautiful
Sophie Sánchez (1 day ago)
Drag Rasing_Pro (1 day ago)
As A (1 day ago)
cudownie piękna melodia, nie można w jednym zdaniu opisać tego piękna chyba że się jest poetą ;)
randombloke (2 days ago)
Please do not come off 🏃‍♂️
Nadia Zhukova (3 days ago)
My favorite ever and ever 👌
Paul Heine (3 days ago)
I miss you, Jessica 😥
Rahul Bharadia (3 days ago)
Magic moment listening to this! Heavenly!
etRoxy (3 days ago)
What style of music is this called? Need to know
alex Romanenko (4 days ago)
This track never gets old.. I can listen to this all day long and besides that it really helps “to let go” everything what’s on your heart.. Life is pretty hard for everyone sometimes but it’s amazing how one track can help u move on no matter how big your pain is.. And.. Don't forget, you're not alone.. :3
Dimitris Ambient (4 days ago)
It s important to know when let go of things and situations Better for us!!!
ThePurpleJedi (4 days ago)
Btw, no.The world is our pearl, in a clam.
ThePurpleJedi (4 days ago)
I've been crying in the inside for hours, days, years. But sometime I stop to enjoy myself a little
سوسو (4 days ago)
ما في ولا تعليق عربي😅😅😅
Отличная муз.. Спс!
MrMarges (4 days ago)
perfect track for your next Acid Trip :)
bath21man (4 days ago)
Love this and love reading all the positive comments peace
Zultan (5 days ago)
other songs like this?
Ryan Patrick (5 days ago)
Wicky Knutsen (5 days ago)
ghost, spaceship and Let go LOVE IT
Витвір мистецтва!!!
Eisenliebe (7 days ago)
I´ll get it over years. no more feel. My aim: Psychopath
Jitender Kaushik (7 days ago)
India ???
Michael Bowers (7 days ago)
Holding on is all we know sometimes. Letting go feels unnatural. 10 min of facing your fears is worth a lifetime of living in it! Let go..
Sue Milner (8 days ago)
Sometimes you need to realise what’s more important in life ... you will know when that time comes ... I have ... yeah along time to realise that for me ... as this song says ... let go ...
Techno Classic (8 days ago)
Мне этак приглянулась эта музыка...Супер кайф.............И картина!
iskander154 (8 days ago)
Картинка в тему саунда
Gustfulldraw 77 (8 days ago)
Ep!c 4ll over.
Eu ti amo, Leticia.
Benjamin Bopp (9 days ago)
awesome melody
Gallus (9 days ago)
Wykurwisty kawałek . A to foto zajebioza. Mogę tego słuchać codziennie. Pozdrowienia z Polski.
Miguel Cervantes (9 days ago)
Very nice:)
Рaмaдaн Ибрям (10 days ago)
Sevdiyem'e :)
Christina Bogues (11 days ago)
Good exserce music..
Geovane Promised (11 days ago)
I go to SATURNN with song <3
Anton Spanton (11 days ago)
Dammmn this is so good and deep ❤
Johnny Depp (11 days ago)
12/09/2018 1 year
Aydid Aligas (10 days ago)
Woow thanks 4 pointing dat out
Ramazan Kaplanovich (11 days ago)
sweetfeejuli (11 days ago)
WORLD PEACE (12 days ago)
I’ve been depressed for a long time it dosent go away every time I try to escape it comes back never leaving me alone always keeping me up at night life sucks 😖
Jacqueline Alba (12 days ago)
Beautiful 🎶 💘!!! Thank you! oceanside Listening! Peace & God Bless!
Sweetkiwi74 (12 days ago)
This song fucks me up in the best way imaginable.
Do Stathi (12 days ago)
Goosebumps over and over again when am listening this song!
это охренительно !кто не сгласен идите на хрен
Tundra Theory (12 days ago)
I'm here to tell you to let go on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay.
MotivationaL R (12 days ago)
Ennja, will you marry me? To be honest if you singing like that 5 min in each evening is instead of sex, love, food, water and everything. Jesus Christ that song is just briliant, that voice is going straight into my brain.
