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Sansa Survives - Game of Thrones (Season 6)

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Grown up Sansa in full Effect. I worry about her early trauma and how Littlefinger will try to use it to his advantage. We Shall see!!! Lady Stark is played by the Luminous Sophie Turner.
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Brian Gates (8 hours ago)
Ramsey: “Winterfell is mine, bastard. Come and see.” Them some fighting words right there.
Ashanti Mcphee (2 days ago)
Ramsay's death wasn't satisfying enough. I would have loved to see his balls cut off and cauterized to prevent bleeding to death, his arms skinned from his bones and a torch shoved up his ass before the dogs could have him. That would have been revenge good enough for what he did to Sansa.
allwrighty100 (5 days ago)
In the fight at the beginning, why did the dogs just disappear?
Don’t ever starve Loyal Beasts for 7 days or ever!
Arundhathi Jegadeesh (8 days ago)
Did everyone just forget that Rickon died?
T DR (2 days ago)
Yeah I mean, the whole Battle of the Bastards happened over his death but they ended up making it more about Jon and Ramsay in the end. Rickon was a vital but silent character though!
Lia King (10 days ago)
Lyanna Mormount should be on the Iron Throne, she'd get shit done.
iulian ispas (11 days ago)
Is Giantsbane sexual funcy lady Brianne?
iulian ispas (11 days ago)
Poor Sansa so naive and inocent a lot of sluts today really deserve her fate but not her
per aspera ad astra ¿ (14 days ago)
I rather thought Sansa was compassionate. I'd have pulled the dogs off after two or three minutes ... brought tyhem back in the morning and done it again. Do it a few more times.
looneyburgmusic (23 days ago)
"Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins..."- Um, yeah... about that.. :-)
Trever Belmont (23 days ago)
Also how did Sansa learn that Ramsey killed his dad when she left before his death
T DR (12 days ago)
I questioned that too. But then I realized that she said it in a very "matter-of-fact" tone.
Trever Belmont (23 days ago)
What happened to the dogs when Brian came to the rescue they were still alive why didn’t they attack brian or podric
Brent Goodman (24 days ago)
Does this video seriously start out with the music track to the opening scenes of the original Conan the barbarian? Nnnoiyce
ronlippitt (27 days ago)
Just realized a small error. When Ramsay says his dogs "will never harm me" Sansa says "You haven't fed them in seven days, you said it yourself." If you scroll back to the scene when Ramsay said that to John and Tormund, Sansa had already ridden off. She wasn't there to hear that comment. Obviously not a big deal, but a small miss.
S Williams (29 days ago)
Hold on, the protagonists from the telltale game that Ramsay tormented but survived, shouldn't they have appeared here? Or they weren't part of the main story?
Blue Diamond (1 month ago)
If only lady is still alive to protect Sansa....
Annie M. (1 month ago)
It still often feels like sensa feel superior than John in her attitude and talking...
Wee Zee (1 month ago)
3:25 I just wonder where did the dogs disappear? xdd
i love BLACKPINK (1 month ago)
What happened to arya and bran?
Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang (1 month ago)
25:55 Lol rurmond and Brienna cringeworthy.
Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang (1 month ago)
10:5 Turmond looks so smitten by Lady Brienna.
Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang (1 month ago)
6:25 Lol stupid innocent Sansa! Swearing the oath Meat and meat at the table corrected by podrick actually it is meat and bread at the table.
DoNot my Donut (1 month ago)
DoNot my Donut (1 month ago)
I loved that little girl atress or actor
Blossom11 (1 month ago)
I fucking hate little finger. I feel like barfing whenever he keeps talking, and scratch my eyes out whenever he romanticly advances on her. *shivers*
Linnette Aubyn (1 month ago)
50:54 *sasha turns littlefinger (Petyr) down* . . . me: just like her mother
Linnette Aubyn (1 month ago)
26:48 I just love how the weird bearded guy keeps looking at Brienne and every time Brienne’s reaction makes me laugh so hard because she looks so annoyed
Marcel Pyla (1 month ago)
Conan the Barbarian
Steacy783 (1 month ago)
i want complete episodes and get nothing related to complete episode . down THUMB
Stranger Resuello (1 month ago)
*King in the fuccking NORTH*
Brudon (1 month ago)
Fuck I love how much Theon has grown since season 1. Yeah he went through some real shit, but hes come out of it so much stronger.
Malky24 (1 month ago)
I like how House Glover's sigil is...a glove.
