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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – King in The North (HBO)

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Text Comments (3048)
Luis N (2 months ago)
Jonsa endgame ❤️
TWSTF 8 (3 months ago)
Shouldn't it be; "R+L=A," As opposed to; "R+L=J,"? Because, (as we have all learned,) his real name is, "Aegon," As opposed to, "Jon,"?
Nymeria73 (5 months ago)
This video shows very well the hot mess they put Sansa's character and her regression. Starting from S6 and culminating with the fake plot in S7 finale. The actors here contradict themselves and have forgotten their backstory, and their progression up to this point. The whole contrived tension created (first between her and Jon, then between her and Arya) was done in the name of one of the worst plots in the GOT series: How to write off LF! Don't get me wrong, I hated LF with all my heart from day 1. I truly wanted him to be dead, and I think his time was over. But the way they did that was absolutely horrible writing. Just laughable really, which is a pity. They missed a big chance with him and Sansa, and bring her where she needs to be, in a credible way. The writers had no idea how to handle this and where to place her. I knew this was coming when they put her and Jon together. Smth which isn't going to happen in the books. The problem with placing these two characters together is that in order to uplift one character you have to downplay the other. On the other hand they couldn't downplay Jon much because it would've made no sense, and they needed him as "King in The North" in the end. The result was a mess, because they couldn't really justify why Jon would be chosen as King. They made that a fait accompli by giving us a great speech from Lyanna Mormont and that was it. In their view, they got the result they wanted. They put Jon where they needed him to be and they gave to the fans what they wanted. Everybody happy. That was lame, although a beautiful scene per se. Furthermore, they wanted to show Sansa's ambitions, but not so much as to make her "unlikeable". Instead of going bold, they ended up with a sort of "goody two shoes" character, which makes me dislike her even more. They ended up calling her "The Lady of Winterfell", in S7, and tried hard to sell that but it was not credible. Instead of her "earning" it, story wise, she was pushed there because the writers needed her to reach that place. It was all artificial though, and the result is that one of the most interesting development characters in the series, Sansa, was butchered.
Lis (8 months ago)
The Best series !! My life ! ❤❤
French Masterrace 57 (10 months ago)
Jaison Brady (1 year ago)
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Johnny Skinwalker (1 year ago)
Sansa is such a spoiled brat. She should be happy for Jon.
Emmanuel Mondesir (1 year ago)
Lol sansa doesnt like jon. Shes like her mother toward her. Read the manga.
Anuss School (1 year ago)
Steven Song (1 year ago)
1:18 - 1:28 Spoiler alert!
Ly borah (1 year ago)
i hpe..they dnt kil Lady Mormont...
Shubham Jindal (1 year ago)
1:30 Am I the only one who gets goosebumps every time I see this scene and hear that background score?
Kai Taylor (1 year ago)
Bajkó Tamás (1 year ago)
and the MVP avard for best actress and most loyal lord goes to lady Mormont! God i love that girl more than most starks, except John, oh yeah John isnt even a Stark! haha!
Bajkó Tamás (1 year ago)
please, Sansa, herself, didnt do shit, if she wants to get credit she's an attention whore. Game of theones people, especially northeners, respect power and strength over anything. IF LF and Sansa plan against John, it will have something to do with lord kirvin; he got waaaaay to much screentime
Steven Choza (1 year ago)
So many red herrings...
davidcici11Evolution (1 year ago)
I love the misdirection from all the cast members. Sansa loves Jon she would never betray him. She did not tell Jon about LF because she did not want Jon to die. Jon would of never agreed to the help from the Vale he is too much like her father and she knew that. She in a way did that to protect Jon. If you think Sansa is going to betray Jon you have no idea how loyal the Stark family is. Jon maybe a bastard but he is a Stark to all his siblings just not Catelyn, and Sansa may be a lot like her mother but she knew how she treated him in the past was wrong and she knew her mother was wrong for it as well.
