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NEW FALLOUT! - Fallout 76 - Set in West Virginia?

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There's a new Fallout game coming and it's currently called Fallout 76! Judging from the teaser trailer it seems like it will be set in West Virginia. Do you think this will be a full entry in the franchise and they just didn't want to call it Fallout 5 or a spin off title? Let us know in the comments. Many thought that the teasing was building up to a Fallout 3 anniversary edition but that doesn't seem to be the case. Are you looking forward to going back to the wasteland in what will most likely be another post apocalyptic RPG?
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FragHero (4 months ago)
There are rumours that this could be the Fallout equivalent of Elder Scrolls Online. Would you play it if it was?
Yak T.Ripper (4 months ago)
VACationLover (4 months ago)
Fuck yea, the Fallout universe and mechanics are perfect for an MMORPG. There were Fallout mmo servers on Garry mod, and it was fun to play.
Hot Shame (4 months ago)
FragHero bethesda softworks never done mmos so i doubt that
rcav (4 months ago)
Or shot from space!
rcav (4 months ago)
Gray Fox | Gaming it makes sence why else would a alien ufo get shot out of the sky in fallout 4?
Rabid Rabbit (4 months ago)
Who sings this?
Vault Boy (4 months ago)
MY HOME! Can't wait to see how they make West Virginia look!
백화의 노래 (4 months ago)
What is this song’s name?
TheGamingPros 3000 (4 months ago)
백화의 노래 Country Roads
Eddie Gibson (4 months ago)
not amused.
TheBigCheese 84 (4 months ago)
I live in west virginia
FalseLunch (4 months ago)
this is most defiantly not fair use right?
Clovilah (4 months ago)
Yay not based on P.A. /dance
BrunoBRrj (4 months ago)
If It's going to be Inside de fallout main history, Why not Fallout 5?
BrunoBRrj (4 months ago)
If It's going to be another fallout outside of the main line, Why fallout 76 and there was a fallout in West virginia before?
Chris Hansen (4 months ago)
0:58 the plaque (or however you spell it) says "In appreciation for your commitment and dedication to our isolation program Sacrificing sanity". Basically the person in the vault was in an isolation for 5 years and is gearing up to leave most likely to find the other members of the vault.
Hapy (4 months ago)
I have a feeling it's going to be somewhat like Halo Wars or other games in that genre. A strategy game with overview angle of your settlement and you, the player, building it up in power. Or maybe not, who knows. Only Bethesda can answer this question.
Chris 509JF (4 months ago)
Honestly I wasn't that impressed with fallout 4. I mean it was good but not a masterpiece or anything.. fallout 3 was better imo. Hopefully they step it up for this one.
savv (4 months ago)
savv (4 months ago)
Eddie Gibson my dad lives in logan
Eddie Gibson (4 months ago)
Logan transplanted to Kanawha here.
savv (4 months ago)
Average Plank im from mingo
Eddie Gibson (4 months ago)
Average Plank (4 months ago)
savv Kanawha county
lone wolf (4 months ago)
I hope it will be something new not just copy paste just new name
Patrick Branch (4 months ago)
Did anyone notice that deer
TheGamingPros 3000 (4 months ago)
Patrick Branch Yup, Another fine staple of WV
King29Lewis (4 months ago)
paustin123 (4 months ago)
wow posts the exact trailer and then let the video roll for what?
Comrade Cheeki (4 months ago)
The country road of West Virginia
Young Soufflé (4 months ago)
I’ve known about this since last summer
Young Soufflé (4 months ago)
TheGamingPros 3000 I know
TheGamingPros 3000 (4 months ago)
sandman It Wasn't even announced then...
AngryZombieBoy Gaming (4 months ago)
Yay it's based on my state. Can't wait for gameplay
TheGamingPros 3000 (4 months ago)
AngryZombieBoy Gaming Bustin' Out the bottle caps now, Sendin' em' to Bethesda fer' a free Fallout 76 *You can litterally tell I'm from WV just by reading this comment.*
Eddie Gibson (4 months ago)
May actually have to add this as my first fallout game. Charleston here.....
00101 111001 (4 months ago)
Average Plank yeah too bad everyone still thinks it’s Virginia tho :(
Breydon H. (4 months ago)
AngryZombieBoy Gaming Same!
