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Kona : Day One Gameplay Preview - Histoire of Loading - Part 4 [Let's Play]

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Kona : Day One Gameplay with Splattercat! In Kona, players take control of a private investigator who has been summoned to seek out the guys who are threatening a mining magnate. Kona Day One : http://konagame.com/kona-day-one/ Sign up for lootcrate and support us with the code : Splatter1 The Nerd Castle on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Splattercat Twitter : https://twitter.com/SplattrCatGames Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SplattercatGaming Steam curator : http://store.steampowered.com/curator/4483779/ Twitch TV : www.twitch.tv/splattercatgaming Patreon : www.patreon.com/splattercat
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Text Comments (63)
Charlotte Claire (1 year ago)
Back to the car.
Captain SkullFace (2 years ago)
just go buy some bread already! jeez...
Paper Sack (2 years ago)
What a dumbass
austinpowersfasjer (2 years ago)
Another totum....? xD aint it funny that people who walk in circles and dont recognize that theyve already been at the place, play open world games hehe
Alastair Corsair (2 years ago)
Just had a thought, what if you are in a story or some meta thing like that?
Woof Beagleton (2 years ago)
Wolf in french is Loup
Dolan Duck (2 years ago)
The house smelt like incest.. kind of stereotypical if you ask me.
Sima (2 years ago)
More often and i'l make you go on my sub list
#TMB Bros (2 years ago)
the key was for the book
Joshua Thomas (2 years ago)
At 18:28 there is a paper in one of the safety deposit boxes above the one you couldn't open
Thurman stevenson (2 years ago)
I almost thought that gas pump was a person I almost flipped out like run. Dude run!!!!!
Thurman stevenson (2 years ago)
That's intense you went to church so much you needed a magnet lol
Vincent Poursan (2 years ago)
When bread is really stale (impossible to hard without breaking your teeth on) you can wrap it in cloth, smash it against a wall repeatidly and use its pieces in any stew like meal as a filler.
Red Menace (2 years ago)
Red Menace (2 years ago)
you know theirs a gun in the general store right?
Lm701 (2 years ago)
In the little girls diary she said about a lost key in a bush by the shed or something. That might be for a mailbox.
John Lewis (2 years ago)
No more long dark??? What about the new map you never explored??? Love kona and your videos!
JaBar Kawan (2 years ago)
Dude you missed the gun again in the general store, on the back shelves.
rob burlington (2 years ago)
fresh bread gets stale more quickly in the fridge.
Oireland's knife (2 years ago)
I wonder what this game is about
Carlos scott (2 years ago)
the lil girls diary told u she had lost a key to the boys shed u can probably use the magnet to get the key something about it was in a burrow next to the shed
Permarin1 (2 years ago)
Hey nice vids, in the fram shed there is a gas can u can MABY take idk i just barley saw it
gocarps 99 (2 years ago)
play Fire Watch
Parabole (2 years ago)
+SplatterCatGaming Thanks for the vids, we really appreciate! :D And comments from your viewers are really helpful! Keep it up! Cheers from Canada!
Parabole (2 years ago)
It is ;)
Theforbiddenname Z (2 years ago)
Haha, I think we can agree 60 is way better :P
Parabole (2 years ago)
It's a bit early to say yes, but since it's not an action game, it's totally playable at 30 fps ;)
Theforbiddenname Z (2 years ago)
+Parabole​ also, what is the absolute shittiest graphics card that this game will get 60 fps on, or is it too early for you to say?
Theforbiddenname Z (2 years ago)
Aaahhhh okay, yeah I was being a bit cynical I suppose, I figured it would only be a few hours per episode, but if its actually worth it then I have no issues with it, I've become tired of games being sliced up for no reason a la 'hitman'
Brandon (2 years ago)
is splatter going to play Xcom 2?
Brandon (2 years ago)
would anyone like a twitch stream of this? or not enough content?
Brandon (2 years ago)
so how much content is in this game as of right now? looks as if there's a lot of content, at least enough to tell a decent story for players... hopefully they keep this game going. looks rich in content. makes me happy to see what the Long Dark story mode holds for us 😀
Brandon (2 years ago)
+Parabole lol right but at least the full game comes out pretty soon
Parabole (2 years ago)
+Brandon Zornes We thought this build would contain less than an hour of gameplay, but as we watch let's plays, we see that it's more around 2 hours! Guess we played it too much :P
Burdacious (2 years ago)
Don't know how to spell it, but the French word for wolf sounds like "loo," which is also how booger is pronounced in French.
Jalku (2 years ago)
+Goobermanguy Loup.
Harmen Korvemaker (2 years ago)
+Goobermanguy i believe it's spelled loup
Goran Madlic (2 years ago)
I think you should go back to that collided mine shaft i think i saw few episodes ago,that you could interact with it.Also maybe when you put power back to the general store,the car lift goes down,that's just my assumption!Anyways great game :)
DSoS (2 years ago)
+Lord Mephisto I was thinking the same thing about the car lift.
TallFox Nation (2 years ago)
you make the most entertaining videos
Melissa Douglas (2 years ago)
You keep on missing that piece of paper on the counter of the general store.
A plant (2 years ago)
+Melissa Douglas fucking. annoying.
M P (2 years ago)
Hi Splatt, try powering down the garage, it may make the lift fall down, enabling You to search the trunk. GL
Beau Villamor (2 years ago)
ok time to lay out turtle bait....12th!
Dirpy Turtle (2 years ago)
Beau Villamor (2 years ago)
oh well I got the turtle that's all that matters
Beau Villamor (2 years ago)
It worked! also dog?
Dirpy Turtle (2 years ago)
Luv u bae <3
Sam senatore (2 years ago)
It said In the diary the Key was the key to someones shed and thats why the kid boy was crying
Omeganatorgaming (2 years ago)
A new Kona day one! Huzzah!
RealityInUse (2 years ago)
I suppose the key that the little girl lost can be fished out with the magnet on a string?
RobertoRafaf (2 years ago)
I think the key was for the diary.
Dan Bergen (2 years ago)
Great job you should be a voice actor. You got a great voice
Jonathan Ridgeway (2 years ago)
number 5 and first thumbs up
Bradley Stewart (2 years ago)
first for once
Bradley Stewart (2 years ago)
+Dustin Wilkinson When I got there the video was posted 34 seconds ago so i don't know
Dirpy Turtle (2 years ago)
+Dirpy Turtle sweet I'm the kings best solider and I get to kill who ever I want.
Dirpy Turtle (2 years ago)
+Dirpy Turtle you may not have been talking to me then but you are now
Dirpy Turtle (2 years ago)
+Dustin Wilkinson I was not talking to you retard -_-
Dirpy Turtle (2 years ago)
+Dirpy Turtle and your a derby turtle who just got reported

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