Lord Sullivan (1 year ago)
If Sansa betrays Jon we riot KING IN THE NORTH
F Aden (1 year ago)
Sansa is so going to betray Jon and that is why I cannot like her
DrAxe Dharme (1 year ago)
What a man Liam Cunningham. Even in the interview, he hides his fingers of the right hand.
daboodeef179 (1 year ago)
SPOILER ALERT: everybody dies, white walkers win...the end
heymisterderp (1 year ago)
With the massive weight bearing down on them from multiple directions, Sansa better just cut it with the brother-sister "me too" crap and just be really happy that Jon Snow is even there in that position at all. Of all the kings to criticize....if the medieval silliness about who his mother is wasn't a factor in the first place, Sansa would be even less relevant. Then again, if it weren't for the sexism of the medieval culture, Sansa herself would probably be King in the North.
Ronald Cherry (1 year ago)
Jon Daenerys Arya Lady Olenna The hound Lady Mormont Tyrion Samwell The rest can die I won't care. I want Sansa dead in season 7, never liked that bitch.
ultramarineblue (1 year ago)
what are you trying to tell us, Davos?? "It's not gonna be pretty"???
deepak V. kashyap (1 year ago)
sansa is going to go full crazy bitch on Jon next season! I hope Jon can pull through and win the game of thrones in the end!
Lord Snow (1 year ago)
Jon is Naive????? You Serious??? He deserves the title because he almost died for it no thanks to Sansa!!!
Connor Pringle (1 year ago)
I think Sansa is happy for Jon, you can see it in her smile as they chant "The King in the North!", but at the same time she does want a bit of recognition. I don't think she'll betray him as many others think she will
Stef (1 year ago)
ok so what was jon supposed to do-just say nope not king in the north-sansa deserve it more????? jon likes the idea of being king in the north-i mean it is an honour for everyone in the room to stand up and say that but just a nanosecond ago they were arguing about going back home for winter. jon doesn't want to be king but it is the only way he can push his agenda forward-the white walkers are coming so he can't refuse! Dunno what he was supposed to do to satisfy sansa-jon has enough going on already...
SPFrobber (1 year ago)
starting to think they are all turncoats. Stannis is the One True King, the only who can save men from the Long Night.
JL D (1 year ago)
I do wish sometimes that the directors would make Jon to be more intelligent than they do. In the books, he displays far more intellect and makes better decisions. I don't like how they've dumbed down his character in the show, especially in this season. In season 4 I felt that they had Jon almost spot on and he was on par with book Jon but more recently they've not stayed true to the character and it's annoying. I hope in the next season they'll start having his character make better decisions and less stupid ones. Stick to how the character is in the book and you can't go wrong.
Orsolya Pámer (1 year ago)
Honestly, if Sansa betrays Jon for LF next season, if she thinks, she would be able to manage the WW-situation without Jon with LF (how? LF whispering false ideas into the NK's ears?), then she is even stupider, than in S1, and she deserves to die. I won't cry for her. And about Jon being stupid: I love the show, I love Kit Harrington, but I don't like, that D&D made Jon act stupidly sometimes. BookJon is a great negotiator (loan from the Iron Bank for the Nightswatch), a genius strategist (his advises to Stannis), good organizer (how he prepares the Wall for the Great War). BookJon is not so straightly honorable, than Ned, he is able to act ruthless (sending Gilly away without her son)... BookJon would be a perfect king and I am sure, that bookJon would not stand alone in the enemy charge in the BoB so dumb, I expect some great tactic from him for BoB in the books. Anyway, I love the show, I love Kit Harrington' acting, but please, D&D, enclose his character to the books: Jon supposed to be a genius, and not so stupidly honorable. And a WARG (also Arya). The whole point of being half Stark (warg) and half Targaryen (dragon) is for that he is the only one able to control a dragon by warging, with his mind. The dragons can not be tamed... but he is able to tame his, that is why he is unique as a Targaryen. He should use to warg after his death, where is Ghost...?!
