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Official Opening Credits: Game of Thrones (HBO)

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Subscribe to Game of Thrones : http://full.sc/1aW3s1o Watch every episode of Game of Thrones only on HBO GO: http://itsh.bo/eIDxfw Game of Thrones is an original HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling novels. In a world where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime, the crown of Westeros comes with a price. Betrayal, lust, intrigue and supernatural forces shake the four corners of the Kingdom, from the scheming south and the savage eastern lands, to the frozen north and the ancient Wall that protects the realm from the darkness beyond. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and noble men vie for power in the bloody struggle for the Iron Throne. Connect with Game of Thrones Online Follow @GameofThrones on Twitter: http://twitter.com/gameofthrones Find Game of Thrones on Facebook: http://facebook.com/gameofthrones Find Game of Thrones on Instagram: http://instagram.com/gameofthrones Find Game of Thrones on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/gothbo Find Game of Thrones Viewers Guide: http://viewers-guide.hbo.com/season3 Game of Thrones Series Official Site: http://hbo.com/gameofthrones Find Making Game of Thrones: http://makinggameofthrones.com Find HBO GO: http://hbogo.com Check out Other HBO Youtube Channels HBO: http://www.youtube.com/user/HBO True Blood: http://www.youtube.com/user/trueblood HBO Sports: http://www.youtube.com/user/HBOsports Real Time with Bill Maher: http://www.youtube.com/user/RealTime HBO Documentary Films: http://www.youtube.com/user/HBODocs Cinemax: http://www.youtube.com/user/Cinemax HBO Latino: http://www.youtube.com/user/HBOLatino Game Of Thrones "Official" Show Open (HBO) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7L2PVdrb_8
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Text Comments (26800)
Alexander (32 minutes ago)
Ebe (1 hour ago)
dude if season 8 is out I will not skip the intro
iyad harikou (4 hours ago)
Kevin Reynara (9 hours ago)
Best intro in the world
dem (16 hours ago)
Only thing that sucks about this is now I want to see an episode.
Jacob Storm (17 hours ago)
What do you think George Martin thought the first time he saw this intro?
Sawrattan (20 hours ago)
This is still the best version because of the extra sound effects (the globe soaring, the fire burning) which all remixes miss.
harun wagura (21 hours ago)
A man longs for the show
Tim Collins (1 day ago)
Mute this, play the Attack on Titan Opening audio, at the same time as watching this video. You're welcome.
Mohit Mayank (1 day ago)
Who watching in 2018
David Stark (1 day ago)
7 years ago...
rajat rana (1 day ago)
my mobile ringtone GOT music how i described this show i have no word
Jack Crofts-Mullin (1 day ago)
When season 8 episode 6 starts and we hear this intro on the air for the final time, I will shed a tear. Westeros will always have a place in my heart
Harun Sucu (1 day ago)
History will remember...
The song itself says about it
zSult2n _ (1 day ago)
Oh well... guess i’m rewatching it for the 3rd time
Heroic (1 day ago)
soimoing from 2018
A man can't wait for season 8
Marcelinoo BV (1 day ago)
Who misses Got too?
Aniket Sharma (1 day ago)
Could listen to it forevverrr🤗
Michael Vinícius (1 day ago)
Cadê os BR daqui?
Ben Drescher (1 day ago)
Be a Guruji (2 days ago)
It really feels sad that we only have a season left and there will be nothing to wait for the entire year.. :(
Angel Garcia (2 days ago)
Angel Garcia (2 days ago)
THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Du du du du 🎵🎵
Samanway Gupta (3 days ago)
I was hoping for an episode to begin at the end of this intro 😂
Anonymus lll (3 days ago)
10th March 1959 (3 days ago)
I missed arya stark
Ninja k (3 days ago)
My lord your horse await.
savaş ay (3 days ago)
As the lover of history and middle ages,i didnt watch this show ! İm waiting for full ending,then i ll start it :)
8wiw9 ._. (3 days ago)
A man likes this
Mr Undertaker (3 days ago)
Can't wait for the 8th season! #ForTheThrone
Ninja Vestige (3 days ago)
Stuck in my head now
Paul Stark (3 days ago)
S8 like...no half of the wall in the intro...lol
White Walker (4 days ago)
Stranger things and GOT are the only intros that I never skip.
BARENDRA BODI (4 days ago)
157 days till season 8. April 21, 2019 is the date, Easter is on the same date. Will end on 26th May 😢 What an amazing 8 years of the Greatest TV Series ever made :')
BARENDRA BODI (4 days ago)
Glad to see there are no "who is here in november 2018 comments"
Fahim Imran (4 days ago)
Game Of Thrones, greatest TV series ever made.
Angel Garcia (2 days ago)
Kurnia Achmita (4 days ago)
My heart skips a lot when I heard this
vicki smith (4 days ago)
I love this music 😍
Srijal Shrestha (4 days ago)
It's gonna end 2019 😭😭😭
Zeke Benavides (4 days ago)
Death n boobies Death n boobies Death n boobies
A man wants to see this opening again on april
Gte CHIMP (4 days ago)
a man wants to see no one on april
Javi Fuenzalida (5 days ago)
Javi Fuenzalida (5 days ago)
ctm la wa wuena
Joku Äijä (5 days ago)
Paaaaa paaaaa papapaaaaa paaaa papa pumpum pu pu pum pum pu pu pum pum pu pu pum pum paaaaa paaaa papapa paaa papa paaa
Marvin Arndt (5 days ago)
Still waiting for season 8 ?
