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The Impossible Quiz.

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Text Comments (38904)
Pokemon master Ory (15 hours ago)
2:47 December 2 my b day and also 2018 anyone T-seius sucks anyone
Killerr x HaZe (21 hours ago)
Who’s watching in 2018
Frederik Marcussen (22 hours ago)
33 wAS bc How mand LETTERS in HIS HAND H1 i2 s=3 h=4 a=5 n=6 d=7
Rebecca Vu (22 hours ago)
I miss this poods 😞
DustSwap Papyrus (1 day ago)
*Do I really have to say that every fucking ti-*
purva pawar (1 day ago)
he fucking went to study ENGINEERING!!!????
The teeth cuz it chews food
Robloxian (2 days ago)
10:08 https://www.google.com/search?q=WingDing&client=ms-android-samsung-gj-rev1&prmd=ivsn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiUk-OoutveAhVMvI8KHYLrC9UQ_AUoAXoECA4QAQ&biw=360&bih=560&dpr=1.5
DustSwap Papyrus (1 day ago)
*fucking fonts COMFIRMED*
Dayi Abdullah (2 days ago)
8:47 I am a genius. Next question he dies. 9:10 I am a genius Next question he dies 10:50 I dunno how much left there is. Butchers the grammer.
CJOHN PH (2 days ago)
Choose foods in short "Chews Food" so the teeth are the one that chews food
Prazloro (2 days ago)
Ive clicked on this video for the 10th time just because of the dog...
Emily Smith (2 days ago)
7:32 7:35
Jay YT (2 days ago)
WADER 007 (2 days ago)
His accent changed lol
Mixaa (3 days ago)
PewDiePie is so good channel i am thankful because noone is close enough to reach him for spot on number one keep rocking Pewds i hope you will hit 69M subs in 2018
Sharmila Gadkar (3 days ago)
Richest YouTuber ever
Xash Cubings (3 days ago)
His look has changed.
Michae Triebesehl (3 days ago)
Hello if you get a chance to look at this message I was hoping maybe if you still play any Minecraft still is there any chance could you joined me on my City world I have had other YouTube or‘s joined me on my world except you so I was wondering if you do get a chance to read this message and have a look around in my world except could you send me a message I’m here to reply ” you do not have to if you do not want to fight please do reply if you do get a chance sincerely From Michael R
Seth Graff (3 days ago)
Arsefacey Is the same as Assfacey
Daniel _Games (3 days ago)
It chews! Food
Suzanne henderson (3 days ago)
Number 9 it was bc the arrow was pointing 2 that box. PLZZZZZ like if u agree
KennyWick13 (3 days ago)
Choose food Chews food
Karan (3 days ago)
Ahh the old videos where felix cusses wholeheartedly . Classic. :3
alex miau woof (4 days ago)
Pew the sence of the 9th question was pick the 2nd one.
xOmega One (4 days ago)
70 milli
Huck Wheatley (4 days ago)
Robert Wise (4 days ago)
That Creppy Music Though. Its Annoying. Lol🤑🤑 At 8:18
chirag bhatti (4 days ago)
1:09 Q6. square root of onion ,not square .NOOB
Video Clips (4 days ago)
back when his videos were good
greathunter77 (4 days ago)
0:03 pewdiepie the waman respecter 2018 version is trying get out but he can’t 😂
ACT Studios (4 days ago)
when you could curse on youtube LOL
joshs channelonothin (4 days ago)
Wow the evolution from 2013 (rubbish) to 2018 (betterrrrr)
Aaron Acosta (5 days ago)
Quiz: is Bangladesh inside India?(NO CHOICES)
FaNn TF (5 days ago)
best youtuber
we miss the 2011-2014 pewdiepie.