Noah Golden (1 year ago)
if Jon dies again I will literally burn all my GoT blu-rays fuck little finger fuck cersei and fuck the sand snakes I want to see them all die
Noah Golden (1 year ago)
so what's sansa and Jon gonna do when bran just rolls up as the best claim to winterfell and with magical powers who knows that Jon's the heir to the entire seven kjngdoms
Aquameme (1 year ago)
This pisses me off, what Sansa has done for him was withhold information of a fully prepared, nuts strength army being available to help him, thus making Jon endure the hell that was the battle of the bastards, Sansa should be apologetic to Jon, not envious or angry
Nicholas Lawless (1 year ago)
Um? Jon told Sansa that she should take the lords room because they would've lost without her knights of the vale plan. She said no u take it. HE GAVE HER ALMOST ALL THE CREDIT AND OBVIOUSLY RESPECTS HER A GREAT DEAL. I'm skeptical about how David and Dan are going to pull off their strife in season 7
irondragonmaiden (1 year ago)
Oh dear... am I the only one dreading Jon dying for real now that he's been claimed the King in the North in a way very reminiscent of his (very dead) brother Robb?
UnknownOne (1 year ago)
Odd, Sansa looked happy when Jon was proclaimed King in the North...Oh no...
mike devaney (1 year ago)
from the way the actors are talking there's gonna be a huge clash between the two of them next season
Angela (1 year ago)
I have a feeling that Sansa is dying in season 7
beth stanley (1 year ago)
All these actors pretty much just told us that Sansa is going to do something sketchy towards Jon in the future. Whether alone, or w/ the help of Littlefinger?! That just kills me, I wanted so much for the two of them to fight as one & be a family again, but it's a show & that's what makes it the game of thrones; no happy endings in Westeros.
SERGIO COSTA (1 year ago)
tenho medo desses filmes. por isso nao presta
Jefff (1 year ago)
is the name Snow given to bastard sons? As Ramsey was also called Ramsey Snow. God I can't wait for him to die.
bjorn joseph (1 year ago)
I missed that then. I figured she just wanted her home back and revenge on ramsay. didn't know she wanted a gold star or a participating trophy.... if she betrays him..... that'll be poor story telling....
freeinfo (1 year ago)
Can't wait to see that one ;-)
RiceDealer99 (1 year ago)
I'm preemptively saying fuck Sansa. I hated her since the beginning and just started to like her but it's obvious she's gonna do something stupid in the next season
diego Flopp (1 year ago)
Genial jon snow
Debi Burlingame (1 year ago)
Why should Sansa be trusted? She knows that Littlefinger was responsible of Jon Aryans death and still she trusts him. Not to mention the part about all those soldiers dying because she withheld information from Jon.
Exod (1 year ago)
Zenith (1 year ago)
da king in the norf!
robertjamesbrew (2 years ago)
Kobza Wood (2 years ago)
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sarah elizabeth (2 years ago)
sarah elizabeth (2 years ago)
Darkone (2 years ago)
Will Jon Snow return from the dead and become king of the North in the books
Kazuma Uchiha (2 years ago)
Well, i got a bad feeling about this, If Jon die again betray by Sansa and Petyr, the North is already Gone to the White Walker and the Wight, Jon is the only Leader that are capable of knowing the White Walker's Strength in the North (Not Counting the Night's Watch) and if Sansa betray Jon because she is fool to trust littlefinger, then She is doom when the White Walker come, because she doesn't know what to do and regret about betraying Jon. well Sansa and Littlefinger are ignorant and without knowing the threat from the White Walker that Jon being warn the Northern Lord about.
Sly K (2 years ago)
HIGH SPARROW @ LANCEL LANNISTER: "Fetch the Queen Mother." LANCEL LANNISTER: O.K. sure, but I'm easily distracted and on my way out I think I would rather chase a little boy into the catacombs because that's more important. The writers have been shitting on the script since episode 1 of season 6. It's a good thing they're keeping in continuity of poor screen writing.
