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10 More: Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs!

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Here are 10 more Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs! The following Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs were found by the TGN community! We would like to thank you for your support and help with this video! Top 10: Batman Arkham Easter Eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSoW4GTJweQ Voiced By TGN Partner, Globku: https://www.youtube.com/wearemagicalnoob Partner With TGN: http://tgn.tv/youtube-partner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TGN Website ➜ http://tgn.tv/ TGN Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV TGN Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv TGN Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games TGN Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) TGN Partner Forums ➜ http://forum.tgn.tv/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (519)
Christian Perez (10 months ago)
Man bat escape from the gcp
tristone/5_5 / (1 year ago)
The secret ending of Batman Arkham Knight there's The colander man when wane manor blows up
Wonder Kid (7 months ago)
no thats no secret u just activaate the nightfall protocol
dtown902 (1 year ago)
You can grab and slam one of the Arkham Knight's militia men against the cell bars. Next time you come back to lockup he's wearing an arm brace.
Jeremiah Abrego (11 months ago)
dtown902 and if u try to hit him again batman will just raise his fist at him and the guy will flinch badly and fall backwards out of fear 😂
Sway (1 year ago)
im addicted to batman help me
Ivory Clegg (1 year ago)
If you pause the game at just the right time in Batman Arkham Knight you will see the word Deadshot on the missiles the tanks shoot at you. It's real! Check it out!
NeoN (1 year ago)
There's one more Easter Egg with Dr. Langstrom (Man-Bat) If you set youre calendar/ or change the time to 31 october (Halloween) And go to the cage where man-bat is captured he have escaped!
Kyle Jones (1 year ago)
There's another Easter egg where you can go up a hole under Founders Island where Calendar man has been set up(office)
Freetun (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice that when you play as joker in batman's mind, you can hear the song "only you" being played on a record player, the same song joker sang in the credits of arkham city, am i the only one that noticed it!?
Sil3nt R34per (1 year ago)
Dec 13 is my bday lol
Brickie brains (1 year ago)
If you set your consoles date to hallowe'en after catching man-bat he has escaped and will pay your a jump scare visit
pman PBH1207 (1 year ago)
I know it's not arkham knight but in arkham city after you earn the trophy for visiting calender man in the holidays, when you return you'll find that calender man is gone and a two-face thug handcuffed to the ceiling!!!!!
LW GAMES (1 year ago)
Did anyone find the Martian man hunter Easter egg in the police station
Camden Corwin (1 year ago)
I agree
captain dope (1 year ago)
on Batman Arkham Knight there's a riddle that you could see Bane's old stuff from Batman Arkham City
De'Angelow Stidhum (1 year ago)
The Arkham Knight is Jason Todd
vxs ah gsbsvsvs (1 year ago)
if you set the date to 10·10·15 you can see manbats cell broken and he will jump out in the city
Dr. DAnK (10 months ago)
But why
pman PBH1207 (1 year ago)
LIKE-A-BAT (1 year ago)
vxs ah gsbsvsvs I knew he breaks out but I didnt actually know how but thanks for telling us👍
Nyctophiliac C (1 year ago)
There are 2 posters side by side in I believe Miagani island. It's 2 posters that look like they are advertising public transit, one looks like it's advertising inbound plane flights, and the other one looks like it's advertising a monorail train. The train one says "Run to Keystone" reference to Flash, and the plane one says "Fly to Metropolis" reference to Superman. A random quote from the thugs references Flash as well. something like this "This is better then Keystone, Atleast you can see Batman come for you"
The Uberizer (1 year ago)
There was one about copperhead in Ace Chemicals
Rizelle Jasmine Dayan (1 year ago)
You forgot Cassie's call, Cassandra Cain
Nyctophiliac C (1 year ago)
+Rizelle Jasmine Dayan cool, just wondering, she's really cool, but... i didn't think that would be her because i have a comic of cassandra cain's origin, and it's in the future. Oh god it's soooo cool, she's a mute because she was in a sensory deprived camp where they were breeding these assassin's, the caretakers are brutal, except for one who is kind to her, at one point she tries to give the kind caretaker a hug, but she pushes her off because they are not allowed to show emotion, goes through all this wierd upbringing, but eventually breaks free from the camp, and reaches out to the bat family, joins, trains with them, she tells batman she wants to free all the others who were imprisoned like her so batman sends her on a mission, and before she goes he gives her a hug (touching scene cause she gets a flashback from what the caretaker pushed her off) and tells her she's not a murderous assassin they were breeding her to be, she goes back to the camp, and fights a ninja guarding it, and she beats him and gets a slice on her hand and with the blood she draws the bats symbol over her eyes like a war paint mask. I'm sorry I just hit you with a summary of the whole thing but it was SOOOO COOOL.... but ya didn't connect that with being her cause this comic takes place in the future, but who knows, different continuity different time lines, but ya i'm really interested in this character now
Rizelle Jasmine Dayan (1 year ago)
In another video they said it was her, it kinda sounds like her though
Nyctophiliac C (1 year ago)
That's HER?
