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Ennja - Let Go

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The world is our oyster. Ennja - Let Go Buy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-go/1333540187 or http://ennja.bandcamp.com/track/let-go Ennja: http://soundcloud.com/ennja http://facebook.com/ennjafg http://twitter.com/ennjamusic http://instagram.com/ennjamusic Picture by Adi Constantin: http://unsplash.com/photos/xujscwNWN2M http://unsplash.com/@idoevolve Fluidified: http://soundcloud.com/fluidified http://facebook.com/fluidified http://twitter.com/fluidified http://fluidified.bandcamp.com *This video was uploaded for promotional purposes. If you enjoy the music, please support the artist(s) and download the best quality version of the track from the link above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (contact[at]fluidified.com) and I will remove it immediately.
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Text Comments (1882)
Fluidified (2 months ago)
Feel free to subscribe for more chill tracks like this :)
Riccardo Valentini (4 days ago)
Wow...special track
James R (6 days ago)
Thank you for the music and where ever you are... wish you a amazing day.
César Chávez (6 days ago)
Fluidified What the fuck last time i was here this video had 500k views... Nice👌
Telekom KO (12 days ago)
can you make an 1 hour version of this song
MrPadure (1 month ago)
awesome one,greetings from Bucharest - Romania !! <3
M Banbouk (1 hour ago)
You wanna fly high , listen to this 👌🏼 https://youtu.be/3Qs0R3rO7CM 🍀
Martin Martin (7 hours ago)
Let go?:)
Oscar (10 hours ago)
Bla bla bla bla bla
Yahya Khan (12 hours ago)
Let that shit go
stjepan brstilo (15 hours ago)
trust me...its just impossible to let go...its the hardest battle ...
stjepan brstilo (15 hours ago)
Beautiful ! Thank you
Adrian Dorobantu (19 hours ago)
wonderful this song... it's full of inner energy for me... when i feel i'm down i listen this song to be me again...
Crowned (23 hours ago)
let go of it~its the key to whats ahead
michael harrison (1 day ago)
All the dead are burried,and gone,although,with no shotgun........
Shab Chique (1 day ago)
this is great with headphones on at work
Jonzi Malonsi (1 day ago)
Drum & Bass mix. Smh
Steve Smart Gaming (1 day ago)
speed upto 1.25
Gapek (2 days ago)
what kind of music is it?
krilstian (2 days ago)
my feeling now..i text to mutch on facebook..i have adhd 40 years old man ,why can i not shut up! i dont need to tell everything about me but i do, some peopel say i am talant and have an gift but where? i dont see it.
ann chavez (2 days ago)
I love the beat.. it calms me when i am missing my true love
Joe Velas (2 days ago)
...cant´t be!
Julie Sch (2 days ago)
Lovely! 😍
Tadj dine (2 days ago)
She took me to another world
Tadj dine (2 days ago)
Om My God what a beauty
Tadj dine (2 days ago)
victor hugo Siqueira (2 days ago)
letting go friendships that you were the only true friend, its hard....
Boris Massot (2 days ago)
Champion du monde !!!!!!
ŽELJKO GAGIĆ (3 days ago)
klaudia magda (3 days ago)
klaudia magda (3 days ago)
Ja im mowilam nie dociera
klaudia magda (3 days ago)
klaudia magda (3 days ago)
klaudia magda (3 days ago)
klaudia magda (3 days ago)
carlos augusto (3 days ago)
isso e ver o momento da liberdade q vc tem ms n da a minima p ela viva o momemto da vida
NICE TRIP !! *-*
Enes DAİLLİ (3 days ago)
Too deep... 👌
Alaa mahmoud (4 days ago)
love tthis song& Muusic so mush
Alexandre José (4 days ago)
Yes Ennja! :))
Jacek Czuboni (4 days ago)
Pinke Fee (4 days ago)
I can't stop listening 😍😍😍
Jenice Van Jaarsveld (4 days ago)
OH Goodness, I have listened to this numerous times never gets old!! I love this
omnipräsent (5 days ago)
1:53 best Drop i´ve ever heard !
SharKz (5 days ago)
the power of music
Pilar Jiménez (6 days ago)
Arriba /abajo....abajo/arriba....la vida... preciosa canción
KnosmmGamingX (6 days ago)
James R (6 days ago)
Its amazing how beautiful music can reach out t to you like a invisible friend that will comfort you anytime you need help to escape from the pain and suffering this world inflicts on gentle souls.
ruben garcia (6 days ago)
ThKs Ennja!...
