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Children with Guns in the Park - Social Experiment Prank

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Text Comments (1858)
CharlotteHacks (4 days ago)
You can be arrested for this you fucking idiot.
Gabriel Garcia (1 month ago)
Very family friendly
Samuel Goodrum (3 months ago)
Joey is retarded
XordaNz Plays (3 months ago)
I like how she is pointing the gun on a person and are saying to her son that guns are dangerous
Counter Kidnapping (3 months ago)
If I was the kid I will take the gun home. New arsenal. Yeah
Irish Princess (4 months ago)
Aww that kid in blue was so cute😍
ak craziness (4 months ago)
Wow these kids are dumb
ak craziness (4 months ago)
Thats not a hate comment
abJominations (4 months ago)
EVERYTHING can hurt people.
Cool Beans (5 months ago)
A three year old is not going to understand even if you do have a talk with them
Dylan Russo (5 months ago)
Guns were build to shoot trees not to shoot animals
Dylan Russo (5 months ago)
Guns were build t
Cameron Slate (6 months ago)
1:46 1:52
Kersen TV (6 months ago)
In indonesia, people dont care about it. Almost every 5 year old has their own airsoft gun
Sum cringey boi (6 months ago)
This obviously isn't the original video
Dylan Knouse (6 months ago)
If your child comes over with a gun you do not fucking give a lesson ya call da police like a fucking gun at the park with children.
RageQuit Ron (6 months ago)
You stole this video from JoeySalads 😑 see the watermark 😑
RageQuit Ron (6 months ago)
You stole this fron JoeySalads -_ - I see the waterMark -_-
WILLY LYNCH (7 months ago)
I would of did a somersault posed on one knee and dome shot that kid. I ain't letting some nigglet draw heat on me.
Roberto Salazar Coello (7 months ago)
Kids With Guns Kids With Guns Take over But wont be long They mermorized Skeletons Kids With Guns Kids With Guns...
Tu Mai (7 months ago)
làm sao mà thằng con nít mà cầm được một cây súng chứ
Lee Bondu (8 months ago)
Human destroying humans
Kid Cudi (8 months ago)
1:27 boobs af
gaming 2d fan gorillaz (8 months ago)
I show my dad at 2:03 when he saud give him the talk i give u a hint my childhood is ruined now i dont want kids ........
Naruto Fan (8 months ago)
Austin Bryan (8 months ago)
If I saw a kid holding a gun I'd take away from them and put it where he or she picked it up and call the cops
Anthony C. (9 months ago)
1:12 Nice guns ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Death Gamer (9 months ago)
That kid was like 4 tho
The Silent Flute (9 months ago)
1:14 Mom: "You're not supposed to play with this." *Aims barrel directly at her face*
Rey Mysterio (10 months ago)
this kid will be a future school shooter.
labrad00r (11 months ago)
I wish those dumbo kids picked up a real gun and try to play with it.
Dean Gallagher (1 year ago)
Mom:1:44 guns are bad Me:1:52 what did I just tell you
지수상 (1 year ago)
What's with these educational intros? They get REALLY annoying...
WhaleShaBob ! (1 year ago)
The mother in the background.. SHUT UP BITCH LET HIS OWN MOTHER TELL HIM JESUS
LANG LANG (1 year ago)
guns are not the problem
SpicyWeegeeBoi (1 year ago)
Kids should find a way to find a way to get rid of it because if a guy finds that gun he's gonna kill someone.
PlayStation_Gamer (1 year ago)
Breh of course a 4 year old kid wouldn't know what to do
420 cpt (1 year ago)
Guns dont hurt people stupid people with guns hurt people
1700iDiGuy (1 year ago)
That's a nice set of tits on her in purple dress ;p
Alberto Tirado (1 year ago)
That's why I'm never letting my kids play with toy guns, because most kids are too stupid to know the difference, and if they saw real gun they might kill someone, just because all the toy manufacturers are creating toy guns, which is stupid
Cajun sniper (1 year ago)
that lady said " Guns hurt people ". Guns don't hurt people, people hurt people
Kawshik K (1 year ago)
If I find a gun at the park I'll just take it and give it to a police officer before some asshole takes it
Tayjai Lytle (1 year ago)
"kid" who can BARELY speak.... hes not even a child yet still a pre schooler
Owen S. (1 year ago)
Guns don't hurt people; idiots do!