Julius Torio (5 days ago)
Who’s watch when pewdiepie has 69,696,969 subs
Louis Monette (5 days ago)
watching this 5 years later
Babat Girl (5 days ago)
Wait......this is old?wut! Just look at pewds he’s so young
Roxxess (5 days ago)
5 years later i still dont understand the "elephants dont like mice" one
Sarii Renée (5 days ago)
I actually don't like old pewds i like him now
Pranav Anil (5 days ago)
Why didn't you told the name of the game
Pinaasa SB (6 days ago)
I know why H is the 7th letter because "The Alphabet" so H is the 7th letter in that word
NadeProductions (6 days ago)
now I know why pewds doesn’t do his intro any more ;(
GD Gentoo (6 days ago)
*Pug in thumbnail for views*
Shy_Guy PlayZ (6 days ago)
Lol I saw a “PewDiePie’s Tuber” ad lol
black fat ninja (6 days ago)
Now my iq is 911
Vicky Das (7 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2k18 nov ??? ☺️😊😢🤔😄😅
Rhett Scott (7 days ago)
The teeth chose food like eating food
Emily C (7 days ago)
2018? Anyone?
tryhard gamer (7 days ago)
Five fucking times!!!!
sladeg 112 (7 days ago)
Weird flex but ok
Helpless Doggo (7 days ago)
I do not miss old pewdiepie
Sora's Heartless (7 days ago)
Weird flex but ok
Yosuf Habsi (7 days ago)
poopylols (7 days ago)
The good days...
Salty X (7 days ago)
Pewdiepie: I like to live dangerous Me: weird flex but ok
the end is near (7 days ago)
Auto play took me here
Withered (7 days ago)
Seal the Deal!
GoodBaconIsGood (7 days ago)
old pewdiepie
Oktavianus Elta Molle (7 days ago)
This is good content 😏
PATITO (8 days ago)
10:06 it says: Potato fly 1: Indeed 2: Wrong 3: Why not? 4: ROLF
Pummi 95 (8 days ago)
Who in 2k18?
blythehilton (8 days ago)
‘Neigh whinny’ 😂
Athena Bongalon (8 days ago)
I laughed so much @ Question#40
Cube Makers (8 days ago)
https://youtu.be/uh0btpVIyBM Best rubiks cube channel..
Germany Noob (8 days ago)
Watching in 2k18? Dislike if you are
Markus Jensen (8 days ago)
Anyone watching in 1675
And Here we are in 2018 Fighting the whole population of India xD
Alicia Ortega (8 days ago)
9:12 get a bridge.. 😉😉
Snickerdoodles (9 days ago)
alyssa (9 days ago)
9:00 because after sitting on a pin, mary rose ROSE. 8:50
hizkia handoyo (9 days ago)
Pewdiepie you broke the system
Natasha :D (9 days ago)
2 0 1 8 ?
Dawson Loera (4 days ago)
Ur dad
Etienne Kneubuhler (9 days ago)
ur mom
Malik M (9 days ago)
Who is here after 70milion
Kirisaki Chitoge (9 days ago)
I miss this pewdiepie.
The good one ever (9 days ago)
2:40 it looks like a cheese
the gamer 1995 (9 days ago)
That spongebob ad was more interesting than this gameplay (lol jk)
Leo Najah (9 days ago)
It’s so weird watching him curse so much
Alfred Freedom Jones (10 days ago)
Choose food Chews food
The royal Duck (10 days ago)
Jag e svensk bror
Danny_Games (10 days ago)
I got a Pewdiepies tuber simulator ad before this 😐
fuccboi (10 days ago)
Who is watching this for 20th time
silent Wraith (10 days ago)
Oh good there is a fucking spangebob
Fatal Zerkzz (10 days ago)
Umm this was in my recommended but it’s cool to come back and see this again the golden ages
Minecraftmaster 912 (11 days ago)
10:20 what is this shit?
Jesseevlogs (11 days ago)
Who else watching this in 2018?? haha
Red Girl (11 days ago)
BGGAMING Deluxe (11 days ago)
I remembered watching this when I was 10...
GamingYt (11 days ago)
Choose food (Chew)
Justine Love (11 days ago)
Ju used to be so Jovial.
Soviet Onion (11 days ago)
What if we could tell this version of Felix that he'd reach 69 mil subs
ToadEitan 616 (11 days ago)
Snälla prata svenska i en video
Premium Channel (11 days ago)
pewdiepie nr1 ikea nr2
Kodi White (11 days ago)
reyjhon celedonio (11 days ago)
What sub is he In this vid
Hyena Madata (11 days ago)
Her mer ger 2013 waw
The dankest memeys (11 days ago)
Who is here during the great battle for most subs between pewds and the gay t-series
DynamiteGoblinTM (11 days ago)
T-Gay Sucks!
Kaylie Faulkner (12 days ago)
2018 anyone?!
Ruth Weill (12 days ago)
anyone 2018

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