UrbanWolfGaming (2 years ago)
baelish kill jon plz.
Petyr Baelish (2 years ago)
knowledge is power
Gambit_D bb (2 years ago)
They're clearly setting up some sort of rivalry or betrayal between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. I hope not. I really do. Jon Snow is Westeros' best bet against the White Walkers. Please don't give us this betrayal.
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avkingoking (2 years ago)
I just couldn't help finding Sansa annoying this season, in the first two episodes when her life was in danger she seemed fragile and meek, she even looked like she was about to cry when Theon told her he was leaving, yet she was emotionless when seeing her little brother's corpse, and was smiling when Ramsay's foot soldiers were getting slaughtered, while not knowing yet if Jon was alive or dead. When she feels safe she seems like a know-it-all with a smug look on her face, I don't know if it's the writing, Sophie Turner's acting, or both. She acts like she knows more about life and diplomacy than Jon when she doesn't know shit. She's survived because she has a pretty face and her name can be use to gain power.
Jonathan Peralta (2 years ago)
I feel that once Jon and Sansa were reunited at Castle Black it was Sansa's plan to take back Winterfell with or without Jon. Then Jon persisted to take Winterfell without having the proper forces and without Sansa their campaign wouldn't even have a chance. Yet everyone nominated Jon despite his terrible leadership at the Battle of the Bastards and Sansa made an uneasy alliance to save her home. Another Robb and Catelyn Stark duo.
dodo828 (2 years ago)
So if Jon is Rhaegar's son, does that mean he has more claim on throne than Daenerys?
JL D (1 year ago)
dodo828 if he is legitimate then yes because he will be the only surviving true born son of Rhaegar Targaryen. Since Rhaegar was the older brother of Daenerys he would have been first in line to the Targaryen throne and any children he that he had would have succeeded him upon his death. Rhaegar is dead. Currently Dany is the only surviving Targaryen that people know about so she is considered the rightful heir. However now we know Jon is Rhaegar's son, which means that he has a claim but the strength of his claim depends on whether he was legitimised. If he is legitimate then he is Rhaegar's true born son and the rightful heir to the Targaryen throne. If he is not legitimate then Dany has the rightful claim. However in my view there has been too much focus on Jon's parentage and birth for him not to be legitimate. I think in season 7 it will be revealed that Jon is a true born Targaryen and if that is the case then he is the rightful heir, and has a better claim to the Throne than Dany. So his claim would come before hers and the Iron Throne is his, but whether he'll claim it is another matter because right now he doesn't care about the Iron Throne. He's more concerned with saving Westeros from the White Walkers.
Masticatious (2 years ago)
No, because his mother is still a stark, but if she had married him sometime before she died that's might give john claim
Claire Stark (2 years ago)
I see were going for a boring sansa vs jon plot so lots twatbeard has something to do. yawn
dorothy Nunez (2 years ago)
Oh, Sophie. My sweet summer child.... She really thinks sansa is the greatest player to ever walk westeros, doesn't she? Someone needs to remind her sansa ONLY WROTE A LETTER. She did exactly what littlefinger wanted all along. So who's more naive?
Giuseppe Galli (1 year ago)
dorothy Nunez Yes but if she didn't write that letter they were all dead now
Masticatious (2 years ago)
+dorothy Nunez Well..we'll just see then, won't we? Dorothy. ಠ_ಠ
dorothy Nunez (2 years ago)
+Popcrazy215 I know what happens and how LF dies at arya's hand in the season finale. Jon's off with aunt dany on several missions. Remember that a year from now, or maybe when kit and emilia starts being spotted in spain and iceland later this month and next year ;)
Masticatious (2 years ago)
+dorothy Nunez  why? do you have the script to the show? cause I see ramsey dogs getting fatter, maybe some little fingers in their daily dog chow >:)
dorothy Nunez (2 years ago)
+Popcrazy215 oh, if you only knew how much more played sweet sansa will get next season...