Kowsik Sudesh (5 days ago)
Yes eventhough In India i t will be summer in April but for me winter is coming...season finale😍
Instagram videos (5 days ago)
Always love this music
End of here again.
AKS World (5 days ago)
Wiener Weiner
Mr Chef (5 days ago)
Playing this on my funeral
Sarwagya Raj Pandey (5 days ago)
I began watching GOT in 2017. By then I had already known few characters, and a lot of references. I had already heard about the red wedding or Snow's impending resurrection and the R+L=J theory. Yet, I enjoyed it thoroughly and had the same level of excitement and awe as I had when I watched the 7th season. Spoilers are overrated! You will enjoy this show regardless of that.
Tarun Gujar (5 days ago)
April 2019
Harshit Rayal Gv (5 days ago)
All the dislikers are from night king army(white walkers) 💀
Joe Garratt (6 days ago)
6 hours later .... it’s still playing 😂😉
Lucas Denis (6 days ago)
Saaad estoy acostumbrado a que despues de "the wall" muestre "Ironrath" :,(
tanveer alam (6 days ago)
No one likes this music 😎😎😎😎😎
Thomas lcyer (6 days ago)
why the fuck im crying
010 (6 days ago)
Where can you watch Game of Thrones on?
The Pystykorva (6 days ago)
Wow it was so weird when it reached the end and the theme stopped and the episode didnt start like whaat the hell
PoleStar73 (7 days ago)
Kaberi Saikia (7 days ago)
Goosebumps guaranteed!
Fernando Rodas (8 days ago)
New game of thrones fan caught up and love it omg!😀 the dwarf is my favorite character comedy gold!
MastaMonkey (8 days ago)
Do you guys know what the wheel thing in this intro is? I can enlighten you because it's the truth in your faces. The spinning bright orb is Ezekiels Wheel from the Bible. And it's actually how an angel looks in real life. This wheel spins around a spiritual being in the center. These wheels/beings are the Watchers/angels of this world. The outside of these wheels are supposed to be covered in eyes, which is why all throughout the intro you see the angel zooming in and out on the land. These wheels/beings are the stars that you see at night. Continuously spinning and watching over us. Stars are NOT what you think they are. These angels are also known to have 4 heads. Which is why at the end of the intro, you see 4 animals on one of the rings around the game of thrones logo. There are 2 meanings to the game of thrones. The throne in the show. AND the throne that the devil is trying to take from the ALMIGHTY. Hopefully I woke somebody up
Savage af (8 days ago)
why is this so addictive
TheSabbathz (8 days ago)
Martin Winter (9 days ago)
Shubhaam verma (9 days ago)
Alive just to watch GOT season 8
hasan erkan (9 days ago)
Notas de Voz Whatsapp (10 days ago)
People that skip this intro are sociopaths lol
Edward Kinsey (10 days ago)
Best intro every made for TV
4373fg (10 days ago)
It was so cool how they changed the opening cinematic to show the new areas of the world that appeared in the later seasons
HBO knows how to make badass themes!!!!!!!!
-Malik- (10 days ago)
A man found a boner in his pants by watching this
András Fogarasi (10 days ago)
I feel like at any point this could transition into various EU4 songs.
Incredibletop10s (10 days ago)
I swear to god, if they kill Tyrion... Someone at the game of thrones studio is gonna die, i don't care
Abbas Shelby (11 days ago)
watch got for the 4th time ❤
Frank Kangire (1 day ago)
Abbas Shelby what an amateur
member berries (11 days ago)
Every time I hear this I think of south parks lyrics they made up for it
2019 here we come.
Rebecca Idy (11 days ago)
Who still gets the chills off watching this?
Anthony Kidd (11 days ago)
to the 3.9 k that disliked this, yall are crazy
Ioana Teodora (12 days ago)
2019 is coming
leo black (8 days ago)
So are you when we're together
Jed Solano (12 days ago)
weiner weiner weiner weiner weiner weiner weiner
Huy Lê (12 days ago)
I was so desperated about this song and I want this song to be my ringtone so fucking bad
ali jmale (12 days ago)
Manpreet singh (12 days ago)
Me to GoT: "we shall never see its like again"
Alexi Ichigo (12 days ago)
Watched the entire seasons of GOT in a week. Then i couldn't watch anything else because i can't help but make comparisons. Just the intro gives me more satisfaction than an entire season of other shows. The obsession is like a disease that didn't have a cure yet
MAR BRAM (12 days ago)
Everytime i hear this it reminds ne me of when my girlfriend was pregnant
SubscribeToMe (12 days ago)
Masterpiece <3
Ice Blade Films (13 days ago)
Will Ramin Djawadi make the music for the prequel series?? If so, I have high hopes for the upcoming series!!
Unbreakable Patches (11 days ago)
He made music of Westworld
amr magdy (13 days ago)
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Adonis Hernandez (13 days ago)
La Amare el resto de mi cochina existencia. Es algo adictiva como cualquier droga Psicotropica. I'll love the rest of my filthy existence. It is something addictive like any psychotropic drug.
Tia Malhotra (13 days ago)
wolfy gamer (14 days ago)
Duuuuuuuuiuude this it ant the trailer but i cant stop lissining
Mariana Ruiz (14 days ago)
Anyone else have this as their ringtone?
ADITYA NAUTIYAL (13 days ago)
What's your number
Acoustic Rupam (14 days ago)
A man needs a New Season !
XxMarshmello7xX (14 days ago)
Steven Carpio (14 days ago)
Oh! Por dios e violado el botón de repetición.

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