RappyRappaport (1 year ago)
there is also a a ghost in gray poster at the movie studio.
Finn miller (1 year ago)
@TGN I'm not positive on this one but in the calendar man Easter egg at the end, the actual calendar says Sionis industries which I thought was a reference to black mask as his name is Roman Sionis.
That Memey Boi (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, where are the Flash easter eggs mentioned in this video? Ah, forget it. I'll put 'em below. Easter Egg #1: Militia: I'd rather take Gotham than Keystone. At least you can SEE Batman coming. Easter Egg #2: If you look at a bunch of bus stops, you will find a picture with a lady running with a red trail saying "Run to Keystone". As well, a Superman easter egg can be seen at bus stops with-you guessed it-a picture of someone flying saying "Fly to Metropolis."
ChrisTheCoolKid02 (1 year ago)
im really not joking but Rocksteady was founded on my birthday
Juan Alcantara (1 year ago)
Good for you :).
Ceaser Aguilar (1 year ago)
Solomon's song is just simply fucking creepy. Anyone else?
Ebster obinwa (9 months ago)
pman PBH1207 (1 year ago)
I saw it on my PS4. Screamed like mad.
Dxter (1 year ago)
Batman faked his death to protect Gotham I think
iVoRex (1 year ago)
There are also many references to Arkham Origins Deathstroke references his fight with Batman in Origins Firefly references his fight on the Pioneers Bridge with Batman in Origins One militia guy pretty much summarises the whole plot of Arkham Origins and Deathstroke getting his but kicked Also, when fighting militia, they sometimes say "your spine has been broken before" which references Batman's confrontation with Bane on the Royal Hotel in Origins.
please explain (1 year ago)
in arkham city there is another room that shows Harley Quinns pregnancy test I forgot where tho
IHOME BODI (1 year ago)
Bryan Godinez he already did that one in the other vid
KILLA GORILLA (1 year ago)
What about after u beat the game u go back to were robin had those people with the joker blood in them if u go back after u beat the game the red hoods symbol is painted on the floor
InfiniteMadBanes (2 years ago)
What about the Burning Joker Easter Egg in the New Game Plus Intro?
tem the space marine (2 years ago)
what about the man bat one?
Marco Gorici (2 years ago)
I'm surprised. Nobody here found the Easter Egg to Joker calling as Bruce's parents? It's either in New Story Plus or normal game. While Joker is in your mind, listen to the voice messages midway through the game. Check new story plus, if that didn't work, plenty of modified things in that version, like the beginning, even the voice messages. WHADDYA DOIN READING THIS?! GO! GO CHECK!!!!
Nyctophiliac C (1 year ago)
+Marco Gorici yeah yeah! in the original it's that's how batman died. When i beat new game story + there's one more mode right? i think? I am the night?
Marco Gorici (1 year ago)
+Nyctophiliac C He never jumped at you in the normal game, in New Story Plus he jumps at you and narrates how he the Joker died. It's only in New Story Plus.
Nyctophiliac C (1 year ago)
I got that one before New Story plus. I actually just started New story plus, did joker scream and laugh before you burned him in the normal new game? I don't remember that, that shit made me JUMP, lol. I play in my basements with the lights off and the sound loud, didn't expect that.
Viktoria Stewart (2 years ago)
there is a jokerjumpscare Easter egg
TaxCollectors (2 years ago)
Skilled No Scope (2 years ago)
At 3:33 that my favorite one because that those make sense
Skilled No Scope (2 years ago)
At 3:33 that my favorite one because that those make sense
Will Holst (2 years ago)
While you are grabbing something for oracle (I can't remember what lol) if you look at her computer monitor, her background says "birds of prey" which is obviously referring to the tv show.