The Dude Man (2 years ago)
Davos' character Liam Cunningham said "I'm not sure it's going to be pretty", as to the future relationship between Jon and Sansa, but didn't say specifically for which one... I would guess that more than likely is bad for Sansa.
Lord Clarke (2 years ago)
Damn I honestly didn't even consider Sansa may be upset about all this
MegaLiamgaming (2 years ago)
ALL HAIL KING STANNIS OF THE HOUSE BARATHEON FIRST OF HIS NAME RIGHTFUL KING OF THE ANDALS AND FIRST MEN LORD OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS AND PROTECTOR OF THE REALM. westeros has only one king and his name is stannis hes got the birth right hes in his prime and he doesnt just talk about paying people back he DOOS it !
mikes5637 (2 years ago)
I didn't read that scene in that way at all. On the ramparts Sansa pledges her support for Jon as Lord of Winterfell. When he is 'elected' King in the North she is more concerned with Littlefinger's reaction that once again his schemes are scuppered; his dream of sitting on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side has once more been dashed to pieces. So what scheme will he come up with next?
Septimus Signus (2 years ago)
Evilsamar (2 years ago)
I was genuinely surprised when Jon accepted that his is the king in the north. I thought he would stand up and say that Sansa is the queen in the north. I really thought Jon had had enough of fighting (already dying once) that he would deny being the king.
Tim (2 years ago)
"Jon doesn't acknowledge his sister done for him" WTF bitch Jon in the beginning said "You deserved it we standing here because of you"
Masticatious (2 years ago)
the kind of "acknowledgment" she wants isn't the "thanks for the help, you can sit down now" kind. I think if John had said something like that in front of his advisors to *her* it would have meant much more, or if he had asked her opinion when they were talking about ramsey and the battle in that moment.. that's the kind of trust and acknowledgement shes looking for..just like Dany always checks with Tyrion before she makes big decisions..because they are a team and work together, she respect his word on the topic right now it doesn't really feel like sansa plays apart of the group or is apart of the revenge she wants, this upsets her
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Arya Stark (2 years ago)
john snow adamdır be...
SquirrilahFish (2 years ago)
I've always hated Sansa, just waiting for her to die.
LAGGER (2 years ago)
lord baelish was like shit this was not in my plan
"Our problem is that we put too much trust into kings"- Davos (Episode later hails Jon king in the north)
jfrd072891 (2 years ago)
Jon is the son Stannis never had. If Jon wasn't a bastard, Ned should've sent him to Stannis as a ward. Ned's honor + Stannis' ruthlessness is a good starting mix. Add a little bit Varys' cunning, a pinch of Tyrion's intellect, and a dash of Sam's diplomacy and there's your recipe for a good leader.
steve mcquen (2 years ago)
+Stannis Baratheon Imagine Jon fighting beside Stannis, it would be great. He could learn so much more about tactics and leadership from him.
+steve mcquen Stannis really respected Jon, he really wanted to make Jon lord of Winterfell and warden of the North but sadly Jon is as stubborn as his father when it comes to vows
steve mcquen (2 years ago)
+Stannis Baratheon Good points, and he also he saw something special in Jon, bravery, vision, charisma. But my point is, Stannis is a classic King figure Jon isn't.
+steve mcquen His brother was a traitor and a usurper, and Stannis using blood magic was a good thing, otherwise Renly would have attacked Stannis camp and killed him along with thousands loyal to Stannis, Stannis was the only king that went to the wall remember that he SAVED the wall from Mance and gave his ships so Jon could bring them back to safety. He even offered them land to live on south of the wall if they swore fealty to him.