Ayaz Baran (6 days ago)
droidapklabs (6 days ago)
shabeeb v (6 days ago)
❤️❤️❤️ from India 🇮🇳
Dee Rossii (6 days ago)
this good. me download
Bakry Ahmed (6 days ago)
Sending Love From Sharm Elsheikh Egypt <3
Die Bus (7 days ago)
Eating potatoes?
Ax Hell (7 days ago)
D'habitude je fais pas ce genre de commentaire mais là je suis obligé merci as Vad Him
Dena Crispen (7 days ago)
I am letting him go all you ??????? keep it me and my baby be just fine by our self
guti haz (8 days ago)
Antonio Carlos (8 days ago)
musica linda
Ubaid Asim (8 days ago)
This is dope Af 🔥🔥 Just the way I like ! Amazing stuff ❤🔥
Jc Geldenhuys (8 days ago)
Came because i thought it was enya. But not a bad song
Martin lionboyxD (8 days ago)
what u mean with "The world is our Oyster"?
DLENS GALLERY (8 days ago)
soulful background score
And Kr (9 days ago)
the music like this was a long ago... please check 'burial' artist as example
Maris Pukans (9 days ago)
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Syed Hammad Hussain (9 days ago)
Awesome man !!!
michael harrison (10 days ago)
Niice tuune guys...........well done.......
michael harrison (10 days ago)
Moooving .....forwards.....onwards...........the past be gone........!
Razvan Patrichi (10 days ago)
Beautiful . Jest beautiful !
evlredsun (10 days ago)
this is such a nice song to listen to after listening to meshuggah all night.
elfa (11 days ago)
HATE THE VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dena Crispen (11 days ago)
I let go of my boyfriend awhile ago he is abusive
Aslan Parçası (11 days ago)
How the hell i didnt know this THİNG!!!! WOW...
jan brzechwa (11 days ago)
I jak leci słonie japońskie?
Irfan Khan (12 days ago)
Let it go all
serenity sound thanks for this wonder song
asama alabide (12 days ago)
منو فسد العلم والعلوم والمستحدثات وال صيرورة الى حسناوات وجميلات وسيدات حسن وجمال
olivier colin (12 days ago)
olivier colin (12 days ago)
very nice from Ennja and nice girl
Dacruz George (13 days ago)
Don't let go Baby...
A F S 100% (13 days ago)
The most beautiful sound EVER !!
Syed Ameed (13 days ago)
This is soooooooo different.... I like it
waanyu (14 days ago)
Peter Strunz (14 days ago)
roof model cunt
asama alabide (14 days ago)
احب الموسيقى ال يسمعها م روعة وحلوة
Muntaha Sweetie (14 days ago)
WOW best music ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Priit Kass (14 days ago)
Absolutely love it
Muhammet Sezai (14 days ago)
Özgür olmak istiyorum
Muhammet Ammar Çetin (14 days ago)
Türkler burada mı yazan yok burada. ben yazayım dedim. Türkler burada mı?
headz hntr (14 days ago)
the world issent our oyster we are gast here on this planet need to treat it well
manzero134gd (15 days ago)
Wearing headphones, play this song, Close my eyes, fade away into her world, On top of the skyscrapers, free running on buildings
J B (15 days ago)
this is truely amazing, thank you
Beniamin Drangu (15 days ago)
Excelent miusic determined heart
martin theiss (16 days ago)
Let’s Trip Together (16 days ago)
Vusal Penahov (16 days ago)
Marin Lesage (16 days ago)
If you like this kind of music, I would recomend checking out an artist called Direct
Joshua Sandoval (16 days ago)
the best song
Winston Wolfe (16 days ago)
As someone that's pretty much only listened to Metal all my life I never knew Electronic music could have so much emotion. This is incredible!
Vision Double (16 days ago)
An expansion Revelation Through melodies from what always is We are
Yusuf Rahman (16 days ago)
june 2018 🙋🙋🙋
Dead Inside (17 days ago)
wooooow love this song! perfect! please what kind of genre is this?
DESIRE Design Pro (17 days ago)
perfect marketing song for letgo phone app
M Banbouk (17 days ago)
Wow , amazing , if you like it listen to this one https://youtu.be/eI7JDAsMY-4 , enjoy and fly 🛸
M Banbouk (17 days ago)
its cool but check this one its hilarious , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI7JDAsMY-4 , let me know what do you think about it , Enjoy .

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