Brodie Tlach (2 years ago)
henry adams easter egg is in the first mission near the fridge
Manoj Chauhan (2 years ago)
Another man bat egg is that after setting the game console to halloween( october 31st) you can see in GCPD that langstrom AKA man bat has escaped
228anonymous (2 years ago)
it might just be me but I thought that the batman statues from when ur playing as joker were references to weeping angels from doctor who
Clementine 1022 (2 years ago)
SPOILERS! Right across from the building that says Jonny Crisma live, there is a poster of a guy in a red hood holding a sword to an older mans throat and the poster says: A revengers tale. This is an ovoious foreshadowing to The Arkham Knight being Jason Todd/ Redhood and taking his revenge on Batman.
sina ghazi (2 years ago)
If you go on top of the main Wayne building and look around outside of the game's map, you will see the map of Arkham city complete with the exploded tower, poison ivy"s building all of it. hope you make a mention of it in an upcoming video
Ermac Macro (2 years ago)
What about the Joker Statues? on random occasions, when you look at a statue, the face of it will resemble the Criminal Clown the Joker.
Ermac Macro (2 years ago)
+kaine redfeather Yo i never saw that. I always saw "Is Batman good for gotham?" i shoul know, i looked back and forth at those like 20 times
BudokaiMan 1200 (2 years ago)
Yeah, part of when joker enters batman's mind, not only do you see him following you, but you also (sometimes) see all the signs change, I actually spotted one of these, on a bilboard it shows batman's face and words saying "is batman good for Gotham?", but it showed joker wearing batman's outfit saying "is the joker good for Gotham?".
WOLF GAMING (2 years ago)
I Thought Calendar Man Was Not There I Didn't See Because Of All the People It's Very Cool Im All Mostly Done Full Nightfall Just Half To Do Riddler When I Active it I'll look Thanks for your help
Sero Mirzakhanyan (2 years ago)
Say's easter eggs should be a little bit sercretive shows obvious easter eggs.
wow I didnot see that
Lithariel Evenstar (2 years ago)
What about the flash Easter eggs
Owen Simons (2 years ago)
mine is the grundy because I bet he will be in dlc that has to mean something right
SMOBRa TAO (2 years ago)
In the clock tower there is a computer where oracle talks to black canary and huntress on a group chat and there is a shop somewhere on founders island I think called cadmus
Ayden Inwood (2 years ago)
if u look on the floor in Wayne tower u will see a dog bowl it has ace name on it witch is batman's dog
Dwayne S (2 years ago)
what about the secret halloween man bat mission
Dwayne S (2 years ago)
+dwayne spangler meant him not jim
Dwayne S (2 years ago)
+DAWNPLAYA55 idk then. what i had to do was set my console clock to halloween and then go to gcpd and see it was broken then go and recapture jim
DAWNPLAYA55 (2 years ago)
If out that's an Easter egg. I got the premium version of arkham knight and I was able to do it from the beginning
SMOBRa TAO (2 years ago)
That sounds cool
robot8 (2 years ago)
Deathstrokes conversation with riddler, he mentioned a place near the league of assassins hideout
Adam El-Kerdi (2 years ago)
There is a poster saying run to keystone city the home of Wally west the flash
Rojopojo (2 years ago)
some people say that batman faked his death though
Malcolm Boyd (1 year ago)
of course he did
Emo Garbage67 (2 years ago)
there is a flying Grayson's poster in the elevator at the movie studios
Wonder Kid (7 months ago)
i saw dat too
frivvle_my_nivvle (2 years ago)
The Calendar Man Easter egg was the sweetest one I've ever seen in a game.
AlexSyper Gaming (2 years ago)
eightflames (2 years ago)
It's were you meet joker
eightflames (2 years ago)
Scarecrows mask from the asylum in the ace chemicals
there is a red hood logo at the entrance when batman give himself to scarecrow
there is a royal flush gang word near the black canary club
Gates Dobbin (2 years ago)
What about quilts laundromat crazy prices which is a crazy quilt reference
Fãsedø (2 years ago)
I fucking knew it was calendar man cause at the end i was like what fuck is wrong with that guy's head
Hrishikesh Dholakia (2 years ago)
did u guys see scarecrows early mask in the ace chemical lab when u r defusing the bomb
ZodiacART 2018 (2 years ago)
Number 1 was creepier than the grundy one.
Samuel Smith (2 years ago)
Calendar Man is the real villain not scarecrow. He foresaw this would happen and didn't warn Batman. And he just stands there while it all ends. Calendar Man was the silent ghost no one listened too. But in the end, Calendar Man was the victor
Krista Curry (2 years ago)
4:03-4:05 HOLY CRAP!