Aurora Mancini (1 year ago)
Bob Munday (1 year ago)
That kid is retarded
Oscar Hernandez (1 year ago)
Greg massey (1 year ago)
My cousin put his gun in my mom car and I did not touch it 🔫🔫
Israel De La Cruz (1 year ago)
dose it fave bolits
sprakle ec (1 year ago)
This joke isn't fucking funny
Houseofhiglights King (1 year ago)
This is stupid and uninspiring this is not cool man f*cking dumb
SNOWMAN44.4 ! (1 year ago)
commen sens real gun are heaver
James atwood (1 year ago)
The_magic_phone_booth (1 year ago)
At 1:25 I like how she is pointing the gun at someone
symphony mureen (1 year ago)
I am a cid
Louis Jenkins (1 year ago)
I liked and subscribed
Staz C. BloodMen (1 year ago)
I would back the f*** away
Agron Berisha (1 year ago)
stay away
Kian Ferns (1 year ago)
Who was the idiot that said shoot it?
SAN Max (1 year ago)
That is very men the mom hit the kid ^_^#save kid
Keshun Simmons (1 year ago)
what a kid doing with a gun in the park 😐😐
Glow Bros (1 year ago)
That was the worst idea ever
Carole Ranaudo (1 year ago)
teach them young the right way and support the second amendment
123 123 (1 year ago)
hey you are an stupid idiot
blockhead2289 (1 year ago)
123 123 lol, redundancy. your the "stupid idiot" befor you post something know your grammar.
Amia Ross (1 year ago)
That is so mess up my G
LilManFrom DC (1 year ago)
He said shoot it 😂😂😂
francene Cornelius (1 year ago)
children can't really have guns can they
francene Cornelius (1 year ago)
francene Cornelius (1 year ago)
someone add a comment
francene Cornelius (1 year ago)
what the heak
francene Cornelius (1 year ago)
is it a real gun
francene Cornelius (1 year ago)
this is bull crap
NickBoi (1 year ago)
1:45 - 1:46 Women: Guns are bad Me: I don't think they are bad cause they were used to protect our country
Dionne Williams (1 year ago)
shut up don't talk about that dumb ass
Mihajlo Paunovic (1 year ago)
you can speak with ur kids about something not to do but if they are dumb and cant understand they are gonna do it anyway even if it hurts them or people around them
Sandra B (1 year ago)
Swag Gamer123 (1 year ago)
pump gang (1 year ago)
I swear to god.. these dumbass skiddies are terrible at life. They think guns are fucking toys! This video makes me Want to shoot up a fucking school, and just rid the world of these ignorant creatures.
Bruce Hood (1 year ago)
Don't touch it....then he goes to grab it - again lol
ehsan nassari (1 year ago)
gun is good thing
Bobby Bobby (1 year ago)
I'm ten I've held a gun but your right
Jackson The Dog (1 year ago)
Funny how a 3-4 year old is smarter than the 7 year olds
Pawan Pandey (1 year ago)
Jacqueline Tejeda (1 year ago)
Pyro YT (1 year ago)
신혜린 (1 year ago)
oh my god
Anakin Brownwalker (1 year ago)
1:30 Lmao, stupid asf kid, you lack of inteligence
Anakin Brownwalker (1 year ago)
M8A7 G4MES Me? Puh. I see you and yo mama on the street.
XX X (1 year ago)
He probably does not know what a gun is. The mom did not teach him enough
mrjegre (1 year ago)
my dad told me so I can be safe. ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
DarkPsy L u izz (1 year ago)
broken plastic airsoft..fail
Melinda Alarcon (1 year ago)
is the gun real
the holy cow (1 year ago)
kidat0:54 is gonna be a devil
Joshua Williams (1 year ago)
kid like bicth give it to me
Joshua Williams (1 year ago)
ok ass kisser
Joshua Williams shut up man
ruben Zarazua (1 year ago)
kid in blue really wants to touch it yeesh
prum chhangsreng (1 year ago)
but gun are heavier than that. my dad have one and I take it to safe when he back home
Agent 47 (1 year ago)
Stupid kids
symphony mureen (1 year ago)
The Eating Annoyance (1 year ago)
if my child found a gun in the park I'd tell my child to shoot joey salads because he's mentally retarded
The Eating Annoyance (1 year ago)
Some Person ikr
XX X (1 year ago)
+The memestar Keemstar Smart
FireflyxLights (1 year ago)
wow that's so scary!
sup sauce (1 year ago)
kids in the begining were smart lol they said fuck outta. here
lilly rother (1 year ago)
is that a real gun
Mason Edwards (1 year ago)
good video very educational

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