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Deadpool The Game - TIME TO MAKE A MOVIE!

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Text Comments (51)
Drayton Adams (9 months ago)
He's a v and s he hate Spider-Man
Kasey Mets (1 year ago)
he's good but he kills
DYLANDER 85 (2 years ago)
hes the merc with a mouth
Cheris Glinsey (2 years ago)
Crunchy he is super hero he's deadpool
Cacen Flowers (2 years ago)
not really
Astro Robinson (2 years ago)
deadpool is good
Cacen Flowers (2 years ago)
not really
YellowFlash Amvz (2 years ago)
anti hero
NewGuyIn Town (2 years ago)
he is ugly because he had cancer but the x factor saves him
Aidan Minio (2 years ago)
What controller do u use the steam controller?
Aidan Minio (2 years ago)
+Aidan Minio if so how do u use the steam controller I'm having a bit of trouble using it and it's kinda difficult for me so if there is a small tutorial u can give me that's great however...no one evr responds to answer my Qs so I guess I'll never know
he is a anti hero his power is healing
DarkXDiamond (2 years ago)
he's an assassin
Comicz_n_Gamez (2 years ago)
He's a little more of a hero.He has a soft spot for kids,animals,and people in need.
wolfammbission1456 (2 years ago)
deadpool is a created hero who has cancer thenhe gets heal him from his cancer then gets unexpected powers called regeneration
Everything Doge (2 years ago)
Janemba vs dabura who has the better sword
Jacob Johnson (2 years ago)
you got Xbox 360 or Xbox one please anwer back bro
Kimora Harris (2 years ago)
Kimora Harris (2 years ago)
Jousua Rivera (2 years ago)
les Kaira
Alan Garcia (2 years ago)
I am crunchy in one word fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
kool_kid_rich (2 years ago)
he is a boss ass assassin who was a regular person until he was in a acsadent and then got a healing factor then it made him crazy and insane and bad ass
kratos550 (2 years ago)
he is like an anti hero and he does hero things while fucking shit up at the same time
bradley alexander (2 years ago)
Deadpool's powers are healing algelagy and he is insane
Lord Lunala (2 years ago)
deadpool is god's gift to comic book fans. he has an awesome healing factor and is the funniest hero you will ever see.
king onyah (2 years ago)
he's a anti hero a hero and a villain like cat woman
TRE2 (2 years ago)
Deadpool is an antihero that can break through 4th dimensional walls even the writers are scared of him and hes pretty much unkillable
Korday Smith (2 years ago)
deadpool is good and bad
Deyven Bennett (2 years ago)
Rajohn Mays (2 years ago)
I got the Deadpool game I I'm on level 16
bass cross (2 years ago)
You should try Def Jam fight for NY on PS2
Katterman (2 years ago)
This game was banned in certain countries
EphraimR (2 years ago)
deadpool is basically an anti hero. he interacts with the player a lot because he can break the 4th wall as he does in his comics
TG 1 (2 years ago)
he is a mercerynary and whtch a history of him
Danny Gomez (2 years ago)
if you want to know more about Deadpool watch the death battle for Deadpool vs Wolverine and they tell you everything about in a easy to understand way
Diamond Silver (2 years ago)
dead pool is a villen he used to be a good guy but then truned bad
Cacen Flowers (2 years ago)
yup he mostly is just plain out CRAZY
Diamond Silver (2 years ago)
+Dan Marbs true
Random Guy (2 years ago)
Technically he's neither good nor bad he just kills people for no reason and he can't die
サイヤンAlpha (2 years ago)
Deadpool is a anti-hero that cannot die and breaks the forth wall alot
Jaylen Cole (2 years ago)
cool video bro
King Keyon (2 years ago)
hes a superhero who likes boob and other sexual things
*Insert Name here* (2 years ago)
how the hell did you not giggle at least ONCE!
Prince Heraut (2 years ago)
He dies what ever some one tells him to do for money
KazX Animations (2 years ago)
Nasr Shaikh (2 years ago)
He'll,ya dead pool
Legacy Hunter (2 years ago)
Icrunchy give me a shoutout bro
Legacy Hunter (2 years ago)
Rxnin Samurai (2 years ago)
no I was
Hhjkk Hhhjk (2 years ago)
1st comment
Rxnin Samurai (2 years ago)

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