кто из 2018 ? ставим лойс
Zsuzsa Farkas (12 days ago)
Just out of curiosity Those who hit the unlike... Why????
mypotionoflove (12 days ago)
The 5 second reminds me of marvins room 😍
HEHE XD (12 days ago)
bitch you;re insane
dnb (12 days ago)
saluti da Valle d'Aosta
Ivan Valdivia (13 days ago)
Increíble música
David Caparrós (13 days ago)
jer gar (13 days ago)
This is the song I play , to let go of all the bullshit!
Cristian Poinar (13 days ago)
This is drem...
Michael Miazga (13 days ago)
this was really flighthy
Sharon Porter (13 days ago)
I do not like..go ahead commit suicide?! don.t get the effin tune!
Gabriel Tiganus (13 days ago)
David Hel (13 days ago)
Which city is in the picture?
Godspeed Dad
Jes.bjork Enriquez (14 days ago)
Love en MÉXICO DF.
Junior. craft (14 days ago)
Massa !!
Edouard Mt (14 days ago)
Beautiful song.
самый крутой трек в моем параде треков.........
Paweł Uszyński (14 days ago)
This is pure Burial.
Dani Redex (14 days ago)
Respect from Romania!
mike theodorou (15 days ago)
Just got done listening to new eminem songs was ready to fight now i look back and think why life is good
prizoni 0 (4 days ago)
Ναι ρε μαλακα
klopman winkel (12 days ago)
when start from dust and end to dust just be awesome
Eltjon Elezi (15 days ago)
Damn this is so good...
Eisenliebe (15 days ago)
tim boussardon (15 days ago)
Jesus can change yr mind bro <3
Mc Spazzerton (16 days ago)
my math teacher played this during class the look on everyone’s face fucking killed me lmao
Saucisse Masquée (16 days ago)
Beautiful picture wahouuu
SickInTheBrain (16 days ago)
A song like this one always makes me think of all the beautiful things the human can create. Not only songs every kind of beauty, such stuff as Paintings and Art in any other way but it also makes me think of all the cruel things the human does to "his" earth. It aint ours. Its only loaned. Its one kind of beauty itself, and we are destroying it more and more... till it collapses... But if everyone would think a little bit more about the consequences what we are doing right here right know, we could try to save it. So if anyone read till here please be more careful with the earth yeah? The future is on us, is laying down in our hands. So do it and start with yourself (if you aint doing it already) and maybe others will follow. Thanks for reading and i love all of you. Celebrate your day buddies, everyday. ❤
Eisenliebe (16 days ago)
no i dont want for myself! i will follow YOU
cOPy CodE (16 days ago)
That's why Ambient Music is For human relaxations ;^)
deniz sarı (17 days ago)
Javkhaa Gereltuya (17 days ago)
simply amazing, luv it
Zak Bullet (17 days ago)
John Lewis you are great with ur amazing comment love you Bro bless you
Zak Bullet (17 days ago)
Wow there is no words that I can explain just amazing wonderful
jt perry (17 days ago)
iTs The KeY To wHaTs aHeaD;[- )+--"- 0
aleqsandre (17 days ago)
thought- provoking
Ayan Barat (17 days ago)
Close ur eyes and listen.... The soul flies to another world...
I have goose bumps. Thanks
Santosh Kumar (17 days ago)
Awesome track
Negrea Claudiu (18 days ago)
Can someone please share some similar chillstep, uplift deep tracks ,looking to make a tracklist with wonders like this.10x
Leeann Puleston (18 days ago)
Waterbone waterdance
Saul Guinea (18 days ago)
the music electronic is cool
Anant Singh (18 days ago)
This song leaves you mesmerized
JAMIL QAZI (18 days ago)
Chris Carter (18 days ago)
great photo for this track
nico daenen (19 days ago)
In love ❤️
klopman winkel (19 days ago)
just wondering why is this not a liquicity?
Reimer Bünz (19 days ago)
Let God... ;)
Lil Lenore music (20 days ago)
Hermilo Pedtoza (20 days ago)
Me relajo,muy buena musica

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