SirLevi (2 years ago)
What the hell are they even talking about in this video? They're making it seem like Sansa is envious and hateful to Jon, and as if he does not acknowledge what she did. He *specifically* stated that he prepared the master bedroom for her, since she deserved it and that she was the lady of Winterfell. How the fuck is that "not giving her credit"?? And for fucks sake she just gave it to him willingly and smiled all the way through that king in the north scene. How the fuck is that envy? Why would she be angry when she herself *obviously* wants Jon to be the leader? Either these guys have got it wrong, or the director for that episode *completely* missed the point and made it look like Sansa and Jon are in complete agreement - which they are judging by both dialog and facial expressions. This video just doesn't make sense at all.
nwankpag (2 years ago)
Or maybe they're simply trying to create hype for next season by misleading people into thinking Sansa and Jon will be against each other in Season 7.
İrem K. (2 years ago)
sansa still an idiot. she couldn't even say that knights of vale are gonna help and because she's a fool thousand people died in this bloody battle. and now she jealous of her own brother. because he became king in the north without his desire. screw you.
Tiago Fialho (2 years ago)
keep calm people, sansa and jon wont betray each other, on the other hand jaime and cersei its another story
First Curse (2 years ago)
Omar Snow (2 years ago)
i love you John Stark 😍😍 John Snow
81Bluegum (2 years ago)
I'd had HUUUGE hopes Sansa would emerge into a powerhouse. Sansa REALLY should be hardened a lot wiser now. Sansa just seems like little Sansa still. There was nobody forcing Sansa to not stand and speak. It doesn't make sense for Jon to say "hey, it was Sansa who got the Veils' army in". As it stands Sansa didn't tell Jon. She let a lot be slaughtered for it. If it was asked by any lords if Jon knew, he'd say no thus, bringing in disrepute. How I feel this could be adjusted if Jon tells Sansa in a way what Benjen told Jon atop the wall.
Masticatious (2 years ago)
I hope next season she'll be a bit wiser when dealing with little finger, or maybe just have ramseys dogs eat him...xD that would be good too
Soccercrazyigboman (2 years ago)
1:50 Srsly how the fuck are you gonna come up with that stupid story about tension between Jon and Sansa. Thats ridiculous. Nothing at all up to this moment has led to any reason for Sansa to have some contrived conflict with Jon, especially not after her talk with LF and her smile for Jon when he looks at her as he's being crowed. Fucking D&D
Jarrod Watson (2 years ago)
If they make Sansa betray Jon or something I'm seriously done with this show, we have waited this long for Starks back in winterfell ruling the north it better not be fucked up because Sansa is jealous or stupid enough to get manipulated by Baelish
Masticatious (2 years ago)
she wont betray him, she wont get manipulated by little finger shes too smart for that shit now.
Romina Fiona (2 years ago)
Are they foreshadowing a conflict between jon and sansa? Because they keep on saying it in the interview, but the episode doesnt show that. Jon completely acknowledged her in the show
Seth Copper (2 years ago)
I'm waiting for season 7 ;-;
Seth Copper (2 years ago)
Please more of aria and brand and please bring back houdoor
De Messiah (2 years ago)
If Sansa fucks over her own brother over something as Pety as that after all she's been through then it shits on her developement. She doesn't want power anymore, she doesn't want to play the game she just wants to keep herself safe and get revenge on Ramsay. She never wanted to be in Winterfell, she never wanted to rule it, and she just got done rejecting Littlefinger , just end his life and live as Lady of Winterfell along with the King of the North
KingInfected (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me what the actors mean by "Jon doesn't acknowledge all that Sansa has done for him..." What exactly has Sansa done for him? (That's not sarcasm btw) He didn't want to fight, he stated he was tired of fighting and he had good reasons for it too. It was Jon's army who died at the hands of the Boltons, it was also Jon who fought and led the army. All Sansa did was tell him it wasn't enough. So please, am I missing something?
KingInfected (2 years ago)
You could blame it on the writing, or the acting, but i'm gonna blame it on the fact that I think it's just Sansa's character now.