FlyingMonkies325 (13 days ago)
Yes well that's how u recognize each house without confusion, glove = glover, A Bear = House Mormont Of Bear Island, Lion = Lannister because they'll eat you for supper lol, A Golden Rose = House Tyrell Of High Garden, A white falcon with a cresent moon and blue field = House Arryn Of The Eyrie because The Eyrie is Eyrie with the spooky atmosphere at night, A Shield with a spear on an orange background = House Martel because their mastery in weapons is shield and spear and they live in Sandstone, A Direwolf = Stark because of their connection to Direwolves and magic plus because they'll gang up on you like a pack of wolves and eat you alive. I could go on the insignias are names either after the place they live, their houses last name, the weapons they use or character traits, it was like that in our own world too and still is with some existing clans although in our world it's more based on character traits or where they live but a few like Armstrong their insignia is a strong arm, it's easy for ppl to recognize on the battlefield.
Sabrina Clairicia (1 month ago)
What did happen to Ramsay's dogs? They was there and then Brienne and Podrick arrived and... no more dogs !! 3.35 and next.
Borhan Nasoo (1 month ago)
Sher Gut.
Craig Carter (1 month ago)
the sigh at 34:13 is priceless
John is the true heir of the iron thorn
videoomaster (2 months ago)
Moments like this make me wish a larger portion of Thenns survived, they would have been helpful in this battle.
pubali bhattacharya (2 months ago)
Sansa was gone from the scene when ramsay talked abput his dogs not fed for seven days... But later it was seen she remembered the verse as if said in front of her... Wonder how she knew..
Tresha Powell (2 months ago)
can u beleive that 328 people unliked!?!? Ekte drittsekker! Thanks for the effort u put in these vids! Youtube should have a LOVE button. <3
Z .J (2 months ago)
10:04 (Love at first sight) ahhhh such a lovely thing ❤😂😂
Sue Strong (2 months ago)
She wants the throne and winterfell
Cathy Hendrix (2 months ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the opening with the theme song from Conan 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵
Sue Strong (2 months ago)
I think Jon snow will rule the iron throne sans a will keep winterfell I think she's a bit sneaky myself
megan adams (2 months ago)
How did Sansa know Ramsay said he hasn't fed his hounds for seven days when he said that after she rode away? hahahaha, regardless, best vengeance death ever..
Thitiwan Pp (2 months ago)
Ramsay to Jon snow: I'm a man of mercy Ramsay to Theon Greyjoy:I'm a liar
John M (2 months ago)
I love it the Conan Barbarian music in the beginning
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (2 months ago)
meera patel (2 months ago)
I never understood why little finger thought he can be on iron throne for even a second.
Brian Damage (4 days ago)
Little Finger was only suited for the porcelain throne.
meera patel (6 days ago)
Amit Kasana u know nothing asshole.....he was trying way before sansa’s time. Just shut up if u cannot maintain other’s dignity. As if u have any left. I am ashamed that your name feels Indian. Hope u r not Indian.
Romir Moza (1 month ago)
i think he still might...
Raid Syed (1 month ago)
+E Briggs you got to know it from a video of Ted Ed right? They're actually not entirely correct
meera patel (2 months ago)
That look to brien though while eating 🥧 pie, tourmend
meera patel (2 months ago)
But the videos are not monetised
Tubon chakma (2 months ago)
Where is Sansa sister?
Mr. Bruus (2 months ago)
I Get those goosebumps every time i hear the king in the NORTH.
The Mutual Friend (3 months ago)
More or less irrelevant here bryndan the blackfish tully is a fucking legend!!! Let me just put that out there.
Eddu Alvarez (3 months ago)
Was watching all episodes last night very good chapters
Albert Chehade (3 months ago)
Pardon my ignorance, but, who is that tall blonde female soldier please?
Albert Chehade (3 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
King felt hope (3 months ago)
I hate ramsay....die sucker!!!!
Keijo XIV (3 months ago)
All fun and games until some old fart decides to pull his sword out and yell his guts out: "The king in the north!"
Daniel M (3 months ago)
“ I would have gone with you to the end...into the very fires of Mordor”
Martin Battilana (3 months ago)
Sansa is already dead. She just doesn't know it. She chose loyalty to House Lannister over her own: An act that cost her the life her wolf. The dire wolves have great symbolism in this storyline. Sansa never liked Jon, and when she finds out he is a Targaryen, she will turn on him.
Finalman26 THA BULLZ (3 months ago)
I dig this!!
Catherine Maniago (4 months ago)
Lady mormonth gives me goosebump! What a talented amd clever girl!
Catherine Maniago (4 months ago)
The look of tormund to brienne.😂
Gul Nawaz (4 months ago)
@48:20 to 48:45 is the best of a brother sister respect scene. Jon shows the affection towards his sister and sansa feels that sense of protection under her brother jon
Todd Wolfe (4 months ago)
Gotta love Ser Davos "Last Defense" Seaworth. He'd make a good king, honestly, because he has a pension for the game, knows when to speak, and that makes him invaluable to the other players so that really none of them want to see him gone.
