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Text Comments (1341)
Kenny Christie (5 hours ago)
Kerline Petit (11 hours ago)
Kerline petit
Kerline Petit (11 hours ago)
Krystal Olson (13 hours ago)
DO a nother one please
Bradley Morrison (1 day ago)
C Nelson (2 days ago)
Don't jump kev
C Nelson (2 days ago)
Jashyrenai Watkins (2 days ago)
Got on the ride
Jay Edwards (2 days ago)
Nothing at the end
Jeff Becker (3 days ago)
Henriko Puusild (3 days ago)
You kev
Akhari Showers (3 days ago)
jonesgotgame is fine af on roblox
ZianFlims! (3 days ago)
I played that game before
Devaughni Chambers (4 days ago)
Look you openings
Clorox Bleach iP (5 days ago)
*I miss these kind of games*
Marvion Kindle (5 days ago)
good videows
Tylena Goodwin (5 days ago)
XD you faked called the police
Solomon Baby boy (5 days ago)
Kiev I played it and someone was not letting us play and I faked calling the police on them and they left
Tri Hartati (5 days ago)
God job
Yannick Lacroix (5 days ago)
i love your vids
Carlos Longstaff (6 days ago)
Roblox Robux
Aken Marieu (6 days ago)
Kev kev Jones Jones kev Jones kev Jones !
BB BeAnErS BoYs (7 days ago)
Hey gest look like the mimnuins haaaaaaa
Kaleb Vargas (8 days ago)
Khloe Lentz (8 days ago)
Ddgswrgvseg ?
marck maldonado (8 days ago)
Haha. Wow
donny ocon (8 days ago)
Love ❤️ it
CHAM JUN XIANG (8 days ago)
you need to put /something
K Levecque (9 days ago)
Fritz Xia (9 days ago)
Hi my name is fritz
Rebekah Labus (10 days ago)
Kevin I like your videos
Crysta Williams (10 days ago)
This vidio suks
Xoliz09bee10oX (10 days ago)
It's a weird day today I don't know who the heck is this I think it's you guys I don't know wait a minute I know I don't think I remember you yeah I don't know I don't know if I remember you well I don't remember you well I'm the subscriber in this is a weird days well you don't remember well don't tell my secret you guys do know what my secret crush is it's Eric well I'm Friday silly said I have a crush on somebody and then they just figure it out with you do you have a crush on they were like I know you have a crush like on Eric like I know I don't have no Crush but somebody has a crush but not me I'm the only one that's not having a crush but everyone else is recording my voice I know it's weird. Do you think I have a crush? Actually I do not seriously I do not know what is going on well somebody said I said it a million times they said no no no they keep on saying it I don't know why but they think I have a crush on Eric cuz I don't know seriously I have an emergency yet I better call the cops hello show me said I had a crush that all kind of help somebody said I have a crush but people don't say that just ignore what they say cuz I don't have any crushes actually says people think I have questions but it really art but let's just change that oh wow you're going to be prepari this is so hilarious like I never have a crush before or boyfriend never let you go
Derrick Hodge II (10 days ago)
I smart at that game
Nevaeh Cheris (10 days ago)
Bro y'all cray cray I'll still watch your videos but add me on ROBLOX MAN !!!
I subscribe
Agnes Ybiernas (11 days ago)
Jasmine Browne (12 days ago)
whorg eg : prison kevin
Maraisha Ruffin (12 days ago)
play suerviv a plan crash
rhelzbat (13 days ago)
Hey kev whats your username im going to friend you in roblox
Dilan Isaguirre (14 days ago)
Dilan Isaguirre (14 days ago)
Liarriaql Gbaby Barlow (14 days ago)
Hi kev
Andrew James (15 days ago)
Kev try this command :invisible me
Natasha Mitchell (15 days ago)
I mean 19
Natasha Mitchell (15 days ago)
My brithday today I'm 15
Khanh Nguyen (15 days ago)
he doesn't have a squd
Ruby Lewis (16 days ago)
I love everyone
Omar Whitfield (16 days ago)
Your vids is lit it is fire
Samir vlogs (17 days ago)
Barry Tobias (17 days ago)
who is that guy hes playing wit
adrienne byram (17 days ago)
Rhon x Alegre (17 days ago)
noe Samayoa (18 days ago)
Why? Are you guys soooooooooooooo funny
Harry Bowden (18 days ago)
super Saiyan god gohan (19 days ago)
You have to say it like : for example :kill all
absolute_cynical (19 days ago)
Megan Turner (19 days ago)
Don't go fast
Micah Belfon (20 days ago)
I love gaming with kev he lit
Micah Belfon (20 days ago)
I love gaming with kev he lit
Daniel Jones (20 days ago)
make it fast
Sandy Grant (21 days ago)
Sursube too
inoka mallika (21 days ago)
Turn john in to popy
Geronima Cenzon (21 days ago)
good gamer
Richard Townsend (23 days ago)
Weston Johnson (23 days ago)
Minions are my worst nightmare ok
daisy fun (24 days ago)
best vid ever
Jessica Villatoro (25 days ago)
Jessica Villatoro (25 days ago)
Dr eggnog Ethiopian Rothko. Z re wrt 4th 4. . uno
Blaconer YT (25 days ago)
What game?
360 VISUALZ (26 days ago)
kev your aso m
LeShunda Page (26 days ago)
Bong liong Pin (27 days ago)
Do:fly me
Xavier Quintanilla (28 days ago)
Do :dame tu cosita
KICO WEAR (1 month ago)
kev i like ur fids one sub one happy face for all the kidz :):):)
daisy fun (1 month ago)
the part where he scremed like a gir made me laugh so muh i couldint breave
Nakia Reaves (1 month ago)
Y’all can fly because fly
Michelle Huerta (1 month ago)
I love this
mr.nickel (1 month ago)
at 15:58 kev sounds like a screaming kid lol
karina balbino (1 month ago)
aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye i miss intro jones
Lizzy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Do more ROBLOX kiven plz plz 😊😇😊😇
Lizzy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Hahah kiven you’re so cool in the game
Herman Johnson (1 month ago)
Hey why you bald
Jaxson Malone (1 month ago)
Jacobgaming09 (1 month ago)
Jesus Dorado (1 month ago)
Christine Lora (1 month ago)
That part crying in the club
Kayla Buckley (1 month ago)
Kayla Buckley (1 month ago)
you the so funny
siham H (1 month ago)
i love srart
Zyon Zyon (1 month ago)
Don’t do <>
Suzwamela Zawawi (1 month ago)
kevin why are you so scared at the first time
Kayden Kyro (1 month ago)
You can go back and why were you nurvous
Jerri Bradburn (1 month ago)
Amaka Phil (1 month ago)
You guys are the worst ever like I mean it is love u guys especially your videos
Carmen Reyes (1 month ago)
Can you play Pokemon in Roblox I have ROBLOX and I play Pokemon in Roblox I got Pikachu
Shadow Leon (1 month ago)
mode eltameme (1 month ago)
what is the game
Divine Valbuena (1 month ago)
Divine Valbuena (1 month ago)
bekos i love ROBLOX tou

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