Average Plank (4 months ago)
Yeah, West Virginia gets some spotlight in a video game for once.
billy wise (4 months ago)
That’d be fuckin lit! I’m from WV and a huge fan of fallout
Gamesick2077 (4 months ago)
what version of the song is this, like whos the singer for this version
Shifty (4 months ago)
Gamesick2077 I like this version also but can’t find it anywhere. I don’t like the original version. 🤣
Danny (4 months ago)
The song is singed by John Denver, maybe the new fallout main location will be Denver?
Luke Wilson (4 months ago)
Danny nah
HYDRO KING (4 months ago)
You play as soldier 76 from overwatch
Amnesiar89 (4 months ago)
I'm interested. I would have been very happy with a fallout 3 remaster to be honest. I played the shit out of that.
LIL FETUS (4 months ago)
ERRORCODE1SM3 (4 months ago)
Take me home country roads
Nico-section (4 months ago)
Was anyone else singing take me home?
Squidward Tentacles (4 months ago)
Be fallout online pls
Quasar Guardian (4 months ago)
I hope they use a new engine, don't rush the development and call it fallout 5!
jip gaming (4 months ago)
Its the pip-boy from the first 2 games
King29Lewis (4 months ago)
Pony GIR (4 months ago)
John Smith (4 months ago)
NIce original content moron
CipherBytes (4 months ago)
WV? Boring! 76 is in DC anyway. However, if this is a world soon after the war, my wish has been granted and Bethesda has listened.
CipherBytes (4 months ago)
You are very clingy.. Let it go. Be an adult.
KrasseOdaVonBayern (4 months ago)
CipherBytes Cool story bro... Lol are you 12?
CipherBytes (4 months ago)
Ok...u2 Cool story, bro.
KrasseOdaVonBayern (4 months ago)
CipherBytes Okay buddy. Have fun living in your own delusional world. 👌
CipherBytes (4 months ago)
Wow....you know they have medication for people like you?
Graysen Bonifacio (4 months ago)
That fucking song. The song hyped me up for the game so now when im killing radscorpions i can listen to Take Me Home, Country Roads
sexyTEAZ41 (4 months ago)
Alessandro Tagle (4 months ago)
Well maybe no the song is from 1971 but in fallout the 1950s stayed forever
Tor Assistent (4 months ago)
Ставлю дизлайк, за то что забава в онлайне будет.
Pablo III (4 months ago)
Ojala NO sea online y que valga mucho la pena.
Wigi Adi Purnama (4 months ago)
I think its just the song,"take me home,country roads"
Alessandro Tagle (4 months ago)
Wigi Adi Purnama I hope they don't use it
Ultraboy205 (4 months ago)
West Virginia aye, Wrong Turn aye
Fallout New Vegas > Fallout 4
RYU Nap (4 months ago)
thatoneguy from the internet hope that this one will be as good as New Vegas
Wolf God1284/adrianbon (4 months ago)
luukkksss greattttt
Wolf God1284/adrianbon (4 months ago)
24th comemnt yaaaaaasssss #FALLOUT
MOSKAU (4 months ago)
I bet it's the same engine from fallout 4,or in another words "skyrim engine".
Hizo (4 months ago)
From other Fallout games they've released it always seems to be on a Tuesday towards the end of a year, heres POSSIBLE dates: 2018-10-02(October 2,2018) 2018-10-09(October 9,2018) 2018-10-16(October 16,2018) 2018-10-23(October 23,2018) 2018-10-30(October 30,2018) 2018-11-06(November 6,2018) 2018-11-13(November 13,2018) 2018-11-20(November 20,2018) 2018-11-27(November 27,2018) 2018-12-04(December 4,2018) 2018-12-11(December 11,2018) 2018-12-18(December 18,2018) 2018-12-25(December 25,2018)
World Exploder (4 months ago)
Oh man I’m from West Virginia! Hope it takes place in one of my home towns!
Luke Wilson (4 months ago)
Daniel Thomas same
sexyTEAZ41 (4 months ago)
I think it will take place at the greenbrier
Idlelemon (4 months ago)
I think this could possibly be a fallout 3 remaster because look at the pip boy, and vault 76 is in the capital wasteland
CipherBytes (4 months ago)
True. 76 is there.
Alessandro Tagle (4 months ago)
If it this takes place a few years after the war could this mean car are drivable
SwingDancer61 (4 months ago)
Cars that take massive damage if you use to run people over could be fun.  Hard to tell what they're planning on doing.