ItsCrispy Gaming (2 years ago)
what about the flash easter egg
much hero (2 years ago)
kate is from bad blood
Kevin Garcia (2 years ago)
he said Black Canary Pub instead of Black Canary Club at 0:29
Nova Caine (2 years ago)
Another Superman reference was when I heard some thugs talking and they said... Thug 1: After we take over Gotham we should head to Metropolis next. Thug 2: Idk man, if you think this guy is hard to kill you should see the other one." Or something like that, I thought that was pretty cool when I heard it lol.
Ucf400 400 (2 years ago)
You forgot joker send a matches
P0IS0N_12 (2 years ago)
The bane Easter egg that's by the docs i think
SuperSaiyan3985 (2 years ago)
LOL you can't possibly miss the Lex Corp building, I found the Grundy song doing the riddles, and the thug's references to Superman just cracked me up. #1 is straight up insane though...
jonathan flames (2 years ago)
I don't know if anyone notice but in the end of Batman Arkham Knight when your playing as the Joker to kill the Batman statues, there was a newspaper saying that Harley Quinn is pregnant with Riddler so maybe that pregnancy test we saw from Arkham City is true but not Jokers kid but Riddler's
iVoRex (1 year ago)
No, it was a part of jokers fear, being forgotten, she didn't actually get pregnant with riddler
Baykon Burrito (2 years ago)
well that part was all fake
Scorpious Runner (2 years ago)
i saw azrael's sword
john bates (2 years ago)
You can find the painting from the beginning of arkham city in the second to last penguin mission in Arkham knight in the vault you blow up
brackish cat (2 years ago)
you missed the flash easter egg.
dozer2470 (2 years ago)
Easter egg: when batman dies at the end of arkham knight, you see another batman. this is known as nightmare batman. this is a prediction point where in future games you might be able to play as this character.
iVoRex (1 year ago)
Not really an easter egg as all people that have played the game will see it after 100% completion, easter eggs are supposed to be things that you wouldn't normally see
Bkun Tv (2 years ago)
Guys batman vs superman dawn of justice easter egg Batman Family Die İs Cinema film name is excalibur its easter egg to excalibur SWORD
deadbelcher (2 years ago)
There is another one. On the Wayne building ( Earthier one ) u can see a cloud shaped as a bat.
Karl Spires (2 years ago)
I like that in the clock tower on one of the floors of the actual building, there's a computer with a birds of prey background that shows messages between Oracle and Huntressq
local thief (2 years ago)
1:50 did he just say super heroin
Mary Mills (2 years ago)
are you still on the pill and I was actually that girl it was that one cuz there was some kind of DLC where you can play as Catwoman in Batman was down there he was standing on the road trying to get to your life
ramirovargas (2 years ago)
If you change the console or PC's date to october 31, you'll see that the cell that Dr. Kirk Langstorm was in is broken. Meaning that Langstorm turn back into Man-Bat and escaped. You could see him flying around in the city again.
Pogo 2025 (2 years ago)
Can you catch him again
CreamStar (2 years ago)
On bleak island there is a light house which is killer crocs hide out
ItsCrispy Gaming (2 years ago)
thats a riddle as well
Thegameroflife _ (2 years ago)
What about the dog bowl or whatever it is by the red chair in the Wayne building
Jt Blade (2 years ago)
In the game we can see the Quenn industry (oliver queen-green arrow)
Den Thedestroyer (2 years ago)
goku and yugi poster in wayne tower
SuperSaiyan3985 (2 years ago)
+Den Thedestroyer NOOOO you serious?
the top dog is me (2 years ago)
Alexander Cabral (2 years ago)
you forgot to mention that randomly when you defeat a medic in predator mode one of the thugs screaming MEDIC!! a reference to team fortress 2
Vincent Lucianno (2 years ago)
2 vids and ya still missing messages in wayne tower the ghost in gray poster is everywhere iron hights ref.
EGEMEN TİME (2 years ago)
killer croc
Elijah Benavides (2 years ago)
hey there is a kinda easter egg of bane buts it is a riddle but to me it's feels like an easter egg if you go to a pod inside there's a boxes if you pull one down it takes the cover off and it holds his tube and mask so yeah if you want to put this in a video with more easter eggs you can
TRASH BOI (2 years ago)
the flash
Zack Nicklin (2 years ago)
I found all of the Easter eggs
AverageUnleash (2 years ago)
What about the Flash easter egg ?
chad whitis (2 years ago)
Basil Karlo?
matthew coslit (2 years ago)
He forgot when someone lost a bet after thinking batman was a alien sent from space
fuck you for missing the martian manhunter easter egg
J Reagan (2 years ago)
i love the poopy
lincoln jordison (2 years ago)
batdad is in the dinner at the beginning of the game

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