K blalack (4 months ago)
Jon and Sansa's loyalty to each other is so apparent..
Why do the scenes get mirrored halfway through the video..? Ik its a clever tactic to avoid your video's being taken down, but I'm not going to watch another second of this because of that.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (4 months ago)
lol bye
LYNNE HOBDAY (4 months ago)
I've really grown to admire Sansa through your videos. Great to see her arc. I love the chemistry between Sansa and Jon. It comes across as very real.
Darrin Knode (4 months ago)
nice soundtrack ;)
Justine Bangs (4 months ago)
Seriously I have love for this video excellence to you all good job
Alessandro Masi (4 months ago)
Wait, wait, wait... what happened to the dogs? One minute they're on Sansa, and the next they're vanished. Did I miss them getting killed or called off or something? Where were they during the fight?
yana Harmalkar (4 months ago)
Theon should marry sansa
pooja rawat (4 months ago)
Hi I'm your new subsriber
MrRaging Sloth16 (5 months ago)
Great video is the music from conan the bibarian the 1 with arnie in it
Mara4Mara (5 months ago)
Ramsey kept calling Jon a Basra
Hikaru Midomiya (5 months ago)
Nice Conan the Barbarian song there !
saemus hailstorm (5 months ago)
how come no one EVER covers their head in this rotten cold wet weather ?!
Mae Michelle (1 month ago)
Lol so we as viewers can see their faces as they act out their scenes.
Ashby Symms (5 months ago)
Ashby Symms (5 months ago)
I love how Ramsay died and I'm glad that it was Sansa but I think that they should've tortured him like he did with Theon.
Crizaldy Manching (5 months ago)
More tears after Jon Snow was declared the king of the North
Pero Peric (1 month ago)
I also hated that they declared him the king in the north.
Crizaldy Manching (5 months ago)
A sentimental scene during the meeting of Jon Snow and Lady Sansa...
Jessica Miller (5 months ago)
Love the "Conan" music ;)
preeti choudhary (5 months ago)
theon as reek what an act..hvnt seen such an actor
Aecides 3 (5 months ago)
When Sansa first said "It's too cold" I thought "Bitch you're a Northerner, get over it". Then I thought about it and realised that this is the North as winter's starting to properly set in (there at least), that the river's probably not frozen through purely because it's flowing and that the furs she's relying on for warmth, when wet, will begin to freeze, making it difficult to move and eventually just turn her into a popsicle. As a Northerner she probably actually knows all of this on instinct and was just making the smart call in literally any situation other than "the other option is to be ripped apart by that psychopaths hounds".
The Painkiller (3 days ago)
Aecides 3 If you go into ice water with all your clothes on, you'll be dead before an hour.
First world problems (5 months ago)
Also how did Sansa know that his dogs hadn’t been fed for 7 days ? She had already left when he said that
First world problems (5 months ago)
I don’t think Lord Baelish knew about how Ramsey really was because he told him when he first met him that he didn’t know a lot about him which was rare but then again how could he not know what Ramsey was like. He was skinny people alive in the north so it had to have spread
Tresha Powell (5 months ago)
Thanks 4 these vids! It's sooooo much easier following a character's arc without other plots 'butting in'.
VinessaGaming (5 months ago)
The look on Jons face at 10:32 I think he understands why he came back from the dead. To protect his sister.
Jinx Clegane (6 months ago)
I think lady Mormont is a child like brienne may not be as tall as brienne herself but still tough
k8whetton (6 months ago)
Mohd Suhail (6 months ago)
Whats that letter she wrote
FlyingMonkies325 (13 days ago)
It was to Littlefinger saying yes to letting him "help" her :P
Sharmila Das (6 months ago)
@37:34 loving husband😂😂😂
rabie Abiad (1 month ago)
*beloved husband
Abbe Satty (6 months ago)
I Love Sansa/theon moments.
Abbe Satty (6 months ago)
3:35 " A bloody woman!", one second later: Where's my bloody head?
ale vega (6 months ago)
i so much want Sansa to be the last one standing it seems so unfair for her to die after everything she went through and even though i know Cercei will die too i do love her
chxrry.p.o.p (6 months ago)
u r absolutely amazing
David Hutchinson (6 months ago)
Lady Sansa asked you a question.
joke Rai (6 months ago)
Loving Husband! lol
Kim-Laura Ohligs (6 months ago)
Maybe sansa will end up with theon.... Who knows... 😋
Duncan Lowry (6 months ago)
The cavalry has arrived
ElephantsLover (7 months ago)
You know, the entire story would've turned out a lot different if Eddard says NO to Robert when he asked to wed their kids.

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