Alessandro Tagle (4 months ago)
jonasthepaladin they are nuclear
jonas (4 months ago)
Tangobaboon cars would survive. Eventually though assuming the state of "fall out" to be accurate they wouldn't be able to produce gass and be limited to what they could find.
Alessandro Tagle (4 months ago)
Tangobaboon well in fallout 4 one tape said they used cars to build a settlement a month after the war
Tangobaboon (4 months ago)
Alessandro Tagle no cars don't survive nukes last time I checked
Fenrir (4 months ago)
Fallout Fallout 2 Fallout 3 Fallout 4 Fallout 76 Fallout 76, it's so amazing it skips over the other 71 games.
Emircan (4 months ago)
Just like Despacito 5
KirbyFan68 (4 months ago)
Fallout 1 fallout 2 fallout tactics fallout nv fallout 4 fallout 76
Rajuan Dacio (4 months ago)
Fenrir New Vegas was so amazing, apparently it didn't even get a number. Not to mention that vault simulator for the phone...
Nuclear Drift (4 months ago)
But when’s this taking place, that suit looks pretty fresh and everything looks really clean as if just a few years after the bombs dropped.
ultimaaxe (4 months ago)
25 years after the bombs dropped. Which is an interesting note in itself. This vault was meant to open 20 years after the bomb drops. So there could be some story behind those extra 5 years as well.
Rajuan Dacio (4 months ago)
Nuclear Drift 2102. Just a few years after the bombs.
Book Wyrm (4 months ago)
could it be a version of greenbrier? The bomb shelter that was meant for the house, and congress hidden in west Virginia.
Hillbilly Neal (4 months ago)
sexyTEAZ41 u live in west virginia to i live close to braxton but i live in clay i can just walk to the border line
sexyTEAZ41 (4 months ago)
My buddy said the same thing. We live in Monroe county, about 30 minutes from the greenbrier
Book Wyrm (4 months ago)
True. It just reminded me of that weird bit of history trivia.
Rajuan Dacio (4 months ago)
Book Wyrm "When the fighting stopped and the fallout has settled..you must rebuild." "In Vault 76, our future begins..." Those sound ominous. The dude saying those lines sound important too, considering the date on the pip-boy, maybe even the POTUS still alive. We might even be looking at the birth of the Enclave....
Nuclear Drift (4 months ago)
TheGamingPros 3000 (4 months ago)
杰韧Jared (4 months ago)
... soo soldier 76 in fallout now
steel talen (4 months ago)
杰韧Jared no he's been their the whole time
Zeus Gaming (4 months ago)
jo adore (4 months ago)
Almost worries me that its called Fallout "76." Maybe its a spin off exclusively in the vault? Fallout Sims lol
F.B.I (4 months ago)
Hopefully its not a building simulator or online game it will be like 25 years after the bombs dropped
FBI Agent (4 months ago)
Thatpersonsolar watch, we're watching, and yes I see still see what you watch in incognito mode
Thatpersonsolar (4 months ago)
ok fbi
shark9g9 (4 months ago)
F.B.I (4 months ago)
shark9g9 too late
shark9g9 (4 months ago)
Hopefully There is no F.b.i in fallout world
carl johnson (4 months ago)
leonthesleepy (4 months ago)
As long as its not a vault tec/building simulator
leonthesleepy (4 months ago)
oh god please no
orc robo (4 months ago)
or a VR vault life simulator
Chris Hansen (4 months ago)
And the time on the pip boy says "October 27, 2102" a few years after the war
Chris Hansen (4 months ago)
Dr. Rex i know
Dr. Rex (4 months ago)
You are da man bro
Chris Hansen (4 months ago)
Radiation king 0:58 the plaque (or however you spell it) says "In appreciation for your commitment and dedication to our isolation program Sacrificing sanity". Basically the person in the vault was in an isolation for 5 years and is gearing up to leave most likely to find the other members of the vault.
Chris Hansen (4 months ago)
Dr. Rex 0:58 the plaque (or however you spell it) says "In appreciation for your commitment and dedication to our isolation program Sacrificing sanity". Basically the person in the vault was in an isolation for 5 years and is gearing up to leave most likely to find the other members of the vault.
Chris Hansen (4 months ago)
Dr. Rex i have even more if young to know
NightyIsHere (4 months ago)

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