Masticatious (2 years ago)
+KingInfected You don't think he had any motivation to save his own brother and just gave up? that unless sansa convinced him he would have just let his brother die? people said sansa was a bitch cause just accepted what was going to happen to him, but I don't think she wanted to believe it at first either.. it was only a little later that she realized that it was too late and nothing could be done to stop ramsey from killing him. It could just be bad writing that made her come off like she wanted her own brother dead, cause she definitely did not want that.
KingInfected (2 years ago)
Like I said, she put him in danger in the first place. He was planning on leaving Castle Black and going South. The reason he fought is because Sansa said he had to because "They had Rickon, oh my god." Then she tells them 'they' have to fight the Boltons, but when he raises an army she goes "Omg, why you going to war, Jon? Now rickin dead for sure, omg *cry*" (but i'm willing to forgive Sansa because <3 Sophie)
Masticatious (2 years ago)
uhh she saved is life and helped him win his battle?
T. Saruman (2 years ago)
What the hell is Sophie Turner talking about? In this episode, Jon insisted that Sansa was the reason they won the Battle. He insisted that she should rule Winterfell, not him. And he said "we need to trust each other", not "you need to trust me". And finally, at the end, Sansa is not jealous: she seems truly happy for him, but she's concerned at seeing Littlefinger with an ominous look. Unless the actors do understand their characters and merely lie to try and bring suspense for what's next in Season 7? Oh, and one last thing: Sophie Turner says Catelyn hated Jon, but we all saw from Catelyn's tale in Season 3 that it's more complicated than that - she always tried to love him, but just couldn't help placing her anger on him because she was too weak and fallible to hate the man she loved (Eddard).
Sandwichman1337 (2 years ago)
Wow could Sophie have misread her own character more?
Robby Bobby (2 years ago)
I like to think the actors are intentionally saying there is "tension" between the two to throw us (the audience) off. Because I honestly don't see tension in that scene. The way she looked was more concerned about the fact that Littlefinger will not be happy with the north proclaiming Jon Snow "KING OF THE NORTH!!!" and she knows he'll try to do something to get what he wants.
Romina Fiona (2 years ago)
It is confusing how they all insist there is tension between jon and sansa even though there is not
Carlos Ismael Brítez (2 years ago)
OMG! The actress is just as stupid as Sansa.
Rykzor (2 years ago)
You...you mean like not telling him about the knights of the Vale? Sansa really pisses me off. She thinks she is entitled to everything. She didn't fight, she didn't lead, she just kept secrets from Jon and is Petyr's puppet.
RzOoQi Alrashed (2 years ago)
It like they're implying than Jon will get killed again
Jennifer Bradshaw (2 years ago)
Can't wait for the next season! But while I do, I'm making a GoT-inspired augmented reality dragon game :D https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amoralorealis/dragon-rune
m90dRi (2 years ago)
Sansa has already betrayed Jon and will continue to do so. She didn't tell Jon the Knights of the Vale were coming. Half of his army could be alive and he wouldn't have need to put his life in danger by going to war. Sansa asked Jon to take back Winterfell to save Rickon, but she knew he was going to die anyway in the hands of Ramsey Bolton. She did it to be the Lady of Winterfell, she really doesn't care about her family unlike Jon who was willing to give up his life again for his family. She is total bitch and has been demanding for things and putting her family on trouble since episode 1.
Karl of Gaul (2 years ago)
Would you rather Jon stay at the Wall and Ramsey to continue his reign over the North.
skeplog (2 years ago)
He said you take "mom's and dad's room, you are the lady of winterfell", she said no... he said "I am not a stark", she said no you are... when he is announced king in the north, she smiles and is happy for him, one scene before she says "I have always thought of what I want, not what I have, I was stupid"... why everyone from the show says we need to be careful of Sansa??? Sansa is happy they are back in Winterfell and that Jon united the North. I see zero ambition from Sansa p.s. I think the last moment when she stopped smiling, she is afraid of LF because he is cunning as fuck, and she refused him
Aman (2 years ago)
tormund didn't gave a fuck and was still eating his meat while they were shouting for king in the north

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